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Body parts (Animals)


Shots not available for online viewing

Shot ID: 2249 21:18

Montreal Biodome: shots of small freshwater fish, including neon tetras and angelfish (0:14 - 8:49), CUs of head and part of body of cayman (8:52 - 9:27), LSs of bats (9:29 - 11:35), shots of otter (11:38 - 12:44), macaws (12:47 - 14:31), CUs of fish in basin, including catfish (14:33 - 21:30) (people reflected in glass).

Shot ID: 11369 5:17

Exterior, late afternoon, winter; ESTABLISHING SHOT of arctic landscape (0:10). LS of house in Opingivik area, cut to MLS with moon setting on arctic landscape in background (1:16). MLSs of house in daylight (0:49). MS of oil drums stacked near house, PAN to MS of house, PAN back to shots of oil drums (2:02). MCS of caribou antlers on roof of shed (0:13). CS of broken down ski-doo half covered by snow (0:14). MS of Canadian flag at top of flagpole (0:18).

Shot ID: 27980 3:59

Numerous FOLLOW SHOTs of wolves moving in snowy forest, snow falling in some shots. Several CUs of heads of wolves, including CU of wolf snarling and barking. MLSs of arctic wolf moving on snowy ground in late afternoon sun.

Shot ID: 30466 20:50

Museum of Natural History. Several CUs of craniums, stone tools at night, shots by spotlight, of mammoth skeletons. Several shots of busts of early man, of models of hands. Views of skeletons of extinct reptiles. TILT DOWN, CUs of transparent woman. Shots of ancient mechanical computers, of skeleton, of dummy Indians and several shots of artifacts.

Shot ID: 36786 6:12

WIDE SHOT, PAN of snow-patched sawtooth mountain, TILT DOWN and ZOOM IN to MLS of three arctic hares in plain (1:17). MLS of matterhorn mountain, PAN (L>R) of long ridge, ZOOM IN to LS of hares (1:03). CS of musk-ox skull in snow, TILT UP to WIDE SHOT of glacier spilling down from side of valley (0:51). CSs of musk-ox skull by rock (1:16). WIDE SHOT of glacier, PAN (L>R) along lenght of glacier spilling down from sides of valley spreading out on valley floor like a giant pancake to MS of two hares in plain (00:45). WIDE SHOT of glacier, ZOOM IN to LS of musk-ox lying in snow on floor of valley (0:53).

Shot ID: 3516 4:14

Two DOLLY SHOTs past several cows in a stable. CSs of man cutting hair of prize cow with clipper. CUs of eyes and muzzle of prize holstein cow. Several shots of spectators at auction, showing faces, few women, men raising hand to bid.

Shot ID: 8952 3:24

CSs of heads of ducks: male ruddy duck, male buffle-head, female buffle-head then a MS of group of buffle-heads on water.

Shot ID: 8959 1:05

CS of male buffle-head's head.

Shot ID: 10593 0:08

CU of cocoon on branch of birch tree.

Shot ID: 11063 4:26

Buffalo Herd: low level helicopter AERIAL SHOTs of small herd of buffalos on the run. Several MSs of buffaloes in groups. LSs of straggling herd, trees, brush, at Woods Buffalo National Park in Northern Alberta. Sequence showing small herd racing for the trees. MLSs of lone bull looking majestic. MS of buffalo skull in grass.

Shot ID: 15175 9:44

Several TRAVELLING SHOTs of veterinarian Louise Drouin on horseback riding in a field, including CS of horse's head.

Shot ID: 27978 9:36

Sequence on light plane landing on frozen lake. Shots of biologist Dr Allen and companion getting off plane, putting on snowshoes and walking away towards forest. MSs of men snowshoeing in forest. Shots of biologist finding bones of dead animals, MCSs and CUs of biologist sawing bone, examining cranium and putting findings in plastic bag. Sequence on men walking back to plane, FOLLOW POV of men walking in snow. MLS of plane taking off from frozen lake shot from behind trees.

Shot ID: 35189 0:00

Microphotography: five different magnifications of caribou tooth.

Shot ID: 36664 0:37

CU of musk-ox skull on snow-covered ground, ZOOM OUT to MS with steep snow-clad mountain in background.

Shot ID: 36788 2:13

WIDE SHOT of glacier spilling down from sides of valley spreading out on valley floor like a giant pancake, ZOOM IN to LS of a few musk-oxen in plain (0:44). CS of sparse grass sticking out from snow, ZOOM OUT and TILT UP to WIDE SHOT of valley and snowclad mountains (0:38). Slow PAN (L>R) of valley, ZOOM IN to CS of musk-ox horns sticking out from snow (0:48).

Shot ID: 62747 0:00

Several shots from different angles of a herd of caribou, shots of males with large antlers, of females and calves. Static CSs and MSs of herd moving over arctic tundra in summer.

Shot ID: 71540 7:43

BOATING SHOTS travelling on Peel River in summer; POVS as boat lands at Indian hunting camp, shots of caribou antlers in piles or fixed to tall post, various shots around camp.

Shot ID: 9631 2:13

Series of shots of historic excavation in front of Exeter Cathedral; CS of man moving earth with wheelbarrow, ZOOM OUT to MLS of cathedral with piles of earth in foreground (0:28). Various shots of human remains half imbedded in stone and team of archeologists at work on dig site (1:09). HASs of dig site (0:36).

Shot ID: 9693 0:00

Laboratories: MCU of hands disecting sheep's lung. Cut to face of woman doing the dissecting.

Shot ID: 12574 2:37

Still photos: various shots of photos of early cattle drives cowboys, some wearing six-shooters, buffaloes, Plains Indians, several animal skeletons.

Shot ID: 14053 2:20

Interior; MS PANs LEFT of several human and animal (probably ape) skulls arranged on table.

Shot ID: 23130 0:55

CSs and CUs of several Beothuk Indian skulls from the collection of the anthropology department at Memorial University.

Shot ID: 58591 8:42

Footage documenting Miss Oliver’s hunting expedition in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. MCS of male moose in woods. Shots of Miss Oliver and two guides having breakfast in camp. Shots of them travelling on horseback. Various shots of black bear climbing tall tree. Shots of trio heading back to camp with two moose heads with antlers. Shots of hunters hiking over snowy mountainous terrain. Shot of wounded moose moving in woods.

Shot ID: 8957 0:22

CS of male ruddy duck's head.

Shot ID: 8963 1:02

CS of head of a male buffle-head.

Shot ID: 8970 0:43

CS of head of a male american widgeon (baldpate).

Shot ID: 10599 0:34

CUs of caterpillars moving inside cocoon on pine branch.

Shot ID: 11371 1:13

Exterior, day; CS of frozen arctic char piled in shed, Inuit man comes into view and selects two of them, cut to MS of same, Inuit then walks back towards his house followed by many dogs, ZOOM IN to CU of caribou antlers on roof of shed (1:13).

Shot ID: 13072 8:49

AERIAL SHOTs over herring spawning grounds along shoreline on Denman Island, water is turned white by milt of spawning herring, sea lions are visible swimming in water.

Shot ID: 13540 0:29

CS of caribou antlers piled on scale outside "Igloolik Eskimo COOP", sign is visible above door of building, women and children walk out carrying goods.

Shot ID: 15678 1:23

MSs of the carcass of a baleen whale on a dock, man and boy examining it, intestines of whale in foreground. Various MSs and CSs of carcass, body parts. LS of cove with large and small fishing boats at anchor. Various shots inside fish packing plant, men and women at work cutting up fish.

Shot ID: 18631 3:46

Cine X-ray pictures shown in circular mask filmed at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire in Quebec: CUs of man's jaw, his throat as he swallows something, his leg bones, hands writing with pen.

Shot ID: 19335 1:08

CSs of beaver skull hung on tree in winter camp of Cree trapper, TILT DOWN to CS of more skulls (11 ft). CS of beaver skulls on tree PAN to CS of racked beaver pelt drying on tree, plus one reverse shot (22 ft). CUs of more beaver skulls (8 ft).

Shot ID: 36681 2:50

MLS of musk-ox grazing on shorts grass in plain, TILT DOWN to CS of musk-ox skull on ground near stream (0:25). MLS of two musk-ox in plain with stream in foreground, ZOOM OUT to WIDE SHOT of landscape (0:49). MLS of musk-oxen in plain, ZOOM OUT to WIDE SHOT of small herd at foot of glacier (1:21). MLSs of two oxen and two calves crossing meltwater stream (0:40).

Shot ID: 36728 6:05

Series of shots of arctic flora in summer; WIDE SHOT of landscape, TILT DOWN and ZOOM IN to CU of arctic willow on arid hillside (2:40). CS of caribou skull on licken covered ground with low fog drifting by (0:17). CSs and CUs of white lichens and other plants nearby growing on rocks (3:03).

Shot ID: 37480 6:52

Various shots of Inuit gathered around large whale carcass, talking while looking at it, touching carcass. MS of men from behind walking on shore toward whale carcass. CS of men examining large carcass, part of spine and two ribs of whale a little farther on, camera moving from one group to other. CS of Inuk talking to others, PAN of others in various poses. MLS from rock seaward to horizon, ZOOM IN, ZOOM OUT on men gathered around fire on shore, close to boats.

Shot ID: 50959 0:11

Saint John Ambulance: Shot of man picking up skeleton arm in school.

Shot ID: 3406 6:00

Sequence on Yanoàma Indian man making mouthpiece. CU of man's hands wrapping small string around tobacco leaves and placing it in his mouth behind lower lip, to suck in juices. Several CSs and CUs of Indian man using machete to trim down piece of palm wood to make bow. Various CUs on man's face while working, including shot of mouthpiece. CSs of woman and children nearby.

Shot ID: 8951 1:15

CSs of head of a male hooded merganser with his beak open, CS of female's head.

Shot ID: 8968 1:08

CS of head of a male barrow's golden-eye.

Shot ID: 10602 0:16

CU of cocoon containing sawfly larva, a parasitic wasp moves over it.

Shot ID: 11351 10:04

Exterior, day; MS of horse rancher herding horses into corral (0:30). CS of legs of horses as they pass by camera (0:09). MCS of corral's fence, horses comes into view running by camera, FOLLOW SHOT of rancher herding them into corral (0:21). Several shots of rancher moving horses inside corral, his wife watches nearby (4:16). CSs of rancher saddling up horse, his wife with a child in her arms waits nearby (4:31).

Shot ID: 36683 2:30

MS of rocky hillside, TILT DOWN to CUs of musk-ox skull on ground with flowers growing underneath.

Shot ID: 36772 8:05

CU, PAN of jewel lichen and reindeer lichen on rocks (2:07). CU of flowering Erysimum plant growing between rocks at foot of glacier (0:38). CUs of leafless branches of previous year Erysimum plant (1:11). CUs of flowering Erysimum plant (0:48). CSs of cotton-grass blowing in strong wind (0:14). CS of cotton-grass in flodded plain, PAN to CS of musk-ox skull in cotton-grass, ZOOM IN to ECU of skull and cotton-grass blowing in the wind (1:31). CSs and CUs of last years Erysimum plant growing between rocks at foot of glacier (1:29).

Shot ID: 8964 0:32

CS of head of a male american widgeon (baldpate).

Shot ID: 19342 4:39

CS of old Cree trapper chopping firewood at his winter camp (109 ft). CU of beaver skulls strung up and hung on tree (19 ft). CS of cleaned fish hung in tree to dry (17 ft). FOLLOW SHOT of trapper walking throught woods carrying small tree trunks (18 ft).

Shot ID: 27951 22:15

Whole reel consists of numerous shots from many angles of timber wolves in the snow-covered winter woods (included some CUs, wolves snarling, etc).

Shot ID: 32067 6:48

Shot of horses grazing in meadow at sunrise, swish PAN to tents. Shot of two Indians tepees against sunrise and in early morning light. CS of cow's skull and horns on pole. LS of camp of tents on prairies. CU of rope being tied around poles. Shots of frame being erected for teepee tent, tent ready for occupancy.

Shot ID: 38287 9:12

Various shots of activity in fish market in Tokyo, Japan; tuna being carted around. HASs of tuna auction, of men moving frozen tuna fish. Cut to MCS of large number of fish heads in a barrel. Shots of men crating fish. Various shots of activity in fish market, men filleting fish rapidly, cutting up eels. Near vertical HAMLS of activity.

Shot ID: 12927 5:32

Various shots of workers of salmon hatchery mixing eggs with milt.