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Shot ID: 32787 2:06

Peru: shots of two vetenarians examining llama in laboratory. CUs of head of animal, man's hands feeling its teeth, extracting blood sample from the neck. Brief MLS of snail.

Shot ID: 32779 1:03

Short PAN of herd of buffaloes. TILT UP of lava gushing upwards and PAN to rivulet coursing down hill.

Shot ID: 32812 3:02

CU of flowers in alpine meadow in Jasper National Park. CU of flies and a beetle feeding on flower (0:33). CUs of various flowers (1:14).

Shot ID: 32760 4:58

Series of good shots from various distances of rocky mountain goats moving about and feeding on riverbank in Jasper National Park, good shots of young ones.

Shot ID: 32747 1:10

MSs of young male moose feeding in alpine meadow in Banff National Park.

Shot ID: 54724 2:47

Boating shots of debris in the Ottawa River including old cars, tires and green slime. CU of dead mouse floating in water. TILT UP from green slime floating in river to WS of old mill on the riverbank.

Shot ID: 36827 1:28

Series of shots of various arctic plants; CS of dwarf arctic willow partially covered by snow, ZOOM OUT to ESTABLISHING SHOT of valley, a few musk-oxen are visible in plain below (0:31). CUs in snowfall of various plants partially covered by snow (0:56).

Shot ID: 36788 2:13

WIDE SHOT of glacier spilling down from sides of valley spreading out on valley floor like a giant pancake, ZOOM IN to LS of a few musk-oxen in plain (0:44). CS of sparse grass sticking out from snow, ZOOM OUT and TILT UP to WIDE SHOT of valley and snowclad mountains (0:38). Slow PAN (L>R) of valley, ZOOM IN to CS of musk-ox horns sticking out from snow (0:48).

Shot ID: 36717 1:10

CUs of musk-oxen grazing in plain in sunlight.

Shot ID: 34875 19:15

Numerous shots from various angles of Rocky Mountain winter landscapes, including partly snow-covered Rocky peaks and snow-covered coniferous trees. Some shots are cold and somber looking. Several shots from different angles of snow falling and blowing snow in the Rockies, cold and bleak looking. MCSs and CSs of adult big horn rams, showing fully developed horns. MCS PAN of family, young ram, adult ram and ewe.

Shot ID: 35792 2:18

MLS of lighthouse. LS of lighthouse on rocky island, fishing boat passing in foreground. Shots of derelict fishing boats on beach, lying sunken in water. MSs of single-masted dinghies anchored in cove.

Shot ID: 36542 5:32

LS of Gaspe Rock, wharf visible in lower screen. PAN from Gaspe Rock to fish boats moored a few yards off shore. Sequence on waves rolling up on beach, dying on sand, water washing, with some force, between old pilings. PAN of beach, surf coming in, wharf in background at beginning of PAN. MCSs of murres and gannets on Bonaventure Island.

Shot ID: 50015 10:31

MWS of debris covered glacier on floor of valley, PAN LEFT to WS of Baily Head and ocean, visitors are visible, reverse shots (2:04). HAMLS of visitor near chinstrap penguin rookery on hillside (0:18). HAMLS of thousands of penguins with skua gulls circling over rookeries, MSs, CSs of skuas amid penguins (1:49). MS of penguins nesting ZOOM IN to CS (0:14). MS of visitor quietly sitting amid penguins PAN to MWS of thousands of penguins on hillsides (0:38). CS of penguins in nests or resting (0:57). MCS of rookery, FOLLOW MS of skua circling over rookery, landing amid penguins, MS of many skuas in rookery, penguins trying to scare them off (2:59). CSs, MSs of penguins braying and clucking (1:25).

Shot ID: 49981 1:18

FOLLOW MCS of gentoo penguin wading through rookery on rocky hillside, PAN to MCS of two penguins vocalising.

Shot ID: 57281 14:39

Cree goose hunters in autumn; MSs of Okimah (hunting leader) setting up decoys in marsh, shots of hunters waiting in caches. Shots of geese flying over marsh. Shots of dead geese on ground, hunter picks them up cleaning them on grass and prop them up on sticks as additional decoys, CSs of decoys. More shots of hunters in blinds, geese flying over marsh, decoys in tall grass swaying in the wind. Shots of hunters picking up decoys at end of day, picking up catch of several geese and walking to water's edge.

Shot ID: 57274 1:35

Cree goose hunters in autumn; shots of them waiting in their blind made of willow branches, shots of geese flying by. MS of them in freight canoes moving in channel in marsh.

Shot ID: 71357 2:03

UNDERWATER SHOTS of humpback whale swimming by camera, rolling over and showing its white underside.

Shot ID: 62730 0:59

BOATING SHOT from zodiac approaching leopard seal resting on ice floe, he slips into water.

Shot ID: 62729 0:26

BOATING SHOT from zodiac approaching three leopard seals resting on ice floe, one adult and two younger ones.

Shot ID: 62715 0:38

BOATING CSs from zodiac of a two humpback whales heaving to surface and diving, tail up.

Shot ID: 62709 0:27

MLS of a few humpback whales heaving to surface and diving, tail up in center frame.

Shot ID: 62708 0:43

BOATING SHOTS of two humpback whales, female and calf surfacing to breathe.

Shot ID: 62701 2:32

CU of adelie penguin in colony being pestered for food by her two almost fully grown chicks.

Shot ID: 62695 1:00

Various shots of giant petrel feeding on dead adelie penguin chick, near other penguins on snow-patch.

Shot ID: 62128 1:06

MCS of adelie penguin hopping on rocks on shoreline and jumping into wave, MCs of a penguin slipping out of water and hopping from one block of ice to another.

Shot ID: 62110 2:08

MS, PAN LEFT of small adelie penguin colony, many chicks are visible.

Shot ID: 2553 1:08

MS of hunter's cache, two geese hunters appear and fire their guns, one leaves cache to retreive fallen geese (0:53). CS of hunter firing guns (0:15).

Shot ID: 2551 3:20

CU sideview of whooping crane (0:10). AERIAL SHOT over marshlands in Wood Buffalo National Park, breeding grounds of the cranes (0:18). CS of crane (0:18). AIR TO AIR SHOT of crane in flight over forest (0:16). CS of crane walking in tall grasses (0:06). Good CSs and CUs of young crane, brownish duvet (2:05).

Shot ID: 2550 0:57

Low altitude AERIAL SHOTs following two polar bears running on snow field.

Shot ID: 2539 2:00

Series of shots of people shore fishing on lake Ontario, including shots of fishermen displaying their impressive catch (2:00). LS across lake of thick smoke produced by factory on shore, ZOOM OUT to MS of people fishing (0:20).

Shot ID: 2536 1:33

CS of blackbird perched in tree, it flies away (0:14). Atmosphere shot of red rowboat in pond on a rainy day, willow tree in foreground, PAN of marshland to shot of boardwalk in Point Pelee National Park (0:40). CS of blackbird preched in reeds, ZOOM OUT to shot of boardwalk, reverse shot (0:34).

Shot ID: 2535 3:10

CUs of amphipods and various small marine animals moving about in tank.

Shot ID: 2520 2:54

Series of shots of river trout fishing in Jasper area; CS of fish fighting at end of line, fisherman netting fish and showing it to camera (0:54). MS and MLS of man fly fishing in river (0:28). MLS of him fishing surrounded by beautiful landscape (0:55). CS of him as he reels in another fish (0:33).

Shot ID: 2515 5:02

MLSs and PAN SHOTs of forest of Northern Alberta during heavy snowfall, including CS of falling snow filling screen (1:23). MLS of snow patches on ground, ZOOM IN to MS of female moose in bushes, CSs of moose feeding (2:31). LS of male moose feeding in shallows of lake (1:05).

Shot ID: 62747 0:00

Several shots from different angles of a herd of caribou, shots of males with large antlers, of females and calves. Static CSs and MSs of herd moving over arctic tundra in summer.

Shot ID: 53516 5:10

Several shots of salmon fishing operations, of fisherman rowing out to weir, of fishermen setting out nets in weir, of salmon being scooped out of nets in weir and dumped into boat, of fishermen pulling in nets from weir, of men leaving weir in rowboat and heading for shore.

Shot ID: 50144 1:58

MLSs, MSs of white building housing Land and Forest Office, CS of sign "Ministère des Terres et Forêts" on façade (0:44). CS of scientist working with insect larvae samples inside laboratory.

Shot ID: 7472 6:42

MLS of two fawns racing across clearing. MLS of doe and two fawns standing in clearing, trotting leisurely down slope, small evergreens visible in background. MLS of cow moose standing on river bank, strolling across frame. HAMLS of cow moose moving away from camera into shallow water, crossing stream. LS of moose family moving slowly across frame, evergreen trees visible in background. Swish PAN from moose family in clearing to individual animals. MLSs of black bear in forest. Dim front shot of bull moose with antlers among trees. FOLLOW SHOT of bull moose trotting through forest parallel to camera course. FOLLOW LS of bear moving across slope. MS of young bear in bush. Front CU of bear sniffing in direction of camera. LS of adult bear moving through trees, moving towards camera, squatting down for a rest. LS of water bird perched on rock at mid stream. Several dim LSs of gopher-like animals among boulders sniffing the wind, moving about indecisively.

Shot ID: 8053 5:27

Various MSs, MCSs of two Indian women trying to start a power saw, putting oil in motor, including PAN MS on camp in bush and other women and children, first snow of winter falling. MSs, LAMS of woman cutting firewood with power saw and of women walking to tent. PAN, cameraman walking, to MS of young woman playing with skinny cat and entering tent. MSs, LAMCSs of two young Indian women cutting firewood with axes.

Shot ID: 51140 3:53

CUs of newborn chicks, of fingers peeling shell from chick. Shots of technician examining chicks, of sign re hatchery at Bic.

Shot ID: 32084 18:52

Several shots of tractor being used for various jobs. LSs of tractor in use. MCUs of boy operating tractor in field, three younger sisters riding in back. FOLLOW SHOTs of farmer blowing with tractor-drawn plow. HAS of plow share overturning sod. Shots of woman and youngsters hoeing in field, planting potatoes, covering furrows with hoes. Shots of cattle feeding on hay in farmyard. (00/06/1962)

Shot ID: 15394 2:27

Granby: MS of woman at work on typewriter, PAN to MCS of man at counter attending woman in Granby City Hall. MCS of man and woman reading in library, PAN to CS of young woman selecting book from shelf. CS of young woman selecting book from shelf. MS of municipal officials leaving City Hall in Granby, Quebec. Sequence on stunt man performing on water toboggan on river, crowd watching from river bank in background. MCS of two men and little boy watching deer behind wire fence. MLS of large house under tree cover. MLS of Granby City Hall. LS of two men moving along edge of water in small paddle wheeler boat.

Shot ID: 3558 1:58

HASs of dog (bulldog, bull terrier?) frisking about chair legs as man fondles it. CU of dog's face.

Shot ID: 22735 6:14

[Remark: winding its way through the dense forest of Northern New Brunswick to the Baie des Chaleurs is the country's most reknown salmon stream, the Restigouche River.] Shots of fishermen examining map, canoeing in smooth waters and rippling rapids. Water fowl taking off near shore as moose splashes its way towards bank. Shot of lodge along shore of river. Horse pulling canoe over stretch of swift water as team of horses tows flat boat through shallow water in mid-stream. Various shots of heroic battles between two hundred pound fishermen and twenty-five pound salmon. Men fishing from shore, from canoes or from middle of stream. Brief shots of men swapping fish stories by roaring fire at night.

Shot ID: 7486 6:46

MS of ox-drawn cart moving past camera. CS of man sitting on ox-drawn cart. Shots of tractor-drawn harrow moving past camera in field. LS of village across field in foreground. Shots of ox-drawn cart moving in village street. MLS of binder harvesting oat in field, stooks in foreground. Shot of two farm labourers stooking oat sheaves. CU of farmer smoking pipe. Front MS of farmer driving tractor inside barn, towards camera. LAMS of farmer, wife and daughter on veranda, CS of farmer holding girl in his arms. Shot of harvesting machinery moving in field, farmer looking in immediate foreground. MS of man gathering hay in field with dump rake. MS of hay rippling in field. Shots of pigs in sty. HA PAN over farm buildings. Sequence on two farmers washing piglets in barrel, including CUs of piglets in barrel.

Shot ID: 11971 3:55

Shots of tractor-drawn cultivator moving past camera, of black farmer guiding horse-drawn cultivator past camera. Cut to LAS of black farmer taking his hat off and wiping his brow. Shots of white farmer inspecting immature cotton, opening boll. Sequence on black farm labourers working in peach orchard. CU of peaches in tree. CU of calf feeding.

Shot ID: 6797 2:33

CU of hand writing report, microscope visible in background with a few jars and flasks. TILT UP to heads of two white-coated technicians, a girl student and a professor. DOLLY OUT to LS of professor and student. TRAVELLING SHOT of roadside, wooden bridge, several houses in fishing village, glimpses of horse-drawn wagon. LAS of gable end of house, TILT DOWN to woman washing clothes in tub set on two chairs, three children standing by. HAS and CU of keel and frame of fishing boat. TILT UP to group of men standing by stern. LAS of two men painting hull of fishing boat. MS of two students in boat pulling in marine thermometer out of water and examining it. MCS of fisherman hoisting sail. HAS of gunwhale of small boat, water in background splashing as boat ploughs through water. MS of scientific apparatus in biological laboratory, technician walking into frame, removing specimen from oven.

Shot ID: 1829 15:36

MLS of polar bear in water, head raised above water, swimming. Several shots of herd of walruses in water and on rocks along edge of water. MS of young eagle in its nest. MS of beaver moving away from camera, turning, sniffing the air. Shot of two deer moving through forest, looking at camera. Shots of young deer and does lounging in snow quite close to camera. LS of caribou strolling through trees, snow on ground. MS of bird in snow, preening, of owl perched on pole. Shot of herd of wapitis, male and female standing nonchalantly very close to camera. CUs of heads of wapitis. Shots of young deer in snow, of does, of red deer. Shots of wild flowers in field. Shot of prairie dog running, sitting up, taking off as camera follows. MSs, CSs of bisons in herd. ELSs of fox running on tundra, stopping to investigate, running on as camera follows. Various shots of tundra. Shot of wildflower.

Shot ID: 58153 1:20

Interior shot of blacksmith shop, man at work, horse waiting. CU of blacksmith shoeing horse, hammering shoe on anvil.

Shot ID: 15724 0:40

WIDE SHOTs of large herd of caribou in valley.