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Shot ID: 12 2:27

Hurricane hunting: AIR TO AIR SHOT of Super Constellation airplane. MSs of Super Constellation airborne. Long AERIAL SHOTs of United States Navy Hurricane Patrol Constellation airborne over Florida City, over sea. MS of front half of Super Constellation nosing up into frame. LS of ship at sea.

Shot ID: 504 1:33

Two LSs of plant and smokestacks, black pyratite (?) pouring out pipe into river in foreground. Rear and side CUs of black pyratite pouring from pipe. LS of smokestack by water edge, green grass in foreground. MLS of tank and pipe.

Shot ID: 804 5:29

Several exterior shots from different angles of owners of horse farm which breeds Welsh ponies, a white mare with a chestnut stallion.

Shot ID: 861 5:35

POINT OF VIEW SHOTs from helicopter flying low over vast stretches of farmland around Lac Saint-Jean, then along railway toward Chambord and along the road toward Roberval, then several shots of the city (camera on nose of helicopter; 223 ft).

Shot ID: 882 2:25

Several beautiful scenic shots of Lac Saint-Jean at sunset, near Péribonka (86 ft).

Shot ID: 1043 9:26

Series of water-level shots of Lachine Rapids at sunset.

Shot ID: 1056 5:13

BOATING SHOT of Saguenay River, coastline.

Shot ID: 1122 0:12

MS of golden dog leash.

Shot ID: 1127 4:50

Several MCSs of man feeding boy and dog with different kinds of biscuits, ending with man showing one kind of biscuits for dogs and one kind for people.

Shot ID: 1713 4:27

Exterior, day; LSs and MLS of three offshore oil platforms in Halifax Harbour, supply ships manoeuvre in harbour.

Shot ID: 1717 1:03

Late afternoon shots of sun reflecting on ocean surface.

Shot ID: 1913 2:33

Several good underwater shots of salmon in pool in Jupiter River on Anticosti Island (91 ft).

Shot ID: 1914 16:13

Several shots from different angles of violent snowstorm in village of Port Meunier on Anticosti Island. People can be seen walking in some shots. Blowing snow reduces visibility to almost zero at times (583 ft).

Shot ID: 1961 15:48

CUs of young boy tying fly for salmon-fishing (566 ft).

Shot ID: 1976 1:50

CSs of jellyfish in shallow water off coast of Anticosti Island.

Shot ID: 1986 1:18

CSs of wild flowers on Anticosti Island (47 ft).

Shot ID: 1996 1:35

MSs and CSs of fox on road to Anse aux Castors on Anticosti Island (57 ft).

Shot ID: 2016 6:00

MS of a moose in tall grass (16 ft). MS of moose antlers above tall grass (16 ft). CS of beaver dam, TILT UP to MSs of antlers (40 ft). Several MSs of two moose in tall grass at edge of woods (145 ft).

Shot ID: 2153 1:40

MS of inuit man preparing his fishing nets, various shots of inuits fishing arctic char using gill nets and moving about in motor canoes, includes shots of fisherman Johnny Peters (1:41).

Shot ID: 2154 3:04

Shots of Inuit men unloading catch and hauling it up to Payne Bay Fisheries cooperative (0:27). PAN shot of barrack used for processing fish, a sign in visible on wall (0:09). Series of shots of Inuit women an one white man, Department of Northern Affairs project officer R. (Shorty) Tingling, cleaning and packing fish for shipping. Final shot of box with brand name on it "Ilkalu brand"(2:26).

Shot ID: 2178 2:49

Series of shots of federal-provincial energy conference in Ottawa (00/01/1974); various shots of journalists at work in press room, typing articles, watching conference on television monitor, group playing cards at back of room, phoning in stories.

Shot ID: 5303 5:19

Several CSs with ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT on Premier René Lévesque holding a cigarette talking to the media, a couple of microphones in front of him. He is surrounded by people.

Shot ID: 10774 0:12

One shot at Vancouver Airport, plane taking off in background.

Shot ID: 16342 1:35

Medium and low altitude AERIAL SHOTS of tundra and ice floes.

Shot ID: 23798 2:35

LSs and CUs interior and exterior of abandoned log house.

Shot ID: 23800 1:08

CU of two puppies playing.

Shot ID: 23813 0:12

LSs of bluebird perched on reed.

Shot ID: 23826 0:12

LSs of crutches lying in field.

Shot ID: 23834 4:20

LSs and CSs of a man clearing grassland with a bulldozer.

Shot ID: 24068 2:33

Various shots of long line of people waiting at gasoline distributor to buy household fuel, CSs of containers being filled (93 ft).

Shot ID: 24156 0:49

UNDERWATER CSs of two shrimp cligning together (mating?) in frigid water (0:26). MS to CS as camera approaches a tube anemone on sea floor (0:20).

Shot ID: 24161 6:30

UNDERWATER SHOT of various marine animals found in frigid waters of Resolute Bay; anemones, sea urchins, sculpins, jellyfish, starfish.

Shot ID: 26648 2:10

Several TRAVELLING SHOTS at night aboard car driving north from downtown on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, including shots of traffic, pedestrians, lights.

Shot ID: 26656 0:30

MS of boy driving scale model of vintage car, he stops car in front of man for photograph.

Shot ID: 27478 0:28

CSs of barley blowing in the wind.

Shot ID: 27496 2:13

Rocky Mountains (00/00/1937): MS of little Protestant chapel nestling in pines. LS across open stretch of plain towards cabins in valley, "shining mountains" in background. MLSs of Castle Mountain, Pilot Mountain, Mount Rundal. LS to FOLLOW SHOT of Canadian Pacific Railway train speeding towards and past camera, mountain landscape in background.

Shot ID: 27700 0:34

MS of a catholic church in Saint John's. Similar shot of church from different angles.

Shot ID: 27980 3:59

Numerous FOLLOW SHOTs of wolves moving in snowy forest, snow falling in some shots. Several CUs of heads of wolves, including CU of wolf snarling and barking. MLSs of arctic wolf moving on snowy ground in late afternoon sun.

Shot ID: 27983 2:54

August Shooting: numerous MCSs of timber wolves in summer forest.

Shot ID: 28293 1:03

MLS of office building. LS of houses on bank of river. LS of mouth of Saint-Jean River with silhouette of church on high bank in background and plant with smokestack spewing smoke on right. Three shots of plant, including PAN of eddies in river near plant.

Shot ID: 32381 3:30

Wheat Story: shot of grain carrier unloading at elevator. Shots of grain carrier "Bryn Barge" being hauled through ice, of crew men breaking ice in front of bow of ship, of bow of ship crushing through ice. MS of tripper digging into wheat. Shots of wheat going through spilling machine, of wheat speeding by camera, of wheat dropping down breaker rollers. Shots of wheat piling in front of camera in storage bin, of wheat falling from spout, of man filming falling wheat. Shots of divider machine cutting up dough in loaves, dough moving out. MS of tripper digging down in wheat.

Shot ID: 32861 7:42

Several CUs of people in large crowd. PANS, ZOOM INS an ZOOM OUTS over crowd on Parliament Hill. MCSs of cake. CU of mother, child on her shoulders. ZOOM IN on sign "Hi! it's my birthday too" on stroller, child in it. Various shots of people in crowd. Daytime shots of fireworks, ZOOM INS and ZOOM OUTS. Fleeting shot of Peace Tower. Various shots of crowd in festive mood, children, balloons, glimpses of cake, of Parliament Buildings in background, Royal Canadian Mounted Police constables. (sound)

Shot ID: 38438 7:42

Helicopter Interior: several shots of Montreal with interior of helicopter, pilot and Len Rowcliffe, parts of helicopter, intruding in extreme foreground. Dim interior shots of helicopter pilot and Rowcliffe. MCUs back of Rowclkiffe's head, he is wearing headphones. Shot of Rowcliffe looking down over city, speaking into microphone.

Shot ID: 39722 0:00

Hydro-Québec, women working on machines with keyboards and either cathode-ray screens or card punches. Slow TRAVELLING MS and MLS in vast workroom where many employees are busy typing on keyboards and entering data on monitors connected to computer terminals (twice). Side MLS of row of women side by side and typing on keyboards with ZOOM IN to CS of hands and heads. MS of woman sitting at desk and PAN all around room where some twenty women are busy typing on keyboards connected to machines punching coded data on cards (twice). CS of hand of woman operating keyboard and with other hand turning over data cards to be entered and CS of punch cards going through machine (twice). CS of head of young woman working.

Shot ID: 75130 1:37


Shot ID: 75142 1:17


Shot ID: 75155 2:44


Shot ID: 75158 1:52


Shot ID: 75164 2:22


Shot ID: 75169 2:16