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Shot ID: 41892 6:55

Canadian army winter manoeuvres in Earlton area, in snowfall; early morning scenic shots of snow covered fields and farmlands (1:21). MLS of welcome sign at entrance (0:36). TILT UP from snow on ground to MLS of bales of hay stored in barn (0:19). MLS of two Canadian army soldiers standing guard near fence, another soldier in snowshoes coming into view from right and walking up to barn, ZOOM IN to MSs of bales of hay (1:29). PAN SHOTS of tents set up on edge of field (1:35). Hand held shot following two armed soldiers stopping pick-up truck on road and checking papers (0:49). CS of soldier manning machine-gun set up in woods (0:12). MLSs of camp near woods (0:28).

Shot ID: 55088 2:33

Shots of date palm, of native climbing tree to cut down dates. Shot of camels standing about near camp, group of desert tribesmen sitting in camp, resting, eating. CSs of some men. LS of camp, PAN to tent, tribesmen sitting in front. Sequence on construction site in desert, Arabs at work. PAN of bridge spanning Tigris River to MWS of city of Bagdad.

Shot ID: 34899 5:40

Shots of farmer feeding pigs in pen, of pigs eating and climbing into feed trough, of farmer herding sheep from barn to barnyard pens, of farmer herding dairy cows from pasture. PAN across rich farm country in Saint John Valley, New Brunswick. Shot of Saint John River winding its way through valley. Shot of farming country as seen from south bank of Saint John River. Shot of farmer ploughing field with Allis Chalmer tractor. Shot of farmer breaking hills on newly ploughed land with Ford tractor and grubber. Shot of farmer forking manure onto manure carrier. Shot of carrier moving along track and dumping manure on pile.

Shot ID: 34803 19:15

Several shots from different angles at Mactaquac fish hatchery of people selecting bad salmon eggs, taking them out of water pool and of a man placing eggs in baskets in pool. Several shots from different angles at another hatchery of three men in outside pond using a net to gather fish together, of a man squeezing fish to take milt or eggs out of them, of men pulling net across pond with snow falling in evidence, of man choosing salmon, taking little milt or eggs out of them and placing those salmon apart. Various shots of a river with PANs on small dam and hatchery buildings, snow in evidence on trees and ground. Various shots from different angles at hatchery of men at work weighing salmon, checking their tag numbers and taking sample scales.

Shot ID: 3858 5:59

Series of shots of aboriginals harvesting wild rice; CS of women cooking fish in camp (0:11). Shots of bush pilots, come to purchase wild rice, stacking bag near plane (1:08). Good shots of children and women playing with baby strapped in traditional cradle (1:52). MS of women washing clothes in lake, a Cessna seaplane touches down in background and head towards camp, shot of women hanging clothes to dry, shot of children playing in hammock, shot of women washing clothes in lake and having fun making large bubbles with soap (2:07). CSs of children playing with dead rabbit (0:31).

Shot ID: 12261 1:25

HASs of hogs being herded down alleys along pens in stockyard, including MCS of piglets entering pen. Shots of farmer chasing hogs around in pig sty, stamping hogs to identify them. Exterior LS of slaugther house and packing plant. MLS inside slaughter house of butchers (men and women) at work on carcasses of hog hanging from ceiling.

Shot ID: 14604 4:24

CSs of man pouring milk into pail. CSs of cows in barn. MS of two farmers and pigs in outdoor sty. MS of cows' rear ends, PAN to milk cans on floor of barn. MS of farmer seeding field with horse-drawn seeder. MLS of farmer herding cows to pasture. LAMS of pylon. MS of farmer grading road with bulldozer. Shots of cows grazing in pasture. CS of pigs sleeping. Shots of sheep grazing in meadow. Shots of cows in pasture. LS of wind blowing across meadows. MLS down small country road. MS of eroded gully running through farm. MLS of cows grazing on hill.

Shot ID: 51142 3:10

Walking shot past several pigs in pen. CU of rear end of three of the animals, tails wagging furiously as they feed. Several more HAMSs of large number of pigs in sty. MLS of pig barn.

Shot ID: 32381 3:30

Wheat Story: shot of grain carrier unloading at elevator. Shots of grain carrier "Bryn Barge" being hauled through ice, of crew men breaking ice in front of bow of ship, of bow of ship crushing through ice. MS of tripper digging into wheat. Shots of wheat going through spilling machine, of wheat speeding by camera, of wheat dropping down breaker rollers. Shots of wheat piling in front of camera in storage bin, of wheat falling from spout, of man filming falling wheat. Shots of divider machine cutting up dough in loaves, dough moving out. MS of tripper digging down in wheat.

Shot ID: 32380 4:52

Wheat Story: shots of steam freight train moving by camera along railway bridge. Shot of row of bolters, man checking machines. Shot of row of test tubes, girl's hand checking one tube. Shot of bread loaves being removed from oven onto table. Shots of wheat being seved through fine screen, of wheat dropping from conveyor, of wheat moving rapidly by camera on conveyor, of wheat piling in front of camera. Shots of bags of flour moving along conveyor, men piling bags. Shots of ships moored at pier alongside elevator. CU of wheat shooting from spouts past camera. Shot of man piling bags of flour as they come off conveyor, of other man pulling away wagon loaded with bags. Shots of machine mixing dough, of dough travelling along conveyor, of dough coming down chute, of baker inspecting loaves inside oven. Shots of wheat speeding by camera on conveyor.

Shot ID: 1216 1:02

Quebec stocks lakes with planes (00/00/1933): shot of trout being placed in cannisters at fish hatchery. Shots of Fokker aircraft being loaded and airborne over hatchery.

Shot ID: 49123 3:49

Various shots in Department of Agriculture research laboratories showing complicated apparatus, liquid bubbling in flasks, scientists mixing chemicals.

Shot ID: 31325 8:04

Various shots at cattle auction showing auctioneer, prospective buyers and cattle. Shot of four pigs being auctioned off. Several MSs and MCSs of Hereford cows standing and resting in meadow. MCSs of cows grazing. MS of Herefords entering barn. HAMSs of Herefords. MCS of Herefords in exterior enclosure. MCS of Holstein cows coming out of barn. MS, MCS of Holstein cows grazing and standing in field. MCS of man throwing down chunks of hay for Holstein cows in barn. MCSs and CS of cows eating.

Shot ID: 18761 1:39

Baling hay (Kemptville, Ontario, 00/00/1954) [Remark: new method of harvesting hay is being used, thus eliminating problem of raking, coiling and greatly cuts down labour problem on the farm.] LS of field, cut and piled alfalfa, tractor hauling baler towards camera. Side MS of baler passing camera, man on rear piles, dumping bales for pickup by truck. Two CUs of rows of hay entering mouth of baler, man walking alongside, kicking hay into line. LS of field of baled hay against sky.

Shot ID: 30258 6:48

Slow TRAVELLING SHOT of bales of hay on baler chute, of man nudging bale so that it falls to ground. CU of front part of baler, worm turning rapidly, hay cramming into opening. Shot of approaching horse-drawn cart loaded with hay, driver leading horse off road to let farm tractor-drawn wagon loaded with bales of hay pass by. LS of tractor-drawn wagon pulling rapidly away from horse and cart. Various shots of farmer loading cart with hay, of tractor-drawn baler moving towards camera, passing it. Brief CU of farmer looking on. Shot of other farmer tinkering with his tractor and mower attachment, climbing aboard and driving off. MLS of parade of tractor, wagons, and other farm implements, going down road in direction of houses, away from camera, horse-drawn cart bringing up the rear. LS of church seen through carved posts of porch. FOLLOW SHOT of file of farm implements passing by. Shots of farmer loading hay into his cart, of men baling hay in field.

Shot ID: 8696 20:25

PAN over green, fertile terrain. Two shots of sunset beyond woods, stream in foreground. Cut to large group of Doukhobors men, women and children, trekking to new settlement. Sequence on Doukhobors settling down, cooking bread in outside ovens, clearing land, eating at communal table, sawing boards with large hand saw, squaring timber, erecting log houses. Shot of women hoewing garden plot, men giving a hand. Shot of group taking a break, washing up and sitting down to a meal. Shots of men pulling wagon, removing shoes and pulling wagon across narrow stream, pulling wagon into camp, unloading. Sequence on women collecting unidentified plant in field, working on plant, sifting the good from the bad on a blanket. Sequence on women pulling plough as man guides it. Sequence on men and women working in field. Shots of buildings built by Doukhobors, from primitive to fairly comfortable. Shots of men working on home made wood lathe, women cooking bread.

Shot ID: 9267 9:05

HAS of irrigation machinery operated by donkey and camel. TILT UP from newly irrigated patch of ground to garden, palm grove in background. MLS of irrigation machinery, cables. TILT UP from irrigation channel, team of donkeys moving into frame. MS of Moroccan farmer working in newly irrigated garden. Longer shot of garden. Shot of irrigation plant. MLS of several Moroccans working in rice field, broadcasting something or other over water. TILT UP from men hoeing in rice field to other men hoeing. CU of bare legs in water and mud. LS of several workers in rice field. CU of legs in mud, men hoeing. MS of men hoeing.

Shot ID: 20516 3:12

Certified for Seed: PANs over potato fields, field filling frame. Several shots of people picking potatoes, of potato digger moving by camera, of women grading potatoes.

Shot ID: 16295 4:06

HAS over field, sea in background, PAN to man smoking pipe sitting on red farm tractor in foreground. Shot of field, of man on tractor followed by man and boy walking, moving towards camera. MS of man sitting on tractor, being spelled by other in front of barn. Shot of two men and boy walking to tractor, driving away past camera. Shot of boy driving. Shot of gate leading from pasture to woods, tractor moving into frame and stopping at gate. MLS of farm buildings, cows, countryside extending to horizon in background. MS of neat farmhouse, man coming out, walking towards and past camera. MS of boy on seat of tractor, of man holding wheel with boy as tractor starts rolling. MS of cluster of farm buildings. Shot of car driving up, occupants being met by people coming out of house.

Shot ID: 9027 8:47

MS of old barn. PAN right of man carrying door away from barn. MLS PAN left of group of men and boys picking potatoes in field. ELS of bagging potatoes in field. MCS of man sampling grain, stocking it. MLS of group of men in front of farm buildings. MS of group of boys around Holstein cow. MLS of group of men and boys around two percheron horses in front of farm buildings. MS of cars parked in front of grain storage buildings, sign "Ottawa Valley Grain Products". MCS of boys leading small calves. CU of farmer wearing hat. MS PAN left of large crowd at fair, cattle being judged. MS of group of people, farmers. LS of cars parked in front of big barn. CU of cow's head as it eats grass. MCS of farmer rubbing down cow, building in foreground. MS of boys lining up at fair with their calves, waiting to be judged. CS of Jersey cow, TILT UP to boy owner. MS of boy goading Hereford heifer. MS of line of Herefords at fair. MS, CS of boys brushing their calves. MS of pigs running through corrals. MS of boy mixing feed for cows, cow's head in doorway. CS of boy forcing cow to take spoon of medicine by holding it's nose. MS of boy putting blanket on cow. MS of boy petting cow's head.

Shot ID: 54740 2:49

MS of vendor at the Jean Talon Market setting out baskets of apples while smoking. MS of customer buying produce. MS of egg seller. WS of young man sweeping in amongst customers. MS of old man opening up his stand and setting out eggs.

Shot ID: 12039 6:26

HALS of cows being driven home past stationary combine. Level shot of two girls on horseback, man on foot trailing herd. HALS of herd, of combine nearby. Shot of cows being driven towards farm buildings in background by men on foot and on horseback. Shot of cows moving by camera, two girls on horseback in background, farm buildings. ZOOM OUT from man standing by combine, petting cat, to include whole combine. Shots of family standing in barn yard. FOLLOW MLSs and LS of two girls riding ponies past camera, some snow on ground. Two shots of barley bales in snow. Shot of furrowed field, some snow in furrows.

Shot ID: 7032 3:57

Exterior, sunny day; MLS of footpath in countryside near village of Nahuala (Guatemala), an Indian woman carrying a baby on her back comes into view followed by a little girl, they pass by camera, PAN and ZOOM IN to HAMLS of peasants in fields below (2 shots; 2:50). CSs of them distributing amongst themselves the harvest of cabbage.

Shot ID: 14904 2:32

Exterior, day; good shots of two young Maldhari (semi-nomadic tribe) boys plowing field with ox-draw plow in the Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary, CUs of plow turning up dry earth.

Shot ID: 14856 14:43

Series of shots of everyday life of Maldhari peasants (semi-nomadic tribe) in the Sasan Gir wildlife Sanctuary, CSs of man milking water-buffalo, several good CUs of women and children (one child is afflicted with a skin disease), shots of cattle, camels, including a shot of a young boy smoking.

Shot ID: 14854 1:33

Exterior, day; several shots from various angles of Indian peasant leading into village his camel loaded with a large stack of hay.

Shot ID: 15361 24:56

Series of shots of Indian family harvesting wild rice in the traditional way; shots of man cooking wild rice (3:44). Shots of men unpacking pipes and various articles for rice ceremony while other families arrive (4:54). Shots of men performing wild rice ceremony (9:48). Shots of wild rice being served, including good shots of children eating (6:18).

Shot ID: 7679 2:40

CUs of oat stalks, CS of oats in field. MLSs of field in Lac Saint-Jean region. Various shots of field of barley waving in wind. Various shots of field of oats waving in wind.

Shot ID: 7652 4:00

Various shots of herd of cows in field, farmer driving them toward barn.

Shot ID: 7605 2:45

Several shots from different angles of farmer near Saint-Prime in Lac Saint-Jean region seeding a field with a seeder pulled by a tractor, including CSs of farmers pouring seed into seeder.

Shot ID: 15676 5:57

MSs and CUs of live minks being displayed for the camera on a mink ranch in Newfoundland. Interior views of man preparing mink diet: mincing frozen fish, meat, adding various ingredients. MSs of two men inside the barn walking toward camera between rows of cages, open cages and pull out the struggling occupants. Other men distribute bunches of straw to each cage. MSs of men unpacking slabs of frozen fish, of man placing mink rations on the cages. MSs and CUs of animal reaching for food through the mesh, of minks moving about their cages.

Shot ID: 14794 7:52

MCSs of lighthouse. MS of horse grazing. MS of a dog sitting behind steering wheel of tractor, ZOOM on dog, dog coming down and sitting in ground. PAN on little girl walking away. Shot of horse grazing. MCS of Canadian Maple Leaf flag waving in wind with blue sky in background. MLSs of wild flowers on land in foreground and the sea in background. MSs of two dogs playing on ground. Various shots of man with a boy and a girl in his vegetable yard, MCS of him weeding his garden, MCSs of potatoes on ground.

Shot ID: 19288 4:10

Exterior shot on fox farm, FOLLOW SHOT of farmer walking up to cage, entering cage and catching a fox by the tail, he carries it out holding it by its hind legs, he walks away (65 ft). Similar shot as he carries it back and places it in cage, ZOOM IN to CS of foxes in cage (29 ft) FOLLOW SHOT as he walks from cage to cage feeding foxes, CSs of foxes in cages (71 ft).

Shot ID: 40047 4:22

Fredericton flood, 1973; AERIAL SHOTs of fish hatchery intallations completly surrounded by water (0:46). AERIAL SHOTs over hydro-electrical dam, all spillways open creating rush of water in afterbay (1:05). AERIAL SHOTs of inundated fields, homesteads and houses along St-Johns River, people in boats salvaging possessions, shots over washed out road (2:27).

Shot ID: 38738 19:55

MSs of Roch Carrier's, a Quebec novelist and playwright, old school including shot of a notice allowing children to play in schoolyard after class and of a broken window. Various shots of a milkman making his milk run in step-van, taking empty bottle of milk from house's balcony and exchanging it with a full one. MS of milkman stopping his truck in front of a house, walking with bottles of milk to woman waiting for him on her balcony. Several shots from different angles of Sainte-Justine garbage man doing his run on rural road with his team of horses pulling cart with garbage in it. MS of Roch Carrier's house in Sainte-Justine. MS of two rolling chairs on the balcony. Various shots of Roch Carrier's mother turning ground over in her garden and talking to someone (camera doesn't show the person). Several shots from different angles of evergreen trees and undergrowth in country of Sainte-Justine. Several shots from different angles of young man on tractor ploughing ground with big rock attached with a chain behind tractor, of a man chaining the rock, of him filling hole in ground with earth. MLSs of a man on tractor moving in a sloping field.

Shot ID: 24653 3:02

MS of huge manure pile (cattle), a car comes into view moving around pile, FOLLOW SHOT as car passes by camera. CSs of loader tractor's shovel, ZOOM OUT to MCS as tractor plows into manure pile and loads shovelfull into truck. FOLLOW SHOT as it backs up and comes to a stop, ZOOM IN to CS of driver stepping out of tractor, walking over to truck and driving away. FOLLOW SHOT back view of truck moving away.

Shot ID: 15276 0:35

MSs of men unloading sacks of rice from a truck and carrying them into a warehouse.

Shot ID: 31505 0:46

Turkeys: MLS of numerous turkeys on Mr Dunn's farm at Mortlack, Saskatchewan. Full frame shot of turkeys by the thousands. MS of farmer and tractor with feed wagon almost completely hidden by hungry turkeys. CSs of turkeys feeding at trough.

Shot ID: 17555 2:11

Several TRAVELLING SHOTs side view of long convoy of handcarts loaded with wheat stalks, parked along road, last one moving forward.

Shot ID: 17415 2:13

MS with PAN of man bringing rice seedlings to girls for transplanting, and several MSs and CSs of women at work.

Shot ID: 17389 3:17

LAMS to LALS of men loading a big cart of wheat sheaves and MLSs of the same.

Shot ID: 17307 4:04

Preparing Threshing Fields: various shots from different angles of many peasants in a field, preparing ground for threshing, spreading wheat stalks all around with pitch forks and rakes, tractor running over with heavy rollers.

Shot ID: 17065 6:30

Experimental Fields: LS of experimental fields of wheat cultures. Various shots from different angles (MS/MC/CS/LAS) of three people checking wheat grains before harvest. MS of people checking wheat, with ZOOM OUT to LS of field.

Shot ID: 19890 0:34

HALS of loaded potato truck driving on highway, camera is on overpass. FOLLOW SHOT as it approaches bridge. HAMCS of potatoes in truck as it passes under bridge.

Shot ID: 19859 2:02

FOLLOW SHOT as he climbs on tractor hitched up to manure spreader and drives away. Various MSs of manure spreader at work in field.

Shot ID: 19857 2:37

Several shots from different angles of loader tractor loading cow manure into manure speader.

Shot ID: 19840 1:45

MCS side view of conveyor belt with potato bags moving from warehouse onto train, cut to CS of moving potato bags. ZOOM OUT to MS of conveyor belt between warehouse and box car (about six feet apart), ZOOM in on conveyor belt. CS of potato bags passing from warehouse to train on conveyor belt.

Shot ID: 2768 7:37

MS of woman tending her garden, an old man is watching her, ZOOM OUT to LS old run down house in King's County landscape (three shots). Several shots from different angles of woman tending her garden with the help of her two sons. Various shots of whole family harvesting potatoes from their garden.

Shot ID: 27481 0:17

CSs of pigs in barn feeding.

Shot ID: 27423 7:50

MS of a farmer (Mike) of the agri-pool production cooperative unloading a bag of wheat grain from pickup truck and emptying it into a seeding machine. CSs of same. ZOOM OUT as he walks around the seeder to the tractor. FOLLOW SHOT as farmer starts seeding a field. ZOOM IN as he moves away. LS of farmer seeding a field, he is coming slowly over a low hill and passes right of camera. MS of two farmers of agri-pool co-op (Mike and Charles) sitting on seeder hitched to tractor, talking. ZOOM IN on farmer. CS of mechanical parts of seeder, LS as it moves away from camera. ZOOM IN on machine as it disappears over a slight hill. CSs of seeder planting wheat.