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Stores and shops


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Shot ID: 394 5:34

Street scenes in old town of Chatellerault; street cleaners, pedestrians carrying umbrellas, storefronts, light traffic in streets, CSs of elderly people.

Shot ID: 446 4:31

Several TRAVELLING SHOTS past various commercial establishments, camp sales and rentals, gas stations, garages, hôtels. along highway on the outskirts of Calgary.

Shot ID: 821 1:59

[Remark: The aeroplane plays a vital part in supplying remote mining areas in Canada's North.] Good shot of men around Norseman aircraft in Ontario mining area. Aircraft is on skis and keeps motor running. Dog team and prospector arriving at Hudson's Bay Trading Post, he loads supplies on dog sled. Good shots of dog team and prospector moving through bush country.

Shot ID: 1111 7:12

Supermarkets: several shots of customers shopping, filling shopping baskets, of activity at cash register. Several shots of meat counter. Cut to woman wrapping meat in meat department. DOLLY SHOT past dairy counter. Shots of customers at fruit and vegetable counters. Several interior shots of the restaurant "Altitude 737" at Place Ville-Marie showing part of buffet and customers eating at tables.

Shot ID: 2154 3:04

Shots of Inuit men unloading catch and hauling it up to Payne Bay Fisheries cooperative (0:27). PAN shot of barrack used for processing fish, a sign in visible on wall (0:09). Series of shots of Inuit women an one white man, Department of Northern Affairs project officer R. (Shorty) Tingling, cleaning and packing fish for shipping. Final shot of box with brand name on it "Ilkalu brand"(2:26).

Shot ID: 6438 2:22

Shot of salesman in bookstore, showing books to girl.

Shot ID: 8310 1:03

Various shots of rows of pots and pans in a modern hardware store, of women examining same, of store clerks, etc. CUs of pots and pans.

Shot ID: 9339 5:06

MLSs from different angles of church of village of Marie Reine in Alberta's Peace River region. MLS of general store (10 ft). Various shots of two workers working on roof of house (81 ft). CSs of mother and two children playing on swings in back yard of their house (56 ft).

Shot ID: 10695 0:48

MLS of Salmon Valley general store, a small white wooden building with one gas pump and a "GULF" sign, ZOOM IN to MS of customers talking to owner (woman).

Shot ID: 12649 2:00

LAMS of illuminated sign board giving directions. Cut to canted shot of "Zum Zum" sign. Interior shot of restaurant. Brief interior shot of Concordia Hall at Place Bonaventure showing boat show. Various shots of shops, people looking, shopping. Short sequence on two girls riding motor scooter through hallways. Shot of girl looking at cards in Hallmark Store. HAS of lower level of Place Bonaventure, few people. (00/03/1968)

Shot ID: 13888 0:05

MS of Bill's Barber Shop at corner of street.

Shot ID: 13916 0:25

TRAVELLING MSs of Winnipeg storefronts and sidewalk from car driving by, past Jewish Public Library and sign in English and Hebrew (two shots).

Shot ID: 13955 20:28

Various shots of adults and children in toy department in department store, stuffed toys, children looking, handling toys. MS of boy picking up and looking gleefully at toy sub-machine gun. Shot of boy with tow rifle. Various TRAVELLING SHOTs of a few people in store, of Santa Claus walking in store among people, shanking hands with man. CU of sign "Lost Children - may be located in the Service Bureau 5th floor." Various MSs, CUs of toys, intercut with CUs of children's faces. Shot of boy "firing" at mechanical bear. Shots of toy space capsule whirling around pylon as people watch, of racing cars on track. Short sequence on young woman demonstrating the "Easy Bake Oven", on boy and girl trying kiddie car. Several shots of children trying toy car, CUs of faces.

Shot ID: 16178 3:10

Winter shots of farm, of large barn, of horse-drawn sleigh approaching through snow. Shot of cyclist pedaling along snow-covered streets in village of Woodridge. Shots of people standing and passing in front of general store, of peaceful street, people moving by camera. HAS of village. Shot of horse-drawn wagon guided by heavily dressed man, pulling huge load of hay in countryside. Shots of diminutive Bank of Canada, man coming out, of hardware store, of horse-drawn cutter moving down street. Shots of sign post on the outside of town, of roadside board re US routes to various points via Roosevelt Bridge at Kingston.

Shot ID: 17462 5:17

General store: LS of a general store with people waiting or being served at a long sales counter. MLS of people at sales counter and behind, with PAN on other customers being served. TRAVELLING SHOTs behind customers at counter; several MSs of woman serving customers, and of customers being served.

Shot ID: 17463 0:45

MS of a woman selling material by the yard and HAMLS of store.

Shot ID: 20889 1:15

MS of two young mothers shopping for clothes for their small children (45 ft).

Shot ID: 22171 0:41

LACS of sign for hardware store in Ukranian village, ZOOM OUT as horse-drawn cart passes in front of store. LACS of hardware store, ZOOM OUT to MS of store.

Shot ID: 24226 0:48

MLS of three people at counter of a natural food shop. One customer (female) is at the counter served by the owners (Thomas Marchant and his wife), the phone rings and Mrs Marchant answers while her husband gives change to the customer, then he takes the phone. ZOOM IN on man's face at the phone.

Shot ID: 24493 3:47

HACU of hands tearing open a ketchup packet, pouring ketchup on french fries. CU of purchase being totalled up on cash register: $15.29. Shot of french and english thank you note on cash register. CUs of groceries on shelves: "York and Schwartz" peanut butter, "Kraft" salad dressing, "Avion" peas, "Lipton" soup, "Kam", "Prem", "Klick" luncheon meat, "Salada" tea, "Scott" towels. Shot of a four-wire chicken barbecue in operation.

Shot ID: 24830 0:32

MSs of stores and restaurants on pedestrian mall in Paris.

Shot ID: 24873 10:05

Shot of several men walking through woods, beginning to throw snow balls at each other. Shots of two men teasing bear out of its shelter, of bear being chained, retiring back into shelter. Shot of group of men dressed in civvies riding up to camp in horse-drawn sleigh, entering building. Several men in uniforms emerging from building, carrying their suitcases and moving away in sleigh. Two men releasing balloon, measuring its drift with proper instrument. Shots of men practicing up on machine gun (dry run) and on range. Group of men walking through woods on snowshoes. Another group riding up to building on horse-drawn sleigh. Interior shots of "mess hall", airmen sitting at their meals. Shot in officer's lounge, airmen relaxing in front of fireplace. Shot of men starting rotary engine. Various shots of tools, men at work in shop. Shot of sentry on guard. Several shots of men attending various classes, of men flocking to canteen, getting drinks, of church service, of boxing, of tailor fitting uniform to man.

Shot ID: 25866 9:26

HAS of side of massive apartment building. PANs and ZOOM INS on seedy neighbourhood close by. HAS and ground view of grimy cityscape, traffic. PAN to LAS of apartment building "The Colonnade Apartments". Several LASs of "The Colonnade Apartments", wire fence in foreground in some shots. PANs across facades of renovated shops in older part of town, of placarded buildings to facades of renovated shops. TILT DOWN modern highrise buildings to houses in old part of town, including views of placarded house for safety, scenes affording a contrast between the old and the new, the rich and the poor.

Shot ID: 26021 1:17

Hand held TRAVELLING SHOT walking through fan tan alley (0:21). DOLLY SHOT of store fronts (0:53).

Shot ID: 26615 0:57

MSs of traffic on Highway 132 going through Huntingdon. MCS of Oldsmobile dealer and restaurant (French fry stand; dark and rainy day).

Shot ID: 26639 1:17

FOLLOW SHOT of US fighter plane flying in sky over Plattsburg. TILT DOWN to MLS of large store in shopping centre. ZOOM IN to ELS of fighter plane in flight, cut to FOLLOW SHOT of fighter plane flying at low altitude over city (brief shot).

Shot ID: 27508 8:09

Large Bakeries Operations : shot of dough mixing machine in operation. Shot of machine for shaping dough into loaves in operation. Shot of shaped dough being placed into baking pans. Shot of pans of dough being placed into oven. Shot of pans of baking bread passing through oven. Shot of baked loaves being removed at end of long oven. Shot of bread being automatically sliced. Shot of milling machines in operation.

Shot ID: 30784 4:55

CU of bouquet being made up by florist in flower shop. Several shots of florist serving customers.

Shot ID: 31325 8:04

Various shots at cattle auction showing auctioneer, prospective buyers and cattle. Shot of four pigs being auctioned off. Several MSs and MCSs of Hereford cows standing and resting in meadow. MCSs of cows grazing. MS of Herefords entering barn. HAMSs of Herefords. MCS of Herefords in exterior enclosure. MCS of Holstein cows coming out of barn. MS, MCS of Holstein cows grazing and standing in field. MCS of man throwing down chunks of hay for Holstein cows in barn. MCSs and CS of cows eating.

Shot ID: 32106 8:29

MLS of sugar beets being unloaded from truck, moving up conveyor to pile at sugar refinery. Shot of power shovel scooping up sugar beets from railway cars. Front shot of Ukrainian church in Winnipeg. MS of "The Ukrainian Trading Co." store in downtown Winnipeg. LS of power lines in field. MS of 1949 Chevrolet car almost submerged in flood waters. CS of fish being trown in box aboard rowboat. Shots of men unloading boxes from boat at pier, carrying box into warehouse. LS of men pushing rowboat along flooded street, waist deep in water. Interior shot of three men surveying flood damage in house. BOATING SHOTs along flooded houses in street. PAN across large tilled field on prairie. GROUND TO AIR SHOTs of seagulls flying about. Shots of Hereford cattle in stock pen at Winnipeg stockyards. BOATING SHOTs along almost completely submerged houses in flooded residential district. LACS of Highland piper performing. Shot of Highland band parading during the "Western Annual Scottish Sports" in Winnipeg. MS of lassie doing the "Highland Fling" dance. Sequence on threshing on farm in south eastern Manitoba, men forking sheaves from wagons onto feeder of mill, straw blown onto stack from blower, men forking wheat from stookes in field onto horse-drawn wagon.

Shot ID: 32380 4:52

Wheat Story: shots of steam freight train moving by camera along railway bridge. Shot of row of bolters, man checking machines. Shot of row of test tubes, girl's hand checking one tube. Shot of bread loaves being removed from oven onto table. Shots of wheat being seved through fine screen, of wheat dropping from conveyor, of wheat moving rapidly by camera on conveyor, of wheat piling in front of camera. Shots of bags of flour moving along conveyor, men piling bags. Shots of ships moored at pier alongside elevator. CU of wheat shooting from spouts past camera. Shot of man piling bags of flour as they come off conveyor, of other man pulling away wagon loaded with bags. Shots of machine mixing dough, of dough travelling along conveyor, of dough coming down chute, of baker inspecting loaves inside oven. Shots of wheat speeding by camera on conveyor.

Shot ID: 32381 3:30

Wheat Story: shot of grain carrier unloading at elevator. Shots of grain carrier "Bryn Barge" being hauled through ice, of crew men breaking ice in front of bow of ship, of bow of ship crushing through ice. MS of tripper digging into wheat. Shots of wheat going through spilling machine, of wheat speeding by camera, of wheat dropping down breaker rollers. Shots of wheat piling in front of camera in storage bin, of wheat falling from spout, of man filming falling wheat. Shots of divider machine cutting up dough in loaves, dough moving out. MS of tripper digging down in wheat.

Shot ID: 32628 2:31

CS of delivery man unloading animal carcass from truck, hand held shot following him as he enters butcher's shop (0:26). Various CSs and CUs of butchers at work cutting meat (1:22). CSs of several female clerks serving customers at counter (0:35).

Shot ID: 33949 13:10

LSs of wheat fields showing swated rows of grain. LS of Prairie town. Several shots travelling along streets of Swift Current, showing churches, houses, schools, stores, Lyric Theatre. Several shots from various angles of an outdoor swimming pool in Swift Current, children diving, swimming and playing about in water. Various shots of interior of coop store, women buying groceries. Shots of old graphics early Prairie settlers (black and white).

Shot ID: 35843 12:47

HAMSs and level shots of several men at auction. CUs of faces. Several ESTABLISHING SHOTs of auction, large crowd, pieces of furniture on lawn, many cars parked some distance away. Several CUs of faces, woman looking out from inside house, people moving about, many children.

Shot ID: 44639 3:02

Sequence in grocery store, woman shopping, being served. Shots of products on shelves.

Shot ID: 54642 2:40

MS of pedestrians on St. Catherine St. in Spring or Fall. MCU flashing walk light, TILT DOWN to pedestrian traffic, PAN to traffic cop in front of Laura Secord store. MCU of toy plane in store window. PAN of cars and pedestrians. MS of Marie Claire store in a double-decker bus next to The Bay. CU of restaurant sign advertising barbeque chicken for $1.19 and sirloin steak for $1.24.

Shot ID: 57264 0:42

MS of kids on bench outside Northern store, CS of man shopping for outdoor equipment.

Shot ID: 1120 8:37

MLS of woman with dog entering Animal Gourmet Restaurant. MS of girl feeding dog in cage at the restaurant. MLS inside restaurant with woman passing in background. MSs of young man feeding dogs in cages. CS of dogs in cages. Several shots from different angles of toys, food and other products for dogs. MS of doghouse in form of tent. MS of woman shopping, of bags of dog food.

Shot ID: 2818 3:51

Various shots of exterior storefronts in Chinatown including CU of Chinese print, people walking on sidewalk, a wig shop, jewelry shop, religious art store, hotel, signs in Chinese characters.

Shot ID: 3004 2:25

Sequence on women of Canadian Women's Army Corps learning butchery, CSs of women cutting piece of meat. Sequence in gymnasium showing soldiers vaulting over horse. MS of soldier getting haircut in army barber shop. HALSs of soldiers doing callisthenics.

Shot ID: 3516 4:14

Two DOLLY SHOTs past several cows in a stable. CSs of man cutting hair of prize cow with clipper. CUs of eyes and muzzle of prize holstein cow. Several shots of spectators at auction, showing faces, few women, men raising hand to bid.

Shot ID: 5599 1:28

Out of Uniform into School: shot of sign: "ONTARIO TRAINING AND RE-ESTABLISHMENT INSTITUTE". Interior shots of ex-service personnel (men and women) doing on-the-job training in automotive mechanics, carpentry, masonry, machine shop work, barbering, chemical lab work, cookery, child care, etc. (including humorous sequence of men learning to shave a balloon).

Shot ID: 6434 6:37

Various shots of three or four girls looking over clothing in women's clothing shop, of one girl trying on various garments.

Shot ID: 6441 3:54

Various shots of woman doing her shopping in supermarket. MS of cash register.

Shot ID: 6735 0:00

Vachon bakeries: various shots of bakers at work, of cakes, cookies going through machines, being piled on racks, of hands handling various pastries, squirting icing on heart-shaped cakes moving on conveyor. CUs of various monumental cakes in shapes of stairways, churches. PAN of cakes to girl applying finishing touches to elaborate cake.

Shot ID: 8234 6:54

CS and MS of sign of Ivugivik post office. HAMS of dog nibbling on whale carcass on rock. ZOOM OUT to MLS of bay. PAN over coast, shore and village, motorboats pulled up on sand. PAN over stationary snowmobile and along dozens of barrels possibly holding fuel for boats. PAN over shore, village in background. CS of bearskin stretched in frame, drying outside. MS of bearskin, house in background. MLS PAN over village and bay seen from inland. MS PAN over several skins stretched to dry on frames behind house. CS and MS of Inuit men and women waiting in front of door of building with sign "Ivugivik Co-op". CS of schooner moving away in bay, Inuit hunters aboard. PAN over other small schooner at anchor pitching in water. MLS of children playing on shore.

Shot ID: 8582 7:52

Long TRAVELLING SHOT of storefronts on Saint Catherine Street in downtown Montreal at end of day. POINT OF VIEW SHOT from inside vehicle moving along Saint Catherine Street at end of day.

Shot ID: 8597 0:32

MS of Senegalese working outside modest workshop in city of Dakar, PAN to MLS of modern supermarket at other side of street (19 ft). MLS of supermarket (7 ft). Various shots of customers inside store, including CUs of money changing hands at electronic cash registers (127 ft).

Shot ID: 9610 6:22

Series of shots of open air farmer's market; men bidding for pigs and sheep, WIDE SHOTs of site, CUs of faces and hand signs to auctioneer.