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Shot ID: 804 5:29

Several exterior shots from different angles of owners of horse farm which breeds Welsh ponies, a white mare with a chestnut stallion.

Shot ID: 861 5:35

POINT OF VIEW SHOTs from helicopter flying low over vast stretches of farmland around Lac Saint-Jean, then along railway toward Chambord and along the road toward Roberval, then several shots of the city (camera on nose of helicopter; 223 ft).

Shot ID: 32381 3:30

Wheat Story: shot of grain carrier unloading at elevator. Shots of grain carrier "Bryn Barge" being hauled through ice, of crew men breaking ice in front of bow of ship, of bow of ship crushing through ice. MS of tripper digging into wheat. Shots of wheat going through spilling machine, of wheat speeding by camera, of wheat dropping down breaker rollers. Shots of wheat piling in front of camera in storage bin, of wheat falling from spout, of man filming falling wheat. Shots of divider machine cutting up dough in loaves, dough moving out. MS of tripper digging down in wheat.

Shot ID: 2773 2:40

Scenic shot of landscape in South Mountain area. PAN to MS of an orchard on hillside. MCS of man walking towards apple tree, various shots of man picking apples (at sunset).

Shot ID: 32095 1:50

LS, MLS of old abandoned farmhouse in field of rippling grass. Interior shot of abandoned barn, the odd object lying around, daylight coming in through spacing between planks.

Shot ID: 38595 2:45

TRAVELLING SHOTs of rural landscape, farmland, some ploughed, some still dotted with stooks, with wooded strips between lots and cross visible in one shot. Similar TRAVELLING SHOT through a darkish wood, with TILT UP to sun and TILT DOWN at exit from wood. Cut to MCU of rear view mirror, landscape beyond it, reflection of road in mirror. PAN to TRAVELLING SHOT of landscape.

Shot ID: 31685 0:00

Fire: several shots of wheat field in Saskatchewan. Several night shots of small farm house burning.

Shot ID: 7102 2:03

Exterior, sunny day; MLS PAN of patches of reforested lands in barren landscape of highlands of Bolivia (0:25). MS, PAN of replanted pine trees (0:24). LAS of pine trees, TILT DOWN to shot of plantation (0:21). MLSs of plantation (0:48).

Shot ID: 9359 2:13

MLS of grain elevators in village of Donnelly, Alberta, ZOOM OUT to LS (2 shots; 97 ft).

Shot ID: 9348 1:36

Various shots of old farms in Alberta's Peace River region (57 ft).

Shot ID: 31502 1:23

Parachute Packers: MCS of parachute being prepared for packing on packing table. POINT OF VIEW SHOT from drifting parachutist, of ground far below. GROUND TO AIR SHOT of parachutist being released from diving tower. FOLLOW SHOT as parachutist floats down and lands with jar. TILT DOWN MS of dummy and parachute landing near class. MS of wheat elevator, of Headingley co-op elevator.

Shot ID: 16230 10:59

Many shots from various angles of a huge Pioneer grain elevator before and during its removal by very heavy equipment from one small Saskatchewan community (Greenstreet) to a larger one.

Shot ID: 20475 2:43

AERIAL SHOT of forest, rivers, lakes and farms near Umëa, Sweden.

Shot ID: 54740 2:49

MS of vendor at the Jean Talon Market setting out baskets of apples while smoking. MS of customer buying produce. MS of egg seller. WS of young man sweeping in amongst customers. MS of old man opening up his stand and setting out eggs.

Shot ID: 27398 5:16

Juniper Carvings: MLSs of rider moving slowly through rough, mountainous country at Riding Mountain National Park. Various shots of Mr Hodgens with juniper roots, of roots being displayed, of artist working on roots. Shots of carvings. Shots of man riding through rough country. Night shots of man riding. MLSs of ranch house.

Shot ID: 6521 5:04

Canadian Wheat For Europe: shots of grain elevators in Montreal Harbour, lakers moored to pier, men in holds feeding grain to suction type unloaders. Shots of grain carriers being loaded with wheat, men moving sacks of wheat, trains moving in and out, wheat being loaded. Shots of baby flat top being used as grain carrier. MCSs of former mayor of New York City Fiorello La Guardia speaking to camera (sound).

Shot ID: 15676 5:57

MSs and CUs of live minks being displayed for the camera on a mink ranch in Newfoundland. Interior views of man preparing mink diet: mincing frozen fish, meat, adding various ingredients. MSs of two men inside the barn walking toward camera between rows of cages, open cages and pull out the struggling occupants. Other men distribute bunches of straw to each cage. MSs of men unpacking slabs of frozen fish, of man placing mink rations on the cages. MSs and CUs of animal reaching for food through the mesh, of minks moving about their cages.

Shot ID: 12804 2:22

CSs of crab apples in tree on river bank near village of Le Bic (Lower Saint Lawrence), TILT DOWN to CS of surface of water, then some similar shots. CSs of autumn leaves and bushes on river bank.

Shot ID: 33464 3:08

Various shots of apple grading and packing procedures inside "Kelowna Growers' Exchange" packing plant. CUs of apples on conveyor belts

Shot ID: 10241 0:48

PAN SHOT of green valley on Cape Breton Island, early autumn (0:26). Static LS of valley, farm buildings visible in distant background (0:21).

Shot ID: 22640 0:25

ZOOM OUT on house and farm building in the country.

Shot ID: 56588 0:40

MS of box cars on railroad track, PAN LEFT MLS of Red Deer grain elevator (0:33). MLS of train station and grain elevator in background with street in foreground (0:31).

Shot ID: 24355 8:44

Series of late afternoon scenic shots of town; ESTABLISHING PANs of various houses, churches (3:25). PAN and static shots of harbour (2:02). Street scenes; pedestrians, three men walking by camera, kids playing street hockey (2:00). PAN of small farm on outskirts of town to CS of cow in field, MS of Canadian flag at half mast (1:00).

Shot ID: 54624 4:03

Low-altitude AERIAL SHOT over Niagara Peninsula farm and residential district next to it. AERIAL SHOT of orchards and vineyards next to housing. AERIAL SHOT of industrial area. AERIAL SHOT of wooded area with development in the background. AERIAL SHOT of highway with Lake Ontario in background. Low-altitude AERIAL SHOT of orchard and then flying over lake.

Shot ID: 39141 6:12

Shot of wheat field, trees in background, few clouds in sky. Shot of farmer driving horse-drawn binder past camera. FOLLOW LS of boy moving along road in buggy, trees and fields filling frame. Two shots of cows grazing in pasture, farm buildings visible in distant background. Shot along edge of pasture of bushes lining field. LAS of tree leaves moving slowly in the wind. MLS of two horses on edge of pond on farm, trees and farm buildings in background. Shots including night view of weeds along stream, of edge on far side, foliage mirrored in calm water. Shot of reflection of trees in water. Shot of weedy field at dusk, wild flowers crowding camera, trees in distant background. Three progressively closer shots of cornet in man's hand. CS of boy's hand writing in scribbler in school. Shots of pendulum clock, CU of clock face, TILT DOWN to oscillating pendulum. Night shot of wheat field with tree line at horizon, few clouds in sky.

Shot ID: 72289 0:31


Shot ID: 806 9:44

Several shots from different angles of lady, owner of horse farm, showing Welsh ponies to a group of visiting children, including good CUs of fascinated children touching and feeding grass to ponies.

Shot ID: 7653 3:35

Several shots from different angles of trucks near Saguenay Co-op grain elevator. MLS of elevator.

Shot ID: 10081 4:21

Shots men spraying apple trees in orchard. CS of woman picking apples from tree. LS of hay harvesting in field in Ontario. Sequence in potato field showing horse-drawn duster spraying potato stalks. MS of tractor-drawn sprayer moving away from camera in potato field. LS of herd of cows in pasture, Ontario countryside in distant background. LS of twin smokestacks in the distance, river in foreground. MSs of farm labourers harvesting potatoes in field.

Shot ID: 12811 0:30

LS of a field, a farm in the foreground in the region of Le Bic (Lower Saint Lawrence) during a snowstorm.

Shot ID: 19294 2:07

MLS of small herd of cows grazing in snow patched pasture in Prince Edward Island (early winter), a barn is visible in background, PAN to LS of farmhouse and barn with cows in foreground (27 ft). MS, PAN of cows in pasture (2 shots; 77 ft).

Shot ID: 9360 1:44

MLS of modest farmhouse in Peace River region, cut to CS. PAN of farm to MS of house.

Shot ID: 9363 1:15

MS of front of shed (door open), Massey-Ferguson combine harvester is driven out and passes in front of camera (45 ft).

Shot ID: 52896 1:03

LS of farm, farm buildings in distance. Closer shot of buildings, of herd of Holstein cows. Cut to stretch of water, point of land with houses, small lighthouse in background.

Shot ID: 16295 4:06

HAS over field, sea in background, PAN to man smoking pipe sitting on red farm tractor in foreground. Shot of field, of man on tractor followed by man and boy walking, moving towards camera. MS of man sitting on tractor, being spelled by other in front of barn. Shot of two men and boy walking to tractor, driving away past camera. Shot of boy driving. Shot of gate leading from pasture to woods, tractor moving into frame and stopping at gate. MLS of farm buildings, cows, countryside extending to horizon in background. MS of neat farmhouse, man coming out, walking towards and past camera. MS of boy on seat of tractor, of man holding wheel with boy as tractor starts rolling. MS of cluster of farm buildings. Shot of car driving up, occupants being met by people coming out of house.

Shot ID: 39471 0:20

MS of root cellar.

Shot ID: 790 5:27

Various CSs of Welsh ponies and chickens with chicks inside barn of horse ranch, including shots of ponies feeding.

Shot ID: 864 8:27

Roll contains good low altitude AERIAL SHOTs of area between Hébertville and Roberval in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region, in cloudy weather, including shots of rivers, villages, farms, forests, roads, and shots of a hydro-electric dam (camera on nose of helicopter; 311 ft).

Shot ID: 855 3:07

TRAVELLING SHOTs of farms on shore of Baie des Ha! Ha!, shot from boat sailing along coast (52 ft). Various shots of wharf in city of La Baie, shot from boat approaching wharf (57 ft).

Shot ID: 27484 0:32

MS of a farmhouse in Saskatchewan. People are visible in the window. CS of a dog sitting near the house, TILT UP to the window of the house, a woman, children and grandmother are looking outside through window.

Shot ID: 12039 6:26

HALS of cows being driven home past stationary combine. Level shot of two girls on horseback, man on foot trailing herd. HALS of herd, of combine nearby. Shot of cows being driven towards farm buildings in background by men on foot and on horseback. Shot of cows moving by camera, two girls on horseback in background, farm buildings. ZOOM OUT from man standing by combine, petting cat, to include whole combine. Shots of family standing in barn yard. FOLLOW MLSs and LS of two girls riding ponies past camera, some snow on ground. Two shots of barley bales in snow. Shot of furrowed field, some snow in furrows.

Shot ID: 15759 0:00

Cuts to sheep family in barnyard, to a kitten on a buffet, to hazy, glary shots of trees and foliage in a wood. Cut to bug walking on a wooden wall. Shot of pheasants in the barnyard, a rooster. Summer shots of farmhouse, green foliage.

Shot ID: 16178 3:10

Winter shots of farm, of large barn, of horse-drawn sleigh approaching through snow. Shot of cyclist pedaling along snow-covered streets in village of Woodridge. Shots of people standing and passing in front of general store, of peaceful street, people moving by camera. HAS of village. Shot of horse-drawn wagon guided by heavily dressed man, pulling huge load of hay in countryside. Shots of diminutive Bank of Canada, man coming out, of hardware store, of horse-drawn cutter moving down street. Shots of sign post on the outside of town, of roadside board re US routes to various points via Roosevelt Bridge at Kingston.

Shot ID: 16842 2:59

[Remark: wolf packs have been attacking and killing sheep and are now being hunted by residents of the area; (Carps, Ontario, 00/01/1952] CS of dead, frozen sheep that was killed by wolves. MS of member of town police force giving hunting assignments to group in front of farmhouse. Rear MS of hunters (including Canadian army men) leaving, walking across hills. AERIAL SHOTs over snow-covered regions where wolves are known to be. CUs of wolf and of rabbit tracks in the snow. Front shot of Piper Cub airplane swooping over lake, landing. AERIAL SHOT over farm and buildings, over frozen lake. Shot of frozen brush wolf caught in snare. Shot of hunter aiming rifle, running towards red fox he has shot. CU of "deer crossing" roadside sign.

Shot ID: 54500 1:20

Various shots of abandoned and inhabited farmhouses including WAS of abandoned farmhouse in field next to gravel road, WAS of farmhouse with truck parked in front, PAN of barn across outbuildings to two identical farmhouses side by side.

Shot ID: 26563 8:02

TRAVELLING SHOTs along bank of Saint Lawrence River in Prescott- Ogdensburg area taken from boat on river. TILT DOWN to CS of boat's wake. TRAVELLING SHOTs of shore of Saint Lawrence near Ogdensburg, one can see houses, small industries, farms, harbour of Ogdensburg.

Shot ID: 9027 8:47

MS of old barn. PAN right of man carrying door away from barn. MLS PAN left of group of men and boys picking potatoes in field. ELS of bagging potatoes in field. MCS of man sampling grain, stocking it. MLS of group of men in front of farm buildings. MS of group of boys around Holstein cow. MLS of group of men and boys around two percheron horses in front of farm buildings. MS of cars parked in front of grain storage buildings, sign "Ottawa Valley Grain Products". MCS of boys leading small calves. CU of farmer wearing hat. MS PAN left of large crowd at fair, cattle being judged. MS of group of people, farmers. LS of cars parked in front of big barn. CU of cow's head as it eats grass. MCS of farmer rubbing down cow, building in foreground. MS of boys lining up at fair with their calves, waiting to be judged. CS of Jersey cow, TILT UP to boy owner. MS of boy goading Hereford heifer. MS of line of Herefords at fair. MS, CS of boys brushing their calves. MS of pigs running through corrals. MS of boy mixing feed for cows, cow's head in doorway. CS of boy forcing cow to take spoon of medicine by holding it's nose. MS of boy putting blanket on cow. MS of boy petting cow's head.

Shot ID: 2689 4:52

MLSs and PANs of farming region on high plateaus of Bolivia, Andes can be seen in background.

Shot ID: 32352 9:30

[ANAMORPHIC LENS] Oblique AERIAL SHOT of Kamloops, TILT DOWN to highway rally cars moving on. TRAVELLING SHOT down hillside to other hills, ranch, highway. TRAVELLING SHOT along highway, hills in background. TRAVELLING AERIAL SHOT along highway, rally cars racing, incidental view of rough foothill country. AERIAL SHOT over lumber yard, saw mill, logs in river, back to highway and rally. AERIAL TRAVELLING SHOT of twisting highway, rally cars, low mountains. TRAVELLING SHOT along highway, rally cars, wooded hills, river in background. AERIAL HAMS of barn, sign "Cherry Creek' Ranch - Reg Polled Herefords, Reg Quarter Horses". Slow TRAVELLING SHOT to corral, cowboys and quarter horses. Higher AERIAL SHOT of ranch, corral. AERIAL SHOTS of The Lions mountain peaks. AERIAL SHOT over tree-covered slope, barrel of lens visible, The Lions in background. ZOOM IN on The Lions mountain peaks. Low AERIAL SHOT over tree tops, of stand of tall trees to shot of lighthouse, water beyond. (00/04/1968)

Shot ID: 41034 0:43

Visual in Estevan area; MLS of grain elevator (0:19). MSs of railroad workers cutting tall grass with scythes along railroad tracks (0:15). WIDE SHOT throught shimmering heat waves of railroad tracks and landcape (0:09). Hazy ELS of Boudary Dam coal powered power station (0:15).