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Animal behavior


Shots not available for online viewing

Shot ID: 9878 2:15

MS of Siamese cat on picnic table in backyard of old home in Caraquet, PAN to MS of dog chewing bone (0:19). Beautiful CSs and CUs of cat in garden (1:01). CS of dog (0:55).

Shot ID: 11689 22:25

Various shots of a herd of bison grazing including shots of bison calves, various bulls seeking mates, fighting amongst themselves, and two young bulls copying the adult bison, including some good CUs of bulls and a LS of herd in open field.

Shot ID: 31505 0:46

Turkeys: MLS of numerous turkeys on Mr Dunn's farm at Mortlack, Saskatchewan. Full frame shot of turkeys by the thousands. MS of farmer and tractor with feed wagon almost completely hidden by hungry turkeys. CSs of turkeys feeding at trough.

Shot ID: 2772 0:52

MS of cows grazing in pasture in South Mountain area. CS of calf suckling milk from cow, ZOOM OUT to MCS of cow and calf with pasture in background.

Shot ID: 3396 8:58

CS of Yanoàma Indian man in hammock holding young child. CS of children sitting in front of hut, looking at something. CS of Yanoàma woman in hammock. CS of pregnant woman sitting in hammock with child eating, woman getting up to her feet leaving child in hammock. CS of child in hammock eating. Various CSs of Yanoàma children in village. CSs of dead parrot in man's hand, PAN to CS Indian woman inside communal hut pounding food in bowl with stick. CS back view of young girl carrying big basket strapped around her forehead, turns to smile at camera and walks away. CS of Yanoàma Indian opening bundle made of large leaves containing small blue fruits, puts some in pot. PAN to CS of other man watching. Several shots from different angles of various activities inside communal hut in Indian village, including CSs of men and children, woman preparing food, men working and CS of Indian with feathered armbands. Cut to CS of young girl's face adorned by sticks in her lower lip and black circles painted around her features. CS of Indian man with feathered armbands, face painted red. Brief MCS of young boy shooting arrow with large bow.

Shot ID: 7781 3:11

The rest of the reel shows MLSs, MSs of woman, mares and foals walking, running, playing in field, including shots of foal nursing.

Shot ID: 8840 3:39

Various shots of woman and children of coffee cultivator's family feeding chickens, including shots of chickens. MCS of children sitting on steps of main house, PAN of grounds, and one reverse shot, ZOOM IN to CU of boys' faces.

Shot ID: 22855 5:57

Various shots of girls’ volleyball match between Quebec team and another team. MS of pregnant woman coach talking to girls during the break between sets. Various shots of girls on the bench during set break. CU of little toddler in ski pants walking around sidelines. Various shots of the resumed game.

Shot ID: 27479 0:42

Various CSs of chickens feeding.

Shot ID: 38695 18:58

MSs of rats in mini studio, running, jumping, fighting, small boxes or cans of food shown on floor. MCSs of rats eating. MSs, MCSs of male rats fighting, blood on glass of cage.

Shot ID: 54607 1:48

MSs of Arctic tern on shore beside running water. MCUs terns walking and WS of feeding among gravel on shore.

Shot ID: 2530 9:37

CS of frog in water in swamp (0:08). Series of dramatic shots of snake slowly swallowing large frog (frog is not dead yet; 8:34). Interesting shot of snake attacking large frogs in marsh, one frog lashes out, catching snake by the head, holding on tight, this time the snake is in trouble (0:45). CU of frog (2 shot; 0:06).

Shot ID: 9212 20:06

Various strolling shots in a Montreal hospital kitchen of people at work. FOLLOW SHOT of chef, vqr. aides doing various things. Sequence on intern putting plaster cast on a girl's leg. Various shots of nurses aids at work. Sequence on men, women making up food trays in the Montreal Royal Victoria Hospital kitchen, trays moving by on conveyor. DOLLY IN Royal Victoria Hospital of women waiting, others being attended in maternity ward. Shots of pregnant woman on table, doctor examining her. MCU of her swollen abdomen, woman's face as she talks to an interpreter.

Shot ID: 12381 5:13

Sequence on pigs showing pigs drinking from manger, farmer coming out barn with pail, pouring feeding in manger, sow and piglets running in to eat, piglets feeding. CUs of discs of plough cutting into soil, of wheels of tractor and discs of plough moving past camera. CU of discs of plough, tractor-drawn plough moving away from camera in field. MS of small child feeding hens. CS of man driving tractor. MS of tractor-drawn disc plough ploughing field past camera. MS of tractor pulling fertilizer past camera. Several shots of tractor-drawn disc plough moving away from camera in field.

Shot ID: 13816 0:43

MS and ZOOM IN on a round barn at Meteghan, including a woman and child feeding chickens.

Shot ID: 32900 6:01

PAN MLS of gaggle of Canada geese feeding on grain in the Alfred Hole Goose Sanctuary, man visible at end of PAN. Several shots of Canada geese, gosling, feeding, swimming. MS of plaque re history of sanctuary. MSs of sign re sanctuary. Long GROUND TO AIR SHOT of flock of Canada geese flying over, landing on Cabri lake.

Shot ID: 33060 19:09

Sequence on boy moving past camera on tractor towing wagon. MLSs, MCSs of wheels, of driver, of driver's father riding wagon. Shot of boy feeding chickens. HAS of man ploughing field with tractor. Two-shots of middle-aged farmer and his wife having meal in farm kitchen, chatting. Darkish shots of farmer throwing bales of straw down from loft in barn. Shot of farmer working on building, hammering, stripping boards from risers. Interior shots of boy's room, pictures on wall, boy doing homework. HAMCS of boy working on jigsaw puzzle. Sequence on boy throwing ball at basket afixed to wall of building. Pumping hand pump, moving grass with power mower. Shot of boy playing with two dogs in backyard. FOLLOW SHOT of boy horseback riding a long rail fence toward camera. MS of cows clambering up on bank after fording river, moving past camera. MS of cows clambering up on bank after fording river, moving past camera. MCU of head of boy as he rides along with camera. Various shots of farm buildings, ploughed field, all in distance. TILT DOWN leafy tree.

Shot ID: 50232 8:57

Macrophotography of copepods and amphipods in tank (3:48). HAMCSs of snails and slugs moving on rock (1:42). CS of worm wiggling near surface (0:25). CSs of small organisms with tentacles clinging to shellfish (0:54). CSs of lobster eating shellfish (1:33). Macrophotography of small organisms on aquatic plants (1:10).

Shot ID: 55525 4:33

MSs, ZOOM IN, ZOOM OUT of Mikkel Haette and his wife walking with a ladder to a rack made with wooden branches, going over the rack and bringing reindeer fur down to prepare spring migration. Several shots from different angles of Mikkel and Angel-Marie taking fur out of storage in the ground and taking them home. Exterior MSs of Mikkel and his wife sharpening a tool. MS of Ellen sitting on a snowmobile with PAN to MS of Mikkel putting luggage on a sleigh. MS of Angel-Marie taking out meal from a bag and pitching it to dogs. CSs of dogs eating.

Shot ID: 803 0:33

CSs of newborn Welsh pony suckling mare.

Shot ID: 1110 10:16

MS of a flock of chickens in barnyard enclosure. MCSs of automatic chicken feed mechanism, of chicken feed moving in trough and CS of hens eating. Interior CSs of chicken coop, hen brooding. MCSs of rooster and hens loose on grassland, hen with farm cat, several CSs of farm cats. MCSs of dog coming towards camera and resting near cat, of white-tail prairie dogs sitting near their burrows. Several shots from different angles of flock of turkeys in barnyard near their coops. Several shots from different angles of different kinds of transport trucks travelling on highways.

Shot ID: 2538 2:35

CS of two starling birds fighting furiously on ground (0:20). CSs of sparrows feeding in grass (0:40). CSs of crows and starlings feeding in grass (1:30).

Shot ID: 7488 4:09

LAMS of farmer getting on tractor, driving off frame. LACS of farmer feeding chickens. CU of chickens. LACS of farmer getting on tractor, driving tractor into barn. Sequence showing hay mower driving by hay wagon, TILT UP to farmer in barn waiting for hay load. HAS of hay wagon, hay mower driving by. Shots of teacher at blackboard in classroom. FOLLOW SHOT of tractor moving in field. Shots of farmer mowing field with small mower.

Shot ID: 7649 2:43

CSs of young boy and farmer gathering eggs in henhouse, CSs of boy feeding hens.

Shot ID: 28275 3:00

CSs of various kinds of beetles moving about on soil and fighting. CSs of beetle eating dead rat.

Shot ID: 36927 22:46

Shots of visit at Fort Steele with views of some of the buildings, of the fort. Young travellers almost always in the picture. Similar shot of visit at Wasa Lake. Shots of Columbia Lake, bus passing by in lower foreground. Sequences on young people trying trempolines at Fairmount, swimming in pool. Several shots of mountains. FOLLOW SHOTs of girls riding horses. Shots of several chickens behind chicken wire, of girl fondling a kitten, gosling. Shots of girl, woman feeding chickens, geese. HALS of wooded valley in mountains, highway, bus on highway driving past in lower foreground.

Shot ID: 39370 6:48

Several shots from different angles of reindeer herd on tundra, of Haette and another man rounding them up, of reindeer running, of the two men with a dead reindeer, of reindeer following Haette on snowmobile to new grazing ground, snow in evidence. Several shots from different angles of Haette on snowmobile and of the reindeer herd walking and eating.

Shot ID: 42116 0:18

MS PAN of holsteins grazing.

Shot ID: 55228 0:27

Various shots of female moose grazing in tall grass.

Shot ID: 5779 2:52

Various shots of Moroccan peasant and his wife feeding chickens, rabbits and donkey in pen behind their modest dwelling (103 ft).

Shot ID: 11737 13:01

Various shots with ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT of buildings, at Wood Mountain, a small prairie town with grain elevators. ZOOM IN from ELS to CS of cattle near pound, LSs of same. Various shots of wildflowers and marsh in autumn. PAN on prairie, ZOOM IN on bushes, ZOOM OUT from CS of red wildflowers to MCS. ZOOM from very ELS to MLS of grain elevators with fence in foreground. ZOOM IN and PAN from grain elevator to small town in extreme background. PANS and ZOOM INS on prairie landscape to MLS of cattle eating grass. MCSs and MSs of hunters walking in wood, looking around. (00/09/1973).

Shot ID: 14973 3:04

Turkey Farm: LSs of hundreds of turkeys stampeding for their lunch or just standing around. MCSs of turkeys. CU of head of one turkey. Shots of woman feeding turkeys.

Shot ID: 20716 17:11

Various CSs of mother rat with few days old litter, playing with them. Various CSs and MCSs of mother and young rats in mini-studio, playing, resting, feeding from mother. CSs of head of mother rat resting to MCSs of her and of two baby rats, one of them trying to walk over mother's head, mother moving away. Shots of mother resting with young rat close to her.

Shot ID: 38699 19:27

MCSs of rats trying to pick-up tomato on ground, one of them running away with it. MCSs of rat sitting on platform in middle of pool. CS and MCS of red fishes in water pool, rat jumping in pool, picking up biscuit, other rat swimming around fishes, jumping on platform and sniffing tomato. Shot of rat swimming, picking up biscuit and eating it on edge of pool. MCS of rat swimming, jumping on platform, going back in water and sniffing tomato. Cut to rat sniffing tomato on platform and eating. CSs of rats drinking water from pool. CSs and MCSs of rats in and around burrows, fighting to chase other rats out of their territory. CSs and MCSs of rats eating insides of egg by perforating eggshell, carrying it away.

Shot ID: 51459 7:10

MCS of woman in kitchen unloading her groceries on table. CS of food on table. Various shots of housewife preparing meals in her kitchen, of pots and pans on stove, woman serving plates to children, boy and girl, sitting at table. MCSs of children eating, including shot of cat being fed.

Shot ID: 57329 4:45

MS of three horses grazing in pasture. Scenic shots of river flowing through Tantramar marshes near Sackville, shot of remnants of bridge in river. FOLLOW SHOT of car driving by on road, WS of marshes in valley. MWS looking down dirt road crossing fields, a car drives by. CS of Sackville road sign, PAN LEFT to road.

Shot ID: 3057 3:58

Pre-natal care: several shots of pregnant women doing exercises in gym. CUs of faces of women as they exercise.

Shot ID: 25159 2:22

Interior, day; series of shots of midwife visiting young pregnant woman in village on Madura Island, she rubs her belly and gives her advice.

Shot ID: 26302 3:39

MSs and ZOOM IN on female monkey walking on iron bar with baby hanging from her belly, she is seen with banana then sits down and suckles baby. MSs of several monkeys in cage, with iron bars to play on and food. Monkey hangs next to glass of cage.

Shot ID: 30735 3:44

Shots of two bears wrestling in cage at Riverdale Zoo, of people looking cages over at zoo. Shot of pair of redtail deer in cage. Shots of beaver swimming in tank, of mule deer prancing frantically around in pen. Shot of spectators watching pair of brown bears wrestling.

Shot ID: 33212 1:58

Bighorn sheep: side shot of flock of mountain sheep along mountain edge, warden walking along same path. MS and CS of ram looking over cliff, walking away from camera. Shot of mountain sheep eating on mountain side. MCUs of baby bighorn sleeping, then awake. MCU and CU of adult lying down, chewing its cud.

Shot ID: 34918 3:34

MCUs of male and female old squaw ducks on Arctic waters. Various shots of males attacking one another and fighting under the water. PAN of icy water with ducks.

Shot ID: 4712 1:58

Sheep roundup (Lethbridge, Alta): Various shots of huge flocks of sheep on prairie, of sheep eating at feeding station, of sheep being rounded up by men and dogs. One man tries to introduce stray lamb to ewe and ends by forcing reluctant ewe to suckle lamb. Shot of lamb feeding, resigned ewe.

Shot ID: 14858 6:07

Series of shots of everyday life of Maldhari peasants (semi nomadic tribe) in the Sasan Gir wildlife Sanctuary, shots of children (0:23). MS of village (0:05). CS of boy (0:13). Shots of women drawing water from well (0:46). Shots of man drawing water (0:17). CS of women filling up jugs with water and carrying them on their heads (two jugs stacked on top of one another, no hands; 0:34). CSs of pregnant woman washing clothes (0:39). More shots of man drawing water (0:48). CSs of man bathing by well (1:34).

Shot ID: 33216 3:12

Sequence on bighorn ram pawing snow of hillside, feeding on burly ed grass on hillside overlooking valley in British Columbia. Shots of sheep climbing steep mountains, feeding along mountainside.

Shot ID: 35497 6:55

HAS over Montreal looking east with smog in the air. PAN across skyscrapers in downtown area and Mount Royal. TILT DOWN to HAS of rooftop with group of pregnant women doing pre-natal exercises, ZOOM IN. MSs of the women exercising lying down, then standing, then on chairs, then stretching on mats.

Shot ID: 36486 4:19

Shots of school children filing past tank and camera, looking at exhibits. Shots of tank showing octopus clinging to glass, back of heads of children in foreground. MLS of sea anemone in tank seen through glass. CU of large eel being teased with small fish stuck to end of feeding stick. MS of speckled moray eel. Various shots of harp seal, harbour seals seen through glass of tank. Exterior shots of two seals being fed by keeper, Quebec Bridge in background in one shot. MS of ferocious looking fish.

Shot ID: 36487 8:51

CUs of bear cubs being spoon fed, of game farm owner Al Oeming feeding bears, TILT DOWN to hand, spoon and cubs' heads. MS of two men coaxing cubs with food. MS of child feeding doe behind wire fence. MS of two ducks on pond. Shot of several children feeding swan, ducks floating by. Shot of baby in stroller feeding deer. Closer shot of two deer, of child. MS of two deer behind fence. MS of swan preening on bank of pond. Shot of swan on pond. Shots of peacock displaying his fineries. General shot of aquatic birds on bank of pond. Various CUs and MSs animals including camels, children looking at them, Barbary sheep being fed, standing by behind fence, CU of head of musk-ox, zebra being fed, strolling about, elands being fed by Oeming or standing by themselves, gazelles, fallow deer, camels moving past camera, llamas, male and female reindeer, puma or mountain lion feeding, wolverine in cage. Various shots of Oeming and friend feeding bear cubs, feeding fawn. MS of bear cubs peering out of shelter. MS of sign re Barbary sheep. Brief CU of llama head behind fence. Shot of children feeding ducks. Shot of car driving out of farm, sign overhead reading "Alberta Game Farm".

Shot ID: 38265 5:33

CSs of pigs feet as they climb slaughterhouse ramp, of pigs in pen, of old sow and piglets wearing sun bonnets and little rompers to prevent sunburn, cavorting in sty. Shots of piglets in rompers suckling from sow, of two farmers dressing piglets in rompers. Several shots of piglets in sty, sans rompers. Sequence showing piglets being tagged, data recorded in book. Shot of piglet being weighed in sack.

Shot ID: 50131 1:37

Several CSs of chickens in the wild, woman feeding them.