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Shot ID: 2768 7:37

MS of woman tending her garden, an old man is watching her, ZOOM OUT to LS old run down house in King's County landscape (three shots). Several shots from different angles of woman tending her garden with the help of her two sons. Various shots of whole family harvesting potatoes from their garden.

Shot ID: 7496 1:02

MS of two black boys with young white woman working in their vegetable garden in the Montreal Botanical Garden's community garden, uncompleted tower of Olympic Stadium in background.

Shot ID: 7498 5:39

Several HASs of flowers, small train, gardens and fountains in Montreal Botanical Garden, uncompleted Olympic Stadium and pedestrians in background.

Shot ID: 9267 9:05

HAS of irrigation machinery operated by donkey and camel. TILT UP from newly irrigated patch of ground to garden, palm grove in background. MLS of irrigation machinery, cables. TILT UP from irrigation channel, team of donkeys moving into frame. MS of Moroccan farmer working in newly irrigated garden. Longer shot of garden. Shot of irrigation plant. MLS of several Moroccans working in rice field, broadcasting something or other over water. TILT UP from men hoeing in rice field to other men hoeing. CU of bare legs in water and mud. LS of several workers in rice field. CU of legs in mud, men hoeing. MS of men hoeing.

Shot ID: 9878 2:15

MS of Siamese cat on picnic table in backyard of old home in Caraquet, PAN to MS of dog chewing bone (0:19). Beautiful CSs and CUs of cat in garden (1:01). CS of dog (0:55).

Shot ID: 10316 6:29

Several CSs and CUs of white flowers (trillium grandiflorum) and purple ones (trillium erectum). Shots of trilliums in rock garden. Shot of light purple flower with ant walking on it (6:32).

Shot ID: 11686 1:08

[ECP] Shots from different angles of indoor garden and pool at Mirabel Airport hotel (35 ft).

Shot ID: 14550 0:28

MLS of shoreline of Lake Winnipeg, a cabin is visible on a point. MSs of a lady pulling carrots in her garden.

Shot ID: 14794 7:52

MCSs of lighthouse. MS of horse grazing. MS of a dog sitting behind steering wheel of tractor, ZOOM on dog, dog coming down and sitting in ground. PAN on little girl walking away. Shot of horse grazing. MCS of Canadian Maple Leaf flag waving in wind with blue sky in background. MLSs of wild flowers on land in foreground and the sea in background. MSs of two dogs playing on ground. Various shots of man with a boy and a girl in his vegetable yard, MCS of him weeding his garden, MCSs of potatoes on ground.

Shot ID: 20044 0:57

MS of laboratory technician dipping test slab into jars, PAN across other jars on table. CS of other laboratory technician looking into microscope. MS of fountain, PAN across visitors walking about to MLS of main building of Montreal's Jardin Botanique. LS of wheat field rippling in the wind, man walking towards camera. CS of weed, TILT UP and ESTABLISHING PAN across rolling countryside.

Shot ID: 23245 16:31

Several shots from different angles of a kid playing on a swing in backyard with his parents seated at a patio table, CSs of interview with his father, a steelworker, and his wife, cut to various shots of kid and parents in backyard. CSs of interview with steelworker and his wife, inside their house.

Shot ID: 25882 21:05

Sequence on English country showing stream, green vegetation and small passover in evidence. Shots of nice cottage surrounded by trees, flowers in garden, stream snaking through lawn, of cottage from various angles, of sheep herd grazing on pastures, of stream, of cows browsing. HALSs of Runcorn and surroundings from top of hill. Various shots of buses on boulevards and streets, of various new buildings, apartment buildings, streets, houses, of huge factory chimneys smoking heavily, of ruins on top of hill, of bridge crossing river, of various new apartment buildings and old houses. Sequence on boys and girls shovelling stack of small white rocks at "Adventure Playground" in Runcorn, at Tarzan play sliding down from wooden structure along rope hanged at pulley. Various shots of new apartment buildings, clotheslines, buses on street, people walking on paths, of children at play, of people walking on overpass crossing highway.

Shot ID: 41023 1:47

LS of Regina Legislature Building with garden in foreground, ZOOM IN to MLS (0:47). MSs of windows and doors in facade (0:39). MLS of building (0:19).

Shot ID: 49486 2:00

Various CSs of colorful marigold flowers in garden.

Shot ID: 51670 0:43

Three shots of Royal Gardens in Addis-Abeba, exotic greenery, flowers.

Shot ID: 72312 3:23


Shot ID: 72331 1:58


Shot ID: 2827 0:40

Series of scenes of daily life in back courtyard of modest house in Port au Prince, cat lying in a corner, woman hanging out washing, chickens in coop.

Shot ID: 7036 1:12

MS of two Indian peasants (men) planting vegetables in small patch of land near village of Nahuala, ZOOM OUT and PAN to MLS of surrounding landscape.

Shot ID: 7492 10:19

Various shots at Montreal Botanical Garden: flowers, trees, gardens, sea gull, ducks in water, few visitors on few shots.

Shot ID: 7500 18:01

Various shots of cornstalks and baskets of fruits and vegetables in Montreal Botanical Garden (including CU of fruits and vegetables). CSs of different bonsai. Several CSs of different kinds of flowers in Botanical Garden (water lilies, roses, orchids), including CUs.

Shot ID: 12327 2:14

CSs of five roosters in back yard of house, each one has a rope tied to one of its legs to keep them apart (59 ft). CS of chicken with chick (21ft).

Shot ID: 13260 0:35

LAS of apple tree in bloom. TILT DOWN to residential backyard with baby in the playpen, mother and another child standing by.

Shot ID: 17035 2:42

CSs of woman watering her flower garden in suburb of Hiroshima.

Shot ID: 24829 0:08

MLS of Forum des Halles with flower garden in foreground, PAN to LS of climbing cranes on construction site.

Shot ID: 41553 15:39

Shots of monks in gardens of Cistercian Notre-Dame de Nazareth Abbey, admiring plants, chatting (5:20). MS of nine monks posing for camera in garden, CS, PAN of faces (1:40). LAMLS of large tree (0:13). CS of fountain and of small stream in garden (0:25). MLS of two monks, one elderly and the other middle-aged, walking on veranda towards camera. (0:40), MLS looking down main entrance of abbey lined with trees (0:12). HAMS of red carps in pond, MLS of pond (0:23). MLS of main building of monastery (0:23). Shots of two monks walking in orchard inspecting apple trees (6:01).

Shot ID: 54812 0:21

MS of lush green garden of Japanese Imperial garden, MLS of low lying building in garden.

Shot ID: 54813 0:27

MS of lush green garden of Japanese Imperial garden, shots of trimmed hedges along path with pond in background, MS of stone lantern, MS of flowering bushes.

Shot ID: 54814 0:13

MS of patches of trimmed hedges and pine trees in lush Nimomaru Ninomaru Japanese garden.

Shot ID: 6142 0:35

Princess Juliana and children in Ottawa: when Germany overran the Netherlands, Princess Juliana and her three children sought refuge in Canada. MSs and CSs of Juliana and children in garden of their Rockcliffe home.

Shot ID: 7051 1:30

Exterior, day; CSs of Indian peasant (man) spraying pesticides on his vegetable garden.

Shot ID: 10193 1:16

Street scenes in Toronto, traffic, streetcars, street cleaner, kids playing in slummy backyards.

Shot ID: 10317 5:12

CUs from various angles of red lily plant (3:19). MLS of botanical garden, people walking in the background. TILT DOWN to CS of red lily, reverse shot, good CUs of base of plant (1:50).

Shot ID: 15286 3:30

Sequence on rationing showing grocer serving woman customer at counter, packing food goods in basket, woman handing ration coupons, woman at table budgeting with ration coupons as several children look on. Sequence on home economics classes showing women at cooking class, at sewing class, woman teacher teaching to teenage girls. Sequence on recycling showing woman picking up items to be recycled, of woman putting out items to be recycled into box near garbage can, HACS of shoes falling in box. Shots of women and of army men collecting item to be recycled, of men piling old rubber tires, CU of pieces of metal falling on ground TILT UP to large pile of scrap metal. Sequence on people organizing actions to help showing girl guides putting up posters, people working in community garden, people discussing at various meetings, women taking care of children in nursery. Shots of teenagers running towards camera in country field. Sequence in train station showing man pulling cart along platform, train moving past in background, FOLLOW SHOT of woman walking up to soldier through crowd on platform, kissing soldier. PAN across street, strollers, kiosk. ESTABLISHING PAN over town. End Title.

Shot ID: 16486 19:15

Personalities: shot of Lord Thomson of Fleet, back towards the camera, posing for portrait. MCUs of Sir William Goldstream doing portrait. Shots of Mr. McNib and Mr. Arthur Hammond chatting in a park. MCUs faces. Shots of Lord Beaverbrook, Jr., standing in front of his castle. Shots of Woodrow Wyatt and two companions sitting in garden, talking. Interview with Cecil King, chairman of the Daily Mirror group. MCU of his face. Shots of Mr. Arthur Hammond and Mr. Donald Brittain of the National Film Board of Canada. MCUs of their faces seen individually. MCUs of Ian MacDonald being interviewed in his office, of Mr. Syd Chapman likewise. Shots of Mr. Robert Charles, personal assistant to Lord Thomson in his office. MS of unidentified man being interviewed in his office.

Shot ID: 23699 0:33

Several shots of a dog tied to the corner of a shed in winter, barking furiously. PAN of snow-covered yard to dog still barking.

Shot ID: 33517 1:25

Village in Newfoundland and Labrador: shot of backyard, scrawny horse grazing, clothesline upheld by pole. MLS of three goats wearing yokes standing in rocky field. MLS of two men working on primitive garden, frame building in background, rough pole fence between the two men. LS of man in garden, trees in background, scarecrows. MS of tattered Union Jack. PAN down pole past H.B. flag to train caboose converted into home. Old couple on platform porch. LS of car wreck.

Shot ID: 40977 13:09

MLS of backyards in Montreal's Italian district, PAN to MS of man stepping down from his balcony into a backyard garden, FOLLOW SHOT of man walking under vines and fig trees, ZOOM OUT to HAMLS of garden (1:35). CUs of grapes in vine, CS of man inspecting grapes, harvesting a few ripe tomatoes (1:42). Hand Held TRAVELLING SHOT following man walking through his garden (1:35). CUs of figs in tree (1:12). CU of pears in tree (0:16). CSs of tomatoes on plants (0:47). CUs of grapes in vines (1:53). Ground level shot moving between plants in garden (1:00). MLS through breach in foliage of rose window of nearby Church, ZOOM OUT to LAMCS of grapes in vines, reverse shot, more similar shots (3:04).

Shot ID: 54826 4:22

Series of shots of exterior of building and beautiful Japanese gardens of Canadian Embassy in Tokyo, including CSs of fish in pond and shot of pool.

Shot ID: 7499 2:10

HAS of Montreal Botanical Garden with visitors walking around.

Shot ID: 7501 5:42

Several shots from different angles of flower beds of campanulas, of bumblebee on campanulas, including CU of flowers, flower beds of daisies, iris, papavers, bush of rhododendrons, fountains and people in Montreal Botanical Garden.

Shot ID: 10725 0:48

MS of tall ferns, TILT UP to LAS of palm tree (0:13). MS backview of tourists on footpath moving through garden (0:04). CUs of butterfly on purple flowers (0:30).

Shot ID: 19620 1:33

MSs and MCUs of polluted water, bubbles rising from beneath the surface, visible along the shore and in a floating mass a few feet away.

Shot ID: 22892 1:13

MLS of country house with large veranda, a Wolkswagon Beetle is parked on lawn, a dog comes running towards camera (0:17). MLS of mountainous landscape, PAN to CS of man picking wild flowers beside his house (0:55).

Shot ID: 24834 10:31

CSs of statues around one of the water basins in grounds of Château de Versailles, tourists can be seen in foreground (125 ft). MLS of Axis of the Sun with Latona Basin in foreground (3 shots; 26 ft). MLS of tourists in Waters Gardens, PAN to MLS of Axis of the Sun, PAN in other direction to MLS of Water Gardens (33 ft). Various shots of statues in magnificent gardens of Château, including Apollo's Bath Grove (192 ft).

Shot ID: 54835 1:19

LACS of Shoro bell inside Kanetukidou (belfry) of Zenkoji Temple (0:27). CSs and MSs of stone lanterns in garden and various temple buildings (0:50).

Shot ID: 54891 2:10

Several PAN shots of botanical gardens, colourful flowers, people strolling among them. MCUs of flowers, young woman seated in their midst, painting. Two HASs over lush foliage in botanical garden.

Shot ID: 7491 0:50

HAS and PAN of visitors entering bonsai pavilion at Montreal Botanical Garden. HAS with ZOOM IN and CS of employee pruning bonsai in pavilion.

Shot ID: 7494 20:46

Several TRAVELLING SHOTs of roses in Montreal Botanical Garden rose gardens. Several shots from different angles of flowers, trees, water and visitors in Botanical Garden (including AERIAL SHOT). CU with ZOOM OUT of bonsai.

Shot ID: 7495 12:59

Several shots from different angles of bonsai in Montreal Botanical Garden, MS of part of Botanical Garden. ZOOM IN on red celosia. CS of flowers. ZOOM OUT and ZOOM IN on sunflowers. Several shots from different angles of different plants and flowers in Botanical Garden (tobacco plants, cabbage and corn). CS of lily pond and fountain. CU and PAN of water lilies. CU of hibiscus. CS of statue of Brother Marie-Victorin.