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Shot ID: 9267 9:05

HAS of irrigation machinery operated by donkey and camel. TILT UP from newly irrigated patch of ground to garden, palm grove in background. MLS of irrigation machinery, cables. TILT UP from irrigation channel, team of donkeys moving into frame. MS of Moroccan farmer working in newly irrigated garden. Longer shot of garden. Shot of irrigation plant. MLS of several Moroccans working in rice field, broadcasting something or other over water. TILT UP from men hoeing in rice field to other men hoeing. CU of bare legs in water and mud. LS of several workers in rice field. CU of legs in mud, men hoeing. MS of men hoeing.

Shot ID: 5488 1:05

Low AERIAL SHOTs of unidentified irrigation project on the prairies, dam, channels (no water). Similar AERIAL SHOTs of surrounding prairie, geometric patterns made by cultivated fields visible, etc

Shot ID: 9269 2:09

MLS of Egyptian turning Archimedes' screw, irrigating his field. CUs of screw, of man sitting down at screw, turning it. CU of Egyptian drawing water from irrigation well with pail. CU of face of man as he works. Shot of elderly Egyptian drawing water, pouring water into canal. Shot of irrigation canal. CU of head of man as he works. LAMS of head of Sphinx.

Shot ID: 24563 6:24

[Remark: the apples of Nova Scotia, like the oranges of California, are world reknown.] CU of three apples in tree. Various shots of Annapolis Valley and of trees in full bloom. CU of bloom, of children cutting one off tree. Tractor-drawn disking machine advancing between trees. Shot of men spraying trees from tank on wagon. Various shots, CUs of fruits on trees. Shots of apple harvesting during fall. Shots of men on ladders and on ground, picking fruit, dumping bags in barrels and loading barrels on wagon. Barrels of apples are brought to co-operative warehouses where fruits are graded, inspected and packed. Shot of barrels of apples being rolled into freight cars. Shot of small boy standing in barrel, munching away at two apples, one in each hand.

Shot ID: 32267 10:48

CSs of man lighting match on spike of Sheik tooth roller, roller moving out of frame past camera. CU of caterpillar tractor pulling Turno Sheik thooth roller past camera. Shot of La Turno scoop shovel scooping earth during levelling operations. CU of La Turno passing in front of camera. CS of scale, MS of man weighing pail on scale. CU of water gushing, TILT UP to MLS of Saint Mary's river basin. CS of two men operating winch, LS of the two men operating winch, control gate of dam opening, allowing water out. LSs of rough, rocky terrain, of basin where river will be diverted, of bulldozers, steam shovels and trucks at work on river bed. Various shots of caterpillar tractor pulling Sheik tooth roller over rough terrain past camera. CS of two La Turnos loaded with earth moving past camera. MS of shovel scooping up earth near edge of water. Shots of man surveying, framed in large pipe, of other man holding line stake, ankle deep in water. Several shots of Amish children and women posing and walking in village. LS of Amish woman on front lawn of white house. HAMS of small Amish girl reading paper. CSs of Amish child, of girl. Shots of two in sugar beet patch shovelling earth from furrow to irrigate field. PAN along shoreline to large culvert pipe connecting dam and river. Shot of men standing on river bank, PAN to water flowing through culvert. CU of water flowing in stream, TILT UP to three men standing on river bank. CU of water in sluice, TILT UP to MLS of Saint Mary's River. HALSs of dragline scooping ground away from channel to connect dam with river. Shots of man studying map of Saint Mary's basin area, of sign "Saint Mary's Dam Project". MLSs of farm buildings, of unpainted clapboard house. Shots of skeleton structure of future sugar beet processing plant, of man at work atop structure. Shots of man and boy in sugar beet patch digging furrows to let water irrigate field, including CUs of water flowing through ditch.

Shot ID: 5770 2:18

Various shots of man doing maintenance work on irrigation ditches in field, including CUs of water flowing (88 ft).

Shot ID: 7084 2:25

MLS of isolated farm house in highlands of Bolivia, ZOOM OUT to ESTABLISHING SHOT of landscape, plus one reverse shot (0:34). ESTABLISHING PAN SHOT of farmlands in valley, mountains in background, ZOOM IN to MLS of town of Potolo (0:35). HALS of Indian boy leading two donkeys in field, TILT UP to LS of town (0:28). HA PAN SHOT along irrigation canal flowing through fields to LS of boy and donkeys (0:46).

Shot ID: 13963 19:06

LSs of fields infested with thistles. LS of alfalfa field. LSs of fields infested with chickory, CSs of chickory. LS of field infested with perennial sow thistle. LS of field full of buttercups. LS of field infested with water hemlock. Shot of field of fall rye infested with hoary cress, CU of hoary cress. LS of barley field infested with wild oats. CS of "false flax". LS of stinkweed in field of oats. LS PAN of seeded-down field in Alberta. Shot of summer fallow field with blade weed. Shot of field of leafy spurge, TILT UP to irrigation ditch. Shot of seeding machine in operation, seeding buckwheat. Shot of stiff-toothed cultivator in operation. Shot of one-way cultivator through field of spurge. Shot of four-row corn cultivator in operation. Shot of harrowing machine in operation. Shot of rod weeder in operation. Shot of machine spraying weeds in ditch along road. Shots of dust storms on prairies. Shots of abandoned farm buildings on prairies.

Shot ID: 15094 7:39

Several shots from different angles of irrigation pump, powered by an oxen. A boy follows oxen, whipping it with a stick when it slows down. Several shots from different angles of hand operated irrigation system, composed of a long piece of wood with a weight on one end and a bucket on the other, attached to a horizontal axis, man dips bucket into small stream and pours water in irrigation ditch, including shots of irrigation ditch in field.

Shot ID: 25135 5:09

CSs of peasants cleaning irrigation ditch in field near village of Galis.

Shot ID: 15139 8:02

Several shots from different angles of waterwheel in village powered by an oxen. Jugs are lashed onto wheel as wheel turns jugs dip into water of well and water is poured into canal. HACS of water running through field, ZOOM OUT to MSs. Several shots from different angles of waterwheel in action, including shots of oxen, of man pacing with oxen, of mechanism, of jugs dipping in and out of well. HAS of waterwheel turning. LS of landscape, TILT DOWN to HAMCS of waterwheel turning, TILT UP to LS of landscape. HACSs of water jugs lashed to waterwheel coming out of water.

Shot ID: 16221 8:26

MS of two men, Italian immigrants from Milan, near lumber pile in mountains of Kildala Pass. Various shots of helicopter being used to carry freight, of helicopter airborne, on ground, taking off. TILT UP from man signalling to helicopter carrying bundle of lumber. Shots of men getting out of helicopters. AERIAL SHOT over Powell River Pulp and Paper Company mill. High AERIAL SHOT over Vancouver, over housing development in Vancouver. CS of totem poles. AERIAL SHOTs over dense bush country in Kildala Pass, over forest fire, over Kitimat. Front view of ore train moving towards camera on bridge. Various shots of workmen drilling rock face overlooking Ponosay Lake. LS, MS of rapids on Kootenay River, very fast and turbulent water. Shots over orchard in Okanagan Valley, of cabbages being sprayed, of irrigated section. PAN left from dusty road and deserted log farmhouse to sagebrush growing wild along road. HAS over orchards in Okanagan Valley. HALS of stretch of highway between Hope and Princeton, convertible car speeding down highway. PAN across Fraser Canyon to steam shovel loading dump truck. PAN across Fraser Canyon, past river to bulldozer working on highway right-of-way. TILT DOWN to Fraser River. CS of bulldozer at work, of man signalling to bulldozer.

Shot ID: 17073 0:55

MCSs and CS of water flow running from pipe to irrigation tanks. CS of woman cleaning by hand irrigation drain coming out of ground to fields. CS of woman removing lid of irrigation drain coming out of ground to fields. MLS with ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT to MCS of woman cleaning row between cultures to make way for water flood coming out of drain. Several TRAVELLING LSs on cultivated fields.

Shot ID: 35671 5:15

Various shots of binder cutting swaths of wheat. Several shots of eastern style wheat harvest, of men pitch-forking cut wheat onto wagon, of cut wheat passing through grain husker. MS PAN, static MS and MCS of sprinkler irrigation operating in field crop. MSs and MCS of field of sunflowers, farm buildings in background.

Shot ID: 14608 2:15

PAN along eroded river bank. MS of river, tangled bush along river bank. PAN along bridge spanning river. HACS of lead of 8" trench digger moving along trench in ground. LSs of montainous landscape, misty cloud hanging low. MS of Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, Ontario, TILT UP Peace Tower. MS of hydraulic dredge in river, digging mud and sand from river bottom and dumping it on shore. LS of main building of Ontario Agriculture College in Guelph.

Shot ID: 14613 3:21

MLS of apple trees in orchard, vineyard in background in Saint Catharines, Ontario. Shots of vines in field. MSs of trench digger digging ditch in field, of machinery laying tiles in Saint Clements, Ontario. Shots of ploughed soil, of cracked dry soil. MLS of bulldozer filling gully in farm. Shots of hilly, rolling farmlands. PAN from weeds to sandy, eroded wastes. MS of stone fence, field in background. MS of cows grazing in pasture. Shots of men picking apples in orchard in New Brunswick. TILT DOWN spruce tree to water flowing in small stream.

Shot ID: 2469 8:22

Shots of man pitching hay in field, of two young girls on hay wagon manning forks. Shot of farm tractor hauling plough heads towards camera, turning and continuing away. Shots of hay field, coils of hay in foreground, seashore and sea in background. Several shots of farmland, field in foreground, countryside and farm houses in background, of tractor drawing hay wagon across field, of a few cows grazing in the distance. CSs of cows standing, resting. Scenic shots of Maritime farmland showing woods, small farm houses and landscape extending to the horizon; each shot ending with short PAN including slope of the mountain on which the camera is situated, as well as rocks, bushes and fir trees in foreground. Shots of sprinkler system at work in tomato field, PAN of field. Shots of men and women picking tomatoes. MCS of elderly woman at work. Shot of tomato plants, tomatoes visible.

Shot ID: 22410 2:52

MLS of irrigation canal, PAN to LS of line of sprinklers watering field (0:24). Various shots irrigation water pouring out of aluminum pipe set along corn field, CSs of water flowing onto dry earth (2:28).

Shot ID: 9268 0:00

MLS of donkey-powered irrigation machinery in Egypt. CU of buckets hoisting water from well. CU of mechanism of machinery. TILT DOWN from silhouette of sail to silhouette of boat, sunlight on water. Three shots of Egyptian sailboats on Nile River. Lengthy shot of native sailboat approaching and passing camera on Nile. MLS of native sailboat on Nile. MLS of two native sailboats. Telephoto shot of large dim sun slowly being obscured by clouds. MLS of three native sailboats on Nile. MS of Egyptian family leaving cattle across frame close to camera. LS of Egyptian scene, buildings in background, few pedestrians on road, dim, hazy view of two pyramids in background.

Shot ID: 23611 11:05

Various shots of early tractors, of steam traction engine pulling heavy ploughs breaking up prairie sod. LS of Titan tractor pulling disc harrow. AERIAL SHOTs of freight cars at small station, over field full of wheat stooks, over prairie flat land, over rugged section of eroded land, over dense bushland separated by open stretches of cleared land. MLS of Husky bush plane swooping over bush. AERIAL SHOT over city of Saskatoon. Various shots of man digging irrigation ditches in Lethbridge-Faber area in Alberta. Rear shot of tractor pulling specially made furrow plough during land clearing operations for future soldier settlement. Shots of tractor levelling land. CS of water trickling into small furrows. Underexposed shot of corn binder cutting corn. Shot of open stretch of broken prairie. PAN right from tilled section of open prairie to two men working on roof of shed. Shots of bulldozers clearing new land on prairie. CU of blade pushing uprooted trees. Rear and side shots of tractor pulling two furrow plough. AERIAL SHOTs over Saskatoon, over Regina, over legislative buildings.

Shot ID: 27506 11:09

LAMLS, MS of tree swallow perched on branch. Shots of two or three white hens pecking for food. Shot of deer family, doe, fawns, stag, tethered to post. CUs of head of stag, of head of fawn. Shots of turkeys. TILT DOWN from arbour to LS of woman picking strawberries in garden. Closer shot of woman, of berries in pot. LS, CUs of men and women working in garden, men tilling onion patch. Cut to small Saskatchewan irrigation pump, shots of water flowing in shallow ditches and between rows of plants. Shot of wheat field, four grain elevators at horizon. PAN over prairie, summer clouds. Several shots, CUs of abandoned farm houses, sagging frame dwellings, ramshackle buildings. Sequence on woman and children picking apples in orchard. Various shots of apples, plums, peaches in trees. PAN colourful, modern farm house. Cut to meat school. Sequence on flower garden, pond with large gold fishes, bird houses, swallow at entrance of one house, pond with kittens, farm wind mill whirling in high wind.

Shot ID: 42134 3:45

LS PAN from dry hillside near Osoyoos, British Columbia, to irrigation canal, orchard in background. TILT UP from dry sage grass to irrigation canal, orchards in background. LS of two people picking apples from trees in orchard. MS looking across dry sage over irrigation canal to orchards in background. LS of wooded hill, grass in foreground. PAN right looking out over valley near Penticton. Shots of man picking apples, of man installing sprinkler, of water splashing camera.