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Performing arts


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Shot ID: 501 3:32

DOLLY SHOTs along boys' and girls' choirs. HAMLS from balcony showing woman conducting boys' choir on stage. CU of boy singing. HAMLS from balcony of boy singing solo, acompanied by woman on piano. DOLLY IN to MS front view of boy singing on stage. DOLLY SHOT past two men and woman at table, discussing music scores. Sequence on men and women spectators.

Shot ID: 1377 11:02

PAN of people sitting in living room, listening to elderly man, including Raymond Garceau among guests. Several shots of people chatting, elderly men telling stories, elderly man fiddling, other man performing tap dance, guests dancing. Exterior night shot of more people arriving, entering house. Shots of party from outside, through window. Shot of birthday cake, many candles, woman cutting it. Sequence on square dancing in kitchen-living room.

Shot ID: 2771 23:03

Whole roll consists of several shots from different angles of a poor family in the South Mountain area having a small get-together with some friends in their house, including shots of them playing guitar, dancing singing.

Shot ID: 2825 15:39

Several shots from different angles of Montreal's Haitian community in basement of Saint-Edouard Church celebrating the fall of President Jean-Claude Duvalier, they make speeches, drink champagne, dance and wave the new Haitian flag (red and blue).

Shot ID: 2905 9:42

Sequence on couples at square dance in rural town hall, dance in progress. CS of boy and girl clapping hands. Shots of senior man "calling off" square dance. MS of three girls and boy sitting along wall, watching dance. CUs of sign re no spitting, of feet in rubber boots beating in rhythm, of woman's hand cutting piece from cake, of sign re no spitting. HAS over people of square dance in progress. CS of man playing violin. MS of small orchestra playing at dance. CSs of woman drumming, of man playing accordian, of boy playing guitar. CU of hand of guitarist playing, TILT UP to his face. MS of boy playing piano. (30/10/1952).

Shot ID: 3000 7:05

Title: Battling with muskies: CS back view of man fishing in canoe, landing a muskellunge (muskie) fish. HAS of three men stepping down from train as conductor stands by. HAS of tail of train, men seated on rear platform as train pulls out. Cut to station bearing name of town: Hudson, four fishermen standing by. CUs of map of region, pencil tracing railway route. CS of tourists (man and woman) looking at Indian family, mother, baby and father in background. MS of diminutive Bank of Toronto in cabin, two tourists (man and woman) nearby. Sequence on departure: canoe launching, group of tourists (men and women) boarding canoes, boating shots of group being ferried on lake. Brief shot of group portaging through woods, cut to PAN of group resting near water. MS of cameraman shooting scene from rowboat. Sequence on group arriving at Kenneally Lodge on Lake Vermilion, MS of lodge, cut to tourists stepping ashore. Sequence on fisherman leaving in canoe, fishing and hauling muskies. BOATING SHOT of campsite on shore of lake. HAS of porcupine swimming to shore, scrambling up as man in canoe watches. More shots of fishing, including shot of cameraman shooting with hand-held camera, standing in a canoe. Shots of fisherman posing with fish. LS of sun seting on lake, cut to MS of group of fishermen regaining camp. MS of row of fishes (three-day catch). Night shot of bonfire, fishermen standing and singing with gusto. End title. (Titles interspersed)

Shot ID: 3002 4:50

Sequence on soldiers and girls dancing at canteen, orchestra in background, various shots of couples dancing, of soldiers sitting along wall, refusing to go dancing. Sequence on military dance band showing various shots of different musicians including trumpeter, clarinetists, pianist, saxophonists. Sequence on soldiers training showing LS of soldiers advancing across field, MSs of soldiers learning unarmed combat. CS of soldiers in audience, listening attentively.

Shot ID: 5455 1:09

Kilties skirl in rally: Various shots of Empire Pipe Band playing in Strathcona Park, of dancers executing the fling, the sword dance. CUs of feet.

Shot ID: 6271 1:04

Indians celebrate at Banff, Alberta (00/00/1939): sequence on Sarcees, Storneys, Cree, Blackfeet and Kootneys Indians parading on horseback and dancing in full feathered regalia. Sequence on Indian ceremony showing Chief Walking Buffalo making Helen Keller an Indian Princess.

Shot ID: 6723 6:32

MS of bar tender behind bar handling drinks. Interior HASs of night club, people dancing, drinking, dance combo in background. MS of several men playing poker, scene only lighted by large shaded lamp over tables. Front MSs of bar tender wiping glasses, of man at table loaded with beer, toe tapping while other man claps. MLS of motorboat speeding on river, going in circles. Shot of boys climbing side timbers of bridge and diving into water. Shot of children riding rides in playground. Shot of man playing harmonica in tavern as man jigs in background.

Shot ID: 6976 3:49

Several MSs of four Ukrainian girls dancing folk dance in traditional costumes.

Shot ID: 7795 3:10

MCS of Queen Elizabeth II; ZOOM OUT to MCS of outside of Ottawa City Hall on the occasion of her visit to Canada in November 1977. CSs of members of Ottawa police force in dress uniform in formation; PAN to CS of child on its father's shoulders holding small British flag. Crowd shots. CSs of police choir singing; PAN of crowd.

Shot ID: 8559 9:59

Several shots from different angles of members of Montreal's Sikh community celebrating New Year, they are attending concert of traditional music followed by dance show in theatre (357 ft).

Shot ID: 8700 6:08

Several shots of group of Doukhobours sitting on ground, singing, primitive farm buildings in background, smoke coming up from embers of building that group has burned down. MS of owner, William Hadakin, looking smouldering ruins over. CU of William Hadakin. Shot of home of Vera Nazaroff burned down with her consent. Group of Sons of Freedom Doukhobours singing. CUs of faces. Shots of small group of Doukhobours disrobing down to their waists as policeman questions them. Rear shot of group, one woman completely nude except for stockings, smouldering ruins of buildings in background. Shots of one small building beginning to burn while men stripped to the waist, stand and watch. Shot of policeman still questioning, still taking notes. Various shots of buildings burning fiercely, intercut with shots of partly stripped men. Sequence on men being arrested, getting into cars, police cars driving away. Shot of group of women singing, proceeding downhill away from camera, small settlement visible in distance in valley. Shots of group of women and boys setting fire to another building, of house building. Shot of women being escorted up hill by policeman. HALS of Krestova, plume of smoke rising from burning building. Sequence on meeting outside small community hall, missionary Stefan Zorokin talking. (28/04/1950)

Shot ID: 10237 2:10

HAMLS over residential street in winter, MS of boy shovelling snow from sidewalk, boy skiing, young couple walking by. Sequence on children playing in snow showing two boys and girl shoving around fire hydrant, children sliding down snow slide in yard of house, children in climbing on trapeze, shots include CS of icicles hanging from tree branch. CS of sign "Neighbourhood workshop", CS of boy hammering sign on wall. MS of man insulating wall using corrugated cardboard. Various shots in school gym showing teenage boys playing basketball, teenage girls dancing folk dance, two men and woman playing badminton, CS of girls playing volleyball as shot through net.

Shot ID: 10869 7:52

Numerous shots of young people doing modern dances in discotheque, available light.

Shot ID: 13304 2:24

Various shots of young girls singing a song in gymnasium of Mackay Residential School for Indian children.

Shot ID: 13976 21:33

Sequence on Canadian Prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau walking among crowd with Indian chief after official opening of the Kainai Plant, Prime minister Trudeau shaking hands, crowd surrounding him, some people standing on cars, children playing around, teepees. Shots of Pierre Elliott Trudeau dancing Indian dance with group of Indians in native costumes, including shot of boy wearing teeshirt re "Fuddle Duddle", of Pierre Elliott Trudeau walking to helicopter, shaking hands and saluting people, entering helicopter, of the three army helicopters taking off. (10/07/1972)

Shot ID: 14122 3:50

B&W footage of winning performance of skater Donald Jackson at the 1962 World Championships in Prague; Scenic shots of town (0:58). Shots of Jackson performing (0:10). Few shots of medal awarding ceremony (0:14). More scenics of town (0:24). Shots of couple performing (1:56).

Shot ID: 14376 3:19

Greek people: CUs of two young girls smiling at camera. MLS of grandmother, daughter and grandson sitting on chairs outside house. Shots of grandmother spinning by hand using spindle. Series of CSs and CUs of Greek people (mostly old men and women) attending party after baptism ceremony. Shots include views of group of men dancing Greek dance.

Shot ID: 15125 6:55

MCS of a group of Egyptians on site of ruins in Karnak area, low hills and ruins in background, TILT DOWN to HACS of two boys in centre of group singing traditional songs. Cut to several CSs from different angles of boys singing and dancing. Several CSs of faces of children and men with turbans in crowd of spectators. Several CSs and CUs from different angles of musicians dressed in colourful robes playing traditional Egyptian instruments. Several CSs and CUs of faces of men and boys in crowd watching musicians and dancers. CSs of man in colourful robes in centre of group performing a stick dance.

Shot ID: 15264 3:57

Various shots and CUs of Senegalese women performing traditional dances, including shots of musicians and villagers forming a circle around them.

Shot ID: 15361 24:56

Series of shots of Indian family harvesting wild rice in the traditional way; shots of man cooking wild rice (3:44). Shots of men unpacking pipes and various articles for rice ceremony while other families arrive (4:54). Shots of men performing wild rice ceremony (9:48). Shots of wild rice being served, including good shots of children eating (6:18).

Shot ID: 17041 10:22

In the village of Nominingue in the Laurentides region of Quebec: various shots of youngsters sitting on a long bench along a wall of a dance hall, chatting. Closer shots of faces. Shots of sporadic dancing. MLS of three guitarists playing at dance. Shot of guitarist playing, lit by spotlight. Silhouette and dark shots of dancers dancing. Interior shots of restaurant, four young persons sitting at table, talking. ZOOM OUT from sad-faced girl in a class of an all girl school. Front shot of girls in class. CUs faces. CUs of mechanical puppets depicting old man rocking in rocking chair, smoking pipe, of old man pouring drink and drinking over and over again.

Shot ID: 17706 0:25

MS of Inuit woman in traditional dress dancing. CU of Inuit girl in audience. CU of little Inuit girl and boy.

Shot ID: 17710 0:35

MSs and CSs of Inuit man and Inuit woman in traditional dress doing drum dance.

Shot ID: 17799 1:03

CS of Inuit woman doing drum dance, TILT DOWN to CS of her feet, TILT DOWN to CS as she dances.

Shot ID: 17803 1:17

MSs and CSs of Inuit woman doing drum dance with baby on her back.

Shot ID: 17816 3:09

Exterior: MSs and CSs of drum dance (Inuit men and women). MLS of crowd of spectators. CS of drummer. MS back view of Inuit dance. MSs of Inuit man wearing traditional dress dancing, drums in background. MS of Inuit woman wearing traditional dress dancing. CS of Inuit man wearing traditional dress dancing, TILT DOWN to his feet. MS of man dancing. MSs of Inuit man and woman dancing.

Shot ID: 17851 2:00

MS of Inuit woman performing drum dance. CU of same. CU and MS of another woman doing same. CU of Inuit woman singing.

Shot ID: 17863 2:40

MS of three Inuit doing traditional dance PAN right to drummers. MS of drummers, PAN left to MS of two Inuit women and one man dancing. MLS and MSs of Inuit man wearing traditional dress doing drum dance.

Shot ID: 18176 6:17

GROUND TO AIR SHOT of Harvard planes flying by in formation. Various AIR TO AIR SHOTs of single Harvard flying by, of Harvards flying in formation. MSs of Harvards flying below camera plane, flying along with camera plane. AIR TO AIR SHOT and GROUND TO AIR SHOT of Harvards stunting. Shots of clouds, of ground from looping camera plane.

Shot ID: 18619 4:20

Governor General Visits West Coast (Vancouver, 00/07/1946): governor general Alexander arriving at Caledonia Games with family and retinue, declaring games open, watching parades, Highland dances. Shots of dancing, crowd, Highlanders parading. Governor general presenting major general Bertram Hoffmeister, other service personnel and nurse Kent with DSO (Distinguished Service Order) and BAR (?). Shot of Indian ceremony where Alexander was named chief Nakapunkim by West Coast Indian chief Scow.

Shot ID: 18954 6:57

Several shots from different angles of senior citizens attending ballroom dance class.

Shot ID: 19199 8:28

Opening of Expo 70: HALS of Emperor Hirohito arriving at dais of honour, ZOOM OUT and PAN to HAS of festival plaza. Cut to Japanese flag being hoisted. Sequence on parade of nations marching in, Canadian flag going first. HAS of Emperor and his family. HAS of colour bearers lining up then marching. MLS of flags being hoisted as nations are presented. MLS of orchestra and choir performing. Sequence on brief various shots showing television camera, Expo 70 flag being raised, speakers delivering speeches, imperial family, CU of spectators (including shots of black man and woman, japanese), HAS of Hirohito speaking and orchestra playing.

Shot ID: 19302 3:02

Various CSs and MSs of two Inuit throat singers performing on steps outside Museum of Mankind in London (9 ft). Various CSs and MSs of four Inuit playing traditional drums, including shots of people listening.

Shot ID: 21993 9:45

[Title: "Nous, étudiants, à l'occasion du Xe anniversaire de la JEC canadienne 1945"] TILT DOWN poster re "Jeunesse étudiante catholique" congress. LAS of giant dais under construction. Sequence on juveniles at work on posters, loading them into truck, plastering them on telephone poles. Three students (boys) hitch hicking, getting ride almost immediately. Large group of cycling students (boys and girls) with knapsacks on their backs, moving by camera. HASs of chartered buses speeding by camera on highway. Shots of arrivals of students delegations. Interior shot of kitchen, PAN of cooks preparing hundred of sandwiches, buttering bread with large paint brush, slicing meat with machine. Girls prepare boxes, stack them. Cooks fill boxes with sandwiches. Cut to boy scouts setting up tent city. MS of girls dancing conga in their tent before going to bed. CU of girl sleeping. Sequence on congress day: shots of students marching past camera, crowding stadium, around giant dais, chatting, singing. Numerous CUs of faces. Shot of Archbishop Charbonneau with retinue of clerics, blessing congress. Shots of mass on dais, with cuts to huge crowd of students in bleachers, LSs of dais and altar. Several shots from various angles of students fraternizing at mid-field, chatting, eating box lunches, drinking milk out of bottles. Shots of organizers establishing order. Sequence on huge parade past camera, multitude of white flags flying, students laughing, singing, numerous CUs of faces. Sequence on night proceedings, speeches, torches. [End title]

Shot ID: 22430 1:23

Series of shots of concert hall packed with young people attending rock concert.

Shot ID: 22446 26:54

Series of silent shots of rock singer Alice Cooper in concert at University of Montreal sports centre, including sequences where he chops off doll's head with axe and waves bunch of banknotes.

Shot ID: 22636 10:15

[Title: "Jeunesse et Après-guerre" (Post-war youth)] ESTABLISHING SHOT of University of Montreal main building. LAS of tower. Sequence on civilians and military entering main building, milling around registration tables for the Canadian Youth Congress convention, chatting. Shots of delegates entering auditorium, taking their seats. Shot of man at table in front delivering speech and introducing vice-chancellor of Montreal University Monsignor Moreau proceeding to say a few words. Shots of faces of people listening. Hall being emptied after speeches. Shot of sign on door "Emploi-Employment". Interior shots of man at desk speaking to small group of students wearing lapel cards, of students taking notes, asking questions. PAN to wicket opening, on secretariat of convention in hallway. Various MSs, CUs of girls working at long table, typing, sorting out papers stapled together. Shot of other girl printing more paper on small rotary press. Shot of sign "Civisme-Civics" on door. Interior shot of speaker at desk. PAN over people listening to him, taking notes. Shots of delegates having lunch in cafeteria. HAS of people dancing in circle, other people watching.

Shot ID: 23530 6:47

Whole can showing solo figure skating performance by Barbara Ann Scott.

Shot ID: 24553 1:32

HAS of dancers from the Royal Winnipeg Ballet dancing as seen from rear of balcony. CU of ballet dancers. LAS of couple coming on stage and dancing ballet.

Shot ID: 24847 2:38

Various interior shots of jigging contest at Trappers' Festival with Indian contestants and young boys heavily dressed. Several CUs of feet stomping, fiddler in background. Shots of group of men and boys jigging.

Shot ID: 25464 1:27

Various MCSs and CUs of three couples dancing at dancing school.

Shot ID: 30358 1:45

Various shots of all-girl choir and audience at outdoor recital.

Shot ID: 30408 1:36

Rhapsody in Two Languages (exerpts from NFB1920-DN-180): CUs of hands holding glasses of beer, of hand going up out of frame and coming down with empty glasses. Montage of tapping foot, beating drum sticks, hands playing piano, bow sliding over violin strings, musician playing saxophone. MS of performers, man and woman, doing a torrid dance on nightclub stage. MS of chorus girls' legs as girls dance on stage. Shot of band playing. Optical composite shot of trumpet player, multiple superimposition. Optical effects shot of whirling lights and objects zooming in on camera. Various shots of uniformed doorman blowing his whistle, of girl flirting with top hatted roue, of milk man delivering milk, of cat on steps near milk bottle, being shooed away as housekeeper opens door to retrieve the milk.

Shot ID: 30467 8:54

Various shots of people strolling about in fair, riding sightseeing vehicles, of various marquees, one advertising "Obie's World Famous Dream Cars". Interior shot of crowd, of one car. Interior shots of box office, of people through glass, money and tickets exchanging hands. Several TRAVELLING SHOTs of midway, crowd, of light board advertising Paul Anka at the Steel Pier. Dark interior shots of Paul Anka singing.

Shot ID: 30635 6:10

How to Retire and Start Living: various interior shots of elderly people in pairs and in groups, sitting, chatting, playing cards, dancing, putting on a play. Shots of audience watching, clapping, of woman fiddler on platform.

Shot ID: 30819 13:52

Dark interior shots of bar, young people dancing, chatting. FOLLOW HAS of motorcycle gang moving through Montreal street, spiral staircases on houses fronts in background. TRAVELLING SHOT of gang following camera car. Similar shot along country road. Shots of 5-6 children playing with ball in tenement yard. Shot of guests arriving, being welcomed at farmhouse. Interior shot of house, guests at table drinking toast. TRAVELLING SHOTs through windshield of partly snow-covered country road. TRAVELLING SHOT through village of Sainte-Theodesie.

Shot ID: 30993 20:36

Shots of comedians Olivier Guimond and Andrée Lachapelle acting in "Every Afternoon at Four". Shot of actors Jonathan White and Jackie Burroughs acting in "Weekend".