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Shot ID: 49467 8:02

Sequence on Addis Ababa, low shacks, many displaying handicrafts, people moving about. Sequence on Addis Ababa market district, tradesmen, artisans, weavers, saddle makers.

Shot ID: 54775 1:00

Visual of Cairo. LAMS of minaret against blue sky, TILT DOWN to shot of busy market in narrow lane, MSs and CSs of pedestrians, women wearing hijabs, people carrying goods.

Shot ID: 54774 6:17

Visual of Cairo. Hazy LS of pyramid at Giza, barely visible through smog (0:09). HAMS from roof of clothesline in back yard of house, HAS of young lady carrying steel jug on her head walking in street, HAS of men loading donkey-drawn cart, HAS of women on roof cleaning wall, FOLLOW HASs of women walking in street carrying bread on a wooden rack on their head, MS of lady hauling up bucket on a rope up to second story balcony (1:58). MW PAN SHOTS of brownish city (2 shots), ESTABLISHING PAN SHOT of city with ZOOM IN to hazy LS of pyramids at Giza (2 shots; 2:27). MLS of top of minaret above rooftops, TILT DOWN to MWS looking down crowded street in marketplace, 2 shots plus a few static shots, MS of shop signs, TILT DOWN to shots of busy, crowded street (1:41).

Shot ID: 44635 10:14

Sequence on crowd in Post Office Square, men standing there. Shots of tradesmen in square, elderly man polishing shoes, CS of his hands while polishing. Sho of newstand, mainly magazines with women on covers, one magazine with Brigitte Bardot on top. CS of hands peeling corn cob, man selling corn cobs. Shots of displays of all kind, sunglasses, necklaces, scarves, bread. CS of many bird cages with birds in it. Shot of men sitting at sidewalk cafe.

Shot ID: 26193 6:11

Various summer scenes in Québec city; MLS of lighthouse on Champlain Boulevard. Shot of Saint-Foy marketplace. MLS of Charest Boulevard, PAN to LS of skyline. MLSs of cyclists riding along Saint-Charles River. Shots of houses on Grande-Allée Boulevard. LAMS of Kent Door. MLS of ship on river seen from Agora. Shots of tower clock of Customs Building. LSs of people in the Parc des Amériques along Saint-Charles River. Shots of architectural details of various historical buildings, including Parliament.

Shot ID: 54740 2:49

MS of vendor at the Jean Talon Market setting out baskets of apples while smoking. MS of customer buying produce. MS of egg seller. WS of young man sweeping in amongst customers. MS of old man opening up his stand and setting out eggs.

Shot ID: 9612 1:07

WIDE SHOT of farmer's market inside old stone building; produce being sold, CUs of faces.

Shot ID: 54640 1:13

MCUs of vendor carrying coloured textiles on his head and unfolding one for the camera. PAN of people in the marketplace.

Shot ID: 14418 1:43

Sequence shot in native quarters in Bombay, India; street scene showing pedestrians, traffic moving about, tenements in background. MS of Indian policeman directing traffic. TILT UP along facade of church. PAN from people on street to church. Shots in market showing stalls, horse-drawn carriages, people on bicycles, TILT UP to monumental arch in the distance. Shots of Indian people in street, herd of cow moving by in single line.

Shot ID: 35287 11:06

Various walking shots along commercial pedestrian streets in La Haye of many people walking by, of store windows, of people sitting at terrasse of coffee shop, of trolley bus on boulevard, of pedestrians on street. PANs to newsstand, cameraman walking on streets. Various walking shots of flower stand on bridge crossing canal, of Depth marketplace, of pedestrian streets, some people walking beside their bicycles, of bicycles parked on racks, cameraman passing through crowd in marketplace, including TILT UP to church steeple. Shots of narrow houses with various gable rooftops in evidence around market.

Shot ID: 31286 3:59

Various shots of open-air market stalls in Ontario, people buying, looking. CU of vegetables. Shots of flower stalls, stacks of crates.

Shot ID: 24936 14:33

Various shots at Pondicherry market showing policeman directing bicycles and rickshaw traffic, Indians selling fishes, meat, fruits, vegetables, many people buying things or walking around. Shots of camera following Muriel Jordan trying to strike a deal for a pot, walking across marketplace, Indians following her, of Jordan stopping at pots and pans stand, talking with poultry seller. Shots of Indians at market, of man typing with bandage on one finger, of policeman buying bananas, of people and vehicular traffic, of Red Cross truck.

Shot ID: 16470 3:50

TRAVELLING SHOTS along store-fronts of Kensington Market, good shots of pedestrians, traffic, last shots of two men on sidewalk looking over red Ford Mustang.

Shot ID: 54252 62:59

VARIOUS SHOTS of choir of Accueuil Bonneau (homeless shelter) performing inside Bonsecours Market, including shots of homeless people eating (28:49).

Shot ID: 54779 1:40

Visual of Cairo. MSs and CSs of pedestrians in narrow lane of busy marketplace, women wearing hijabs, people carrying goods.

Shot ID: 31456 7:25

Various shots of Brussels City Hall and City Hall Square. MSs and CSs of flower market in City Hall Square. Several MCSs of many pigeons walking around on cobbled street. LS PAN of Brussels skyline showing Sainte-Gudule Cathedral.

Shot ID: 6892 2:02

MS of men throwing cardboard boxes into garbage truck at the Jean-Talon Market. MS of man piling wooden crates against a wall.

Shot ID: 9610 6:22

Series of shots of open air farmer's market; men bidding for pigs and sheep, WIDE SHOTs of site, CUs of faces and hand signs to auctioneer.

Shot ID: 2687 6:14

Exterior, day; series of shots of activity in market in small village on high plateaus of Bolivia, including good CSs and CUs of Aymaran women and children wearing traditional costume.

Shot ID: 25127 12:14

Series of atmosphere shots in refugee camp in Thailand (Phanat Nikhom), shots of people walking in camp, various shots of market, CSs of children, families going about their daily activities.

Shot ID: 15262 1:40

Various shots of an outdoor market, including shots of vendors selling food, clothing and other articles.

Shot ID: 15085 8:59

TRACKING SHOT front view of archaeologist Donald Redford with a guide walking in food market. CS of shopkeeper in front of his butcher shop, archaeologist and guide come into view and follow butcher into his shop. Several CSs of butcher preparing meat for them, guide pays him, and archaeologist and guide leave shop making their way through crowd, PAN to CS of butcher. Several shots from different angles of archaeologist and guide buying various vegetables and fruits at marketplace. FOLLOW SHOT of them walking through crowd with a basket of food, CSs as they place it into car, CS of lettering on front door of car "EAST KARNAK EXPEDITION". Several shots from different angles of archaeologist and his guide buying vegetables at street market.

Shot ID: 44663 1:18

Various shots of Bologna market, crowd looking at different merchandise stands.

Shot ID: 30039 3:19

Series of shots of various activities at marketplace; shots of covered fish market, shots of people selling fruits in street, CS of display of fishing lures inside shop.

Shot ID: 62687 0:34

HAMS of several women (wearing hijabs) around stand selling hijabs in bazaar.

Shot ID: 30951 10:41

Shots of men feeding cattle in large dairy barn. Shot of farm. Brief sequence showing oil drilling operations. TILT UP derrick to sky. LS of tropical vegetation. Sequence showing mining operations, ore railway cars unloading, diesel-towed ore train. PAN over immense open-pit mine. LS of large explosion on one of the "steps" midway between bottom and top of pit. Interior shots of steel mill, flowing metal. Various HASs of sheep ranch. Sequence showing shearing of sheep, processing of wool. Various shots of harbour, of large freighter, of loading operations. Various shots of bulldozer, men at work on new highway through mountains. HASs over new housing subdivision in Miraflores, Colombia, over city. Several street scenes in Miraflores showing market, Indians buying coca leaves for the making of cocaine. MSs and LS of iron mine using much native labour. TRAVELLING HAS of ore train, taken from rear of train, on its way to Bellaorizonte through rocky defiles. HAS of railway yard in Bellaorizonte. Interior shots of steel mill showing red hot rails moving out of machines. HAS of mountains of Bolivia. PAN to HAS of tin mine. Underground shots of tin mine, natives at work, ore being dumped from ore carts, of Indians separating tin ore from rock. MS of sacks with Bolivian coat of arms on them. Sequence on rubber harvesting and processing. Sequence on copper mining underground.

Shot ID: 30927 8:33

Very smoggy shot of downtown Toronto. Clear shot of downtown area from waterfront, expressway in foreground. Shot of flower stand on sidewalk, young couple stopping and looking. Interior shots of Italian barber shop, barber finishing job. Exterior front shot of shop, barber coming out, being joined by man and two boys, group posing for camera. Shots of the "Portugal Barber Shop", two barbers posing on steps of shop. LAS of large sign over Johnny Lombardi's supermarket advertising "Unico Oil". Shot of "Brio" advertisement on wall. MLS of trio of men standing on sidewalk, chatting, pedestrians, vehicular traffic moving by in foreground and background. Shots of women waiting at street light. Shot of fire engine speeding past camera in Italian district. Various low-key shots of Kensington Market, stalls, passers-by, not much activity.

Shot ID: 41819 1:18

Shots of open air fruit and vegetable market in Winnipeg, people making purchases.

Shot ID: 54641 2:35

Various shots of Nigerians in the market, MCUs of donkeys. Various shots of a man decorating a gourd bowl by scorching it with hot metal.

Shot ID: 54639 2:52

Various shots of bare-chested Nigerian women selling baskets in marketplace. MCU of woman grinding something resembling flour in a basket. MCU of woman with basket on her head. MS of women selling corn. MS of curious villagers looking at camera. WAS of marketplace. CU of baskets, TILT UP to people in the market.

Shot ID: 18331 8:26

Several exterior shots from different angles in the old downtown shopping area of town of Stavanger, including shots of pedestrians, shops, buildings, kids playing on statue of horse in pedestrian mall and marketplace.

Shot ID: 9831 3:52

Several shots of pedestrians and urban traffic in city of Kumasi (0:58). HAMLSs and PANs of vast crowded markekplace (1:56). MS of old steam engine moving box cars in railyard, ZOOM OUT and PAN (R>L) to MLS of rond point (0:38). HACSs of African woman with a pot full of food on her head (0:15).

Shot ID: 12290 2:15

Several shots from various angles of crowded marketplace in city of Cebu (56 ft). HACSs of various kinds of seafoods on table of vendor's stall (live crabs, mussels, sardines). CS back view of young girls at vendor's stall (23 ft).

Shot ID: 25904 21:56

MS of two girls playing on swing. ZOOM OUT to sequence showing apartment buildings in new Warsaw district, couple resting in park, store windows, trees, shrubs and flowers, woman in park with dog, three children and a dog, teenagers in playground, elderly woman walking on path, market stands and people shopping for fruits and vegetables, bus passing on the street, children in playground. Apartment buildings in background thoughout sequence. Various MSs, MCSs, CSs of people dancing on open-air dance floor with band playing music on stage at popular fair in Warsaw. Shots of the musicians. Sequence on Vistula riverside of Warsaw, showing people laying in the sun wearing bathing suits, playing volleyball, children swimming, adults resting. (00/08/1973)

Shot ID: 39581 2:42

Street market: LSs of market scenes under tents. ZOOM IN to MS of elderly woman looking at stalls. FOLLOW SHOTs of people looking at merchandise.

Shot ID: 54793 2:35

Visual of Cairo. Various shots of people walking through crowded marketplace, some pushing hand-drawn carts (1:52). CS from back seat of 1950's Studebaker car, of man driving with difficulty through busy market street.

Shot ID: 7181 6:12

CU of Varek, right hand raised, taking oath of allegiance. DOLLY OUT to include judge, court secretary and others. MS of the new citizen and his wife being congratulated by the judge. Shot of two men at work in science laboratory. MS of tractor-drawn combine cutting field of oats. Rear shot of combine turning in front of camera. Shot of Yousuf Karsh taking picture of male subject in Karsh's studio. CS of man welding with arc welder. Various shots of man operating drill in machine shop, of man using miller, of man using lathe, CU of gears turning on lathe in foreground, of man fitting flywheel to motor in factory. MS of man on top of building under construction in Toronto, skyscrapers visible in distance. Shot of woman approaching market stand, looking at produce. MLS of men working in gear factory. Shot of citizen Varek at work in gear factory. Various shots of Varek watching man using punch press, working in drafting room. MLS of drafting room. MS of Varek washing his hands at fountain in factory. Front MS of female typist in office.

Shot ID: 54741 2:22

Various shots of men shovelling produce scraps into garbage truck at the Jean Talon Market.

Shot ID: 7095 6:20

Exterior, day; several shots from different angles of arts and crafts market in town of Antigua, good shots of Indians in colourful clothes and tourists buying goods.

Shot ID: 11374 6:05

Exterior, rainy day; several shots from various angles of intense activities at Kensington Market (3:06). Good shots around typical fish market, including CUs of fish on ice or hanging from hooks (5:54). Brief shot of bakery's window (0:08).

Shot ID: 9627 6:49

Series of shots of farmer's market; shots of farmer unloading sheep from truck, herding them into pens (1:50). Shots of pig farmers herding with difficulty large sows and numerous piglets (1:39). Various shots of animal auction, cows being sold (3:11).

Shot ID: 8598 2:00

Hand-held TRAVELLING SHOT through crowd in public market in city of Dakar, Senegal.

Shot ID: 15268 2:33

Various shots of workers building stalls in a public market, including a HAS and PANs of roofs.

Shot ID: 15122 1:50

Several CSs and CUs of young man at street market in small town buying watermelons and tomatoes and paying vendor. CS of young man walking in market street with armfull of watermelons. FOLLOW SHOT as he passes by camera. Cut to similar shot with another man.

Shot ID: 15116 5:54

MCS of two Egyptians walking in narrow street of village. ZOOM OUT as they come close to camera. FOLLOW SHOT as they go through low door in wall into a courtyard full of sheep. Several shots from different angles of one man inspecting sheep and discussing price with the owner. Cut to TRACKING SHOTs of two men walking in narrow street carrying each one sheep on their shoulders. CSs of buyer paying off seller.

Shot ID: 62685 0:12

MS of two women wearing hijabs walking among clothing stands in bazaar, small girl wearing hijab in foreground.

Shot ID: 54801 1:48

CS from back seat of 1950's Studebaker car, of driver driving with difficulty through busy market street.

Shot ID: 54790 7:53

Hand held TRAVELLING SHOTS walking through crowd in busy marketplace (3:23). MWS PAN across rooftop of city (Death City) to hazy LS of mosque and minarets in the distance, MLS of mosque, MLS of the Mohamed Ali Mosque (Cairo Citadel; 0:36). LAS of sign of Odeon Theatre, TILT DOWN to shot of entrance (0:32). MLSs, MSs of barge moving on Nile River (0:57). MLS of riverboat near shoreline with city in background (0:08). Shots of water taxies on river (0:14). MLSs of traffic on bridge with buildings in background (0:24). MW PAN SHOT of shoreline to shot of bridge spanning river (0:32). Hazy MW PAN SHOT over city, to LS of pyramids at Giza barely visible through smog (0:40). MS of pedestrians in crowded street near busy marketplace (0:22).

Shot ID: 54742 5:52

MS of man unloading boxes of apples from a truck at the Jean Talon Market. TILT UP to boy on top of truck carrying trays of bedding plants. FOLLOW SHOT of first man wheeling apple boxes through the market, past stalls and customers. MS of man selling bedding plants out of the back of a truck. Various shots of vendors setting out wares and waiting for customers to arrive.

Shot ID: 6894 3:45

Various shots of buyers looking over fruits and vegetables at Montreal Central Market at dawn.