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NFB Archives combines the resources of the National Film Board of Canada with collections from some of the world’s leading archives and content creators.



Witness history being made.  Take in the beauty and grandeur of our planet.

National Geographic offers unsurpassed images of adventure and exploration, of people, places and cultures, the animal kingdom and origins of the man – all in one outstanding collection.



Shining Mountains is 32-hour collection shot entirely in High Definition by filmmaker Guy Clarkson.  Filmed over four seasons in the Canadian West, this collection features aerial views of the majestic Canadian Rockies that will take your breath away. Skiers, hikers and climbers share this immense land with picturesque glimpses of grizzly bears, elk, mountain goats and more. A rich collection of exceptional images to discover!



Archival history of a different kind was made in 2003, when Gaumont Cineclub and Pathé Archives came together to form Gaumont Pathé Archives, creating the world’s most important French-language motion picture archives. With more than 14,000 hours available, Gaumont Pathé Archives encompasses the full scope of 20th century history – while exploring the challenges of the 21st.



Jean Lemire and his team have captured unforgettable moments in the fragile and menacing Arctic. Shot in High Definition, this footage provide a rare first-hand look at the phenomenon of climate change, clearly illustrating the consequences of these changes on fauna, flora and people – both north and south.



This collection features hundreds of hours of footage in High Definition from several continents.  The landscapes of Africa and the daily lives of its inhabitants. The consequences of the war in Congo and Georgia. Climate change in the Arctic. Landscapes both urban and natural in North America. The coral atolls of Tuvalu – and more.



Sometimes a single image says it all.

 In addition to our motion picture archives, NFB Archives also features over 2000 photographs.