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Shot ID: 41212 0:00

MCS of man in uniform looking into radar eyepiece. Shot through a window of a large dish antenna, of a man traversing the antenna by means of a hand crank. Various LAMCSs of radar dish antennas, of a rapidly revolving scanner. Various views of a rube goldbergish radar antenna, all rods, beams, wires, of antenna being swung around by technician. Shots of various antennas. CU of darkened radarscope with thin pencil of light sweeping across the scope. Various interior shots of cockpit of airliner, of control panel, of back of pilot and co-pilot. LSs, MSs, CUs of large revolving radar antennas in the fog, of oscillating scanners, also in the fog. LSs of trio of radio pylons in a field, followed by shot of "bed spring" type antennas.