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Restaurants, lunchrooms, etc.


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Shot ID: 10041 0:56

Three shots of two women sitting at sidewalk cafe in Armentières, France, sipping wine.

Shot ID: 10777 14:24

Several shots of people sitting at sidewalk cafes during the day, at night, chatting, smoking, drinking. Several CUs of faces. CUs of man, woman talking with Pierre Patry.

Shot ID: 22636 10:15

[Title: "Jeunesse et Après-guerre" (Post-war youth)] ESTABLISHING SHOT of University of Montreal main building. LAS of tower. Sequence on civilians and military entering main building, milling around registration tables for the Canadian Youth Congress convention, chatting. Shots of delegates entering auditorium, taking their seats. Shot of man at table in front delivering speech and introducing vice-chancellor of Montreal University Monsignor Moreau proceeding to say a few words. Shots of faces of people listening. Hall being emptied after speeches. Shot of sign on door "Emploi-Employment". Interior shots of man at desk speaking to small group of students wearing lapel cards, of students taking notes, asking questions. PAN to wicket opening, on secretariat of convention in hallway. Various MSs, CUs of girls working at long table, typing, sorting out papers stapled together. Shot of other girl printing more paper on small rotary press. Shot of sign "Civisme-Civics" on door. Interior shot of speaker at desk. PAN over people listening to him, taking notes. Shots of delegates having lunch in cafeteria. HAS of people dancing in circle, other people watching.

Shot ID: 9695 0:00

Hospital Interior: shots of many nurses in corridor walking by the camera. Interior of cafeteria, nurses getting orders, sitting at tables. MCUs of R.N. caps, faces, nurses' aides, girls getting meals at counter. Various shots of nurses tending to patients, doing various things.

Shot ID: 32640 0:00

Interior shots of posh restaurant, patrons being served, enjoying dinner.

Shot ID: 17041 10:22

In the village of Nominingue in the Laurentides region of Quebec: various shots of youngsters sitting on a long bench along a wall of a dance hall, chatting. Closer shots of faces. Shots of sporadic dancing. MLS of three guitarists playing at dance. Shot of guitarist playing, lit by spotlight. Silhouette and dark shots of dancers dancing. Interior shots of restaurant, four young persons sitting at table, talking. ZOOM OUT from sad-faced girl in a class of an all girl school. Front shot of girls in class. CUs faces. CUs of mechanical puppets depicting old man rocking in rocking chair, smoking pipe, of old man pouring drink and drinking over and over again.

Shot ID: 20240 4:13

CSs of striptease club signs (0:55); fast food restaurant signs (1:31). CU of junk food (hot dog, French fries, doughnut) on front seat of taxi, driver's hand pick up food (1:41).

Shot ID: 24830 0:32

MSs of stores and restaurants on pedestrian mall in Paris.

Shot ID: 26615 0:57

MSs of traffic on Highway 132 going through Huntingdon. MCS of Oldsmobile dealer and restaurant (French fry stand; dark and rainy day).

Shot ID: 55174 3:13

Various shots of diners sitting at tables in the mod-looking "Gourmetheque". Various shots of young people dancing at discotheque including CUs of girl with blond 1960's-style haircut and MSs of girl dancing in her stocking feet. MS from behind the bar of dancers and people sitting at the bar smoking and drinking.

Shot ID: 33955 9:01

Various shots, CUs, MSs, of many people eating at Auberge du Petit Bonheur. Shot of birthday party in other location, man cutting cake, passing pieces around. Shot of members of North York Project crew having what seems to be a party at the Bistro restaurant.

Shot ID: 1111 7:12

Supermarkets: several shots of customers shopping, filling shopping baskets, of activity at cash register. Several shots of meat counter. Cut to woman wrapping meat in meat department. DOLLY SHOT past dairy counter. Shots of customers at fruit and vegetable counters. Several interior shots of the restaurant "Altitude 737" at Place Ville-Marie showing part of buffet and customers eating at tables.

Shot ID: 33608 4:20

Handheld interior shots of FDR restaurant, cooks at work seving customers, dishing out spaghetti, of patrons at tables, eating. CUs of people eating.

Shot ID: 24873 10:05

Shot of several men walking through woods, beginning to throw snow balls at each other. Shots of two men teasing bear out of its shelter, of bear being chained, retiring back into shelter. Shot of group of men dressed in civvies riding up to camp in horse-drawn sleigh, entering building. Several men in uniforms emerging from building, carrying their suitcases and moving away in sleigh. Two men releasing balloon, measuring its drift with proper instrument. Shots of men practicing up on machine gun (dry run) and on range. Group of men walking through woods on snowshoes. Another group riding up to building on horse-drawn sleigh. Interior shots of "mess hall", airmen sitting at their meals. Shot in officer's lounge, airmen relaxing in front of fireplace. Shot of men starting rotary engine. Various shots of tools, men at work in shop. Shot of sentry on guard. Several shots of men attending various classes, of men flocking to canteen, getting drinks, of church service, of boxing, of tailor fitting uniform to man.

Shot ID: 34654 5:04

Eye Witness No 93: My Job - Highway Transport: interior shots of bedroom, young boy packing his father's suitcase, waking up his father, young boy being helped into coat by his mother. TRAVELLING SHOT of street at night, little traffic, lights and glistening pavement. Day shot of New York City street, little vehicular traffic, several pedestrians and London shoe store in background. Shot of unloading ramp at New York City warehouse, of Smith Transport truck backing into it. CUs of driver handling papers over to man on ramp, of drivers chatting in restaurant. MCS of driver playing slot machine, of slot machine, driver whirling, machine stopping.

Shot ID: 44632 9:06

Near vertical HAS of patrons in sidewalk cafe, waiters. CUs of men's faces at night, of backgammon game in progress. Dark shots of crowded open-air restaurant, of patrons, of waiters. Few shots in well-lit restaurant.

Shot ID: 40112 15:34

Various shots in cafeteria of Indian residential school in La Tuque at supper time showing girls sitting at table and eating hot hamburgers, students lining up to be served, cooks putting hot hamburgers on plates, of Indian boys sitting at table and eating, of boys putting rest of their food in baskets.

Shot ID: 446 4:31

Several TRAVELLING SHOTS past various commercial establishments, camp sales and rentals, gas stations, garages, hôtels. along highway on the outskirts of Calgary.

Shot ID: 12048 5:00

Various MSs, CUs of two elderly women having tea at Empress Hotel in Victoria, maid serving. CUs of hands holding cups, of faces. TILT UP to glass dome of tea room, TILT DOWN. Similar shots of young couple having tea, of elderly couple having tea. (00/12/1971)

Shot ID: 12488 2:03

Various shots of women working in kitchen of Gouldin's Motor Lodge (Monument Valley, Utah, 1:03). CS of painting of John Wayne hung on wall, PAN to shot of dining room (0:57).

Shot ID: 30388 22:30

MS PAN of Pacific Ocean, of California coast, ZOOM IN on rocks in water. MLS of people standing on small peninsula, watching sea, ZOOM OUT to LS of sea, ZOOM IN back on people, waves breaking on rocks. Various evening MSs, MLSs of traffic on Golden Gate Bridge, including PAN to coast. Several exterior and interior shots of Buddhist restaurant, of restaurant sign, of marina and Golden Gate Bridge seen through windows from inside restaurant, PAN of people sitting at tables. MS of man lying on his boat, ZOOM OUT and PAN of marina, ZOOM IN on restaurant, of kite flying, ZOOM OUT to Golden Gate Bridge, traffic in foreground. MS of advertisement for Zen centre hanging on wall with others. PAN of Buddhist temple. PAN to advertisement. MSs of street, of temple including shot of Buddhist arriving at temple. TRAVELLING SHOT of pleasure boats, yachts, sailing boats, anchored at marina Del Rey. Various shots of boats moving in water or at anchor. Several day and night shots from moving elevator of skyscrapers in Los Angeles and of interior of hotel, basin full of water in evidence.

Shot ID: 20641 1:25

Queen Elizabeth II's visit at Acadian Historical Village (07/07/1973); CS of set table in Acadian restaurant " Etoile de Mer" (0:08). CS of tasty looking lobsters plate on table (0:05). CSs of women in kitchen of restaurant preparing lobsters (0:45). CUs of bucket full of cooked lobsters with a tag on it reading "FOR THE QUEEN" (0:24).

Shot ID: 44635 10:14

Sequence on crowd in Post Office Square, men standing there. Shots of tradesmen in square, elderly man polishing shoes, CS of his hands while polishing. Sho of newstand, mainly magazines with women on covers, one magazine with Brigitte Bardot on top. CS of hands peeling corn cob, man selling corn cobs. Shots of displays of all kind, sunglasses, necklaces, scarves, bread. CS of many bird cages with birds in it. Shot of men sitting at sidewalk cafe.

Shot ID: 54642 2:40

MS of pedestrians on St. Catherine St. in Spring or Fall. MCU flashing walk light, TILT DOWN to pedestrian traffic, PAN to traffic cop in front of Laura Secord store. MCU of toy plane in store window. PAN of cars and pedestrians. MS of Marie Claire store in a double-decker bus next to The Bay. CU of restaurant sign advertising barbeque chicken for $1.19 and sirloin steak for $1.24.

Shot ID: 21069 2:56

Army hospital: ESTABLISHING SHOT of hospital, snow-covered ground. Interior shot of soldiers filling out forms. Sequence on one man being examined by doctor. Several shots of men undergoing various psychological tests. Cut to ward sequence, nurses tending to patients, bringing in lunch, feeding patient. Four men in another ward do physical exercises. Shots of man working on loom and cut to display of earthenware objects made in therapy classes. Elsewhere, men attend class on physiology. Cut to soldier at board explaining the rapport between thinking and physical well-being. Exterior shot of two men skiing towards the hospital. Cut to interior of mess hall and CUs of men eating. Cut into lounge, several soldiers relaxing, chatting, playing games.

Shot ID: 1120 8:37

MLS of woman with dog entering Animal Gourmet Restaurant. MS of girl feeding dog in cage at the restaurant. MLS inside restaurant with woman passing in background. MSs of young man feeding dogs in cages. CS of dogs in cages. Several shots from different angles of toys, food and other products for dogs. MS of doghouse in form of tent. MS of woman shopping, of bags of dog food.

Shot ID: 9953 1:22

Construction of LG-2 hydroelectric dam. TRAVELLING SHOT of workers eating meal in camp cafeteria.

Shot ID: 23281 5:31

Several shots from different angles of street musician (young lady) on stilts wearing colourful clothes, playing flute near terrace of a restaurant in Place Jacques-Cartier in Old Montreal, including shots of customers handing her some money. MCS of street musician talking a break, leaning on a car as she talks to a friend (shot through iron fence).

Shot ID: 3708 8:26

Several shots of tourists on excursion boat "Maid of the Mist", taken from other parts of ship, of Niagara Falls, of Rainbow Bridge. Shot of pilot in wheel house. HALS of "Maid of the Mist". Closer HAS of ship moving through rough water. MS of falls midway between top and bottom, rocks on side. LAS of brink of falls. LS of hydro flower clock. MS of second hand turning. MS of honeymooners in surrey, TRAVELLING SHOT past Oakes Garden. Shot of honeymooners at table in restaurant at base of Seagram's Tower. Shot of honeymooners walking towards camera along boardwalk, water in background. LAS of honeymooners looking at sight over camera. HA PAN over Niagara Falls, Oakes Garden, parking lot. HAS over parking lot, over crowd of tourists moving up stairs towards camera. HASs from various distances over Horse Shoe Falls, tourists looking down. CUs of tourists at Horse Shoe Falls, of tourists on cable car, coming off cable car. HAS over Niagara Falls, Ontario, Niagara Falls, New York in background.

Shot ID: 5785 3:50

Several shots from different angles of a variety of signs (banks, cafés, airlines) in Arabic and French in downtown Fez, including shots of newspaper stands (141 ft).

Shot ID: 5788 2:47

CSs of people inside chalet in Mount Royal Park on a winter afternoon. CSs of two women working at snack bar in the chalet (98 ft).

Shot ID: 9959 4:29

Interior, day, winter; PAN of workers in cafeteria of uranium prospecting camp set up in James Bay region, people get up and prepare to go out (2:38). MSs of work clothes stored in baskets hanging on cables from ceiling (1:21).

Shot ID: 12542 8:57

Several interior shots of dining rooms at Chateau Frontenac, of people dining. Shots of costumed ensemble playing dinner music.

Shot ID: 20704 9:19

Various shots, from various angles and distances of rally cars, headlights flashing, speeding along snow covered country roads during night and early morning, snowbanks visible along both sides of raod. Shots of cars moving through built up area at night, driving up to restaurant, splashing through puddles, speeding away from highway toll booth. LAMS of illuminated toll booth sign with clock showing 9:30 PM. Daytime shot of car coming towards camera, hitting snowbank along the road. MSs and CUs of driver shovelling his car out of snowbank. TILT DOWN from snow and spruce lined road to driver changing tire. TILT DOWN from same with other cars moving up and stopping, to man changing tire. MSs of cars parked near car in trouble, other cars moving by. HAS of spare tire on road, two men changing tire.

Shot ID: 11537 1:40

MSs and CSs of neon restaurant sign "Chicken and burgers" followed by MS of short order cooks and CUs of soft ice cream being dispensed into a paper cup, hamburger patties being cooked on a flame grill and a cash register being used (60 ft).

Shot ID: 32087 1:14

TILT UP wire sculpture in front of pharmacy. LAS of sculpture. FOLLOW SHOT of warmly dressed girl walking by pharmacy, facade of store, sign "Le Drug - Medical Arts Pharmacy - William Sofin, Chemist". LSs of "Le Drug" from across street, car passing by, winter.

Shot ID: 5923 1:32

TRAVELLING SHOTs through front window of car as it drives through the town of Fort Nelson, including shots of service stations, restaurants, schools, mobile homes and a fire station.

Shot ID: 35161 0:00

Shot of Cape Breton Island park exhibit centre, three or four visitors. Shot of "Peppo's Pizza" parlour. Shot "Rocket Lunch" Restaurant from across street.

Shot ID: 12046 8:21

MCS of "Olympia Theatre" poster in Chinese. FOLLOW SHOT of woman carrying umbrella, snowing heavily. MS of sign re bookshop. Shot of Chinese man looking out window, smiling. Interior shot of seafood place seen through large window, waitresses at work. Sequence on hands displaying pages of Chinese newspaper in a window display at the "Chinese Times", men reading paper through glass. Profile shot of men reading. Front shot of men reading seen from inside.

Shot ID: 16367 9:17

Various shots of mountain goats, deer, sheep. CS of fox. LS of moose family and CU of baby. Shot of herd of buffaloes grazing. Shot of bill of fare at Dawson Cafe during Gold Rush. Shots of man and two women looking at mountains, of man posing against spectacular sunset, of master point silhouetted against setting sun. Shot of craggy, snow-covered mountain, of sea smashing against rocky shore.

Shot ID: 18981 4:55

Various shots inside "Vorossmarty Café" in Budapest, Hungary. Good shots of its costumers composed of middle ages men and women, afternoon tea types.

Shot ID: 6666 5:15

Several shots from different angles inside a Wendy's Restaurant (fast food), including shots of employees, customers and CUs of food. MCSs of sign outside restaurant.

Shot ID: 30020 9:49

Montrealers Take Molière to Paris: shot of street in Old Paris, two pedestrians, two cars. FOLLOW SHOT of pedestrian sitting down at outdoor café. Shot of pedestrians appearing at top of stairs, walking down towards camera. Shot of group of Canadian actors of Montreal's Théâtre du Nouveau Monde company posing under Eiffel Tower, TILT UP to tower and avenue leading up to it, group walking into frame and away from camera. Shot of Canadian actors in sightseeing boat on the Seine River. BOATING SHOT of banks of river in vicinity of Isle de la Cité showing Notre-Dame Cathedral, other buildings and bridges. Incidental shot from boat of subway train passing on bridge overhead. CU of actor at outdoor café. Shot of couple walking up stairs from quay along Seine, buying flowers from vendor. Various shots of Canadian actors rubber necking around Paris, of prints of paintings on outdoor stand. CU of print. Shot of actors rummaging through souvenirs at antique shop.

Shot ID: 5292 1:41

RAF Depot in Moncton (NB, Canada): HAS, MLSs of base, men marching. HAS of personnel on parade. HAS, TRAVELLING SHOT past men at attention. Various shots of men at attention, marching past the camera (00/05/1943).

Shot ID: 6492 1:35

MLS of alley in Montreal, a man (Claude Thibodeau) comes down the alley toward the camera. PAN left to corner of alley and Saint Paul Street, a car and truck parked there, window of Café Saint Paul, the man crosses the street and enters café. A car drives by in the alley.

Shot ID: 24146 6:06

TRAVELLING SHOT of shops along Stratford main street. Various shots of girls at busy switchboard, of interior of crowded department store, of businessmen discussing over coffee, discussing at wicket of bank as teller counts out money, of men discussing in grocery store. Shot of crowd of spectators watching building operations, being kept back from camera by snow fence. Interior shot of restaurant, men having coffee, chatting, waitresses chatting. CS of books "All's well that ends well". CS of model for stage setting.

Shot ID: 18969 4:34

Several shots from different angles of a group of men playing chess in a small café in Vienna, Austria, including CUs of faces, chessboards with timers and shots of waiter serving coffee.

Shot ID: 7554 3:24

Sequence on student pilots attending various classes, listening intently, training in Link trainer, eating in mess. Exterior shot of air base building in winter, snow piled high. Interior shot of students in bunks, washing up in morning. Shots of students at party, dancing. Exterior shot of chapel in winter.

Shot ID: 33313 2:05

HACS of man's hand picking up oyster from water. Shot of oysters in net, TILT UP to fisherman hauling up net aboard boat. CU of oysters being fed into shelling mill. MS of three men standing around shelling mill. CU of oysters drying on screen. CS of oysters in aquarium in restaurant's window, TILT UP to people looking at tank from outside. Rear MS of man and woman walking down street in Montreal, stopping to look in window of Dinty Moores' Restaurant. LAS of "E Desjardins LTD - Seafood - Lobsters - Oysters" neon signs. CU of hands opening up oyster with knife.

Shot ID: 8855 1:30

MS across street of façades of houses in town of Masaya, pedestrians and traffic in foreground. MCS of customers sitting at tables outside small café. MCS of revolutionary graffiti on wall of house, ZOOM IN to CS (54 ft).