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Shot ID: 9928 5:45

Exterior, day; series of shots showing operations performed by workers using heavy equipment to erect power transmission tower.

Shot ID: 9934 1:55

Exterior, day; MS of farmer working in field, ZOOM OUT to MLS of power transmission line under construction (1:51). LS of town with road in foreground, PAN to MLS of power transmission towers placed at regular intervals on ground (0:28). LS of corridor through which line will run (0:22).

Shot ID: 14604 4:24

CSs of man pouring milk into pail. CSs of cows in barn. MS of two farmers and pigs in outdoor sty. MS of cows' rear ends, PAN to milk cans on floor of barn. MS of farmer seeding field with horse-drawn seeder. MLS of farmer herding cows to pasture. LAMS of pylon. MS of farmer grading road with bulldozer. Shots of cows grazing in pasture. CS of pigs sleeping. Shots of sheep grazing in meadow. Shots of cows in pasture. LS of wind blowing across meadows. MLS down small country road. MS of eroded gully running through farm. MLS of cows grazing on hill.

Shot ID: 32106 8:29

MLS of sugar beets being unloaded from truck, moving up conveyor to pile at sugar refinery. Shot of power shovel scooping up sugar beets from railway cars. Front shot of Ukrainian church in Winnipeg. MS of "The Ukrainian Trading Co." store in downtown Winnipeg. LS of power lines in field. MS of 1949 Chevrolet car almost submerged in flood waters. CS of fish being trown in box aboard rowboat. Shots of men unloading boxes from boat at pier, carrying box into warehouse. LS of men pushing rowboat along flooded street, waist deep in water. Interior shot of three men surveying flood damage in house. BOATING SHOTs along flooded houses in street. PAN across large tilled field on prairie. GROUND TO AIR SHOTs of seagulls flying about. Shots of Hereford cattle in stock pen at Winnipeg stockyards. BOATING SHOTs along almost completely submerged houses in flooded residential district. LACS of Highland piper performing. Shot of Highland band parading during the "Western Annual Scottish Sports" in Winnipeg. MS of lassie doing the "Highland Fling" dance. Sequence on threshing on farm in south eastern Manitoba, men forking sheaves from wagons onto feeder of mill, straw blown onto stack from blower, men forking wheat from stookes in field onto horse-drawn wagon.

Shot ID: 34143 4:50

Various shots from positions on dam and on shore, of "Robert H Saunders" dam and American counterpart "Robert Moses" dam. Brief shot of Iroquois control dam from shore. CUs of names of "Robert H Saunders" dam, of "Robert Moses" dam. CUs of Long Sault Dam showing water coming through spillways. MSs part of dam, water spilling out. LAS of top of hydro tower. Various shots of base of tower, TILT UPs to top. Shots of groups of towers, of power lines. Interior shots of power house sub station, operator. CU of giant insulator.

Shot ID: 35162 0:00

Shot of forest of poles, wires. MS of top of hydro pole, inoperative traffic light, sign "Fairview", many wires. Shot of large number of utility poles, Toronto.

Shot ID: 37337 6:22

Front MS of facade of Caisse Populaire Desjardins, ZOOM OUT to include whole building. Shot of Caisse Populaire Saint-Pascal de Maizerets in Quebec City, TILT DOWN, TILT UP. Interior shot of a few people banking. Shot of construction sign "Centre culturel & sportif". PAN to centre under construction. CU of sign re Assurance Vie Desjardins. PAN to building under construction. Several CUs of exterior components of electrical power substation, ZOOM OUT, ZOOM IN. TRAVELLLING SHOT past extensive electrical facilities at substation. Shot of cluster of hydro towers. MCS of sign "Faculte des Sciences - Pavillon Pouliot" at Laval University, ZOOM OUT and TRAVELLING SHOT past buildings. PAN from sign "Université Laval" to buildings of university.

Shot ID: 39285 2:02

MLS of high tension electrical towers (0:33). Various shot of water flowing in spillway and afterbay of Isle Maligne hydroelectric dam (1:29).

Shot ID: 39427 3:49

Several shots from different angles of powerful flow of water flowing through open spillways of Isle Maligne dam in spring (1:50). MLSs of small ice floes on reservoir (0:34). Water level LSs of Isle Maligne hydroelectrical power plant (0:34). MLS of high tension electrical transmission pylones, PAN (L>R) of dam, closed spillways, ZOOM IN to LS of aluminum smelter (0:32). CS of plaque reading "Isle Maligne Station, 1924" on brick wall (0:10).

Shot ID: 7189 1:15

[Remark: These scenes were taken in the Spring of 1945. Although there is no snow in evidence, trees indicate Spring.] Several good shots from different angles of Parliament Buildings and Peace Tower. CS main entrance to Parliament Buildings and LAS of Tower and Clock. Excellent shot of rear view of Parliament Buildings as seen from centre of fast flowing (Spring high water) Ottawa River. Good shot of Dominion Observatory showing upper dome and telescope housing unit. Two shots of modern, residential houses along Driveway, Ottawa. Good shot EB Eddy Mill, Hull silhouetted against an evening sky. Pulp wood and elevator standout. Excellent shot of pole and telephone and telegraph wires, silhouetted against sky. Good shot of two river tugs, anchored at base of canal.

Shot ID: 9091 0:33

MS PAN left past hydro-electric tower, across fields, stops at small schoolhouse.

Shot ID: 9988 7:04

Exterior, day, winter; AERIAL SHOT of power transmission line near Sept îles (1:13). AERIAL SHOTs around small community in area (1:10). Low-altitude AERIAL SHOT going up river to hydroelectric dam, helicopter climbs and goes around dam (2:41). Low-altitude AERIAL SHOT along power transmission line (1:53).

Shot ID: 39264 9:32

Series of shots of aluminum ingots being loaded onto freighter in port, forklifts bringing pallets of ingots, crane hauling them into ship (2:22). WIDE PANs of ship in port and Alcan's Kitimat Works plant. LSs and PANs of Kitimat Works plant (3:21). MLS looking down road on mountainside lined with high tension electrical transmission towers (0:34). Various shots of plant and harbour installations, freighter in port (2:50). MS of sign in front of Kitimat Works administrative building (0:20).

Shot ID: 39281 1:53

HAMLS of water flowing at base of Isle Maligne powerhouse, ZOOM OUT to WIDE SHOT of dam (0:40). MLS of high tension electricity transmission lines and substation (1:03).

Shot ID: 39287 0:33

WIDE SHOT of high tension electrical transmission line crossing snow-patched landscape.

Shot ID: 41030 2:28

Country scenics in Southern Saskatchewan; late afternoon MLSs of grain elevator in Weyburn with railroad tracks in foreground, MSs of cars crossing tracks (0:59). MS of traffic in Estevan (0:20). WIDE SHOTS of cumulus clouds over field (0:15). MLS of farm building on hilltop with harvested field in foreground (0:11). WIDE SHOT of high tension electricity transmission line crossing fields (0:23). LS of electrical tower with setting sun in background (0:16).

Shot ID: 9927 11:01

Exterior, day; series of shots of workers installing cables on power transmission line, including shots of bulldozer to which cables are attached and shots of worker climbing pole.

Shot ID: 9929 7:00

Exterior, day; series of shots showing operations performed by workers using heavy equipment to erect power transmission tower, MS of crane raising upper part of tower, ZOOM OUT to MLS, bulldozer pushes base to anchoring point (5:05). MS of worker climbing to top of tower to install cables (1:16). MS of same man climbing down deftly inside metal structure (1:55).

Shot ID: 9930 9:46

Exterior, day; series of shots showing operations performed by workers using heavy equipment to erect power transmission tower, MS of crane moving on site (2:52). Shot of bulldozer pushing base of tower to anchoring point while crane raises upper part, CSs of workers bolting tower to base (6:14). LAMS of worker inside tower (0:36).

Shot ID: 14989 3:30

Alcan: shot of workmen of Alcan Aluminum Company of Canada at Kitimat walking past camera as they come off work. AERIAL SHOTs from helicopter of hydro tower on mountain side, much snow in evidence, of Natchako River and towering mountains. Shot of two men taking off in helicopter. Various shots of snowy mountain landscapes, hydro tower visible, helicopter in the extreme distance, rigger climbing tower, insulators in foreground. Interior shot of man grinding metal. PAN over transformer and circuit breaker station. Shots of cable car, of valley, of Alcan project, of tunnel.

Shot ID: 25441 0:32

Shots of linesmen laying electric wire across river and between power pylons.

Shot ID: 31030 8:42

AERIAL SHOTs of hydro plant on Taltson River, Northwest Territories, of power pylons, snow-covered surrounding countryside. Ground shots of power plant and electrical installations. Interior shots of Taltson power plant showing turbine in operation, operator checking various dials and instruments.

Shot ID: 32874 5:30

Terrace Bay (Ontario): HALS PAN across dense bush to paper mill on north shore of Lake Superior. HALS PAN from train moving through dense bush, across housing development to paper mill. Three AERIAL SHOTs over evergreen bush, shadow of plane visible in last shot. Front TRAVELLING SHOT from train approaching paper mill at Longlac, Ontario. Sequence on construction of dam to supply hydro power to paper mill showing steam shovel loading dump truck, skeleton structure of dam, men at work. LASs of lineman at work on tension cable atop pylon. TILT DOWNs heavy waterfalls. PAN across paper mill, logs moving on conveyor. Shot down conveyor, logs moving along to mill in background. Shot of two small "alligator" boats moving through logs on Kenogamo River. HAMLS of men at work on logs in river, TILT UP pond framed with pulley and ropes in foreground. Shot of CPR freight train moving past camera, sign "Longlac Pulp and Paper Co" visible after passage of train. Shot of Longlac paper mill. PANs across logs floating in water. LS of Longlac paper mill across river.

Shot ID: 32884 4:08

MLS of main control locks of Shipshaw dam. LAS of man walking along top of control locks of canal, TILT UP along power lines to pylons on hill. LAS of two linemen at work on cable. Shot of mill, man climbing up ladder on rear of box car in foreground. Full frame HAS of water swirling at foot of falls. TILT UP crevice between rock boulder to sky. LS of antique stone manor used as hotel near Tadoussac, Quebec. LS down main street in town of Lac Saint-Jean Region. LAS of wire network and pylons at hydro power station. Various HASs over rushing waters of Northern Quebec river running through bush. Side MLS of Shipshaw hydro power dam. HALS PAN over small town on shore of Saguenay River.

Shot ID: 33517 1:25

Village in Newfoundland and Labrador: shot of backyard, scrawny horse grazing, clothesline upheld by pole. MLS of three goats wearing yokes standing in rocky field. MLS of two men working on primitive garden, frame building in background, rough pole fence between the two men. LS of man in garden, trees in background, scarecrows. MS of tattered Union Jack. PAN down pole past H.B. flag to train caboose converted into home. Old couple on platform porch. LS of car wreck.

Shot ID: 35622 6:09

ESTABLISHING PANs of Hull skyline to Interprovincial Bridge from look-out on Peace Tower, from Supreme Court Building. Shot of woman removing clothes from line in slum area, train passing close to camera. TRAVELLING LAS of telephone poles and wires. AERIAL SHOT over Ottawa. MS of airport control tower. CU of DC-3 engine starting, plane taxiing. TRAVELLING SHOT of traffic moving east on Rideau Street from Union Station. TRAVELLING LS of farm fields, fences, from moving train. LS of industrial section of city. Shot of water in Ottawa River, catch dams near Chaudiere Falls. Shot of Parliament Building, Peace Tower. Shot of Argentine Crest. Shot of steam passenger train.

Shot ID: 39259 8:22

High altitude AERIAL SHOTs over inlets and mountain landscape in Kitimat Valley (0:31). AERIAL SHOT from helicopter following female dall's sheep and calf scrambling on steep hillside, scared by helicopter (0:28). AERIAL SHOTS of high tension power transmission lines running across rugged snow-clad mountain territory between Kemano and Kitimat (1:29). AERIAL SHOT of town of Kemano, electrical substation and entrance of powerhouse at foot of mountain (2 shots; 2:12). AERIAL SHOT over frozen up Nechako Reservoir (1:51). High altitude AERIAL SHOTs over reservoir in summer and surrounding mountain landscape (1:37).

Shot ID: 42187 6:47

Several shots of rain clouds, storm clouds forming and moving over prairie, no ground visible and clouds shedding rain on prairie in some shots.

Shot ID: 52493 0:30

Shots of lines of telephone poles disappearing into the distance on prairie.

Shot ID: 58150 2:08

Shot of rail fence dividing field and hills in background. LAMS of hydro tower, TILT DOWN to base, group of buildings in background. CU of large gear cutting machine tool, men changing bit. MLS of large coal pile, top of stocker visible on top of pile, Canada Coal truck driving up to pile. Various shots of coal stocker in operation.

Shot ID: 3759 5:44

Various shots of "building failures", houses and buildings which were improperly constructed (sagging foundations) to withstand rigors of northern climate. LAS of network of telegraph and telephone lines with power line feeds. Shots of Roman Catholic church shaped like an igloo, of dome and roof.

Shot ID: 5490 1:39

PAN of dam, CS of same. Interior shot of substation, gauges, dials, switches, operator sitting at his post. Several MCUs of insulators in transformer station. Cut to LAMS of hydro tower, high tension wires.

Shot ID: 7629 0:53

MSs of electric transmission pylons in Lac Saint-Jean region.

Shot ID: 7646 3:35

MLS of electrical transmission pylons, PAN to Isle Maligne hydro-electric generating station, ZOOM IN to LS of Alcan plant smokestacks (3 shots), MS of reflection of pylons on calm stretch of water. MS of reflection of row of trees, PAN along series of electrical transmission pylons and lines (2 shots).

Shot ID: 8565 2:03

MLS of electrical transmission pylons in valley in Saguenay-Lac Saint Jean region, PAN of valley, LAMS of telecommunications tower (37 ft). ESTABLISHING SHOTs and PANs of valley to LAMS of telecommunications tower (36 ft).

Shot ID: 9970 1:27

Exterior, day; MS of top of power transmission tower, PAN to MLS of CIP pulp and paper mill, smoke rising from stacks (0:28). MLS of town of La Tuque, mill can be seen in background (0:30). MS of houses, smoke rising from stacks can be seen in background (0:24).

Shot ID: 9980 2:05

Exterior, day, winter; HAMS of Highway 138 running through town of Baie Comeau, ZOOM OUT to MLS, Quebec North Shore Paper mill can be seen in background (0:37). PAN of mill (0:26). MS of power transmission towers, PAN of mill to MLS of freighters anchored in St Lawrence River (0:56).

Shot ID: 15238 2:14

Two hazy MLSs of network of electric line pylons. Dark MS of diesel train entering tunnel, PAN to other end of tunnel, train moving out by camera. HAMS of gondola cars filled with ore heading for factory buildings in background. LAMLS of factory buildings, semi-silhouetted against sky, showing ore buckets rising along conveyor to hopper. FOLLOW CS of bucket of power shovel loading truck with ore.

Shot ID: 23679 10:08

[Title] Shot of peaceful, tree-covered lakeshore in Ontario, lake at left, forest in background. Long sequence on young man fishing from rocks, forest ranger paddling up, chatting with young fisherman. CU of badge pinned to forest ranger's suspenders: Ontario Fire Ranger. Shot of young fisherman, Mr Baldwin, putting out campfire, arriving by train at station, meeting Chief Fire Ranger. Sequence showing Baldwin tripping on track, breaking his fishing pole, walking down track to Fire Ranger camp. Various shots of men chopping underbrush, nailing fire warnings on tree trunks. Shot of Baldwin going to work, tripping again, sprawling. Several shots of wooden lookout tower being built, odd comedy routine thrown in again. Shot of the two men climbing tower when finished. TILT UP tower and men climbing. Vertical LAS of men going up inside safety hoops. Shots of men in cabin atop tower, of surrounding forest land. Sequence on rustic road in bush, men working on telephone poles, men rolling up fire hoses. Shot of three men repairing railroad motorcar. Shot of gateway with sign re obtaining travel permit. Shot of car driving up and motorists getting permit. Sequence on tower man spotting fire, pinpointing it with locator, reporting position to headquarters. Information is relayed to field rangers. Sequence on men speeding to fire on motorcar. [Titles interspersed]

Shot ID: 32756 18:16

AERIAL SHOTS, from front of aircraft, of town, of fields, woods. AERIAL SHOTS over high-tension wires, pylons. Low level, swift AERIAL SHOTS over fields. Side-looking AERIAL SHOTS of fields, over car cemetery, along meandering Nicolet River. Long sequence of AERIAL SHOTS of snow-covered countryside, farmland, town, woods. Lengthy AERIAL SHOT over Saint Lawrence River, water filling frame. Swoop over wooded bank.

Shot ID: 6558 1:30

MCS of houses in Sambro on bay of Atlantic Ocean, PAN left, ZOOM OUT over village roads to MS of church and houses, ZOOM IN to LS of boat, PAN left , ZOOM OUT to MLS of village, ZOOM IN on telephone pole and house to the left in background.

Shot ID: 9932 3:49

Exterior, day; series of shots showing operations performed by workers using heavy equipment to erect power transmission tower; CSs of workers bolting cables to be used to raise tower (1:31). MS of worker hooking up cables to crane (0:26) MS side view of upper part of tower on ground, workers are busy around it (1:03). MS to CS of tower being slowly hoisted (0:18). MLSs of tower being erected (0:23). MS of bulldozer pushing base toward anchoring point (0:05).

Shot ID: 9983 1:23

Exterior, day, winter; MLS of power transmission towers along Highway 138 near Baie Comeau (0:22). MLS of towers of power transmission line running through countryside (0:20). MS of upper part of tower, building can be seen in foreground (0:18). LS of power transmission line (0:22).

Shot ID: 12547 3:47

CU of new Ontario Hydro emblem on side of truck. MLS of Hydro truck preparing for job in residential district, no leaves in trees. Shots of bucket at end of boom rising towards top of pole, men riding bucket. MCSs of men at work on hot-line, sign indicating 13800 volts. MS of turning red flasher, men in bucket at top of pole in out of focus background. Sequence on man climbing pole with leg spikes, working at top of pole.

Shot ID: 13784 5:52

Several low altitude AERIAL SHOTs of power lines, power plants and various facilities of LG-2 hydro-electrical complex in James Bay (211 ft).

Shot ID: 32017 0:00

Big CUs of one eye of three-year old boy, of his two eyes. MCUs of toy truck, car on floor. TRAVELLING SHOT of feet and legs of pedestrians on Sainte-Catherine Street. Similar shot through distorting lens. LS of diesel train moving slowly. ZOOM IN on engine and FOLLOW PAN back of boxcars "C.N." moving by camera. PAN to houses near tracks and ZOOM IN on second floor window. PAN from moving freight train to house not far from trains. PAN from modern apartment house, a highrise building, to dwellings nearby. FOLLOW SHOT of diesel locomotive to second floor window of nearby house. PANs from hydro pylons to residence. PANs down from high tension wires to second floor window. PAN across vacant lot to MLS of several residences seen through hydro tower. Oblique GROUND TO AIR LS of Air Canada Vanguard gaining altitude after take off, wires in immediate foreground. Various shots in darkish bedroom of shadows of toys on wall.

Shot ID: 32757 18:24

Low level AERIAL SHOTS over snowy fields, woods, secondary road, Nicolet River. AERIAL SHOT directly over power line, no snow in last shot. Low AERIAL SHOT over double highway leading to Quebec City, shadow of camera plane visible. Low level AERIAL SHOTS of muskeg terrain, of region along the Nicolet River, of farmland. Shadow of plane visible in some shots. Swoop over large farm, over Victoriaville. Several very low level AERIAL SHOTS of muskeg country, of woods, hills, over Nicolet River. AERIAL SHOTS of landing strip as camera plane lands.

Shot ID: 32887 3:34

AERIAL SHOTs over town in Lac Saint-Jean Region, over dam and falls on Saint-Maurice River, over residential and industrial districts of town, over waterfront and harbour facilities of town, over dense bush, large river running through. CS of "Arvida" sign post. DOLLY LAS along top of pylons. LS of car circling driveway on rocky lookout in Arvida. HALSs of farms and buildings in valleys.

Shot ID: 51255 2:38

Shots of pile driver pounding piles into ground, of Indian assisting white operator on pile-driver. Several shots of piles in ground silhouetted against late evening sky.

Shot ID: 2504 3:15

Several shots from various angles of a large high-tension electicity transmission lines and towers.