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Shot ID: 795 2:00

MLS of corral on horse ranch in Aurora, Ontario, during snowfall, a man comes into view with a Welsh pony in tow, he sets him lose, MSs of pony.

Shot ID: 801 0:57

MS of Welsh ponies being herded into stables of horse ranch in Aurora, Ontario.

Shot ID: 815 4:29

Various CSs of contestants preparing equipment and grooming ponies for horse show in Aurora, Ontario. CSs of one contestant attaching carriage to Welsh pony, he then boards carriage and rides away.

Shot ID: 824 12:29

Bush pilot in Northwest Territories: AERIAL SHOTs of mountains, Arctic landscapes, snow, tundra. Shots of Inuit woman operating radio in Aklavik, of Inuit men playing guitar, accordion and violin. Shot of doctor entering plane and taking off on lake. AERIAL SHOTs of water, forest, prairie, buffaloes running for cover, forest fire in the distance. Shots of trappers heading for seaplane moored to shore. Low AERIAL SHOT of running buffaloes. Ground shot of buffaloes on the run, strolling about in tall grass as men take census. More AERIAL SHOTs of forests, lakes, and towns. LS of plane flying low over lake. Sequence showing two women sitting by sick or injured person, ambulance plane landing, sick person being placed into plane, plane taking off. Shot of plane taking off and high AERIAL SHOT of forest. Sequence on sick person being put into automobile ambulance for trip to hospital. Dissolve to scene in surgery. Sequence on float ambulance plane picking up sick Indian. Shot of official of air ambulance service answering call for help. Cut to ambulance plane taking off, to men making signal to guide plane, to plane picking up injured man, flying off.

Shot ID: 850 0:37

MCS of small boat on shore of cove on the Saguenay River at low tide, PAN to MLS of herd of cows in field with farm in background (22 ft).

Shot ID: 893 0:27

LAS of flock of Canada geese flying over wooded area, TILT DOWN to MS of lumber camp.

Shot ID: 1118 0:51

Various shots of people walking dogs in streets of New York City.

Shot ID: 1120 8:37

MLS of woman with dog entering Animal Gourmet Restaurant. MS of girl feeding dog in cage at the restaurant. MLS inside restaurant with woman passing in background. MSs of young man feeding dogs in cages. CS of dogs in cages. Several shots from different angles of toys, food and other products for dogs. MS of doghouse in form of tent. MS of woman shopping, of bags of dog food.

Shot ID: 1135 2:45

Several shots of pedestrians on the street, traffic including brief sequence showing gendarme speaking to motorist, sign for pet cemetery.

Shot ID: 1142 0:12

MS of German shepherd in parked car.

Shot ID: 1706 1:10

UNDERWATER SHOT of dead seabird floating on surface in Gulf Stream off coast of Florida (0:16). HACSs of same, shot from boat (0:53).

Shot ID: 1829 15:36

MLS of polar bear in water, head raised above water, swimming. Several shots of herd of walruses in water and on rocks along edge of water. MS of young eagle in its nest. MS of beaver moving away from camera, turning, sniffing the air. Shot of two deer moving through forest, looking at camera. Shots of young deer and does lounging in snow quite close to camera. LS of caribou strolling through trees, snow on ground. MS of bird in snow, preening, of owl perched on pole. Shot of herd of wapitis, male and female standing nonchalantly very close to camera. CUs of heads of wapitis. Shots of young deer in snow, of does, of red deer. Shots of wild flowers in field. Shot of prairie dog running, sitting up, taking off as camera follows. MSs, CSs of bisons in herd. ELSs of fox running on tundra, stopping to investigate, running on as camera follows. Various shots of tundra. Shot of wildflower.

Shot ID: 1948 1:37

CS of kestrel perched on treetop (58 ft).

Shot ID: 1949 2:01

MSs of ducks in water and on shore on Anticosti Island (72 ft).

Shot ID: 1988 5:30

PAN along beach and coast to MLS of freighter "FAILETTE BROWN" wrecked on sand bar off coast of Anticosti Island. Various shots of wreck (112 ft). CSs of two black ducks on the water near wreck, TILT UP to MLS of wreck (84 ft).

Shot ID: 1994 6:49

MSs of ducks and scoter floating on water off coast of Anticosti Island (245 ft).

Shot ID: 2024 3:34

MSs of fawn scratching at thin layer of snow in search of food (91 ft). MS of fawn looking directly at camera (35 ft).

Shot ID: 2064 8:12

Shot of ice from crows' nests of the "CD Howe" as she moves through waters of Craig Harbour, loading crane on the "CD Howe" rotating slowly. HAS of scow of the "CD Howe" being lowered to water by goose neck crane. Shot of scow heavily laden with supplies, moving past ice floes, approaching "CD Howe". Shot of Royal Canadian Mounted Police outpost, of Inuit mother and child, of sign on ground "RCMP Dundas Harbour - NWT". PAN from settlement at Craig Harbour to scow along shore. Shots of Royal Canadian Air Force ensign being taken down at Dundas Harbour post, of RCMP constable boarding up windows. Shot of RCMP constables removing belongings, transporting them to scow by sled, Inuit with husky dogs not wanting to be loaded on scow. Shot of scow being loaded onto the "CD Howe" by goose neck crane. Shots of ice floes, rocky barren shores in background. Front shot of Inuit and passengers coming off scow, RCMP removing boards from window of post at Craig Harbour. Shot of Bell helicopter hovering over bay. AERIAL SHOT over three caribou racing over flat tundra. CU of young husky pup trying to feed in a pail. (00/08/1951 - 00/09/1951)

Shot ID: 2515 5:02

MLSs and PAN SHOTs of forest of Northern Alberta during heavy snowfall, including CS of falling snow filling screen (1:23). MLS of snow patches on ground, ZOOM IN to MS of female moose in bushes, CSs of moose feeding (2:31). LS of male moose feeding in shallows of lake (1:05).

Shot ID: 2520 2:54

Series of shots of river trout fishing in Jasper area; CS of fish fighting at end of line, fisherman netting fish and showing it to camera (0:54). MS and MLS of man fly fishing in river (0:28). MLS of him fishing surrounded by beautiful landscape (0:55). CS of him as he reels in another fish (0:33).

Shot ID: 2535 3:10

CUs of amphipods and various small marine animals moving about in tank.

Shot ID: 2536 1:33

CS of blackbird perched in tree, it flies away (0:14). Atmosphere shot of red rowboat in pond on a rainy day, willow tree in foreground, PAN of marshland to shot of boardwalk in Point Pelee National Park (0:40). CS of blackbird preched in reeds, ZOOM OUT to shot of boardwalk, reverse shot (0:34).

Shot ID: 2539 2:00

Series of shots of people shore fishing on lake Ontario, including shots of fishermen displaying their impressive catch (2:00). LS across lake of thick smoke produced by factory on shore, ZOOM OUT to MS of people fishing (0:20).

Shot ID: 2550 0:57

Low altitude AERIAL SHOTs following two polar bears running on snow field.

Shot ID: 2551 3:20

CU sideview of whooping crane (0:10). AERIAL SHOT over marshlands in Wood Buffalo National Park, breeding grounds of the cranes (0:18). CS of crane (0:18). AIR TO AIR SHOT of crane in flight over forest (0:16). CS of crane walking in tall grasses (0:06). Good CSs and CUs of young crane, brownish duvet (2:05).

Shot ID: 2553 1:08

MS of hunter's cache, two geese hunters appear and fire their guns, one leaves cache to retreive fallen geese (0:53). CS of hunter firing guns (0:15).

Shot ID: 2583 5:26

[Title and credits.] HAS of Parc Lafontaine. Several shots of verdure, people strolling, canoeing, children playing in park, in small playground. Shots of bear on other side of fence, child looking at animal. Shots of people taking pictures, sitting on benches of couple in canoes, sitting on grass, of police officers on horseback. PAN of lake at the park. Dusk shots of band concert. ["End" title and NFB credits.] [Completed Film]

Shot ID: 2696 0:17

Good MS back view of Aymara Indian carrying his wooden plow on his shoulders and his wife returning home after a hard day's work in the fields, they are followed by two oxen.

Shot ID: 2772 0:52

MS of cows grazing in pasture in South Mountain area. CS of calf suckling milk from cow, ZOOM OUT to MCS of cow and calf with pasture in background.

Shot ID: 2780 4:27

Several shots from different angles of hunters on horses preparing for a fox hunt, including shots of hounds, shots of a priest blessing the hunters. Various shots of fox hunters riding in countryside preceded by hounds.

Shot ID: 2827 0:40

Series of scenes of daily life in back courtyard of modest house in Port au Prince, cat lying in a corner, woman hanging out washing, chickens in coop.

Shot ID: 3021 20:55

Various shots of rough seas breaking on rocky shores, grey misty atmosphere in many shots. MSs and MCSs of goats and sheep grazing in sparse grass on rocky soil. Exterior CS of Canadian Legion sign. Interior shots of Canadian Legion Hall, men sitting at tables drinking beer, two men dancing jig, men standing at bar, drinking.

Shot ID: 3244 0:48

PAN right to a fountain, people around it, a man with his bicycle in foreground. MCS of man walking through the park with his dog on a leash, he stops to talk with man on bicycle. MCS of flowers, two girls looking at them, man walks by with his sleeping bag on his shoulder, the two girls walk away.

Shot ID: 3355 6:00

Several CSs of terns in flight or perched on rocks and driftwood on a beach. HACS of a dead baby beluga on a beach. CSs of terns perched on rocks and driftwood on a beach. Several CSs of shorebirds of the sandpiper family foraging for food in shallow water on a beach.

Shot ID: 3366 4:20

AERIAL SHOT over broken sea ice, reflection of sun visible in areas of open water. AERIAL SHOT of Mackenzie Delta free of ice. AERIAL SHOTs over trail in tundra made by migrating caribou. AERIAL SHOT over broken sea ice pattern. ZOOM IN to FOLLOW SHOT of helicopter taking off from ice patch. Several AERIAL SHOTs of seal resting on ice patch. AERIAL SHOT over broken sea ice. Good AERIAL SHOT around seal resting on edge of an ice patch.

Shot ID: 3396 8:58

CS of Yanoàma Indian man in hammock holding young child. CS of children sitting in front of hut, looking at something. CS of Yanoàma woman in hammock. CS of pregnant woman sitting in hammock with child eating, woman getting up to her feet leaving child in hammock. CS of child in hammock eating. Various CSs of Yanoàma children in village. CSs of dead parrot in man's hand, PAN to CS Indian woman inside communal hut pounding food in bowl with stick. CS back view of young girl carrying big basket strapped around her forehead, turns to smile at camera and walks away. CS of Yanoàma Indian opening bundle made of large leaves containing small blue fruits, puts some in pot. PAN to CS of other man watching. Several shots from different angles of various activities inside communal hut in Indian village, including CSs of men and children, woman preparing food, men working and CS of Indian with feathered armbands. Cut to CS of young girl's face adorned by sticks in her lower lip and black circles painted around her features. CS of Indian man with feathered armbands, face painted red. Brief MCS of young boy shooting arrow with large bow.

Shot ID: 3433 2:23

Several good CSs of a golden mantle ground squirrel eating.

Shot ID: 3516 4:14

Two DOLLY SHOTs past several cows in a stable. CSs of man cutting hair of prize cow with clipper. CUs of eyes and muzzle of prize holstein cow. Several shots of spectators at auction, showing faces, few women, men raising hand to bid.

Shot ID: 3558 1:58

HASs of dog (bulldog, bull terrier?) frisking about chair legs as man fondles it. CU of dog's face.

Shot ID: 3671 5:06

RCAF personnel on liberty: shots of group of Royal Canadian personnel seen through iron grille. PAN along roofs of typical German houses, TILT DOWN to group walking in street. Various shots of sheep flock in field. LAS of church steeple, TILT DOWN church. Shot of airmen walking among headstones in church yard, CU of inscription on one stone.

Shot ID: 3787 1:53

MLS of fish processing plant on pier of town of Burnt Islands, Newfoundland, ZOOM OUT to ESTABLISHING SHOT of town, ZOOM IN to MS of plant, numerous gulls in flight are visible near plant.

Shot ID: 5192 3:07

Several shots from different angles of black Dane with his trainer (female).

Shot ID: 5196 1:12

Various CSs of girl with whippet.

Shot ID: 5198 0:20

Brief CSs of girl with springer spaniel.

Shot ID: 5200 0:49

CS of Irish setter. Brief CSs of springer spaniel pup with girl. FOLLOW SHOT of Irish setter being walked by owner. Dog relieves himself on a tree and they walk away.

Shot ID: 5211 10:31

Several shots from different angles of dog with porcupine quills in his snout in veterinarian's office, including shots of owner and veterinarian. CS of veterinarian Reg Maidment injecting an anesthetic in dog's leg. Several shots from different angles as veterinarian proceeds to remove porcupine quills from dog's snout, including shot of owner, woman with baby in her arms and little girl watching.

Shot ID: 5254 0:00

CS of head of stallion behind a fence, PAN to FOLLOW SHOT of man walking with a mare toward stallion. Several shots from different angles of mare being presented to stallion for breeding purposes. MS of horses in corral, PAN to FOLLOW SHOT of man walking with horse. Several shots from different angles of stallion mounting mare.

Shot ID: 5553 6:37

Numerous LSs, MLS PANs of a large herd of barren ground caribou, last two shots are medium altitude AERIALs of same (summer).

Shot ID: 5773 1:55

MS of Moroccan peasant girl leading two oxen in field, PAN to MS of peasant with a wooden plough over his shoulders crossing an irrigation ditch, ZOOM OUT to MLS of farmland at the foot of the Atlas Mountains (35 ft). MCS of peasant walking across field, his daughter following with the oxen. MCS of peasant laying plough on the ground (30 ft).

Shot ID: 5817 3:30

Various shots of broncobusting event from various angles.