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Shot ID: 1067 3:57

Various shots of paintings from the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto depicting boats at Fort Osweago, 1814.

Shot ID: 2229 27:12

Series of shots of construction of Biodome, including release of some fish into basin of Laurentian forest, CUs of winged seeds of deciduous and coniferous trees, CU of trunk of birch tree (4:03 - 6:51) and several trees being transplanted into tropical forest.

Shot ID: 2815 3:28

Various CSs and CUs of Chinese sculptures and incense holder at Freemason's lodge.

Shot ID: 3096 7:40

Two shots of monk seated at piano composing. CS of carving depicting head and hands holding dove. Two shots of monk working in modern cheese factory. Shot of monk, or lay brother pouring milk. Shot of recreation room, panelled walls, stone fireplace, novices playing ping pong and other games. Interior shot of woodworking shop, novices at work. Interior shot of part of laundry with modern equipment, two novices (wearing black robes) putting sheets into machine as other puts stocking on stretchers to dry. Long sequence shot in cheese factory showing various operations in the making of cheese. Shot of workers in vault full of cheese wrapped in silver foil; workers push racks loaded with Ermite cheese. CU of wrapped and labelled section of Ermite cheese. CS of prior rapping gavel on table. Sequence showing monk painting with water colours, of open cupboard with several elegant metal goblets, monk painting pictures on metal goblets. MS of monks carrying books and chanting as they move slowly down steps of open-shaft circular staircase. TILT UP to ceiling from well of circular stair. TILT DOWN to side view of monks as they ascend the stairs.

Shot ID: 5315 2:26

Four MLSs of a statue of Major General Isaac Brock with a PAN on houses and streets in Queenston in winter, the grass is covered with snow. PAN back to statue of Brock. MS of big house (the McFarland Museum). MS of statue of Brock

Shot ID: 6783 3:52

MS of children wearing snowshoes coming out of woods with a dog. MS of children in snowshoes walking beside woods and throwing snow at each other. PAN of children's drawings of winter scenes.

Shot ID: 7835 3:05

MLS of the Arc de Triomphe with Champs Élysées in foreground; there is heavy traffic; ZOOM OUT, 180° PAN and ZOOM IN to MCS of Quebec flag flying atop building (two shots). MCS from various angles of flag with statue in foreground.

Shot ID: 8050 5:57

WAS of drafting room with Aboriginal man at drafting table working on plans for the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Technical Services Branch. MCU over his shoulder, CUs of his face. CU of hands at work, ECU of drafting ruler, TILT UP to Indian and Northern Affairs logo.

Shot ID: 10448 12:29

Several CSs from different angles of a group of men on waterfront, at work carving and assembling a tall statue in the style of the Haïda Indians (208 ft). MCS of them using winch to stand up statue on small barge, shot from boat (158 ft). TRAVELLING SHOT from boat of statue on barge moored between other boats, Meares Island is visible in background (80 ft).

Shot ID: 11149 0:33

MSs of three people standing in front of statue of Holy Virgin; there is a flag in front of statue.

Shot ID: 11321 2:43

Exterior, day; various shot on road from Shediac to Fredericton, DRIVE-BY SHOTs of landscape, (0:16). MS of log truck passing by camera (0:10). MS of man painting statue of bear on roadside (0:44). DRIVE-BY SHOTs of landscape (1:21).

Shot ID: 12065 7:51

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts: shots of Emily Carr paintings, including two portraits of Emily Carr.

Shot ID: 12488 2:03

Various shots of women working in kitchen of Gouldin's Motor Lodge (Monument Valley, Utah, 1:03). CS of painting of John Wayne hung on wall, PAN to shot of dining room (0:57).

Shot ID: 13536 1:30

MLS of gull perched on small iceberg melting offshore (0:11). MLS of Inuit woman skinning seal (0:26). LS of dog team resting in tundra, PAN of landscape to ELS of inukshuk (stone man) on crest of hill (0:27). LS of children playing in tundra, PAN to dogs (0:25).

Shot ID: 14003 3:44

Exterior, day, winter; two MLS PANs LEFT of statues on roof of Mary Queen of the World Cathedral, dome of cathedral and Tour 1000 de la Gauchetière building can be seen at end, one shot ends with ZOOM OUT to PAN RIGHT to MLS of traffic on René Lévesque Boulevard (0:39) and other shot ends with ZOOM OUT to MLS of intersection of Mansfield Street and René Lévesque Boulevard to MLS PAN of pedestrians crossing street to TILT UP of Laurentian Bank building and Marathon-IBM building (0:49). Two other similar shots with varying densities of pedestrians and traffic.

Shot ID: 14369 9:22

MS looking out cave entrance near Harar, PAN to spot-lit CUs of prehistoric drawings on cave walls. Series of shots of Middle Ages-type paintings on church wall depicting rows of heads, devil's heads, large face with cross on forehead, Saint George killing the dragon, unidentified saints, Archangel Gabriel, Christ, Madonna with Child, Christ King, Mater Dolorosa, dead Christ, face of Mary.

Shot ID: 15067 0:32

LAMCS of obelisk at Luxor temple, TILT DOWN and PAN to MS of statue of Ramses ll (or lll) inside ruins, shot through entrance. ZOOM IN to CS of statue.

Shot ID: 15076 0:22

CS of low reliefs in wall of temple cut to MCS.

Shot ID: 15160 22:08

CSs of statues of head of Nefrititi, wife of the Pharaoh Akenaten (one is unfinished). CSs of statue of head of a princess. CS of head of statuette of Nefrititi, TILT DOWN along her body (two shots). Various CSs from different angles of statuette of Nefrititi. CS of sculpture of two hands joined together. CSs of details of lovely head of Nefrititi. CSs side view of statue of head of Akhenaten. TILT UP along headless statue of torso of Akhenaten. CSs of statue of head of Akhenaten. Several CSs of details of stele of Akhenaten and Nefrititi sitting in sun. CS front view of famous head of Nefrititi. Several CSs from different angles of limestone head of Akhenaten. CSs and CUs of slate and alabaster figurine of Akhenaten. CSs from different angles of sandstone head of princess or queen. CSs and CUs of limestone profile of Akhenaten.

Shot ID: 15162 28:17

Several CSs of details of limestone stele of the Pharaoh Akhenaten with his wife Nefrititi and three daughters. Several CSs and CUs from different angles of head of Queen Tiye. Good CS of head of Akhenaten. CSs of details of stele of Akhenaten as a sphinx. CS of stele of ladies in waiting in row. CS of blue vase topped with a ram as a handle. CSs of details of stele of geese. CSs of details of stele with hyeroglyphs and a woman kneeling. CSs of details of stele of flowers. Various CSs of broken limestone head with printed lips. Several CSs and CUs of paintings on armana vase. CSs of relief of girl patting nose of a bull in a pen. Several CSs of blue jar. Several CSs of relief of head of princess. CSs of relief of fishes. Several CSs of relief of musicians. CSs of relief on pillar of doves.

Shot ID: 15165 1:37

Various CSs of details of paintings on wall of temple representing a man with a bird's head. CS of relief of a head on a pillar of Queen Hatshepsout's temple. ZOOM OUT to LAMS, ZOOM IN back to CS, cut to CS of relief of face at top of a pillar, ZOOM OUT to LAMCS of face with another relief of a face on another pillar in foreground, ZOOM IN to CS of relief of pillar.

Shot ID: 15454 0:07

CU of sketch showing McGill University in 1843.

Shot ID: 16503 16:08

Various shots of board meeting of directors of Thomson TV International. Various shots of executives meeting in Thomson building in Toronto. MCUs of faces. Various shots of meeting chaired by Ken Thomson, glimpses of portrait of Lord Thomson of Fleet on wall behind him.

Shot ID: 18677 7:20

Shipbuilding: various shots of shipyards. LS looking across the bay, of North Vancouver, Burrard Ship Company at the right, Western Shipbuilders Company at the left, low hanging clouds over the city. PAN over freighters in port. Side view of coastal passenger ship moving past the camera. Similar shot of freighter. Vancouver can be seen in background. Side view of ship being shoved out of dock by small tug. Several shots from various angles and distances, of men at work in shipyard: spray painting, cutting steel with acetylene torches, directing cranes, marking sheets with templates, shaping red-hot steel in presses, leaving at quitting time, etc. Shots of ships' parts being brought into the yard.

Shot ID: 18841 2:28

TRAVELLING SHOT and PAN of magnificent decorations by François Baillargé inside Saint-Joachim Church (Pointe-Claire).

Shot ID: 18851 20:06

CSs and CUs of details of religious embroidery done by the Ursulines, particularly altar frontals.

Shot ID: 19214 6:11

Shots of exhibits inside Canadian pavilion at Expo 70. LACSs to TILT DOWNs of various written captions in Japanese, English and French, including shot of animated Maple Leaf emblem. CSs of illustrations representing scenes of Canadian's history. MS of lightboard animation featuring caricatured aspects of Canadian life, how hockey game on television captures attention of all people and how activities resume at the end of game. Brief MLS of lightboard, spectators in foreground. Final shot of animation on lightboard.

Shot ID: 19295 4:35

Several CSs and CUs of sealskin garments and various Inuit artifacts exposed at the Museum of Mankind in London, including CUs of artistic details.

Shot ID: 23352 1:45

LS of mount Fuji, peak is lost in clouds, PAN to LACS of stone statue of Japanese man (buddha-like) in garden of shrine, cut to several shots from different angles of statue, PAN to LS of mount Fuji.

Shot ID: 24015 9:32

Various CSs of guitar makers at work in small workshop (207 ft). LS of houses in hills on outskirts of city of Quito, ZOOM OUT to CSs and CUs of guitar maker outside his shop vaporising varnish on guitars, plus a few similar shots (134 ft).

Shot ID: 25894 21:51

Various HASs from top of tower in Bologna showing brown-red colored rooftops, hills surrounding city, downtown vehicular traffic, many buses. Sequence in Bologna showing ancient architecture, stairways, monument gates, archways, ruins and different columns, vehicular traffic or people visible in most shots. (00/07/1973)

Shot ID: 27398 5:16

Juniper Carvings: MLSs of rider moving slowly through rough, mountainous country at Riding Mountain National Park. Various shots of Mr Hodgens with juniper roots, of roots being displayed, of artist working on roots. Shots of carvings. Shots of man riding through rough country. Night shots of man riding. MLSs of ranch house.

Shot ID: 27438 1:15

MS of a farmer's wife painting an outbuilding a young boy, is on the roof. ZOOM IN on the woman painting, PAN to boy. LACS of farmer's wife painting outbuilding.

Shot ID: 30073 11:23

Eye Witness No. 79: Ferries, Tankers, Frigates - "Made in Canada": various HASs of workers going off work at Davie shipbuilding yards, PANs over quiet shipyards. PAN along freighter "Sunrell" in dry dock, TILT DOWN stern to rudder and men working. HAS of bow of "Sunrell", TILT DONW stern. Shots of men with gas masks heating piece of metal with powerful acetylene torches. TILT DOWN to elevator coming down scaffolding. MS of ferry's name "Radisson", CU of men painting name. LS of stern of ferry in dry dock, crane lifting large crate in foreground. PAN of shipyard showing cranes, of ship in scaffolding to ferry. Interior shots of design room, navy officers, designers, inspecting large model of freighter. MS and CU of model of corvette "HMCS Gaspe", of miniature lifebuoy fastened to rail. Shots of designers working on drawings. CU of drawings. Interior shots of mold loft where patterns are made.

Shot ID: 30127 4:01

LAMS of totems, TILT DOWN to MLS of several totem poles. MCSs of totems in Stanley Park. Four shots of pleasure boat marina at Bayshore Inn. HA PAN over several fishing boats, boathouses in background. HAS of downtown Vancouver silhouetted against setting sun.

Shot ID: 30913 5:05

Shots of outdoor painting class at Banff Centre summer school. PAN of beautiful lakes and mountains students are sketching and painting. Shot of AY Jackson instructing girl artist. Shot of class painting Indian wigwam, CUs of faces of artists and of paintings.

Shot ID: 31925 5:16

Mungo Martin: Interior shot of Martin's shop, of Mungo Martin and small boy, of Martin showing him his totems and carved handicrafts. Exterior shots of Martin working on large totem. Interior and exterior shots of totem pole displays, of carvings. Exterior shot of Martin's shop, painted as a totem figure. CUs of hands carving statuette.

Shot ID: 35382 4:15

Various shots of designers of aircrafts at work in Sainte-Scholastique, including shots of their work.

Shot ID: 37442 4:53

Several shots of still photographs of opera singers: 2nd:Galli Curci, 3rd Grace Moore, 4th Enrico Caruso, 7th B. Gigli, 8th Lily Pons. Several stills of Wilfrid Pelletier in his youth.

Shot ID: 37471 13:31

Sculpture: MS of Calder's stabile at Expo '67. TILT DOWN to people moving in background. MLS of similar, Montreal highrises in background, LS of same seen across river. PAN of line-up of people, to several pieces of sculpture, people resting near by. Several views of a mobile over water. Several shots of sculptures at Expo '67, some moving, others static, people looking at them, CSs of a nun.

Shot ID: 38158 13:23

Several shots of primary school class at work, teacher supervising. Shots of children playing variation of broom ball in classroom. Sequence on art class of children painting in gymnasium, in classroom. Shots of class of children playing in gym, carrying out exercises under direction of teacher, rythmn class.

Shot ID: 39841 1:27

CS of paintings decorating tepee of Métis native tribe (0:14). MLS of two tepees in clearing, smoke coming out of one of them (0:37). CU through opening of tepee of fire burning inside, TILT UP along seams of tepee to LAS of smoke coming out from top (0:36).

Shot ID: 40012 1:57

Various still photographs depicting life in 19th century Canada; photograph on troop of North West Mounted Police marching along grassy valley. Photograph of lined-up soldiers. Photograph of casualty lying in field. Photograph of group of soldiers posing for camera in camp. Photograph of trial in progress in courthouse. Still portraits of men posing for camera.

Shot ID: 40967 17:36

Series of shots of stain glass windows inside Trois-Rivières Cathedral, artwork by Guido Nincheri master stained glass artist, including CUs of artistic details (3:24). Slow DOLLY SHOTS along stain glass windows (3:24). MLS of altar of church (0:09). LAS from altar of church, of rose window, TILT DOWN to MLS of cathedral's interior, with elegant pulpit on right (0:28). MLS of altar, DOLLY IN to MS with TILT UP to LAS of frescos on vaulted ceiling (1:17). CSs of angel statues on high altar with stained glass rose window in background (0:53). LASs of frecos in vaulted ceiling, CUs af artistic details (5:59). CSs of angels and madonna statues, CS of details in high altar (1:28). MLS of rose window (0:24).

Shot ID: 41564 2:39

Series of shots of nun sculpting wood frame of icon on workbench outside her lakeside cottage, CUs of her work, CU of dandelions burning in fire creating smoke (1:45). WIDE SHOT and MLSs from across calm lake of smoke and cottage, bugs buzzing around camera (0:47)

Shot ID: 49213 4:02

CSs and MSs on Pellan's murals and paintings.

Shot ID: 50158 12:28

Series of shots of Easter service inside Russian Orthodox church of St. Peter and St. Paul, shots of people lighting candles, of woman kissing altar, of parishioners gathering at foot of altar (6:23). CSs and CUs of artistic details of icons and frescos inside church (6:27).

Shot ID: 50325 1:07

MS, CS of Inuit carver working on soapstone piece with hatchet outside in snow.

Shot ID: 51706 0:54

LS of the "Family of Man" group of gaunt statues lately of Expo 67's British Pavilion. Circular LA PANs of group.

Shot ID: 54800 2:38

Various shots of artists at work painting fabric designs.