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Shot ID: 1176 2:06

Canadians in Holland: MLS of tanks advancing, crossing stream on a Bailey bridge. Sequence of tanks lined up for shoot, of SPs laying down barrage. Canadian Sherman tanks move up to camera and crewman uncovers muzzle of gun. A tank is shown moving through a town; likewise for a jeep. A Canadian soldier salvages a chair from sentry box wreckage and sits on it. Shot of direction sign "Nijmegen, Groesbeek, Kleef".

Shot ID: 1200 1:03

Shot of buildings bordering Sussex and Lady Grey Drive in Ottawa. A Fairchild cabin monoplane appears from far away and swoops over camera. LS of Fairchild landing, taxiing towards shore and buildings. CU of a Stintson cabin plane with small crowd around it (crew, passengers, etc.). Brief shot of bridge.

Shot ID: 6393 8:05

Niagara Bridge Centennial (06/08/1948): shots of Jack Canuck and Uncle Sam shaking hands across border, border plaque in background, of two men and two girls in antique costumes sauntering by camera, of bands from both countries marching on bridge. Shots of prayers by Reverend W Wallace, of Mayor Houck of Niagara Falls, Ontario, introducing Premier George Drew, of Drew delivering speech. Shots of audience listening. Shot of Mayor W Luton of Niagara Falls, New York, introducing Lieutenant-governor Hanley of New York State, of Hanley delivering speech. Shots of Hanley and Drew unveiling commemorative plaques, of Drew tying ribbon of friendship. Shots of principals shaking hands in front of boundary plaque. Shots of crowd at Canadian entrance of bridge, of rapids and TILT UP to whirlpool bridge, of ceremony at centre of bridge. CU of rapids. Shots of crowd listening to ceremony, new CN diesel crossing bridge. Sequence on fireworks.

Shot ID: 9461 23:55

PAN of harbour, Habitat '67, ships in background, to Montreal skyline. Closer shot of ships, fittings, Expo '67 buildings visible in background. Shots of men loading Abitibi newsprint aboard ship. Shots of cargo ship being unloaded, of men moving crates by hand and using forklift truck inside shed. Front shot of excursion ship "La Madelon". PAN from "La Madelon" boat to Mark Drouin Quay in Bickerdyke Basin, ship moored along side quay, Habitat '67 in background. TILT UP from "La Madelon" boat to Jacques Cartier Bridge. Several shots of port installations, adjoining streets, buildings, groups of men waiting for their assignments. Shots of tightly packed group of men, scuffle between two men in group. CUs of men in group being assigned jobs. FOLLOW SHOT behind truck taking men to their assigned jobs.

Shot ID: 10066 1:35

Two shots of large ocean liner arriving in harbour, slight haze. Shots of passengers lining rail, some soldiers among them. Sequence on General Montgomery coming down gangplank, inspecting honour guard, riding open convertible.

Shot ID: 10152 4:56

Several shots of waves and rolling sea. Rear MS view of four passengers (men and women) on ship's deck watching passing coastline in the distance. Three TRAVELLING LASs of underside of Quebec Bridge from ship, mast of ship visible in foreground. BOATING SHOTs of rolling sea, ship's railing in foreground. Two MSs of passengers playing deck games aboard ship, tug of war and other childish game. More BOATING SHOTs of waves and rolling sea. LS and PAN of Quebec City skyline as ship sails by. MS shot of ring throwing game on deck.

Shot ID: 11198 9:16

[Remark: Maligne Lake, a pool of quick silver set into setting of granite, amply deserves its nickname of "Gem of the Rockies".] Shot of mirror-like Maligne Lake among towering peaks. LS of Jasper Park Lodge. CS of two men studying map. Three women coming out and chatting excitedly with men. Shot of men and horses getting ready for trip. Cowboy type and horse appear to kiss. Shot of cavalcade on its way. Tourists gazing at raging waters of Maligne River. Group negotiating foot bridge over Maligne Canyon. TILT UP canyon walls. Shot of white waterfall. Tourists pitching camp. Various shots of surroundings at dusk, of sunset, of campers enjoying meal, of visitor, of chipmunk nibbling away. CUs of squirrel sitting and munching, of deer. Day shot of two bear cubs in tree, of mother bear running away, of cowboy playing with cub. HAS of tourists fording Maligne River, arriving at lake and throwing a few rocks in water. Tourists sitting in boat as guide starts outboard. HAS, LS of passengers in boat. BOATING SHOTs of water, shores, mountain landscape in background. Shot of towering snow-flecked mountain, base in darkness. Tourists arriving at camp, guide cooking meal on fire in front of tee-pee. Tourists starting back for lodge. Various shots of mountain country, of mountain sheep. Shot of woman and horse silhouetted against sky, of pack train silhouetted against sky, of peak silhouetted against bright cloud.

Shot ID: 11939 0:-02

PAN SHOT of Tagish River, ZOOM IN to MS of people fishing from bridge (1:19). CS of old timers fishing from bridge, PAN and ZOOM IN to shot of old man in boat on riverbank, PAN to MS of log cabin (0:52). MS back view of old timers fishing from bridge (0:22). Several scenic shots of river and surrounding mountain landscape (0:20).

Shot ID: 13616 9:28

TRAVELLING SHOTs of rough Northern Quebec countryside, of trees, ravines, rivers, including views of camera train and shots of sides of railway right-of-way with scrub spruce, rock. TRAVELLING SHOTs of track taken from caboose, of rough cut tunnel in rock as train moves out. Shots of ore trains whizzing along, some LASs, MSs and LSs of side of track. Various shots of ore trains drawn by three diesel locomotives, passing over bridge at dam, passing over spidery trestle, PAN to rest of train and to rough water of river. ELS of ore train moving on far side of lake.

Shot ID: 17661 0:23

MSs side view of people crossing Shih Zaz Canal bridge, to MLS of canal.

Shot ID: 17663 3:12

MLS of woman with bicycle collecting manure left on road by animals, putting it in a basked on side of her bicycle and leaving, people working in fields in background; ZOOM OUT and PAN front view to back view of big army pickup truck riding across Shih Zaz Canal bridge; ZOOM IN to CS of peasants coming from other side with bicycle and handcart, crossing bridge, and MLS of canal. MLS side view of people crossing bridge over canal, and ZOOM OUT to LS of country surrounding the canal stream.

Shot ID: 18733 2:42

WIDE SHOT of city and Jacques-Cartier Bridge seen from Camilien-Houde lookout on Mount Royal, ZOOM OUT an PAN to MS of people at lookout (0:26). MLS of Mount Royal Park, downtown buildings visible in background (0:39). ML PAN SHOTs of Old Port and downtown area seen from Saint Helen's Island (1:35).

Shot ID: 19890 0:34

HALS of loaded potato truck driving on highway, camera is on overpass. FOLLOW SHOT as it approaches bridge. HAMCS of potatoes in truck as it passes under bridge.

Shot ID: 20450 0:23

MLS of train crossing bridge over canal of Lake Mälaren in Stockholm (15 ft).

Shot ID: 20680 7:49

Many shots of trains in Alaska, Yukon landscapes: sign at Skagway train station; passengers boarding passenger train "White Pass"; diesel freight and passenger trains going over bridges, through tunnels, past waterways; TRAVELLING SHOTs of train tracks.

Shot ID: 22934 1:43

MS of Lachine Rapids, Champlain Bridge in background, ZOOM OUT on rapids. PAN left to rapids, city and Saint Joseph's Oratory in background (three takes).

Shot ID: 22957 0:05

MS of train crossing bridge.

Shot ID: 23278 0:18

MS of steel bridge on Lachine Canal, two kids on bicycles are playing on bridge, another bridge is visible in background.

Shot ID: 23503 0:57

CS of kids on a bridge in Newport Harbour area. CS of a man fishing from bridge (two shots). CS of kids on bridge. CS of old man fishing from bridge with docked sailboats in foreground.

Shot ID: 23664 0:35

MLSs, from the side of the street, of traffic coming towards the camera, of a bridge. HALS of bridge and traffic.

Shot ID: 25716 3:48

FOLLOW SHOT and CSs of United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration delegates boarding a chartered tour bus. CS of delegates coming off bus. Interior CS of two delegates (woman and Chinese man) enjoying ride. MS of group of delegates visiting rock garden, including shot of man getting out of pond into wich he'd fallen during visit. Sequence on delegates in excursion on Saint-Lawrence River, showing sightseeing boat, LSs of Jacques Cartier Bridge, LACS of smokestack, delegates on board. HALSs of Montreal skyline from Mount-Royal's lookout. LASs of tour bus pulling up to station, of Union Jack flag against sky.

Shot ID: 25882 21:05

Sequence on English country showing stream, green vegetation and small passover in evidence. Shots of nice cottage surrounded by trees, flowers in garden, stream snaking through lawn, of cottage from various angles, of sheep herd grazing on pastures, of stream, of cows browsing. HALSs of Runcorn and surroundings from top of hill. Various shots of buses on boulevards and streets, of various new buildings, apartment buildings, streets, houses, of huge factory chimneys smoking heavily, of ruins on top of hill, of bridge crossing river, of various new apartment buildings and old houses. Sequence on boys and girls shovelling stack of small white rocks at "Adventure Playground" in Runcorn, at Tarzan play sliding down from wooden structure along rope hanged at pulley. Various shots of new apartment buildings, clotheslines, buses on street, people walking on paths, of children at play, of people walking on overpass crossing highway.

Shot ID: 26540 1:10

LAMS of underside of section of Victoria Bridge, TILT DOWN to MCS of freighter coming toward camera, passing under bridge, TILT UP to LAMS of underside of bridge, TILT DOWN to MS of freighter moving away.

Shot ID: 26549 1:07

LS of freighter under section of Canada-US bridge at Cornwall, Ontario. MS of access road to bridge with road signs giving directions to bridge in foreground.

Shot ID: 26616 0:28

LAMS of traffic on bridge spanning Châteauguay River.

Shot ID: 26633 1:23

MLS of Canada-US international bridge at Cornwall, filmed from boat on river, cut to TRAVELLING SHOT in direction of bridge.

Shot ID: 30388 22:30

MS PAN of Pacific Ocean, of California coast, ZOOM IN on rocks in water. MLS of people standing on small peninsula, watching sea, ZOOM OUT to LS of sea, ZOOM IN back on people, waves breaking on rocks. Various evening MSs, MLSs of traffic on Golden Gate Bridge, including PAN to coast. Several exterior and interior shots of Buddhist restaurant, of restaurant sign, of marina and Golden Gate Bridge seen through windows from inside restaurant, PAN of people sitting at tables. MS of man lying on his boat, ZOOM OUT and PAN of marina, ZOOM IN on restaurant, of kite flying, ZOOM OUT to Golden Gate Bridge, traffic in foreground. MS of advertisement for Zen centre hanging on wall with others. PAN of Buddhist temple. PAN to advertisement. MSs of street, of temple including shot of Buddhist arriving at temple. TRAVELLING SHOT of pleasure boats, yachts, sailing boats, anchored at marina Del Rey. Various shots of boats moving in water or at anchor. Several day and night shots from moving elevator of skyscrapers in Los Angeles and of interior of hotel, basin full of water in evidence.

Shot ID: 31895 3:03

CU of man locking his door, getting in Oldsmobile car and driving off, snow on ground. MS of snow-covered automobile. High TRAVELLING SHOT of street, cars parked at curb. Snowy wintery scene showing warden walking on sidewalk, snow on house and trees in background. Shots of children on bicycles on street, of school crossing guard. TRAVELLING SHOT of road. Static shot of street in city. Low AERIAL SHOT of bridge, river, city.

Shot ID: 39265 4:37

Visual of Bulkley River in spring showing MLS of bridge spanning river, MS of children riding bicycles on bridge, WIDE SHOTS of river, some ice visible (1:50). Visual of Cheslatta River showing small waterfalls flowing between snow-patched riverbanks, erosion on riverbanks, CS of road sign indicating direction to river (2:44).

Shot ID: 40032 2:50

MLS of flood swollen Nechako River, PAN (L>R) to WIDE SHOT of river joining the Fraser River at Prince George, ZOOM IN to MLS of train crossing railway bridge (0:42). TRAVELLING SHOT along Nechako River in foreground, almost flooding industrial area (0:45). MLSs of high waters menacing houses and trailer park (1:20)

Shot ID: 52889 0:18

Two shots from end of suspension bridge, small booth and vehicular traffic on bridge.

Shot ID: 72409 2:03


Shot ID: 72464 6:00


Shot ID: 889 1:21

PAN of countryside near Sainte-Jeanne-d'Arc, MS of covered bridge across Péribonca River, ZOOM IN to MCS (21 ft). TRAVELLING SHOT from car going through bridge (19 ft). Cut to MS of bridge (7 ft).

Shot ID: 1135 2:45

Several shots of pedestrians on the street, traffic including brief sequence showing gendarme speaking to motorist, sign for pet cemetery.

Shot ID: 2224 21:53

Interior; series of shots of construction of Biodome, including shots of workers, among them workers pouring cement and landscapers, two beautiful HAMLSs of site seen from catwalk hanging from ceiling (4:08 - 6:15) and shots of arrival of mobile crane (13:04 - 22:04).

Shot ID: 2232 1:25

Series of shots from top of Olympic Stadium tower: HACU of Biodome, LS of Jacques Cartier Bridge followed by similar MS and LS of downtown.

Shot ID: 4863 4:48

EB Eddy mill pulp wood fire: night shots of raging fire, firemen battling the blaze. Day views of pulp wood stock pile after fire is extinguished, of historic Alexander Bridge, now a mass of twisted beams and rails. These outs show edited story. Blazing log pile, wrecked machinery, firemen at work, fire hoses, and the twisted Alexander Bridge.

Shot ID: 5353 4:39

HAS of the Parliament Buildings. PAN on buildings in Ottawa to Parliament Buildings. MLS of bridge joining Ottawa and Hull, buildings of Hull in the background. PAN of Ottawa, Hull in background, including MCS of Supreme Court, other buildings, Parliament Buildings and another bridge between Ottawa and Hull. ZOOM IN to Parliament Buildings. MCS and ZOOM OUT on Ottawa-Hull bridge and city of Ottawa. MCS of people coming down stairs, ZOOM OUT on Supreme Court. HAS of a street, pedestrian and facade of glass building. HAS of street, TILT UP on facade of glass facade. Two CSs on a governemnt sign: "Government of Canada - Portage III". TILT UP to LAS of building, CS of buildings.

Shot ID: 7931 1:38

MLS of the Port of Montreal from Longueuil, with sun reflecting off river in foreground. MLS of Jacques Cartier Bridge with downtown buildings in background, seen from Longueuil with river in foreground. MS FOLLOW SHOT of motorboat on river in front of the Port of Montreal installations (shot from Longueuil).

Shot ID: 9777 6:19

MLS of mountain peak, ZOOM OUT to Fraser River. Various HALSs of landscape surrounding Fraser River. HASs, LASs, AERIAL SHOTs of Fraser River and surrounding landscape including shots of bridges, sun shining on surface of water.

Shot ID: 10802 10:36

Shot of pile driver hammering sections into ground as cofferdam is being built. CS of pile driver hammering post into ground, two men using sled hammers to drive spikes. LS of pile driver at work. LS of newly built dam. CU of steam shovel lifting logs into position so pile driver can hammer them down. CU of bulldozer levelling earth. Interior shot of powerhouse. Sequence showing men putting new generator into position, hand turning on switch. CU of turbine turning. CU of pop valve opening. CU and LS of water gushing out from dam into river. Shot of bulldozer levelling bank, PAN out over swollen river. Various shots of Fraser River. CUs of water flowing over rocks in stream. LSs of creek, of trestle bridge spanning gorge, of truck dumping fill and rocks along river bank. LS of log boom in river, of causeway. Shots men building dam, steam shovels and bulldozer. Shot of steam shovel scooping up earth from river and depositing it on pile near dam.

Shot ID: 11843 12:29

TRAVELLING SHOTs of landscapes seen from diesel locomotive heading towards city of Wuchang (1:58). Several good shots of train entering city, crossing Wuchang bridge and entering railway station (3:56). CS of passenger train leaving station, coach cars filing by camera (0:42). CS side view of driver inside cab as train leaves station (0:34). More TRAVELLING SHOTs from train approaching and entering city, crossing Wuchang bridge, meeting several oncoming trains.

Shot ID: 16206 9:48

FOLLOW SHOTs of two people riding snowmobile while exercising two dogs on leashes. MLS of car parked near snowbank, snowmobile vaulting over. FOLLOW SHOT of snowmobile being driven in circle around shack. MLSs of snowmobilers and machines seen through Oka park chalet window. ZOOM OUT to include interior of chalet, people sitting at tables. Exterior shot of snowmobilers. PAN from crest "Club auto-neige Oka" on wall to snowmobilers inside and outside chalet. Staged accident of dummy snowmobiler driving machine into tree. CU to LS of ice fisherman taking swigs from pocket flask while waiting for bite, snow falling. Comedy routine showing amateur skier being bowled over by snowmobile. Two CSs of skier falling into snow. Several FOLLOW SHOTs and LSs shots of cars towing snowmobiles on trailers on highway, moving off access road. Two forward TRAVELLING SHOTs towards and under horse standing placidly. CUs of french language ads for Skidoo snowmobiles.

Shot ID: 16688 3:20

Highway north: shot of men planning Alaska Highway in an office. Animation map of the highway. Cut to sequence on surveyors at work in the bush, on bulldozer clearing right of way, levelling roadway. HAS of part of completed dirt road. Shots of bridge building and montage of various kinds of transportation. Sequence on a black bear walking across the road, GI playing with one. Sequence on US army trucks on the Alaska Highway, on Peace River bridge.

Shot ID: 17662 1:25

MS to MLS side view of shepherd passing on road between fields with his sheep. MLS front view to CS and MLS back view of the flock of sheep crossing Shih Zaz Canal bridge, and people coming from other side of bridge, on bicycle or pulling handcarts, and MLS of canal.

Shot ID: 18370 5:55

CS of rain falling in puddles between railroad tracks. CS of railside sign announcing Strathcarron train station. LACS of trainman wearing a raincoat standing on footbridge. MS of gate closing level crossing. MCS of road gate, a train comes into view, PAN and ZOOM OUT as train enters train station. MS down platform, a few passengers are on ramp and similar shot as train leaves station. MS of tracks of train station, a railman comes into view climbing up onto platform and standing by as train comes into station, ZOOM OUT to MS as he hands up messages that are taken by trainman inside train. CS of train as it passes by camera and comes to a stop, ZOOM IN to CS of trainman opening door. Various shots of railmen on platform, train leaves station. MS of trainmen on platform.

Shot ID: 19177 0:30

Ambassador Bridge opening (00/00/1929): PAN of crowd. MS of unveiling of plaque. CS of plaque showing female figure holding US and canadian shields. HASs of cars and crowd crossing bridge.

Shot ID: 20399 2:02

MS follow shot of employee walking along footbridge over wastewater treatment tanks at Reichhold chemical plant in Saint Thérèse, plus several similar shots (73 ft).

Shot ID: 20439 1:12

CSs of anglers fishing from bridge over canal in Stockholm (44 ft).