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Shot ID: 40809 8:51

MLS of stylish church. LAS of old style building, probably a college, in a Quebec town. Shots of opening into quadrangle of Laval University, of students, clergy, and other parts of the university. HAS of Château Frontenac, Saint Lawrence River and Levis in background. Various shots of churches, of old buiding, of Quebec legislature, of Porte Saint Louis. Shots of several country churches of the odd dwelling, of a tiny road side chapel, PAN to deep-freezing plant not far from church. Few shots of people walking towards churches, congregating in front of churches.

Shot ID: 37873 14:05

Shot of monument commemorating fur traders of the Great Northwest, ZOOM OUT, flag of Ontario flapping in foreground. PAN along arm of cross, ZOOM OUT to whole cross. LASs of cross, ZOOM IN, ZOOM OUT. Vertical LAS of interior of dome in church, ZOOM IN, ZOOM OUT. Exterior shot Saint Anne's Church, people entering. MS of man ringing gbell. FOLLOW SHOT of priest walking to altar from back of church, starting service. Various shots of attendance in small church, priest officiating. Shot of people coming out, chatting outside church.

Shot ID: 7399 7:50

HASs of Mary Queen of the World Cathedral on Dominion Square. LAS of facade of cathedral. Shots of 2nd battalion of Royal 22e Regiment marching on Dorchester Avenue, forming up. CU of Royal 22e Regiment shoulder flash and United Nations Force insignia. Sequence on men entering cathedral for service. Shots of Christ Church Cathedral, crowd in front, of Black Watch pipe band parading past camera to cathedral. Shots of men entering church, of Minister of Defence Brooke Claxton and General Morton entering cathedral. Shots of Royal Montreal Regiment parading, men, tanks and light vehicles including mobile artillery. Several shots of parade, different units marching past reviewing stand, Brigadier JV Allard, Commander of Special Force Brigadier Rockingham, Major General Morton, Mayor Camilien Houde, Minister of Defence Brooke Claxton, JO Asselin and Air Vice Marchal Raymond reviewing on stand. Several LSs of 2nd Battalion of Royal Canadian Regiment marching on parade square, Lieutenant Colonel Bingham, Officer Commander of Regiment turning over documents to Lieutenant Colonel Kean, Special Force Commmander. Shot of Claxton delivering speech. Shot of Special Force led by Colonel Kean parading by reviewing stand. Shots of Brooke Claxton, General Foulkes and others on stand, Petawawa. (20/10/1950)

Shot ID: 16467 6:13

Series of shots of a group of children receiving their first communion in Ukrainian church; good shots of children entering and leaving church in couples, girls are all dressed in white dresses, boys in black suits, including shots of parents on porch and shots of bell tower's towers.

Shot ID: 18746 8:09

Pelican Narrows: CS to MCS of Indian boy sitting on wooden quay and diving into water, coming back to quay where other boys standing and watching him. MCS of head of boy swimming. MS of Hundson Bay Company building, of flag in background, ZOOM IN to LAMCS of flag (1670 written on it). MCS of Hudson Bay Company building entrance. LAS of cross on top of church to ZOOM OUT of Indian people coming out (men, women, girls, boys, elderly men and women). PAN to men, one lighting up a cigarette. Various shots of people coming down stairs, many CSs and CUs of faces. MCS of priest coming out of church, meeting and shaking hands in front of church. MS to CSs of elderly man walking with cane. More CUs of children (girls and boys) faces.