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Shot ID: 2768 7:37

MS of woman tending her garden, an old man is watching her, ZOOM OUT to LS old run down house in King's County landscape (three shots). Several shots from different angles of woman tending her garden with the help of her two sons. Various shots of whole family harvesting potatoes from their garden.

Shot ID: 6600 1:15

MS of yellow clapboard house with water in background, a man is mowing the lawn, TILT DOWN and PAN left to another clapboard house (two shots).

Shot ID: 7496 1:02

MS of two black boys with young white woman working in their vegetable garden in the Montreal Botanical Garden's community garden, uncompleted tower of Olympic Stadium in background.

Shot ID: 7925 7:59

Several shots from different angles of group putting (playing golf) on lawn of home for the elderly. CSs from different angles of elderly people watering garden at the home; MS of home; ZOOM IN to CS of two people on swing; cut to CS of them on swing at end of day with river in background. ZOOM IN to CU of woman. ZOOM OUT to CS.

Shot ID: 8035 9:41

[Remark: a story of the soil, which in the unceasing renewal of each season, remains eternally the same.] Shot of wheat field blowing in the gentle wind. Shots of men clearing land with horses, axes, ploughing field with team of horses, harvesting with horse and binder. MS of College of Agriculture, ZOOM IN on two men working at desk. Photograph transforming into real scene showing various shots of village, of parish priest, of farmer driving ox-drawn cart full of hay. CU of woman washing clothes in wash tub, of washboard, tub and water. CU of blacksmith shoeing horse. CU of two elderly farmers. Back shot of farmer ploughing his field. Interior shot of agronomist lecturing group of farmers. Farmer and his son looking towards their farm, outside home. HAS of cows. LAS of man putting hay into barn loft. TILT UP smoke stacks, radio tower. Exterior and interior shots of factory, people working. CU of farmer's son, of son going to College of Agriculture, of son sitting at desk in lecture hall with other students. Various shots of college activities including lectures, laboratory work at the microscope, in animal anatomy room, at model farm. Shots of modern farming procedure as studied by farmer's son including use of electric milker, handling of young pigs, spraying of crops, particularly of truck garden produce such as cabbages, cultivating of potatoes with automatic cultivator. LS of village with church spire in evidence. Various shots of activities presumably spark by the farmer's son who is back from college: new equipment is brought, men working on framework of new barn, tractors replace horses in field. Final shots of farmer's son's home, his wife and his child.

Shot ID: 8696 20:25

PAN over green, fertile terrain. Two shots of sunset beyond woods, stream in foreground. Cut to large group of Doukhobors men, women and children, trekking to new settlement. Sequence on Doukhobors settling down, cooking bread in outside ovens, clearing land, eating at communal table, sawing boards with large hand saw, squaring timber, erecting log houses. Shot of women hoewing garden plot, men giving a hand. Shot of group taking a break, washing up and sitting down to a meal. Shots of men pulling wagon, removing shoes and pulling wagon across narrow stream, pulling wagon into camp, unloading. Sequence on women collecting unidentified plant in field, working on plant, sifting the good from the bad on a blanket. Sequence on women pulling plough as man guides it. Sequence on men and women working in field. Shots of buildings built by Doukhobors, from primitive to fairly comfortable. Shots of men working on home made wood lathe, women cooking bread.

Shot ID: 14550 0:28

MLS of shoreline of Lake Winnipeg, a cabin is visible on a point. MSs of a lady pulling carrots in her garden.

Shot ID: 20044 0:57

MS of laboratory technician dipping test slab into jars, PAN across other jars on table. CS of other laboratory technician looking into microscope. MS of fountain, PAN across visitors walking about to MLS of main building of Montreal's Jardin Botanique. LS of wheat field rippling in the wind, man walking towards camera. CS of weed, TILT UP and ESTABLISHING PAN across rolling countryside.

Shot ID: 23201 1:33

MS of residential street in Hamilton, chimneys of steel plant are visible in background, a resident is watering his front lawn in foreground, ZOOM IN to MCS of water sprinkler watering lawn and MS of houses on street, ZOOM IN to LAS of steel plant's chimneys with street and pedestrians in foreground.

Shot ID: 30636 1:21

How to Retire and Start Living: exterior shots of gardener pushing full wheelbarrow, emptying it on new flower bed in park. Shot of elderly man watching and giving his advice. Shot of other senior man sitting on park bench, wearing ten gallon hat, looking on, glancing at his pocket watch. Rear shot of man wearing ten gallon hat.

Shot ID: 10740 6:50

Four Families: interior HAS of bath house in Japanese home, stripped-down grandmother in wooden cask tub, taking child from arms of mother, settling down in water with child. Shot of mother laying down child, lying down and breast-feeding child. MS of family around table, eating. Shot of Japanese mother preparing meal in kitchen. Shot of man checking crop in cabbage or cauliflower patch, removing large outer leaves from some of the produce. Shot of woman drawing water from well pump, returning into house. (00/00/1958)

Shot ID: 17035 2:42

CSs of woman watering her flower garden in suburb of Hiroshima.

Shot ID: 27428 1:05

HAMLS of his wife (Helen) tending her garden. ZOOM IN to CS of Helen tending her garden, ZOOM OUT, MLS of the garden.

Shot ID: 40980 22:12

Series of shots of a group of men working in backyard garden in Montreal's Italian district: burrying fig trees for winter leaving one side of roots exposed, digging a trench and using their weight to slowly bend the tree into the trench, covering the tree with plastic sheet then covering the sheet with earth (15:05). Various shots of a man and his son in their garden burrying smal fig trees using same technique. (6:58).

Shot ID: 33517 1:25

Village in Newfoundland and Labrador: shot of backyard, scrawny horse grazing, clothesline upheld by pole. MLS of three goats wearing yokes standing in rocky field. MLS of two men working on primitive garden, frame building in background, rough pole fence between the two men. LS of man in garden, trees in background, scarecrows. MS of tattered Union Jack. PAN down pole past H.B. flag to train caboose converted into home. Old couple on platform porch. LS of car wreck.

Shot ID: 16310 10:22

Lengthy sequence comprised of many shots from various angles of a woman working in her urban backyard in the early springtime.

Shot ID: 7491 0:50

HAS and PAN of visitors entering bonsai pavilion at Montreal Botanical Garden. HAS with ZOOM IN and CS of employee pruning bonsai in pavilion.

Shot ID: 21001 5:23

[Title] Tobacco growing in Joliette: HA PAN of field. Shots of farmer checking on tobacco plants in a greenhouse. Cut to man ploughing with tractor-mounted plough, then disking. Man and team of horses also disk newly ploughed field. MSs, MCUs of women wearing straw hats picking young tobacco plants in greenhouse. Shot of two men planting out young tobacco plants in field. Cut to man broadcasting seed in field as team of horses and driver follow slowly. Cut to field of young tobacco, different type of crop in foreground. Farmer's helpers are shown tending to growing tobacco plants, weeding with rakes, churning the soil between the rows with a small horse-drawn harrow. Shots of harvest of the tobacco leaves, the processing. Three women tie leaves together to a stick, then the sticks are stored in a loft where the tobacco will cure.

Shot ID: 26352 2:53

Two MLSs of Alfred Pellan's house. Cut to Pellan coming out of house, sitting with Mrs Pellan outside. Various shots of them (smoking cigarettes). Shots of Pellan trimming hedge, playing with dog.

Shot ID: 37328 6:10

BOATING SHOT of Hudson's Bay post. Shots of several canoes, Indian families arriving, walking in group to post, entering. Interior shot of trader serving Indians. Several MSs of dog tied to post, young Indian boy approaching and playing with dog. MLS and closer shot of Indian men building log cabin. MCSs of Indian girl, Indian woman, of baby on mother's back. Shots of women working in fenced-in garden. Shots of herd of goats, water in background.

Shot ID: 40478 0:00

Shots of prisoners breaking rock in Kingston penitentiary, of guards watching them. Shot of radiologist preparing prisoner for X-ray in hospital. Shot of surgery being performed in well equipped, modern hospital. CUs of surgeons and assistant during surgery. PAN across prisoners being searched in yard. Shot of prisoners learning sheet metal trade, prisoners in classrooms, in modern well equipped library, men playing softball in yard. Shots of cell blocks. Shot of prisoner taking mechanical aptitude test. Shot of prison barber shop, one man getting shave, another a haircut. Shot of printing room with prisoners at work on press, steamshovel digging, excavation, prisoners passing in foreground, prisoners constructing a wooden building, working in garden and harvesting hay in field. In most of these shots, guards are watching prisoners.

Shot ID: 10384 8:32

Several shots from different angles of tree seedlings in greenhouse of Ontario nursery at Orono. CU of woman taking cuttings from seedling, cut to CS. CU of woman planting cuttings in small plastic containers, ZOOM OUT to CS. Several shots from different angles of women in greenhouse taking cuttings from seedlings. Several shots from different angles of women planting cuttings in small plastic containers. CS of seedlings in greenhouse. CS of women planting seedlings at one end of greenhouse in background rows of seedling and two persons walking between rows, ZOOM IN on two persons walking between rows, inspecting seedlings, FOLLOW SHOT as they walk past workers and camera. CS of workers.

Shot ID: 25555 6:23

Various shots of Haitian farm labourers at work in experimental potato field. CSs of interview with Taiwanese agronomist, CSs of labourers at work. CS of billboard at edge of field, PAN to MLS of potato field. MLS of experimental ricefield, MCS of Haitian farm labourers at work.

Shot ID: 25578 1:35

HAMS of worker using hose to water indoor plants in greenhouse. ZOOM IN to MCS as another worker arrives carrying potted seedlings, ZOOM OUT and PAN and ZOOM IN to MS of schoolchildren playing in schoolyard with mountainous landscape in background. ZOOM OUT and PAN of greenhouses, cut to MCS of children playing in schoolyard.

Shot ID: 27487 2:30

CS of an old woman picking vegetables from her garden. CSs of her with hands full of vegetables, ZOOM OUT to MCS of her as she is walking through her garden.

Shot ID: 32383 4:08

Welcome Soldier: shot of instructor showing student how to operate lathe in machine shop. MS of soldiers filing past desk, sign on wall "Discharges". CUs of sign in window "Employment - Selective Service - Unemployment Insurance". DOLLY IN on man at desk interviewing second man (not shown), sign "Welfare Officer" on desk. MS of fisherman spreading fish, standing in hold of fishing boat. MS of small girl in park, PAN to man cutting hedge trees with shears. Shot of parcel being weighed in post office, DOLLY OUT to man helping customers. HAMSs of several personnel from the three services mingling with wives and children on lawn, including view of RCAF sergeant kissing girl as woman looks on. DOLLY SHOT along two women of the Canadian Women's Army Corps sitting behind counter, sign "Discharge Certificates" in foreground. Shots of two soldiers receiving discharge certificates, saluting, leaving, of the two men shaking hands outside Lansdowne Park in Ottawa. PAN across exterior façade of "Selective Service" office on Sparks and Lyon Streets in Ottawa. Shots of personnel from the three services including cadets parading in square, Girl Guides standing in background in some shots. LAS of "Welcome" banner spanning street. Shots of person of the three services parading. HAMLS of parade marching up street. CS of woman and child waving.

Shot ID: 15208 3:17

Various shots of woman tending cauliflower plants, including CSs of plants.

Shot ID: 33231 3:14

Shot of woman assisting small baby trying to walk on front lawn of house, two other small children playing nearby. CS of "Provincinal Forest Station" sign. CUs of farmer's hands thinning sprouts, of hand holding two seeded sprouts to camera. MLS of gardener transplanting flowers wheelbarrow to flower bed, FOLLOW SHOT of other gardener wheeling other barrow across lawn in background. MS of group of men and women weeding garden. MS of two men using board to guide them as they dig trenches to transplant vegetables. Two PANs of sandy, desert-like barren land. Shots of man checking small pine tree in reforested field, of pine trees on reforested land. Two PANs of apple orchard in picturesque countryside.

Shot ID: 3098 7:29

MLS of young novices playing with ball on lawn in front of Saint-Benoit-du Lac Monastery, three others with police dog joining them. MLS of countryside around monastery from fork in dirt road, horse-drawn wagon approaching, chickens visible in field. MS of two Benedictine monks drawing water from stone well in meadow, monastery in background. PAN right to monk carrying watering can to flower-bed, beginning watering plants. MS of boy in foreground throwing stick for dog to catch on lawn in front of monastery. MCS of two laymen unloading milk cans from cart onto conveyor in wall of monastery. LS of hundreds of white hens in field near chicken houses. FOLLOW SHOT of lay brother approaching, throwing feed to chickens. Shot of monks spraying apple trees with tractor-towed tank sprayer. LS of monks walking and meditating on beautifully kept terrace. MLS of monastery, monks walking towards it along flagstone pathway. HALS across orchard looking towards monastery. Various shots of brothers rounding pigs, clearing field of stones, playing quoits, driving Ayrshire cows, relaxing on benches. Shots of group of monks hoeing gardening, cultivating vegetables in field.

Shot ID: 27506 11:09

LAMLS, MS of tree swallow perched on branch. Shots of two or three white hens pecking for food. Shot of deer family, doe, fawns, stag, tethered to post. CUs of head of stag, of head of fawn. Shots of turkeys. TILT DOWN from arbour to LS of woman picking strawberries in garden. Closer shot of woman, of berries in pot. LS, CUs of men and women working in garden, men tilling onion patch. Cut to small Saskatchewan irrigation pump, shots of water flowing in shallow ditches and between rows of plants. Shot of wheat field, four grain elevators at horizon. PAN over prairie, summer clouds. Several shots, CUs of abandoned farm houses, sagging frame dwellings, ramshackle buildings. Sequence on woman and children picking apples in orchard. Various shots of apples, plums, peaches in trees. PAN colourful, modern farm house. Cut to meat school. Sequence on flower garden, pond with large gold fishes, bird houses, swallow at entrance of one house, pond with kittens, farm wind mill whirling in high wind.

Shot ID: 27898 5:56

Sable Island, Nova Scotia: MSs of Royal Canadian Air Force and Royal Canadian Navy rescuers approaching Catalina FB aircraft in rowboat, loading casualty aboard plane. MLS of sandy wastes of Sable Island. TRAVELLING CSs of water during take off. AERIAL SHOTs over sandy beach of Sable Island and over small ship. CU of man's hand sending message using morse key. TILT UP radio tower at rear of building. MCS of woman trimming shrubbery in garden. Sequence showing air-sea rescue team pulling rowboat in shallow water towards beach, moored Catalina FB aircraft moored in background. Sequence includes views of rescuers carrying nurse and RCAF sergeant on their back, rescuers on beach giving first aid to casualty with broken leg lying on beach, carrying casualty back to rowboat on stretcher. LS of wild horses running on beach. MS of water lapping on beach. MLSs of seals in water.

Shot ID: 27913 5:13

Post-flood scenes: two FOLLOW SHOTs of cat bringing something into house. Shot of man feeding horses at makeshift manger in yard. Shot of woman checking with her baby in playpen in yard. Shots of furniture, of junk on front yard of house, of debris from flood. Shot of man hosing down sidewalk to remove sludge. Shot of man and woman working on their lawn, man using mower. Shot of woman planting flowers. Shot of man mixing batch of chloride of lime, cleaning furnace. Shot of men cleaning up streets. Shot of children playing on lawns. Shot of farmer tilling field.

Shot ID: 40480 0:00

CU of prisoner being fingerprinted, of prisoners filing into cell blocks, guard securing wheel which controls the steel doors to cell blocks, carpentry class with prisoners learning trade, class of bricklayers building fireplace during class. CU of two men handcuffed together, guard removing cuffs, prisoners at work in garden with guard supervising them. Long ESTABLISHING SHOT of Kingston penitentiary with formidable grey walls prominent, guard walking along catwalk and car entering main gate. In most scenes, guards are watching prisoners.