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Animal dwellings


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Shot ID: 12930 5:14

UNDERWATER SHOTs of herring eggs covering aquatic plants in herring spawning grounds off Vancouver Island

Shot ID: 12969 2:50

Good MSs and CSs of salmon struggling upstream through rapid (68 ft). MLS of whitewaters on Bridge River (affluent of the Fraser; 15 ft). HAS of numerous salmon in clear water at base of cliff (18 ft).

Shot ID: 12973 20:51

UNDERWATER SHOTs of school of herring spawn, rays of sunlight enter water, including a few CSs of herring eggs on kelp.

Shot ID: 13036 5:45

ESTABLISHING PAN SHOT of flocks of various birds feeding on herring spawn in Toquart Bay (60 ft). MSs and CSs of ducks and gulls (146 ft).

Shot ID: 14762 12:54

MSs of red-headed pileated woodpecker feeding young in tree, young sticking their little red heads out of opening and mother feeding them. CUs of young woodpeckers. Backlighted shots of mother picking worms out of one side of tree, flying around corner and feeding young on the other side. Sequence on woodpecker feeding young chicks in nest. Shots of mother woodpecker picking grubs from tree and flying up to nest to feed young.

Shot ID: 27613 2:55

WAS of tern in flight on coast of Bay of Fundy, TILT DOWN to CU of nest in bushes, CU of chicks in nest, plus more shots of terns in flight (73 ft). MLS of lighthouse, PAN of landscape as numerous terns fly over low bushes, plus one similar shot at sunset (55 ft).

Shot ID: 27616 7:35

CS of tern perched on top of roof (2 shots;13 ft). CSs of young tern in grass, adult tern flies in and out. CS of tern holding a small fish in its beak, good CU as camera follows chick walking in low grass. CU of chick calling out for food, CU of chick in low bushes, adult comes into view hovering over chick. Several CSs of chick and adult tern in low bushes (257 ft).

Shot ID: 1829 15:36

MLS of polar bear in water, head raised above water, swimming. Several shots of herd of walruses in water and on rocks along edge of water. MS of young eagle in its nest. MS of beaver moving away from camera, turning, sniffing the air. Shot of two deer moving through forest, looking at camera. Shots of young deer and does lounging in snow quite close to camera. LS of caribou strolling through trees, snow on ground. MS of bird in snow, preening, of owl perched on pole. Shot of herd of wapitis, male and female standing nonchalantly very close to camera. CUs of heads of wapitis. Shots of young deer in snow, of does, of red deer. Shots of wild flowers in field. Shot of prairie dog running, sitting up, taking off as camera follows. MSs, CSs of bisons in herd. ELSs of fox running on tundra, stopping to investigate, running on as camera follows. Various shots of tundra. Shot of wildflower.

Shot ID: 12965 9:14

MLS of rapids on upper Fraser River. Several shots from different angles of salmon struggling upstream, CSs of salmon moving through whitewaters, shots of a large number of salmon halted at base of waterfall.

Shot ID: 12970 15:48

MSs from different angles of whitewaters on Bridge River (affluent of the Fraser; 105 ft). MCS of salmon struggling upstream (2 shots; 36 ft). HAS of large number of them in lee of large rock, CSs and HASs of fish negotiating difficult pass around rock (362 ft). HASs of large number of salmon halted by force of current (62 ft).

Shot ID: 13003 3:02

UNDERWATER CSs of spawned out chum salmon dead or dying in shallow river.

Shot ID: 13230 1:02

Good UNDERWATER SHOT of school of herring in open water in spawning grounds off Vancouver Island.

Shot ID: 13234 13:32

[DUPE NEG] Series of excellent shots of a black bear catching and feeding on spawned out salmon in shallow river. CSs of salmon struggling in a few inches of water, gulls feed on dead fish.

Shot ID: 13244 1:27

[DUPE NEG] UNDERWATER CSs and CUs of spawning salmon heading upstream in shallow river.

Shot ID: 16258 1:06

Four MSs of an unidentified rodent standing still, disappearing in burrow, coming out and hiding in weeds.

Shot ID: 39305 19:25

CS of bow of trimaran "Freya" cutting through water in Atlantic Ocean, shot from hull of trimaran. LSs of seascapes in Atlantic Ocean calm seas with gently rolling swells, shot from trimaran. LSs of heavy cloud formations on horizon, shot from trimaran. Several CSs and MCSs of dolphins jumping in water near trimaran. Underwater LACSs of sargassum weeds floating on surface. Underwater CS of jellyfish floating near surface. Various underwater shots of a piece of driftwood floating on surface. Several underwater shots of schools of small fish. Various CSs of a porcupine fish swimming in an aquarium. Various CSs of a flying fish swimming in an aquarium.

Shot ID: 41060 1:10

CUs of chicks of perching birds in nests, shots of birds feeding chicks (1:04). CU of woodpecker holding insect in his beak, he enters nest in tree (0:06).

Shot ID: 23 3:37

Johnston Lake, Bird Sanctuary. LSs of birds wheeling in the air over the lake, fair size flocks. Cut to MCU of a cormorant nest, eggs. Cut to cormorant chicks in nest. MLS of mass of pelicans and cormorants together in the rocks, stretching their necks, fidgeting. Cut to the nest of the Great Blue Heron in the rocks, chicks in nest. MLS of herons wading in shallow waters, perched on rocks. Relatively closer shots of the Blue Heron on rocks, of a single heron knee deep in water. A large flock of pelican chicks move in a mass on the rocky beach while a man walks by in the background. Closer of mass of birds always in movement, two men in background stand by. Birds don't seem to mind the men being there. Shots of flock taking to the water, floating. Shots of pelicans on the wing in the distance.

Shot ID: 911 4:03

Shot of two fishermen discussing fish while working on fishing rods. Sequence on man portaging canoe, paddling down Miramichi River. Several shots of men fishing from canoes, dug-outs and from shore. CU of reel, man's hand winding it. Various shots of water, fish breaking surface. Sequence on man catching salmon. Shots of small group of men having lunch around camp fire. Sequence on three men going off for a walk through woods, men examining beaver house, resting at old log way station.

Shot ID: 2540 6:10

Series of shots of Cape Saint Mary's seabird sanctuary, Newfouldland, the nesting gounds of various seabirds; Black Guillemots, puffins, gulls, gannets, including good ESTABLISHING SHOTS of sanctuary, CSs of various birds nesting, shots of chicks and eggs.

Shot ID: 3384 8:59

TILT UP CSs along lianas wrapped around tree trunk. Several LAS PANs of rain forest, including CS of air plant growing on tree trunk. CU of tropical flower. CU of mushroom on piece of deadwood. PAN MS of upper layer of forest canopy, shot from observation platform in tree during rainfall. Several CSs of poisonous plants and fallen fruit from upper layers of forest canopy. CUs of fungi on dead leaves on ground. CUs of insect bite on man's arm. CSs of fungi on tree. CSs of insects' nest on tree. CUs of various flowers and plants.

Shot ID: 3442 22:43

Shots of magnolia warblers, male and female, feeding young, of yellow warbler on nest. MCS of young black and white warbler in hole in stump, adult black and white warbler feeding it. Shots of hermit thrush feeding a ravenous family, of two red-neck grebes on water. Cut to one grebe on floating nest. MCU of front of grebe on nest. Shot of adult killdeer plover on nest and cut to MCU of young plover and eggs. Shot of adult plover going through "broken wing" routine. MCUs of hairy woodpecker at nest hole in tree. Shots of two species of flycatchers in nests, feeding young. Shot of nest with very young birds. CU of chipping sparrow in nest. Cut to sequence on white-browned sparrow feeding young in nest. Shots of spotted sandpiper settling down on nest. Cut to shot of young in nest. MLS of adult bald eagle on tree limb. MCSs of young bald eagle in nest, flapping its wings. Shots of blue-headed vireo adult, of young in nest.

Shot ID: 7778 0:37

CS of a swallow's nest containing three eggs.

Shot ID: 9173 8:04

Several MCSs and CSs of immature blackbellied plover in autumn plumage moving about on tundra, at nest on ground, brooding, including CSs of eggs.

Shot ID: 9174 10:34

Numerous shots of short eared owl feeding four youngs at nest, of youngs in nest. Shot of young bird being bothered by black flies, small dead animal at its feet. MCSs of two short eared owl at nest.

Shot ID: 10322 9:12

Several CUs, MLSs of bees gathering pollen, flying from flower to flower. Shot of bee on flower, swish PAN to hive. CS of bees at entrance of hive. CU of bumble bee gathering pollen. Two shots of butterflies on flowers. Various shots of insects on flowers. Various shots of insects (wasps, black flies, ants, ladybugs) on flowers. Shots of wasps attacking a caterpillar and with larvae in wasps' nest.

Shot ID: 10579 0:36

CU of pine cone badly damaged by insect eggs and larvae.

Shot ID: 12920 20:31

Great shots of spawned out chum salmon in shallow stream, a large number of them are dead or dying, gulls feed on dead fish.

Shot ID: 12936 8:04

MLSs and MSs of sea lions feeding in herring spawning grounds off Vancouver Island, numerous gulls are flying overhead (173 ft). LSs and MLSs of gulls and cormorants feeding on herring (117 ft).

Shot ID: 12968 1:52

Several HASs of spawning salmon heading upstream in silt laden waters of upper Fraser River.

Shot ID: 13043 2:40

Good shots of eagles fishing herring spawn in bay near Beaver Cove.

Shot ID: 13242 1:17

UNDERWATER SHOTs of herring spawn in open water swimming amid kelp (dupe neg).

Shot ID: 14502 2:05

CS of two pelican eggs in nest on shore of Lake Winnipeg, cut to CUs of egg hatching open. CUs of eggs in nest. CUs of newborn pelicans in nest.

Shot ID: 27612 0:40

CU of tern's nest on Kent Island in Bay of Fundy, ZOOM OUT to CSs of same, ZOOM IN to CU of dead chick outside nest, cut to CS of dead chick, PAN to other chick in nest (24 ft).

Shot ID: 30213 15:48

MCS of pied billed grebes breeding. Various shots of pied billed grebes at nests in marsh, brooding, covering eggs with grass before leaving nest, drake and hen swimming about in marsh, swimming with young on mothers back. Shot of female grebe on nest, calling. CU of grebe eggs in nest. Shots of muskrat at nest in marsh, diving, swimming underwater, washing its face.

Shot ID: 30583 8:56

Various shots of killdeer plover at its nest on stony ground, of bird moving about on ground. MCS of indigo bunting perched on branch of coniferous tree, calling. MCSs of male Baltimore oriole at nest in tree.

Shot ID: 31628 22:21

Shots of birds including purple martin, tree swallows, bank swallows, house wren, song sparrow feeding young, chestnut sided warbler at nest with young, redstart young in nest, adult feeding it, male and female bluebirds at nest hole, insect in beak, black-cuckoo adult sitting on nest with eggs, woodcock in reeds, mourning dove on nest, cedar wax wing at nest, killdeer plover on ground, spotted sandpiper young in nest, man's fingers picking one young up, adult sandpiper on nest, young bittern on nest in reeds, male and female red wing blackbird at nest and in flight. CUs of male red wing blackbird, of sora rail moving through reeds, sitting on nest. Shots of eggs in nest, of young sora rail breaking out of egg, recuperating after birth. Shots of swap land in summer, of small lake, reeds, small woods, fence in foreground.

Shot ID: 41062 1:12

CS of woodpeckers carrying insects in and out of nest (0:07). CSs of perching bird, solitary vireo, brooding eggs in nest (1:05).

Shot ID: 41281 0:49

CSs and CUs of snowy owl, CS of eggs in nest, CS of owl in nest with numerous chicks.

Shot ID: 50232 8:57

Macrophotography of copepods and amphipods in tank (3:48). HAMCSs of snails and slugs moving on rock (1:42). CS of worm wiggling near surface (0:25). CSs of small organisms with tentacles clinging to shellfish (0:54). CSs of lobster eating shellfish (1:33). Macrophotography of small organisms on aquatic plants (1:10).

Shot ID: 3308 4:32

[OE] Several CSs of beaver swimming and diving in water near beaver dam. MCSs of two beavers swimming in small river, snow and ice on river banks. Various CSs of beaver grooming himself on river bank.

Shot ID: 3439 7:02

Dog trials: LSs of wheat fields, stooks visible. CU of licence plates from North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. LS of small country church silhouetted against sky. Shots of man and his hunting dog, man rubbing dog, dog running in field. CS of dog on leash. Shots at kennel, dogs looking through fence, two men attaching leashes to dogs. Sequence showing three men on horseback in field, dogs running along. LSs of village in prairie, PANs to car driving down road towards village. PAN from train station in Frobisher, Saskatchewan, to cars driving by on dusty road. MLS of train, PAN to grain elevator. Shots of hunting dog pointing in field, owner placing dog, showing dog pointing stance. Shots of owner and dog walking in field. Sequence showing hunting dog and mounted owners arriving at bushes, owner petting dog, dog pointing to bushes. Sequence on owner teaching dog, dog at leash pointing to bushes, man placing him in pointing position. Shot of dog leaning against man's stomach, TILT UP to man's face. Shot of two men examining head and dog's tail. CS of hunting dog pointing in field.

Shot ID: 7306 0:00

Fish Unlimited: three shots of limpid water in small creek, small waterfall, stone culvert. PANs of fish farm. SHot of sign re fish culture station. Sequence on man feeding fishes, on fish swimming just beneath surface of water. Several shots of many fish clearly visible. Side shots of glass aquarium, many fish visible. Shots of man selecting fingerlings. Shot of boxes containing fingerlings being loaded from pick-up truck to seaplane. FOLLOW SHOT of seaplane taking off. CU of fish being jettisoned through spout in belly of aircraft. CU of man looking up from ground. AERIAL SHOTs of countryside.

Shot ID: 9175 3:27

Shots of female lark bunting feeding young at nest. Shot of male in autumn plumage, of female at nest.

Shot ID: 10665 0:53

CSs of Oyster Catcher eggs on pebbeled shore of Triangle Island (0:28). MS of Oyster Catcher (bird) on rocks (0:28).

Shot ID: 10666 1:45

CSs at night of researcher probing with his hands into auklet nests on Triangle Island, CU of young Cassin's auklet in his hand (1:07). CU of rhino auklet in his hand (0:35).

Shot ID: 10768 0:45

CSs of salmon battling their way up river.

Shot ID: 12972 3:37

UNDERWATER SHOTs of herring eggs on kelp in spawning grounds off Vancouver Island.

Shot ID: 13072 8:49

AERIAL SHOTs over herring spawning grounds along shoreline on Denman Island, water is turned white by milt of spawning herring, sea lions are visible swimming in water.

Shot ID: 19388 2:21

Shots of ground hog, of three eggs in nest on ground. Shot of Inuit hunter depositing rifle near nest, picking up one of the eggs, examining it. CU of head of husky dog resting. MLS of small rodent near burrow. Shots of hawk perched on rock, of small rodent racing across open space.