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Pest control


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Shot ID: 8035 9:41

[Remark: a story of the soil, which in the unceasing renewal of each season, remains eternally the same.] Shot of wheat field blowing in the gentle wind. Shots of men clearing land with horses, axes, ploughing field with team of horses, harvesting with horse and binder. MS of College of Agriculture, ZOOM IN on two men working at desk. Photograph transforming into real scene showing various shots of village, of parish priest, of farmer driving ox-drawn cart full of hay. CU of woman washing clothes in wash tub, of washboard, tub and water. CU of blacksmith shoeing horse. CU of two elderly farmers. Back shot of farmer ploughing his field. Interior shot of agronomist lecturing group of farmers. Farmer and his son looking towards their farm, outside home. HAS of cows. LAS of man putting hay into barn loft. TILT UP smoke stacks, radio tower. Exterior and interior shots of factory, people working. CU of farmer's son, of son going to College of Agriculture, of son sitting at desk in lecture hall with other students. Various shots of college activities including lectures, laboratory work at the microscope, in animal anatomy room, at model farm. Shots of modern farming procedure as studied by farmer's son including use of electric milker, handling of young pigs, spraying of crops, particularly of truck garden produce such as cabbages, cultivating of potatoes with automatic cultivator. LS of village with church spire in evidence. Various shots of activities presumably spark by the farmer's son who is back from college: new equipment is brought, men working on framework of new barn, tractors replace horses in field. Final shots of farmer's son's home, his wife and his child.

Shot ID: 10081 4:21

Shots men spraying apple trees in orchard. CS of woman picking apples from tree. LS of hay harvesting in field in Ontario. Sequence in potato field showing horse-drawn duster spraying potato stalks. MS of tractor-drawn sprayer moving away from camera in potato field. LS of herd of cows in pasture, Ontario countryside in distant background. LS of twin smokestacks in the distance, river in foreground. MSs of farm labourers harvesting potatoes in field.

Shot ID: 22871 11:36

Grasshoppers: PAN of field ravaged by grasshoppers. Man moves through field swinging insect net. CSs of grasshoppers in net. CUs of grasshoppers on twigs, of grasshopper laying eggs. CUs of entomologist studying eggs. Several CUs of grasshoppers clinging to stalks. MLSs of tractor, car towing sprayer in action.

Shot ID: 10577 7:00

AIR TO AIR SHOTs of DC-6 airplane spraying pesticides over forest (2:47). LS front view of plane taking off heading towards camera, lifts off and passes overhead (0:34). MS of plane tarmac being refueled (0:19). CSs of pilot's hand manipulating control inside cockpit (0:51). Various shots of DC-6 taking off (0:57). CS from porthole of engines of plane in flight (0:07). CSs of spraying nozzles in operation on wing of plane (1:05).

Shot ID: 19154 3:15

FOLLOW SHOT of ancient Stearman biplane with radial engine used for crop dusting, taxiing at airport (1:19). GROUND TO AIR SHOT of airplane dusting field (1:56).

Shot ID: 51136 5:52

Sequence on strawberry field showing jeep-mounted sprayer at work, operators controlling tractor-towed cultivators. Shots of strawberry field, no one in sight. FOLLOW SHOT of tractor-drawn plough at work, man on foot guiding plow. Front shot of tractor, side shot of plough.

Shot ID: 7019 2:49

MSs and CSs of Indian peasants (men) spraying pesticides in field using hand pumps.

Shot ID: 7051 1:30

Exterior, day; CSs of Indian peasant (man) spraying pesticides on his vegetable garden.

Shot ID: 9352 5:08

CSs of farmer preparing and pouring herbicide into tank of spreader, including CU of several drums of herbicide lined up near spreader (52 ft). Various shots of farmers filling tank with water from pond (97 ft). MS of farmer spreading herbicide in field (32 ft).

Shot ID: 22875 13:22

Science helps the farmers: sequence on saplings planting showing man on tractor-drawn planter planting pine saplings, large group of men planting saplings by hand, including views of saplings in furrows. Two shots of large steam tractor moving by camera in field. TILT DOWN, TILT UP gash caused by erosion in field. PAN of dust bowl, sandy wastes. MS of dust storm. CSs of peaches and plums in trees. CSs of melons in field, of squash being thrown in a pile. CU of worm eating leaf. Sequence on spraying showing man spraying pesticide on tree with hose, man spraying potato field with tractor-drawn sprayer, men spraying potato field with horse-drawn sprayer, CUs of sprays. MS of men stacking stooks, throwing stooks onto threshing machine, MLS of grain coming out of spout. Shots of tractor-drawn machine throwing fire burning plants and stubble in field. LASs of meteorological station, wind velocity spoons and of farm windmill spinning.

Shot ID: 27412 4:45

Weed Killer (Brooke, Alberta, 00/08/1946): PAN and static shot of wheat field extending to horizon. CU of bag of weed killer, word "Herbate". CUs of men loading herbate into sprayer. Several shots of truck towing sprayer, man on sprayer dusting wheat. Two shots of prairie, wheat extending to horizon. Three shots of wheat rippling in strong wind. Similar shots of wheat rippling in wind, man walking through wheat, inspecting wheat. CU of wheat salk stalks in man's hand. Several shots of two men inspecting weed-infested wheat field, CUs of weeds.

Shot ID: 50145 8:46

WS of forest landscape, ZOOM IN and FOLLOW SHOTS of three Avenger planes spraying pesticides over forest (3:22). MLS of Rivière-du Loup airport terminal, MS of pump surrounded with barrels, ZOOM IN to CU of label THURICIDE-HPC (0:32). MS of Avenger plane on apron, ZOOM IN to CS of spray nozzles on wing, reverse shot, CSs of propellers and tail assembly (1:15). Ground level shots of pesticides being pumped onto planes (0:51). CU of bark of dying tree, TILT UP to LASs of leafless branches (0:20). LSs and MLSs of activity around Avenger planes prior to operations take off (2:05).

Shot ID: 10325 2:01

Three-shot of tree sprayer in operation. HAS of plant sprayer. MS, CS, of tractor-drawn plough in operation, of sod being overturned. CU of bee dying on freshly ploughed ground. Shot of farmer burning straw. Shots of tree and plant sprayers in action.

Shot ID: 16221 8:26

MS of two men, Italian immigrants from Milan, near lumber pile in mountains of Kildala Pass. Various shots of helicopter being used to carry freight, of helicopter airborne, on ground, taking off. TILT UP from man signalling to helicopter carrying bundle of lumber. Shots of men getting out of helicopters. AERIAL SHOT over Powell River Pulp and Paper Company mill. High AERIAL SHOT over Vancouver, over housing development in Vancouver. CS of totem poles. AERIAL SHOTs over dense bush country in Kildala Pass, over forest fire, over Kitimat. Front view of ore train moving towards camera on bridge. Various shots of workmen drilling rock face overlooking Ponosay Lake. LS, MS of rapids on Kootenay River, very fast and turbulent water. Shots over orchard in Okanagan Valley, of cabbages being sprayed, of irrigated section. PAN left from dusty road and deserted log farmhouse to sagebrush growing wild along road. HAS over orchards in Okanagan Valley. HALS of stretch of highway between Hope and Princeton, convertible car speeding down highway. PAN across Fraser Canyon to steam shovel loading dump truck. PAN across Fraser Canyon, past river to bulldozer working on highway right-of-way. TILT DOWN to Fraser River. CS of bulldozer at work, of man signalling to bulldozer.

Shot ID: 19868 1:12

MCS side view of tractor with spraying machine in potato field. ZOOM IN to CS of driver, TILT DOWN to CS of spray coming out of nozzles as tractor starts moving away from camera. ZOOM IN on spray coming out of nozzles, PAN to MS of tractor and spraying machine in field.

Shot ID: 20393 1:11

MS rear view of farmer on tractor spreading insecticide on field, cut to CS front view (43 ft).

Shot ID: 41837 2:30

[Title: Wheat Dusting by Aeroplane] Shots of Royal Canadian Air Force office at 797 Notre-Dame Avenue, Winnipeg, of two RCAF personnel in front of tent, of Dr Craigie of the Department of Agriculture. CU of Keystone Puffer biplane, Flying Officer Shields sitting in cockpit. Shots of sulphur dust being dumped into hopper of plane, of plane taking off. High AIR TO AIR SHOT of Puffer airborne. Very interesting shots of airplane hedge hopping, flying low over camera, sulphur dust trailing, plane pulling up abruptly. [Titles interspersed]

Shot ID: 16173 2:50

[Remark: The RCAF wages war on the deadly wheat rust] Shots of Royal Canadian Air Force office at 797 Notre-Dame Avenue, Winnipeg, of two RCAF personnel in front of tent, of Dr Craigie of the Department of Agriculture. CU of Keystone Puffer biplane, Flying Officer Shields sitting in cockpit. Shots of sulphur dust being dumped into hopper of plane, of plane taking off. High AIR TO AIR SHOT of Puffer airborne. Very interesting shots of airplane hedge hopping, flying low over camera, sulphur dust trailing, plane pulling up abruptly. [Titles interspersed; End Title]

Shot ID: 19699 3:02

Busy Beavers: various shots of DH Beaver with American markings being towed out of hangar at Toronto's Downsview Airport, being gassed up. AIR TO AIR SHOTs of Beaver airborne. Shots of Beaver landing at Downsview Airport, of pontooned Beaver landing in Toronto Bay, taking off, skyline visible in the distance. GROUND TO AIR SHOTs of Beaver. LS of Beaver spraying field. CU of spraying attachment at work. Interior shot of factory, engine being lowered to fuselage.

Shot ID: 11883 8:46

Lengthy sequence comprised of several good shots from various angles of gypsy moth caterpillars including some shots of adult moths. Many CUs of the caterpillar eating tree leaves and crawling on trees and leaves.

Shot ID: 20720 6:00

TRAVELLING SHOTs along piles of garbage. HAS and PAN on piles of garbage at edge of park or green space. FOLLOW MCS of woman walking along pile of garbage, stopping, looking and walking away. MCS of pile of garbage, someone trying to kill rats with a stick. LS to MCS of woman with garbage bag crossing street and putting bag on pile. MCS and PAN from row of houses to little green space or park with piles of garbage and ZOOM OUT. TRAVELLING MCS and CS of piles of garbage accumulated along sidewalk. MS of world map.

Shot ID: 31011 5:04

Poisons, Pests and People: PAN of weeds to dying pheasant. Two shots of gasping salmon in shallow water. Shots of dusting machine operator checking machine, wearing dust respirator. CU of bag of aphamite being emptied. HAS of truck spraying pesticide onto suburban lawns, operator not wearing mask, dust filling frame. Brief AIR TO AIR HAS of two planes dusting forest land.

Shot ID: 8077 4:28

Crop dusting by helicopter: CUs of men looking at shrivelled peach tree leaves and diseased fruit. Sequence on men loading helicopter with powdered chemicals, taking off, dusting peach orchard. AERIAL SHOTs of town, of orchards, of helicopter dusting orchard. Brief profile shot of pilot of camera helicopter. LAMCSs of girl picking peaches. Cut to peaches in basket. (12/10/1947)

Shot ID: 9358 2:21

MSs of Alberta farmer spreading herbicide in field (85 ft).

Shot ID: 19867 0:43

LS of potato field with farms buildings in background, ZOOM IN to MS of tractor spraying potatoes.

Shot ID: 27711 2:34

[Title: Mosquito Dusting at Winnipeg] [Remark: The RCAF wages war on the deadly wheat rust.] MS of RCAF hangar at Stevenson Field, doors opening and Keystone Puffer airplane being wheeled out by personnel. MS and CU of hopper of plane being filled with sawdust impregnated with creosoil. Shot of engine being started, Puffer taxiing away. MLS of Puffer taking off. Shots of Puffer dusting wheatfield, flying close over camera, dusting pond. PAN over wheatfield. LS of Puffer landing. Low level AERIAL SHOT as plane lands. [Titles interspersed]

Shot ID: 41035 2:22

HAMLS of farmer in tractor spreading pesticides on field, MSs of tractor passing by camera, CSs of farmer filling tank.

Shot ID: 10924 6:48

MS of cowboy letting cattle out of pen, CSs of cattle. CS of cowboy, ZOOM OUT to HAMS of pens and cattle. HAMS of cattle in pen. HAMLS of barn-like building in trees. HAMS and PAN of cattle ranch, activity. CS back view of ox, he turns around. MSs to MCSs of cowboy vaccinating cattle (pouring liquid on back, then injecting medication). Various shots from different angles of cattle ranch, including cowboys and cattle.

Shot ID: 20497 0:59

MLS at ground level of ploughed field, tractor equipped with insecticide spreader comes over rise and heads straight for camera (2 shots; 90 ft).

Shot ID: 50141 5:50

LS of three Avenger planes spraying pesticides over forest (0:32). AIR TO AIR SHOT pacing plane in flight over forest (0:41). MS of plane on runway at dusk, LACS of propeller, CU of blade, MS of two Avenger planes lined up on runway, CS, MS of spray nozzles (1:43). MS of pilot in cockpit preparing for take off, CS of rotating propeller, TRAVELLING SHOT pacing plane taxing on runway (2:50).