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Shot ID: 501 3:32

DOLLY SHOTs along boys' and girls' choirs. HAMLS from balcony showing woman conducting boys' choir on stage. CU of boy singing. HAMLS from balcony of boy singing solo, acompanied by woman on piano. DOLLY IN to MS front view of boy singing on stage. DOLLY SHOT past two men and woman at table, discussing music scores. Sequence on men and women spectators.

Shot ID: 2771 23:03

Whole roll consists of several shots from different angles of a poor family in the South Mountain area having a small get-together with some friends in their house, including shots of them playing guitar, dancing singing.

Shot ID: 2904 9:52

[Remark: Barbara Ann Scott returns from Europe after winning gold medal for figure skating at Olympics.] Numerous shots from various angles of crowds milling around in Ottawa streets. Shots of Barbara Ann Scott standing in flower-decked car and waving as car passes through crowds, car is escorted by Royal Canadian Mounted Police and bands. Shots of Mayor Stanley Lewis on platform reading welcoming speech, Barbara Ann Scott speaking in microphone, including shots of banners welcoming Scott. More crowd shots as Barbara Ann Scott passes in car.

Shot ID: 2905 9:42

Sequence on couples at square dance in rural town hall, dance in progress. CS of boy and girl clapping hands. Shots of senior man "calling off" square dance. MS of three girls and boy sitting along wall, watching dance. CUs of sign re no spitting, of feet in rubber boots beating in rhythm, of woman's hand cutting piece from cake, of sign re no spitting. HAS over people of square dance in progress. CS of man playing violin. MS of small orchestra playing at dance. CSs of woman drumming, of man playing accordian, of boy playing guitar. CU of hand of guitarist playing, TILT UP to his face. MS of boy playing piano. (30/10/1952).

Shot ID: 3000 7:05

Title: Battling with muskies: CS back view of man fishing in canoe, landing a muskellunge (muskie) fish. HAS of three men stepping down from train as conductor stands by. HAS of tail of train, men seated on rear platform as train pulls out. Cut to station bearing name of town: Hudson, four fishermen standing by. CUs of map of region, pencil tracing railway route. CS of tourists (man and woman) looking at Indian family, mother, baby and father in background. MS of diminutive Bank of Toronto in cabin, two tourists (man and woman) nearby. Sequence on departure: canoe launching, group of tourists (men and women) boarding canoes, boating shots of group being ferried on lake. Brief shot of group portaging through woods, cut to PAN of group resting near water. MS of cameraman shooting scene from rowboat. Sequence on group arriving at Kenneally Lodge on Lake Vermilion, MS of lodge, cut to tourists stepping ashore. Sequence on fisherman leaving in canoe, fishing and hauling muskies. BOATING SHOT of campsite on shore of lake. HAS of porcupine swimming to shore, scrambling up as man in canoe watches. More shots of fishing, including shot of cameraman shooting with hand-held camera, standing in a canoe. Shots of fisherman posing with fish. LS of sun seting on lake, cut to MS of group of fishermen regaining camp. MS of row of fishes (three-day catch). Night shot of bonfire, fishermen standing and singing with gusto. End title. (Titles interspersed)

Shot ID: 3002 4:50

Sequence on soldiers and girls dancing at canteen, orchestra in background, various shots of couples dancing, of soldiers sitting along wall, refusing to go dancing. Sequence on military dance band showing various shots of different musicians including trumpeter, clarinetists, pianist, saxophonists. Sequence on soldiers training showing LS of soldiers advancing across field, MSs of soldiers learning unarmed combat. CS of soldiers in audience, listening attentively.

Shot ID: 3137 0:38

LAMLS of marching band coming towards camera. MS and CS of marching band passing by camera.

Shot ID: 4534 1:31

Black Watch Easter Service: shots of Black Watch Regiment parading, pipe band playing, men going through drumhead ceremony. More parading, Brigadier KG Blackader, former commanding officer, taking the salute.

Shot ID: 5455 1:09

Kilties skirl in rally: Various shots of Empire Pipe Band playing in Strathcona Park, of dancers executing the fling, the sword dance. CUs of feet.

Shot ID: 6372 5:36

CS side view of train carrying Canadian soldiers of the Canadian Army First Division, pulling out of English railway station. Series of shots from various angles of soldiers of the First Division marching and parading. Shots include views of Highlanders, marching bands, bagpipers and CU of bugler blowing. MLSs of men of the Canadian Army First Division training on parade grounds in Bristol, England. PAN along soldiers neatly lined on parade square.

Shot ID: 6393 8:05

Niagara Bridge Centennial (06/08/1948): shots of Jack Canuck and Uncle Sam shaking hands across border, border plaque in background, of two men and two girls in antique costumes sauntering by camera, of bands from both countries marching on bridge. Shots of prayers by Reverend W Wallace, of Mayor Houck of Niagara Falls, Ontario, introducing Premier George Drew, of Drew delivering speech. Shots of audience listening. Shot of Mayor W Luton of Niagara Falls, New York, introducing Lieutenant-governor Hanley of New York State, of Hanley delivering speech. Shots of Hanley and Drew unveiling commemorative plaques, of Drew tying ribbon of friendship. Shots of principals shaking hands in front of boundary plaque. Shots of crowd at Canadian entrance of bridge, of rapids and TILT UP to whirlpool bridge, of ceremony at centre of bridge. CU of rapids. Shots of crowd listening to ceremony, new CN diesel crossing bridge. Sequence on fireworks.

Shot ID: 7795 3:10

MCS of Queen Elizabeth II; ZOOM OUT to MCS of outside of Ottawa City Hall on the occasion of her visit to Canada in November 1977. CSs of members of Ottawa police force in dress uniform in formation; PAN to CS of child on its father's shoulders holding small British flag. Crowd shots. CSs of police choir singing; PAN of crowd.

Shot ID: 7830 7:40

Several shots from different angles of Quebec Premier René Lévesque taking part in official ceremony at the base of the Arc de Triomphe, during his trip to France in November 1977. Includes shots of Premier meeting a group of veterans. MS of crowd waving Quebec flags. CSs of military brass band. Various shots of honour guard parading at the base of the Arc de Triomphe.

Shot ID: 8700 6:08

Several shots of group of Doukhobours sitting on ground, singing, primitive farm buildings in background, smoke coming up from embers of building that group has burned down. MS of owner, William Hadakin, looking smouldering ruins over. CU of William Hadakin. Shot of home of Vera Nazaroff burned down with her consent. Group of Sons of Freedom Doukhobours singing. CUs of faces. Shots of small group of Doukhobours disrobing down to their waists as policeman questions them. Rear shot of group, one woman completely nude except for stockings, smouldering ruins of buildings in background. Shots of one small building beginning to burn while men stripped to the waist, stand and watch. Shot of policeman still questioning, still taking notes. Various shots of buildings burning fiercely, intercut with shots of partly stripped men. Sequence on men being arrested, getting into cars, police cars driving away. Shot of group of women singing, proceeding downhill away from camera, small settlement visible in distance in valley. Shots of group of women and boys setting fire to another building, of house building. Shot of women being escorted up hill by policeman. HALS of Krestova, plume of smoke rising from burning building. Sequence on meeting outside small community hall, missionary Stefan Zorokin talking. (28/04/1950)

Shot ID: 11542 0:33

MLS back view of audience of Newmarket town band on stage performing for group of senior citizens (20 ft).

Shot ID: 13304 2:24

Various shots of young girls singing a song in gymnasium of Mackay Residential School for Indian children.

Shot ID: 17041 10:22

In the village of Nominingue in the Laurentides region of Quebec: various shots of youngsters sitting on a long bench along a wall of a dance hall, chatting. Closer shots of faces. Shots of sporadic dancing. MLS of three guitarists playing at dance. Shot of guitarist playing, lit by spotlight. Silhouette and dark shots of dancers dancing. Interior shots of restaurant, four young persons sitting at table, talking. ZOOM OUT from sad-faced girl in a class of an all girl school. Front shot of girls in class. CUs faces. CUs of mechanical puppets depicting old man rocking in rocking chair, smoking pipe, of old man pouring drink and drinking over and over again.

Shot ID: 17851 2:00

MS of Inuit woman performing drum dance. CU of same. CU and MS of another woman doing same. CU of Inuit woman singing.

Shot ID: 18178 21:43

Various shots of airmen parading, of band playing, of trainees receiving their wings from hands of high ranking air force officiers, from Defence Minister Brook Claxton. Shots of Brook Claxton speaking. Several shots of colour parties from North Atlantic Treaty Organization countries parading their colours. TRAVELLING SHOT past ranks of NATO airmen. Several shots of march past camera with different flags, Union Jack, French, German, Norwegian flags prominent. Several shots of high ranking civilians receiving salutes from airmen. Shots of awarding of wings, of parades, of band playing, of various flags. Sequence on Royal Canadian Air Force trumpeters in action.

Shot ID: 19199 8:28

Opening of Expo 70: HALS of Emperor Hirohito arriving at dais of honour, ZOOM OUT and PAN to HAS of festival plaza. Cut to Japanese flag being hoisted. Sequence on parade of nations marching in, Canadian flag going first. HAS of Emperor and his family. HAS of colour bearers lining up then marching. MLS of flags being hoisted as nations are presented. MLS of orchestra and choir performing. Sequence on brief various shots showing television camera, Expo 70 flag being raised, speakers delivering speeches, imperial family, CU of spectators (including shots of black man and woman, japanese), HAS of Hirohito speaking and orchestra playing.

Shot ID: 19302 3:02

Various CSs and MSs of two Inuit throat singers performing on steps outside Museum of Mankind in London (9 ft). Various CSs and MSs of four Inuit playing traditional drums, including shots of people listening.

Shot ID: 21993 9:45

[Title: "Nous, étudiants, à l'occasion du Xe anniversaire de la JEC canadienne 1945"] TILT DOWN poster re "Jeunesse étudiante catholique" congress. LAS of giant dais under construction. Sequence on juveniles at work on posters, loading them into truck, plastering them on telephone poles. Three students (boys) hitch hicking, getting ride almost immediately. Large group of cycling students (boys and girls) with knapsacks on their backs, moving by camera. HASs of chartered buses speeding by camera on highway. Shots of arrivals of students delegations. Interior shot of kitchen, PAN of cooks preparing hundred of sandwiches, buttering bread with large paint brush, slicing meat with machine. Girls prepare boxes, stack them. Cooks fill boxes with sandwiches. Cut to boy scouts setting up tent city. MS of girls dancing conga in their tent before going to bed. CU of girl sleeping. Sequence on congress day: shots of students marching past camera, crowding stadium, around giant dais, chatting, singing. Numerous CUs of faces. Shot of Archbishop Charbonneau with retinue of clerics, blessing congress. Shots of mass on dais, with cuts to huge crowd of students in bleachers, LSs of dais and altar. Several shots from various angles of students fraternizing at mid-field, chatting, eating box lunches, drinking milk out of bottles. Shots of organizers establishing order. Sequence on huge parade past camera, multitude of white flags flying, students laughing, singing, numerous CUs of faces. Sequence on night proceedings, speeches, torches. [End title]

Shot ID: 22446 26:54

Series of silent shots of rock singer Alice Cooper in concert at University of Montreal sports centre, including sequences where he chops off doll's head with axe and waves bunch of banknotes.

Shot ID: 23137 13:02

Various shots of crowd in park, of groom with men and bride with women, of an old man colouring arms of the bride and performing various rituals, of men preparing ceremony, shots of musicians playing, of the ceremony with the bride looking tired and of the old man performing more rituals after the ceremony.

Shot ID: 27884 1:33

HALS of people lining Portage Avenue. LS of Highland pipe band on parade. LS and HLS of Portage Avenue, LS and MCS of large birthday cake with "75" on it. Soldiers marching past. HAS of bands passing, crowds lining the street. MS of drum majorette (little girl) marching. LS of the end of parade. CS of children watching parade.

Shot ID: 30358 1:45

Various shots of all-girl choir and audience at outdoor recital.

Shot ID: 31815 5:20

Canadian Rockies, party night: several shots of party at Timberline lodge, of fondue pot, hand stirring contents, guitar player performing, girls and boys singing and chatting.

Shot ID: 32106 8:29

MLS of sugar beets being unloaded from truck, moving up conveyor to pile at sugar refinery. Shot of power shovel scooping up sugar beets from railway cars. Front shot of Ukrainian church in Winnipeg. MS of "The Ukrainian Trading Co." store in downtown Winnipeg. LS of power lines in field. MS of 1949 Chevrolet car almost submerged in flood waters. CS of fish being trown in box aboard rowboat. Shots of men unloading boxes from boat at pier, carrying box into warehouse. LS of men pushing rowboat along flooded street, waist deep in water. Interior shot of three men surveying flood damage in house. BOATING SHOTs along flooded houses in street. PAN across large tilled field on prairie. GROUND TO AIR SHOTs of seagulls flying about. Shots of Hereford cattle in stock pen at Winnipeg stockyards. BOATING SHOTs along almost completely submerged houses in flooded residential district. LACS of Highland piper performing. Shot of Highland band parading during the "Western Annual Scottish Sports" in Winnipeg. MS of lassie doing the "Highland Fling" dance. Sequence on threshing on farm in south eastern Manitoba, men forking sheaves from wagons onto feeder of mill, straw blown onto stack from blower, men forking wheat from stookes in field onto horse-drawn wagon.

Shot ID: 33130 3:54

Soccer Game: shots of "Chartered" bus pulling up in front of Royal York Hotel in Toronto, of soccer player coming out hotel, hopping into bus, of bus with banner "England's Finest Soccer Team" driving away. MS of soccer players coming off bus, running onto playing field. Shot of RCASC band playing on field as grandstands fill up in background. Profile CS of conductor of band. Shots of men spectator reacting to action, of soccer game on field, of spectators running onto field after game. Shots of players running onto field past RCASC band playing, of action during game, of spectators in grandstand. Shots of referees running onto field, of spectators following action, of goal, of action during game.

Shot ID: 34055 5:30

Various shots of Helen Creighton stepping out of her car with her tape recorder, walking to a house, of Helen Creighton at milling party operating her recorder, of woman arriving at home, unwrapping record. CU of Creighton's face. Shot of Creighton against background of houseboats and fishing shacks, talking to farmer in field. Shot of Creighton recording song, of farmer singing, of woman recording song at fishing village. HACU of typewriter, of hand writing.

Shot ID: 34799 1:42

LS of Place des Arts, cars in street. PAN left over hippies on horseback at corner of Maisonneuve and Jeanne-Mance streets, cars driving alongside. HALS of Place des Arts and surrounding space, grass park in front with peace sign in centre. ZOOM IN, ZOOM OUT on peace sign made of grass and flowers in park in front of Place des Arts. Various MSs of hippies playing music and dancing in park in front of Place des Arts. HAS of downtown buildings. PAN right over downtown and Place des Arts.

Shot ID: 35769 3:47

Various shots of crowds in various stadiums, including view of planes flying in formation in one shot. Shots of faces of young women in crowd, including Chinese women. CU of Indian man in tribal regalia. MS of group of Indians in tribal regalia playing drums, mountie walking past in foreground. CU of group of Cubs. Shot of crowd in bleachers. Shot of Chinese Canadian girls in national costumes. CU of Chinese girl. Shots of crowd. Various shots of Salvation Army band playing, of women's pipe band in Vernon, British Columbia, of pipers and children in kilts marching in stadium. (00/07/1959)

Shot ID: 36388 1:59

CU of bomb doors closing slowly during test in hangar. PAN across machine gun blisters to students and officer at blackboard in armament class, DOLLY OUT to students handling bombs in foreground. MS of Royal Canadian Air Force airman in blister of Lancaster in hangar, PAN to airmen entering fuselage. Various shots of women of the RCAF Women's Division marching past camera, including CU of feet marching, of non-commissioned officers marching past, of RCAF band marching past.

Shot ID: 36389 2:07

AIR TO AIR SHOT of eight F-86 Sabre jets flying in formation. AIR TO AIR MS of pilot flying jet. CS of Royal Canadian Air Force mechanic in cockpit of Sabre jet, man pushing button and coupe top closing. Front MS of squadron of RCAF men marching towards camera, TILT UP to HAS as men march underneath and past camera. LAMCS of RCAF sergeant walking past camera, of other RCAF man walking past in other direction. MS of students running out administration building in raincoats, running past camera in driving rainstorm. MLS of RCAF band marching across parade square. MLSs of women of RCAF Women's Division marching past camera, of RCAF men marching past. CS of men's feet marching, TILT UP to men marching past, protestant chapel in background.

Shot ID: 36958 10:08

Sequence on amateur folk dance groups performing during representation of "Nation Builders" at Canadian National Exhibition grandstand. Various shots of the "V'la l'bon vent" group singing, dancing. Sequence on the Kalynka Ukranian dancers performing. Shots grand finale as whole cast appears on stage. TILT DOWN from Maple Leaf flag to stage. Sequence on unidentified group dancing, on Japanese group dancing.

Shot ID: 37436 19:38

Symphony orchestra: various shots of musicians playing. Several shots of orchestra performing, of musicians, of Wilfrid Pelletier conducting.

Shot ID: 40388 4:20

Sequence on recital of female singer, audience, in a hall.

Shot ID: 40396 0:23

LAS of Banner with "Collingwood Collegiate Band" written on it, band following and playing in street parade in Newmarket.

Shot ID: 41766 3:07

Shots of college orchestra playing. (00/02/1970)

Shot ID: 49129 1:21

MS of Granby band parading through streets, people lining up along route. LS of band standing in front of speakers' platform near new housing project where mayor is speaking, sign across street "A House for Each Family" in French and English.

Shot ID: 52109 27:11

Series of shots of dancers of the Georgian State Dance Company warming up and rehearsing traditional dances inside elegant practice hall, shots of men performing traditional chants and musicians playing traditional music, continued from cassette SO31C01.114.

Shot ID: 54853 3:46

Silent black and white footage of American generals including Major General Charles A. Willoughby at the launch of a naval vessel. Various shots of the generals having their picture taken, marching towards the ship, a military band playing, and civilians watching from the docks. WASs of ship pulling away, soldiers throwing paper streamers to their loved ones from on board. MCU of Willoughby climbing up steps, shaking hands with other military personnel and speaking into their ears.

Shot ID: 72370 0:20


Shot ID: 2026 17:11

Shots of students discussing in living room around table. CSs of male students talking, including Asian and Black. Rear shot of students attending college lecture, teacher in background. CS of professor. Profile and front shots of students, including African and Asian students. Shots of African students visiting dairy plant, watching worker checking empty milk bottles as they move by, standing by as worker sterilises bottles. Shot of three students' faces watching. Two shots of girls' choir in song. Shot of student in African native costume bringing suitcases to curb as he prepares to leave. CUs of faces of foreign students as they look at newspaper. Shots of students exchanging addresses.

Shot ID: 2583 5:26

[Title and credits.] HAS of Parc Lafontaine. Several shots of verdure, people strolling, canoeing, children playing in park, in small playground. Shots of bear on other side of fence, child looking at animal. Shots of people taking pictures, sitting on benches of couple in canoes, sitting on grass, of police officers on horseback. PAN of lake at the park. Dusk shots of band concert. ["End" title and NFB credits.] [Completed Film]

Shot ID: 2896 1:03

LAMS of paper streamers hanging from office buildings on Bay Street. Various shots of parade, pipe band, Barbara Ann Scott standing in convertible car waving to crowd, huge crowds lining streets. Shots of Barbara Ann Scott smiling to camera, of Scott with her mother and of Scott with Toronto Mayor McCallum. HAS over huge crowd. (00/03/1948)

Shot ID: 3187 0:32

CS of drum majorette, marching band behind her, ZOOM OUT to MLS of whole marching band coming down street. MLS of marching band, ZOOM IN to drum, PAN left to CU of tuba.

Shot ID: 3518 4:00

CS of hands beating measure, TILT UP to CU of faces of teenagers (mostly girls). Shots of rock band "Les Lynx" playing on stage including CUs of equipment and drum set parts. PAN to MS of audience listening (one girl seen smoking cigarette). Various CUs of musician playing. Sequence at party showing buffet: CU of wine being poured into glass, TILT UP to adult guests serving themselves from buffet table. Several CUs of faces and of dishes of food held by guests.

Shot ID: 4168 2:10

Massed bands open Wings for Victory Week: Excellent shots of military bands performing in Hyde Park, pipe bands skirling, marching back and forth.

Shot ID: 4507 4:21

General Crerar in Canada (00/08/1945): MLS of ocean liner in the harbour. A band plays while the ship with jampacked decks fills the frame in the background people wave from the pier. HAS of ship's deck crowded with repatriots. Civilians disembark past the camera. Cut to General Crerar posing with two women, with General McNaughton and another officer, with McNaughton and another civilian. LAS of General Crerar coming down the gangplank followed by other officers, and the two women. Men lining railing above cheering. LAS of men cheering from the deck high above the pier, from lifeboats. Sequence on the arrival of General Crerar in Moncton, welcoming ceremony, of his departure by train from that city. Shots, from behind him, of General Crerar waving at people on the railway station platform, speaking to soldiers. LAS of the General speaking, final CU of General Crerar, hatless, eating an ice cream cone on the rear platform of the train. Sequence on General Crerar's welcome in Ottawa. Prime Minister King is on hand at the train station to welcome the Canadian general. Various shots of General Crerar riding official car with Prime Minister King. PANs over large crowd on Parliament Hill, soldiers. Shots of General Crerar, Prime Minister King and others on dais as King gets ready to speak.