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Shot ID: 2264 19:08

Several shots from different angles of cooper Armand Hardy making barrel using traditional methods. Different stages of process are shown, including barrel assembly using frame and metal hoops, planing of inside of barrel.

Shot ID: 8623 3:38

Shots of pedestrians walking past store front, couple watching goods in window, CU of sign "Made in Disabled Civilians Workshop - Moose Jaw". Street scenes in business district of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, bus moving on street. Sequence in disabled civilians workshop showing new man on crutches being introduced to foreman. LACS of man operating jig-saw, showing work to foreman. Shots of foreman showing new man how to operate drill press, man trying, showing foreman piece of wood. MLS of disabled men at work in workshop, man in suit introducing new man to foreman. MS of three men at work on cabinets. CS of man planing drawer, fitting drawer to cabinet. CS of wooden pieces, TILT UP to new man at work on drill press. MS of man writing address on parcel. MS of man folding and stacking ironing boards.

Shot ID: 10423 0:48

CS of woodcutting machine making edges on doors in cabinet-maker's workshop.

Shot ID: 10448 12:29

Several CSs from different angles of a group of men on waterfront, at work carving and assembling a tall statue in the style of the Haïda Indians (208 ft). MCS of them using winch to stand up statue on small barge, shot from boat (158 ft). TRAVELLING SHOT from boat of statue on barge moored between other boats, Meares Island is visible in background (80 ft).

Shot ID: 11457 25:05

Several long and excellent sequences comprised of numerous shots from many angles of an expert glass blower at work in his laboratory creating complicated pieces of glass equipment, possibly destined for medical or scientific use.

Shot ID: 15043 5:05

Several shots from different angles of young boys hired by Canadian archaeological expedition at East Karnak, at work cleaning pieces of pottery and various artifacts.

Shot ID: 15162 28:17

Several CSs of details of limestone stele of the Pharaoh Akhenaten with his wife Nefrititi and three daughters. Several CSs and CUs from different angles of head of Queen Tiye. Good CS of head of Akhenaten. CSs of details of stele of Akhenaten as a sphinx. CS of stele of ladies in waiting in row. CS of blue vase topped with a ram as a handle. CSs of details of stele of geese. CSs of details of stele with hyeroglyphs and a woman kneeling. CSs of details of stele of flowers. Various CSs of broken limestone head with printed lips. Several CSs and CUs of paintings on armana vase. CSs of relief of girl patting nose of a bull in a pen. Several CSs of blue jar. Several CSs of relief of head of princess. CSs of relief of fishes. Several CSs of relief of musicians. CSs of relief on pillar of doves.

Shot ID: 15480 9:02

HACUs of faces of Micmac Indian children looking at camera. CU sequence on Indian man bending reeds, making wicker basket. MLS of group of Indian children sitting around campfire on beach at dusk. CUs of faces of children. ECUs of eyes, mouth, nose. CUs of hands, arms of woman collecting reeds, TILT UP to profile of Indian woman counting reeds. CUs of hands of Indian boy working on doll, TILT UP to face. Front TRAVELLING SHOT of Indian girls running on road.

Shot ID: 17798 0:33

CU of Inuit woman with headdress, TILT DOWN CUs of bead work on her traditional dress.

Shot ID: 18851 20:06

CSs and CUs of details of religious embroidery done by the Ursulines, particularly altar frontals.

Shot ID: 18858 1:58

CSs and CUs of embroidery decorating chapel of Ursuline Convent in Quebec City.

Shot ID: 21069 2:56

Army hospital: ESTABLISHING SHOT of hospital, snow-covered ground. Interior shot of soldiers filling out forms. Sequence on one man being examined by doctor. Several shots of men undergoing various psychological tests. Cut to ward sequence, nurses tending to patients, bringing in lunch, feeding patient. Four men in another ward do physical exercises. Shots of man working on loom and cut to display of earthenware objects made in therapy classes. Elsewhere, men attend class on physiology. Cut to soldier at board explaining the rapport between thinking and physical well-being. Exterior shot of two men skiing towards the hospital. Cut to interior of mess hall and CUs of men eating. Cut into lounge, several soldiers relaxing, chatting, playing games.

Shot ID: 30788 5:10

Shot of worker inserting blob of molten glass at end of rotating canna into furnace at Chalet Artistic Glass Company, Cornwall. CU of blob of molten glass being shaped. Shot of white hot fire in kiln, of blob being introduced into kiln. Two shots of Venetian glass objects being shaped. Several shots of finished glass objects, some turning, some lining wall.

Shot ID: 31925 5:16

Mungo Martin: Interior shot of Martin's shop, of Mungo Martin and small boy, of Martin showing him his totems and carved handicrafts. Exterior shots of Martin working on large totem. Interior and exterior shots of totem pole displays, of carvings. Exterior shot of Martin's shop, painted as a totem figure. CUs of hands carving statuette.

Shot ID: 33515 4:32

Old people's home in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador: various shots of faces, old people sitting in hall during a concert. Various shots of old couple in tête-à-tête, of faces, of old people in their rooms, of men weaving baskets. TILT DOWN from pictures on wall to old woman in her room, Mrs. Carson.

Shot ID: 38293 6:14

Shots of Japanese fishermen in Tsuma (now Okinoshima Town), Japan, sitting on floor, making straw skirting for fishing baskets. Several MCUs of hands at work, of faces. Profile MCU of man's face as he works. MCU of face of boy lying on floor, crawling away. Shot of man, boy close together. Shots of men at work tying fish hooks. Shot of man making baskets.

Shot ID: 39721 23:15

MLS with PAN over wall where many skeins of coloured wool are hanging, to loom on which young woman is working. CS and HAECS of work on loom. Frontal CS, through spindles of loom, of hands working loom and TILT UP to woman half-hidden by horizontal wooden parts. HACS of women’s hands kneading huge ball of dough in old kneading trough and MS of woman working bent over dough. LACS of woman’s head from front and wooden lid of trough. [Same woman again] HACS of baby lying down and hands undressing it. CS of head of mother and child (moving camera). MCS of mother bathing baby. CS of mother drying and diapering child after bath. MCS of mother spoon-feeding child lying on her lap (twice) and some CSs of mother and child. Various shots from MS to CS and ECS of other young mother sitting in rocking chair and nursing baby.

Shot ID: 41034 0:43

Visual in Estevan area; MLS of grain elevator (0:19). MSs of railroad workers cutting tall grass with scythes along railroad tracks (0:15). WIDE SHOT throught shimmering heat waves of railroad tracks and landcape (0:09). Hazy ELS of Boudary Dam coal powered power station (0:15).

Shot ID: 41564 2:39

Series of shots of nun sculpting wood frame of icon on workbench outside her lakeside cottage, CUs of her work, CU of dandelions burning in fire creating smoke (1:45). WIDE SHOT and MLSs from across calm lake of smoke and cottage, bugs buzzing around camera (0:47)

Shot ID: 49467 8:02

Sequence on Addis Ababa, low shacks, many displaying handicrafts, people moving about. Sequence on Addis Ababa market district, tradesmen, artisans, weavers, saddle makers.

Shot ID: 50325 1:07

MS, CS of Inuit carver working on soapstone piece with hatchet outside in snow.

Shot ID: 54640 1:13

MCUs of vendor carrying coloured textiles on his head and unfolding one for the camera. PAN of people in the marketplace.

Shot ID: 2263 20:50

Several shots from different angles of cooper Armand Hardy making barrel using traditional methods. Different stages of barrel-making process are shown, including splitting of cedar log, planing and carving of staves, making of metal barrel hoops.

Shot ID: 10153 2:54

HAMS of ships at dock in harbour. Sequence showing passengers embarking on ship, including CU of steam whistle blowing and LAS of large smokstack smoking heavily. Sequence showing various activities aboard ship: deck games (shuffle-board), women knitting, one minding baby in pram; cut to CUs of baby in pram. MS rear view of men at railing waving to other ship moving by and LS of glacier. Interior shots of activities showing passengers playing cards, reading, playing dominoes and chatting in lounge.

Shot ID: 10236 5:13

Shots of women at work in sewing and handicrafts class. Shots of family at dinner table, woman serving food, teenage boy and girl rushing out. HAMS of residential street, boys playing football in street. MS of boy raking leaves on front lawn, man arriving by bicycle, boy enters house with parcel. Shots of teenage couple walking on sidewalk. Sequence on boy, small girl, teenage girl and man listening to radio while wearing earphones. MS of boys playing football in street. Sequence in playroom showing mothers helping children removing coats, children playing, mothers watching. Sequence in neigbourhood workshop showing boys building model houses, man explaining boy how to repair chair, face of man as he works. MS of mother with two children entering playroom, joining other mothers and children.

Shot ID: 10422 0:35

MS of cabinet-maker in workshop using table saw. CS of cabinet-maker in workshop lathing table legs.

Shot ID: 12072 0:49

[Material taken from Chalet Glass]: CU of face of glass blower. Shot of work being done on semi-molten glass object.

Shot ID: 13838 0:38

CSs and CUs from various angles of a woman in period costume weaving on a loom, all of this taking place at an outdoor bazaar (23 ft).

Shot ID: 14059 3:34

Exterior, day; series of shots of Inuits building a kayak; CSs and CUs of them streaching sealskins onto kayak's skeleton, shots of women sewing skins (3:04). MSs of groups at work with inlet in background, late afternoon (0:29).

Shot ID: 15079 6:19

Various CSs of interview with "Umseti" (old Arab woman) at her home as she talks about the Pharaoh Akhenaten and his wife Nefrititi, while doing embroidery.

Shot ID: 15100 8:52

Various CSs of worker on archaeological site in East Karnak, brushing remains of a pot that has been uncovered while someone else takes measurements. TILT UP to CS of Peter French, pottery specialist. CS of Peter French as he talks about remains of pot. Several CSs and CUs of him using trowel to remove pot from earth, pot breaks into many pieces, including shots of two assistants helping (jump cuts). HACU of pieces of pot in a basket, ZOOM OUT as Peter French picks it up, FOLLOW SHOT as he walks away with basket.

Shot ID: 15113 7:05

Several CSs and CU of Egyptian potter at work making jugs using kick wheel. Several FOLLOW SHOTs of potter's helper carrying finished jugs outside and setting them on ground in sunlight. CS of jugs drying in sun. CS of rows of jugs on ground, PAN to MCS of potter's helper placing jug on ground next to other jugs drying in sun and walking back to potter's hut (two shots).

Shot ID: 16393 0:34

Interior shots of glass works, man blowing molten glass.

Shot ID: 23270 8:09

Several shots from different angles of a woman using a hand loom to weave cotton cloth, including shots of children watching.

Shot ID: 24018 2:18

Various CSs of woman making toy stuffed dogs in small workshop (82 ft).

Shot ID: 24021 6:27

CSs and CUs of stonecutter at work sculpting top stone of pillar for new cathedral (90 ft). Various shots of stonecutter at work near constrution site, PAN of cathedral to CS of stonecutter working on tower, ZOOM OUT to LAMS of completed bell tower (18 ft). CS of gargoyles on wall, ZOOM OUT to CS of stonecutter (20 ft). LAMLS of elaborate steeple, TILT DOWN to a shot of a pile of cut stones (37 ft).

Shot ID: 24327 2:27

Several shots from different angles of two men (Jean-Noël and Michel Lemay) in cemetery by gravestone, Michel Lemay is engraving name and date on stone.

Shot ID: 25165 1:18

CSs and CUs of women in village of Lenteng, Indonesia learning to do embroidery.

Shot ID: 39580 10:05

MS of head and shoulders of man checking stone work on building. LS of Parliament Buildings, of man taking sample and placing it in liquid and in test tube. CU of test tube and milky substance. CU of man's face. PAN to test tube and Peace Tower building in background, of technician at work. CS of bottle labelled "Acid Rain" H2-504-3.8P.H. CU of sign "Stop Acid Rain", ZOOM OUT on man at a different angle. CS of stonework carvings. CU of brick damaged. CS of sign to ZOOM OUT on top of Parliament Building. Various shots of columns or pillars of Parliament Building. MS of man at door of building, chipping away stone. ZOOM IN to CU of it. CU of head of statue of Laurier or Macdonald. MS of statue, Parliament in background. LS of Chateau Laurier. MS of one of Chateau Laurier's towers with TILT DOWN showing streaks. Side MS of National War Memorial monument. CU of soldier's head damaged. Front view MS of memorial. MS of bronze female figure at bottom of memorial. CU of face of above statue. CS of female statue's arm. CU of man's head statue (Mackenzie King?) MS of above statue, down to waist. CS of statue's arm behind his back. CU of King's statue with Canadian flag in background.

Shot ID: 41569 5:34

Series of shots of Clarisse nun making religious icon in lakeside cottage. Silent shot of nun applying colour to icon (0:52). CSs of nun gluing white cloth on wood base of icon (1:51). CSs of icons and partilally finished icons (0:38). Several shots of nun in workshop preparing pieces of wood using radial power saw and planer (1:40).

Shot ID: 50929 2:00

Shots of the Bouchard home, one showing Cecile painting in yard while a small herd of lambs passes in front. CUs, MCSs of members of the Bouchard family carving wood, of finished carvings.

Shot ID: 834 2:34

Sequence in kindergarten showing children (girls and boys) painting, playing with train made of boxes, doing handicrafts, playing with small boats in bucket of water. Shots include views of small black boy. MS of group of children, boy drawing caricature on brick wall with chalk, running away, CU of drawing depicting human figure. MS of man posing as boy paints model. MS of dancers doing dance on stage, PAN to MLS of audience watching and applauding.

Shot ID: 1000 3:50

CSs and MSs of women dressed in nineteenth century making candles.

Shot ID: 3441 2:53

Glass blowing: CU of glass model in shape of ancient sailing ship being formed with gas jet. CS of man heating metal container. CU glass sculptures depicting ancient sailing ship, stylised deer and dancing girl. CU of tools used in glass blowing industry. Shots in laboratory, LAS of glass bowls, TILT DOWN along glass tubes to man looking at liquid boiling in glass container. FOLLOW SHOT of man using caliper to measure glass tube, man walking to bench and adjusts slide rule. CS of man heating glass at end of tube, blowing it, man breaking glass bubble.

Shot ID: 6734 8:04

Ceramics: shot of hands removing lid from mould, taking out formed statuette. Shot of men carrying newly made clay objects to the firing kilns. Various MSs of women fashioning ceramic objects. CUs of hands at work. Shot of man putting objects into kiln and bolting the door shut.

Shot ID: 7075 14:51

Exterior, day; several shots from various angles of Indian women using spindle to spin wool into thread, various shots of them dyeing wool in large pots heating on fire, many children are with them.

Shot ID: 8882 4:04

Several CSs and CUs of Indian woman weaving strands of straw into headbands as she explains technique, including CUs of hands, face and shots of children nearby (145 ft).

Shot ID: 9197 7:30

Education Week: sequence on domestic science class showing girls cooking, ironing, doing laundry in sink. MS of children entering rural school past teacher (woman) standing at the door. Sequence on science class showing boys at work on various scientific devices, teacher (man) explaining string weight to two girls. Sequence in woodworking class showing boys planing, working on lathes. MS and CS of two boys at work on metal container in sheet metal class. Shots in woodworking class showing boys planing, boy using band saw, girl using grinder. Sequence in auto mechanics class showing HAS of boys at work on frame of automobile, boys acetylene wielding. Shots of girls weaving on loom. MS of students in geography class, boy near revolving globe of world, explaining. Various shots of Westmount High School students playing football. MLS of children playing in yard of rural school.

Shot ID: 9958 4:35

Exterior, day, winter; series of shots in uranium prospecting camp in James Bay region. Geologist using electronic equipment, skidder and helicopter can be seen on site (2:03). CSs and CUs of drill in operation inside shack (2:00). CS of skidder passing in front of camera (0:10). LACS of drill operator (0:16).

Shot ID: 10157 8:05

Series of shots of potter in country workshop (E Mailloux Ltée) shaping pieces on kick wheel, including CUs of potter using various tools and preparing clay.