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Musical instruments


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Shot ID: 2771 23:03

Whole roll consists of several shots from different angles of a poor family in the South Mountain area having a small get-together with some friends in their house, including shots of them playing guitar, dancing singing.

Shot ID: 2905 9:42

Sequence on couples at square dance in rural town hall, dance in progress. CS of boy and girl clapping hands. Shots of senior man "calling off" square dance. MS of three girls and boy sitting along wall, watching dance. CUs of sign re no spitting, of feet in rubber boots beating in rhythm, of woman's hand cutting piece from cake, of sign re no spitting. HAS over people of square dance in progress. CS of man playing violin. MS of small orchestra playing at dance. CSs of woman drumming, of man playing accordian, of boy playing guitar. CU of hand of guitarist playing, TILT UP to his face. MS of boy playing piano. (30/10/1952).

Shot ID: 3002 4:50

Sequence on soldiers and girls dancing at canteen, orchestra in background, various shots of couples dancing, of soldiers sitting along wall, refusing to go dancing. Sequence on military dance band showing various shots of different musicians including trumpeter, clarinetists, pianist, saxophonists. Sequence on soldiers training showing LS of soldiers advancing across field, MSs of soldiers learning unarmed combat. CS of soldiers in audience, listening attentively.

Shot ID: 5455 1:09

Kilties skirl in rally: Various shots of Empire Pipe Band playing in Strathcona Park, of dancers executing the fling, the sword dance. CUs of feet.

Shot ID: 6372 5:36

CS side view of train carrying Canadian soldiers of the Canadian Army First Division, pulling out of English railway station. Series of shots from various angles of soldiers of the First Division marching and parading. Shots include views of Highlanders, marching bands, bagpipers and CU of bugler blowing. MLSs of men of the Canadian Army First Division training on parade grounds in Bristol, England. PAN along soldiers neatly lined on parade square.

Shot ID: 6723 6:32

MS of bar tender behind bar handling drinks. Interior HASs of night club, people dancing, drinking, dance combo in background. MS of several men playing poker, scene only lighted by large shaded lamp over tables. Front MSs of bar tender wiping glasses, of man at table loaded with beer, toe tapping while other man claps. MLS of motorboat speeding on river, going in circles. Shot of boys climbing side timbers of bridge and diving into water. Shot of children riding rides in playground. Shot of man playing harmonica in tavern as man jigs in background.

Shot ID: 7830 7:40

Several shots from different angles of Quebec Premier René Lévesque taking part in official ceremony at the base of the Arc de Triomphe, during his trip to France in November 1977. Includes shots of Premier meeting a group of veterans. MS of crowd waving Quebec flags. CSs of military brass band. Various shots of honour guard parading at the base of the Arc de Triomphe.

Shot ID: 11527 0:37

CSs of a trombone player from the Newmarket town band servicing his instrument as he stands beside the open trunk of his car. Sequence includes CU of trombone valve being oiled. (22 ft)

Shot ID: 15125 6:55

MCS of a group of Egyptians on site of ruins in Karnak area, low hills and ruins in background, TILT DOWN to HACS of two boys in centre of group singing traditional songs. Cut to several CSs from different angles of boys singing and dancing. Several CSs of faces of children and men with turbans in crowd of spectators. Several CSs and CUs from different angles of musicians dressed in colourful robes playing traditional Egyptian instruments. Several CSs and CUs of faces of men and boys in crowd watching musicians and dancers. CSs of man in colourful robes in centre of group performing a stick dance.

Shot ID: 15361 24:56

Series of shots of Indian family harvesting wild rice in the traditional way; shots of man cooking wild rice (3:44). Shots of men unpacking pipes and various articles for rice ceremony while other families arrive (4:54). Shots of men performing wild rice ceremony (9:48). Shots of wild rice being served, including good shots of children eating (6:18).

Shot ID: 16272 3:32

Sequence in Casavant Frères factory showing man sanding wooden pieces for organ, man fitting keys for keyboard, elderly man at work on key. TILT DOWN sound pipe to MCS of woman playing organ. MS of boy pumping reed organ, PAN to organ. MS of man playing organ, TILT UP to other man adjusting sound pipes, TILT DOWN to man at keyboard. Shots of man at work on sound pipes. HACS of man's hand playing organ. TILT DOWN from small sound pipes to man's hand playing on keyboard, TILT UP to pipes. TILT DOWN sound pipes to man playing organ. Shots of man at work on sound pipes.

Shot ID: 17626 0:07

CS of school bell ringing.

Shot ID: 17816 3:09

Exterior: MSs and CSs of drum dance (Inuit men and women). MLS of crowd of spectators. CS of drummer. MS back view of Inuit dance. MSs of Inuit man wearing traditional dress dancing, drums in background. MS of Inuit woman wearing traditional dress dancing. CS of Inuit man wearing traditional dress dancing, TILT DOWN to his feet. MS of man dancing. MSs of Inuit man and woman dancing.

Shot ID: 17863 2:40

MS of three Inuit doing traditional dance PAN right to drummers. MS of drummers, PAN left to MS of two Inuit women and one man dancing. MLS and MSs of Inuit man wearing traditional dress doing drum dance.

Shot ID: 18402 10:39

Several shots from different angles of three local musicians playing traditional Scottish tunes on piano, guitar and fiddle in lounge, including shots of customers listening.

Shot ID: 19302 3:02

Various CSs and MSs of two Inuit throat singers performing on steps outside Museum of Mankind in London (9 ft). Various CSs and MSs of four Inuit playing traditional drums, including shots of people listening.

Shot ID: 23345 1:42

Several shots from different angles of Buddhist monk sounding big tubular gong inside small pagoda-style shelter.

Shot ID: 24015 9:32

Various CSs of guitar makers at work in small workshop (207 ft). LS of houses in hills on outskirts of city of Quito, ZOOM OUT to CSs and CUs of guitar maker outside his shop vaporising varnish on guitars, plus a few similar shots (134 ft).

Shot ID: 26751 2:35

News from Sicily: Shots of Highland Regiment putting on performance, playing the pipes. Shots of Donkey Derby. Brief shots of visit by General Montgomery and General McNaughton.

Shot ID: 30635 6:10

How to Retire and Start Living: various interior shots of elderly people in pairs and in groups, sitting, chatting, playing cards, dancing, putting on a play. Shots of audience watching, clapping, of woman fiddler on platform.

Shot ID: 31815 5:20

Canadian Rockies, party night: several shots of party at Timberline lodge, of fondue pot, hand stirring contents, guitar player performing, girls and boys singing and chatting.

Shot ID: 39141 6:12

Shot of wheat field, trees in background, few clouds in sky. Shot of farmer driving horse-drawn binder past camera. FOLLOW LS of boy moving along road in buggy, trees and fields filling frame. Two shots of cows grazing in pasture, farm buildings visible in distant background. Shot along edge of pasture of bushes lining field. LAS of tree leaves moving slowly in the wind. MLS of two horses on edge of pond on farm, trees and farm buildings in background. Shots including night view of weeds along stream, of edge on far side, foliage mirrored in calm water. Shot of reflection of trees in water. Shot of weedy field at dusk, wild flowers crowding camera, trees in distant background. Three progressively closer shots of cornet in man's hand. CS of boy's hand writing in scribbler in school. Shots of pendulum clock, CU of clock face, TILT DOWN to oscillating pendulum. Night shot of wheat field with tree line at horizon, few clouds in sky.

Shot ID: 824 12:29

Bush pilot in Northwest Territories: AERIAL SHOTs of mountains, Arctic landscapes, snow, tundra. Shots of Inuit woman operating radio in Aklavik, of Inuit men playing guitar, accordion and violin. Shot of doctor entering plane and taking off on lake. AERIAL SHOTs of water, forest, prairie, buffaloes running for cover, forest fire in the distance. Shots of trappers heading for seaplane moored to shore. Low AERIAL SHOT of running buffaloes. Ground shot of buffaloes on the run, strolling about in tall grass as men take census. More AERIAL SHOTs of forests, lakes, and towns. LS of plane flying low over lake. Sequence showing two women sitting by sick or injured person, ambulance plane landing, sick person being placed into plane, plane taking off. Shot of plane taking off and high AERIAL SHOT of forest. Sequence on sick person being put into automobile ambulance for trip to hospital. Dissolve to scene in surgery. Sequence on float ambulance plane picking up sick Indian. Shot of official of air ambulance service answering call for help. Cut to ambulance plane taking off, to men making signal to guide plane, to plane picking up injured man, flying off.

Shot ID: 1012 2:33

Front and back MSs of a girl in nineteenth century costume playing harpsichord including CU of hands playing.

Shot ID: 3187 0:32

CS of drum majorette, marching band behind her, ZOOM OUT to MLS of whole marching band coming down street. MLS of marching band, ZOOM IN to drum, PAN left to CU of tuba.

Shot ID: 3518 4:00

CS of hands beating measure, TILT UP to CU of faces of teenagers (mostly girls). Shots of rock band "Les Lynx" playing on stage including CUs of equipment and drum set parts. PAN to MS of audience listening (one girl seen smoking cigarette). Various CUs of musician playing. Sequence at party showing buffet: CU of wine being poured into glass, TILT UP to adult guests serving themselves from buffet table. Several CUs of faces and of dishes of food held by guests.

Shot ID: 11541 1:02

MS of bagpiper playing a lament at the Newmarket, Ontario cenotaph on decoration day. Soldiers with heads bowed and hands resting on down turned weapons stand guard at corners of the cenotaph; TILT DOWN to CS of crosses marking graves of slain servicemen. Followed by MS of two members of the Royal Canadian Legion Women's Auxiliary laying wreath at base of cenotaph (37 ft).

Shot ID: 14377 5:25

Sequence on departure in Athen's harbour; MS of customs officer checking passengers' papers as they file past. MLS of line up of porters and cars full of luggage, passengers standing by. Series of shots showing well-wishers and passengers kissing, embracing, bidding farewell, some weeping. Sequence on family groups posing for photographs, including views of photographer taking picture. HAMS of girls and old woman sitting on pile of luggage on pier. HAS of crowd on dock. Shot of ship, passengers at railing, crowd on dock in foreground. CU of hand strumming buzuki, HAMS of man playing instrument, people standing around. LAMSs of girls standing at rail of ship. Shots of passengers filing past customs officers, passengers going up gangplank. Shot of ship moving away slowly, passengers waving from railing.

Shot ID: 15362 8:26

Series of shots of Indian family harvesting wild rice in the traditional way; various night shots of men performing wild rice ceremony (7:24). Shots of them packing ceremonial articles after ceremony (0:60).

Shot ID: 15366 7:17

MCSs of seaplane arriving at Anishinahbe Indian village, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police steps out of plane greeted by villagers (0:42). Shots of another seaplane arriving (0:29). Various shots of children as men make preparations for ceremony (2:26). MS of men beating on drum, PAN to CSs of chief filling ceremonial pipe and performing ritual prayer, Governor General Ed Schreyer or either Minister of Indian Affairs John Carr Munro, accompanied by a mountie attends ceremony for the unveiling of a plaque commemorating the signing of sovereignty treaty in 1873 (2:56). CU of plaque (0:27).

Shot ID: 15367 2:38

MSs of Anishinahbe Indian children playing on floating docks on shore of Lac des Bois on a windy day (1:11). CS of men beating on drum (0:24). MS of Governor General Ed Schreyer or either Minister of Indian Affairs John Carr Munro, and Indian chief unveiling plaque commemorating the signing of sovereignty treaty in 1873, CS of handshake between two men (0:58).

Shot ID: 16635 0:33

Chimes for Toronto Church: chimes, a gift from Chester Massey, arrive from England at Metropolitan Church. TILT UP spire, scaffolding. Various shots of bells being installed.

Shot ID: 17790 3:09

CSs of Inuit man playing fiddle.

Shot ID: 17792 3:14

CU of Inuit woman doing drum dance, ZOOM IN to CS of woman dancing with baby slung on her back, another woman comes and takes the baby, ZOOM IN to CU of drum PAN left and right to CSs of women singing. Back view MS of Inuit woman doing drum dance, spectators in background.

Shot ID: 18684 4:40

Opening of Fundy National Park: side CS view of man reading newspaper. HACU of newspaper announcing opening of park from over man's shoulder. Shots of Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick DL McLaren arriving by car, inspecting Air Force guard of honour. Various shots of airmen, of crowd. Shots of JB McNair, Premier New Brunswick and of Robert Winters, Minister of Resources and developpment speaking. MS of McLaren officially opening park, cutting ribbon. MS of two pipers leading procession into park. HALS of of golf club house. MS of F Robertson, President of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island Golf Association, teeing off from new 9-hole golf course. Several shots of course, CSs of couple (man and woman) standing near pin, HALSs of golfers swinging and putting. Shots of cars moving on driveway in park. Several shots from various distances of park. Shots of heated salt water pool, sevral swimmers, man diving into water, many spectators standing around pool.

Shot ID: 20782 5:35

Various shots of children from the music department of the Halifax School Board practicing the ukulele outside (202 ft).

Shot ID: 23335 0:30

CU of end of rope used to sound gong in Fuji shrine in Ueno Park, ZOOM OUT to CS as a man comes into view, sounds gong, says a short prayer and walks away, TILT UP to LACS of gong.

Shot ID: 30988 10:13

Shots of volunteer feeding cake to Inuit babies. Various CUs of children in cribs, of children at table eating. TRAVELLING SHOT past feet of beds as patients rest. Short sequence showing dentist and patient. Shots of nurses relaxing, one playing guitar as others sing, drink coffee. Shot of doctors in meeting.

Shot ID: 31284 8:42

MCS of woman organist. CU of keyboard of electronic organ, hand pressing keys. TILT UP from hands starting to play to organist and organ, DOLLY OUT to include customers in a IGA supermarket in Ottawa. Various CUs of vegetables in the supermarket, prices, young man looking vegetables over, man and wife shopping, putting vegetables into cart. Shot of boy riding cart as brother pushes. Shot of mother putting vegetables in cart. Numerous MSs, CUs of customers shopping.

Shot ID: 38165 9:58

MLS, MS of two Zouaves on sentry duty at entrance to Zouave camp, tents visible in background. MS from inside tent of sentry walking back and forth at night. Exterior MLS of sentry marching back and forth. HAMLS, ZOOM IN on tents around corner of field, Zouaves milling about in front. MS of Zouaves on parade, ordering arms. Shots of bugles, of standard bearer. Longer shot of bearer, Zouaves at attention in background. MS of Zouave troopers, officer with sword drawn. HAMCS of Montcalm Naval Band playing. Shot of wreaths at foot of cenotaph, TILT UP. Shot of Zouave officer marching to cenotaph, laying wreath, saluting, marching back, PAN to assembled crowd. Shot of colourful stained glass window, ZOOM OUT to include Zouaves in church. ZOOM OUT from insignias on table, priest blessing insignias, handing them out. DOLLY OUT of Zouaves filing out of pews towards and on both sides of camera. Shots of directional signs pointing towards Zouave camp, street signs, highway signs. Shots of two young troopers practicing fancy rifle drill in front of tent. FOLLOW SHOT of band led by drum major, colour party, marching onto field, stopping in front of Commanding Officer's tent. (00/06/1967)

Shot ID: 41541 13:57

Shots of religious ceremony for the jubilee of several sisters at the Saints Noms de Jésus et de Marie Convent including the beginning of the ceremony, various CSs and CUs of elderly sisters attending, shots of them singing, shots of priest celebrating mass (10:26). CSs of nun playing organ (0:16). HAMLS from choir loft of procession headed by the jubilees leaving church (1:09). CS of priest greeting nuns as they walk by him (1:51).

Shot ID: 49531 0:08

LAS of bells ringing in futuristic belfry.

Shot ID: 72294 1:21


Shot ID: 72480 3:37


Shot ID: 966 3:04

FOLLOW CS of men dressed as eighteenth century soldiers, drummers marching. They stop and do drill. CS of muskets being fired by line of men.

Shot ID: 1028 0:34

MS and MLS of bell ringing in bell tower.

Shot ID: 4143 0:05

Brief shot of Cameron pipe band performing.

Shot ID: 8447 2:15

HA interior shot of Highland party, bagpiper and kilted participants standing in middle of floor, spectator seated around room. The group of young Highlanders is doing scottish dance. MLS of mine buildings, minerscoming off shift, walking past camera. Sequence at Highland party in hall, kilted man walking past young pipers to welcome young girl, young girl playing bagpipe, having difficulties playing instrument. LACS of man talking to young girl.

Shot ID: 10446 9:52

ESTABLISHING SHOT of town of Tofino with bay and mountains in background, PAN to MLS of demonstration in roadside park for the protection of forest on Meares Island (23 ft). Various shots of peaceful demonstration, including shots of young people (hippies) playing music (259 ft). CSs of makeup artist painting stylized unicorn on cheek of young woman.

Shot ID: 11526 0:18

CU of cymbals being struck together and the smiling face of the cymbal player as he performs (10 ft).