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Agricultural machinery


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Shot ID: 7605 2:45

Several shots from different angles of farmer near Saint-Prime in Lac Saint-Jean region seeding a field with a seeder pulled by a tractor, including CSs of farmers pouring seed into seeder.

Shot ID: 8035 9:41

[Remark: a story of the soil, which in the unceasing renewal of each season, remains eternally the same.] Shot of wheat field blowing in the gentle wind. Shots of men clearing land with horses, axes, ploughing field with team of horses, harvesting with horse and binder. MS of College of Agriculture, ZOOM IN on two men working at desk. Photograph transforming into real scene showing various shots of village, of parish priest, of farmer driving ox-drawn cart full of hay. CU of woman washing clothes in wash tub, of washboard, tub and water. CU of blacksmith shoeing horse. CU of two elderly farmers. Back shot of farmer ploughing his field. Interior shot of agronomist lecturing group of farmers. Farmer and his son looking towards their farm, outside home. HAS of cows. LAS of man putting hay into barn loft. TILT UP smoke stacks, radio tower. Exterior and interior shots of factory, people working. CU of farmer's son, of son going to College of Agriculture, of son sitting at desk in lecture hall with other students. Various shots of college activities including lectures, laboratory work at the microscope, in animal anatomy room, at model farm. Shots of modern farming procedure as studied by farmer's son including use of electric milker, handling of young pigs, spraying of crops, particularly of truck garden produce such as cabbages, cultivating of potatoes with automatic cultivator. LS of village with church spire in evidence. Various shots of activities presumably spark by the farmer's son who is back from college: new equipment is brought, men working on framework of new barn, tractors replace horses in field. Final shots of farmer's son's home, his wife and his child.

Shot ID: 9267 9:05

HAS of irrigation machinery operated by donkey and camel. TILT UP from newly irrigated patch of ground to garden, palm grove in background. MLS of irrigation machinery, cables. TILT UP from irrigation channel, team of donkeys moving into frame. MS of Moroccan farmer working in newly irrigated garden. Longer shot of garden. Shot of irrigation plant. MLS of several Moroccans working in rice field, broadcasting something or other over water. TILT UP from men hoeing in rice field to other men hoeing. CU of bare legs in water and mud. LS of several workers in rice field. CU of legs in mud, men hoeing. MS of men hoeing.

Shot ID: 9351 6:30

CS of two young farmers in field in Peace River region preparing plough equipped with harrow, they hook up machinery to large Versatile 800 tractor, they start, raising a cloud of dust. Various shots of machinery at work in field (232 ft).

Shot ID: 9363 1:15

MS of front of shed (door open), Massey-Ferguson combine harvester is driven out and passes in front of camera (45 ft).

Shot ID: 14604 4:24

CSs of man pouring milk into pail. CSs of cows in barn. MS of two farmers and pigs in outdoor sty. MS of cows' rear ends, PAN to milk cans on floor of barn. MS of farmer seeding field with horse-drawn seeder. MLS of farmer herding cows to pasture. LAMS of pylon. MS of farmer grading road with bulldozer. Shots of cows grazing in pasture. CS of pigs sleeping. Shots of sheep grazing in meadow. Shots of cows in pasture. LS of wind blowing across meadows. MLS down small country road. MS of eroded gully running through farm. MLS of cows grazing on hill.

Shot ID: 14904 2:32

Exterior, day; good shots of two young Maldhari (semi-nomadic tribe) boys plowing field with ox-draw plow in the Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary, CUs of plow turning up dry earth.

Shot ID: 27423 7:50

MS of a farmer (Mike) of the agri-pool production cooperative unloading a bag of wheat grain from pickup truck and emptying it into a seeding machine. CSs of same. ZOOM OUT as he walks around the seeder to the tractor. FOLLOW SHOT as farmer starts seeding a field. ZOOM IN as he moves away. LS of farmer seeding a field, he is coming slowly over a low hill and passes right of camera. MS of two farmers of agri-pool co-op (Mike and Charles) sitting on seeder hitched to tractor, talking. ZOOM IN on farmer. CS of mechanical parts of seeder, LS as it moves away from camera. ZOOM IN on machine as it disappears over a slight hill. CSs of seeder planting wheat.

Shot ID: 30258 6:48

Slow TRAVELLING SHOT of bales of hay on baler chute, of man nudging bale so that it falls to ground. CU of front part of baler, worm turning rapidly, hay cramming into opening. Shot of approaching horse-drawn cart loaded with hay, driver leading horse off road to let farm tractor-drawn wagon loaded with bales of hay pass by. LS of tractor-drawn wagon pulling rapidly away from horse and cart. Various shots of farmer loading cart with hay, of tractor-drawn baler moving towards camera, passing it. Brief CU of farmer looking on. Shot of other farmer tinkering with his tractor and mower attachment, climbing aboard and driving off. MLS of parade of tractor, wagons, and other farm implements, going down road in direction of houses, away from camera, horse-drawn cart bringing up the rear. LS of church seen through carved posts of porch. FOLLOW SHOT of file of farm implements passing by. Shots of farmer loading hay into his cart, of men baling hay in field.

Shot ID: 31324 19:15

Various shots of old fashioned tractor-drawn combine in operation in wheat field. Various shots of "John Deere" and other combines in operation in wheat field. MCSs and CSs of farmer filling hopper of seeder with oat seed. MCS and MLS of tractor-drawn seeder in operation. MCS and CS of "John Deere" harrower in operation. MCSs of tractor-drawn sprayer in operation in young green field crop. MCS and CSs of tractor-drawn "Morris" seeder in operation. Various shots of tractor-drawn planter in operation, planting young sugar beet plants.

Shot ID: 41816 2:07

Shots of farm machinery at Regina warehouse.

Shot ID: 2696 0:17

Good MS back view of Aymara Indian carrying his wooden plow on his shoulders and his wife returning home after a hard day's work in the fields, they are followed by two oxen.

Shot ID: 5486 5:17

Sequence on wheat threshing on prairie, old steam tractor powering thresher, men forking wheat into thresher from horse-drawn wagon. Extreme LS of threshing operation, elevator in background, bales of hay on field in foreground. Closer shots of operation, elevators. Shot of large farm tractor pulling harrow moving by camera. Cut to tractor and harrow turning past the camera. Shots of young man driving tractor, as seen from the very front of the machine. Similar shot from other side of the tractor harrows visible in background. Various shots of single combine at work, truck being loaded with grain. Close FOLLOW SHOTs of cab and operator, "windrow pickup" mechanism and "chaff spreader".

Shot ID: 5773 1:55

MS of Moroccan peasant girl leading two oxen in field, PAN to MS of peasant with a wooden plough over his shoulders crossing an irrigation ditch, ZOOM OUT to MLS of farmland at the foot of the Atlas Mountains (35 ft). MCS of peasant walking across field, his daughter following with the oxen. MCS of peasant laying plough on the ground (30 ft).

Shot ID: 7079 1:25

Exterior, day; MS of Indian peasant leading his team of oxen on road in highlands of Bolivia, he is carrying a wooden plough on his shoulders, ZOOM OUT as he walks past a series of commemorative tombstones on roadside for victims of natural disasters (lightning, drowning, etc.), barren landscape (lunar) in background (0:31). CS of tombstones (0:48).

Shot ID: 7486 6:46

MS of ox-drawn cart moving past camera. CS of man sitting on ox-drawn cart. Shots of tractor-drawn harrow moving past camera in field. LS of village across field in foreground. Shots of ox-drawn cart moving in village street. MLS of binder harvesting oat in field, stooks in foreground. Shot of two farm labourers stooking oat sheaves. CU of farmer smoking pipe. Front MS of farmer driving tractor inside barn, towards camera. LAMS of farmer, wife and daughter on veranda, CS of farmer holding girl in his arms. Shot of harvesting machinery moving in field, farmer looking in immediate foreground. MS of man gathering hay in field with dump rake. MS of hay rippling in field. Shots of pigs in sty. HA PAN over farm buildings. Sequence on two farmers washing piglets in barrel, including CUs of piglets in barrel.

Shot ID: 7690 10:59

Several shots from different angles of combine harvester harvesting grain in field in Rang Saint-Anne in Lac Saint-Jean region.

Shot ID: 9355 6:13

Several shots from different angles of farmer using small harrow hooked up to large tractor (Panther) to level piece of land (185 ft). Various shots of farmer using same machinery to dig ditch (46 ft).

Shot ID: 11971 3:55

Shots of tractor-drawn cultivator moving past camera, of black farmer guiding horse-drawn cultivator past camera. Cut to LAS of black farmer taking his hat off and wiping his brow. Shots of white farmer inspecting immature cotton, opening boll. Sequence on black farm labourers working in peach orchard. CU of peaches in tree. CU of calf feeding.

Shot ID: 15086 4:29

CS of Egyptian farmer in a field, he moves out of view, ZOOM IN to MCS of hand-held plough pulled by a team of oxen in field. ZOOM OUT to CS of girl carrying a stack of palm leaves on her head passing by camera, a young girl with a dog is following her. Several shots from different angles of Egyptian farmer ploughing field with hand-held plough pulled by oxen.

Shot ID: 17410 3:47

Rice Fields - Transplanting: various shots of women mechanically transplanting rice seedlings in a field. LS of rice fields and women transplanting by hand.

Shot ID: 19898 0:55

MS back view of potato harvester and potato truck at work in field, ZOOM IN to MCS of pickers on harvester (early morning).

Shot ID: 20395 4:45

CU of blades of plough digging into soil (2 shots; 22 ft). CS rear view of farmer in cab of tractor, he sets off and moves away from camera pulling plough turning soil (23 ft). MS front view of tractor tilling soil, ZOOM OUT to MLS. POINT OF VIEW SHOTs of interior of tractor over farmer's shoulder (33 ft). CS of plough turning soil, seen from back of tractor (15 ft). CS of rear of tractor seen from plough, PAN to HACS of plough turning soil (36 ft).

Shot ID: 20514 7:07

Quebec: various MSs, CUs of cows on Quebec farm, cows grazing, cows moving across barnyard. CUs of mare and foal in pasture, of five horses in pasture, of horses following man with pail, of horses drinking. CUs of heads of horses. Shot of typical Quebec habitant, horse in stable. Shots of man, of boys at pigsty, of pigs. Shot of man feeding chickens in barnyard. Shot of turkey moving by camera. Shots of man ploughing with new ox-drawn plough. Shots of man ploughing with horse and ox. Cut to boys picking potatoes. Sequence on hay harvest, stooking, loading wagon. Scratched shots of men operating horse-powered, home-built well digger. LAS of wigwag at railroad crossing.

Shot ID: 27964 19:05

Three MS PANs of farmland showing farm house and farm buildings with autumn-coloured trees around. MCSs and CSs of horses, Holstein cows, hogs, suffolk sheep grazing in pasture, autumn-coloured trees in background. Several shots from different angles of man hand plooughing land with span of horses. Three shots of full moon in dark sky. Shot of winter sunrise, ZOOM OUT to LS of sunrise, bush silhouetted in foreground. Shots of large power shovel in operation including shots of operator in cab. MCS of wolf, ZOOM OUT to MS of three timber wolves in outdoor wire pen at enclosure. ZOOM IN to CS of wolf, snow on ground. Shots of wolves being tranquillised in preparation for transportation. Shots of wooden crates containing tranquillised wolves being loaded aboard ski-equipped bush plane.

Shot ID: 32337 8:32

[ANAMORPHIC LENS] TRAVELLING AERIAL SHOT towards Russell, Manitoba, toward elevator under construction. Closer shot of elevator. Shots of sunset over prairies. FOLLOW LS of helicopter approaching, landing not far from cluster of red combines, operators having lunch. Low level shots of combines. AERIAL SHOTS of patterns on prairie. FOLLOW SHOT of propellor-powered boat on delta marshes. FOLLOW SHOT of flock of ducks in flight. AERIAL SHOT over flat land, well defined fields. Shot of freight yard. (00/09/1965)

Shot ID: 34798 5:07

ZOOM IN on road closed by barrier. MLS of road below and river with mountains in distant background. PAN over road and fields to MS of two old farming tools (nail harrow and hand plow), panel describing their use in historical context. CS of illustrated panel. MS of two tools, PAN toward river. Shot of other tourist panel. ZOOM IN to MLS of small boat next to panel and river in background below. HALS of small cemetery below, river in background. TRAVELLING MLS of road leading down to cove, PAN over surrounding mountains.

Shot ID: 51136 5:52

Sequence on strawberry field showing jeep-mounted sprayer at work, operators controlling tractor-towed cultivators. Shots of strawberry field, no one in sight. FOLLOW SHOT of tractor-drawn plough at work, man on foot guiding plow. Front shot of tractor, side shot of plough.

Shot ID: 5219 2:24

MCS of two horses harnessed to a manure spreader. FOLLOW SHOT of veterinarian Vic Demetrick walking towards old farmer beside horse team. Several shots from different angles of veterinarian vaccinating horse team assisted by old farmer. Various CSs of veterinarian talking with old farmer. FOLLOW SHOT of old farmer going around horse team to his manure spreader. MCS as he waits for veterinarian.

Shot ID: 7341 1:29

Canada reaps big grain crop (Midnapore, Alberta): shot of combine being pulled by caterpillar tractor during harvesting on prairie. Shots of grain being loaded on trucks.

Shot ID: 7607 1:02

MSs from different angles of farmers harrowing ploughed fields near Saint-Prime in Lac Saint-Jean region.

Shot ID: 7693 3:49

CSs of grain pouring from spout of combine harvester into back of truck. CS of farmers. CSs front view of combine working in field. CS of farmer in cab of combine. CSs of grain pouring out of spout.

Shot ID: 7701 0:58

MS front view of combine harvester working in barley field, cut to CS of grain harvested by the machine. CS of driver in cab.

Shot ID: 7702 2:52

Several shots from different angles of farmer on tractor ploughing field near Rang Sainte-Anne in Lac Saint-Jean region, including CSs of plough blades turning over soil.

Shot ID: 9352 5:08

CSs of farmer preparing and pouring herbicide into tank of spreader, including CU of several drums of herbicide lined up near spreader (52 ft). Various shots of farmers filling tank with water from pond (97 ft). MS of farmer spreading herbicide in field (32 ft).

Shot ID: 11970 7:52

Various shots of single combines and tractor-drawn harvesters moving past camera in wheat field. Shot of man climbing onto Massey-Harris combine, starting combine and moving away. Shot of two combines moving past camera. Shots at dusk and night of combines at work, of headlights of combines in pitch darkness. PAN of wheat field to horse-drawn wagon full of wheat, wagon moving out of frame to reveal barn and other farm buildings in background. Shot of threshing ops, of chaff flying onto pile. LS of full wagon arriving at thresher in middle of field.

Shot ID: 12379 3:35

Shots of horse-drawn binder harvesting field past and away from camera. MS of farm tractor ploughing field. Shots of caterpillar tractor and of John Deer tractor pulling combines. MS of farmer feeding grain into threshing machine. Full frame CSs of wheat blowing in the wind. LS PAN across typical prairie land including views farm buildings. CS of truck inside shed pulling out and driving down road. Shots from various angles of farmer walking through blowing grain in field.

Shot ID: 12381 5:13

Sequence on pigs showing pigs drinking from manger, farmer coming out barn with pail, pouring feeding in manger, sow and piglets running in to eat, piglets feeding. CUs of discs of plough cutting into soil, of wheels of tractor and discs of plough moving past camera. CU of discs of plough, tractor-drawn plough moving away from camera in field. MS of small child feeding hens. CS of man driving tractor. MS of tractor-drawn disc plough ploughing field past camera. MS of tractor pulling fertilizer past camera. Several shots of tractor-drawn disc plough moving away from camera in field.

Shot ID: 13963 19:06

LSs of fields infested with thistles. LS of alfalfa field. LSs of fields infested with chickory, CSs of chickory. LS of field infested with perennial sow thistle. LS of field full of buttercups. LS of field infested with water hemlock. Shot of field of fall rye infested with hoary cress, CU of hoary cress. LS of barley field infested with wild oats. CS of "false flax". LS of stinkweed in field of oats. LS PAN of seeded-down field in Alberta. Shot of summer fallow field with blade weed. Shot of field of leafy spurge, TILT UP to irrigation ditch. Shot of seeding machine in operation, seeding buckwheat. Shot of stiff-toothed cultivator in operation. Shot of one-way cultivator through field of spurge. Shot of four-row corn cultivator in operation. Shot of harrowing machine in operation. Shot of rod weeder in operation. Shot of machine spraying weeds in ditch along road. Shots of dust storms on prairies. Shots of abandoned farm buildings on prairies.

Shot ID: 15147 3:04

HAMCS front view of two farmers ploughing field with a plough pulled by a team of oxen, ZOOM OUT to LS, cut to MS, cut to CSs. Several LSs and CUs from different angles of farmers ploughing field.

Shot ID: 15322 3:10

MS of two men working on a McCormick sowing machine. Several shots of two men working in the field with a sowing machine, one man is driving the tractor, the other is standing up on the sowing machine.

Shot ID: 17665 0:38

Corn planting: MS to CS of peasant loading his machinery with corn grain supply to be planted.

Shot ID: 19900 4:42

Various CSs of potato pickers at work on harvester. Several shots from different angles of potato harvesting operations in early morning, including brief MLS of potato rows in field.

Shot ID: 22096 20:52

CUs of young chicken in a box, woman's hand putting more chicks in box. CU of hens in crates on truck as truck drives off past camera. Interior shots of egg grading plant, eggs filling frame, man and women putting eggs into boxes. CUs of eggs rolling towards camera on table. MSs, CUs of broilers hanging from conveyor chain, moving past camera as women check them. Shots of dead chickens hanging from conveyor, entering plucking machine. HASs of flock of turkeys on turkey farm. HASs of piglets suckling, of older pigs eating in sty. Interior MSs of dairy barn, man adjusting automatic milking machine on cows. MCSs of transparent tubes, milk flowing through, man checking milk in tank. Several shots of men looking over new farm machinery display, of machines including farm tractors, automatic hole diggers, being put through their paces for benefit of potential buyers.

Shot ID: 22875 13:22

Science helps the farmers: sequence on saplings planting showing man on tractor-drawn planter planting pine saplings, large group of men planting saplings by hand, including views of saplings in furrows. Two shots of large steam tractor moving by camera in field. TILT DOWN, TILT UP gash caused by erosion in field. PAN of dust bowl, sandy wastes. MS of dust storm. CSs of peaches and plums in trees. CSs of melons in field, of squash being thrown in a pile. CU of worm eating leaf. Sequence on spraying showing man spraying pesticide on tree with hose, man spraying potato field with tractor-drawn sprayer, men spraying potato field with horse-drawn sprayer, CUs of sprays. MS of men stacking stooks, throwing stooks onto threshing machine, MLS of grain coming out of spout. Shots of tractor-drawn machine throwing fire burning plants and stubble in field. LASs of meteorological station, wind velocity spoons and of farm windmill spinning.

Shot ID: 27434 1:33

CSs of plough at work in field. Back view of tractor pulling a plough.

Shot ID: 27459 15:43

CS of the lettering of the agri-pool co-op on the door of one of their trucks. ZOOM OUT, MCS of a "White" tractor-trailer, two co-op farmers (Ron and Bill) inspecting the cattle trailer. PAN on cattle trailer. LSs of harvested fields in Saskatchewan. LS of the sun setting across a lake in Saskatchewan. MLS of unplanted field ZOOM OUT and PAN to LS of road and prairies. Front view, CSs of combine picking up sheaves of wheat in field. CSs from inside the combine of sheaf being picked up. Back view of combine pulling wheat trailer. MLS of two combines working in wheat field. ZOOM OUT, ZOOM IN and PAN to tractor-trailer at the edge of field. Several shots from different angles of five farmers of the agri-pool co-op eating lunch near tractor-trailer. PAN on wheat fields in Saskatchewan and MS of three grain silos. Various LSs of wheat fields in Saskatchewan. LS of harvesting machine working in field. FOLLOW SHOT of white stationwagon riding on a dirt road in Saskatchewan, including shots of the countryside. LSs of cut wheat fields.

Shot ID: 27510 9:29

LSs, MSs, CSs of different types of combines in operation in wheat field. Several shots from different angles of side binder cutting swathes of wheat.

Shot ID: 27571 2:50

["A" WIND] LSs and MSs of wheat field on a windy day. PAN of field to harvesting machines cutting wheat. CUs of wheat pouring down. LAMS of train backing into mill station. Shots man manoeuvering wagon inside. Sequence showing unloading operations of wagon. Shots of wheat entering mill on conveyor belt. TILT DOWN and PAN left on wheat mill.

Shot ID: 27780 7:34

MS of people unloading bales of blankets in refugee camp (Makeni) in Zambia (60 ft). CSs of them carrying them into barracks (53 ft). CSs of children refugees sitting on ground in front of barracks (53 ft). ESTABLISHING SHOT of camp with a few refugees sitting on lawn in foreground (29 ft). CS of three refugees leaning on window-ledge of barrack (20 ft). MCS of refugees loitering inside camp (37 ft). CS of refugee digging furrows in field near camp (24 ft). CU of spade digging into earth (12 ft).