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Shot ID: 391 2:37

DOLLY SHOT past crenels of battlement on Saint-Malo fortifications, fishing dories are visible anchored in harbour (1:06). DOLLY SHOT up to crenel in wall revealing new harbour installation (1:00). MLS of wall of fortification with buildings in background (0:24).

Shot ID: 449 1:32

Shot of street, little activity. LAS circular PAN of highrise buildings and TILT DOWN to two small clapboard houses. MS of top story of one of the houses, window in peaked roof. Shot of street, Royal Bank in background. LAS of Royal Bank Building.

Shot ID: 461 2:39

Various shots of residences on Ile des Soeurs (00/10/1969). Shot of couple of children playing on lawn. HAS of roof tops. HAS over Ile des Soeurs complex, Montreal in the distance.

Shot ID: 840 5:14

Several beautiful scenic shots of the mouth of the Saguenay River, including shots of water surface and houses along shore (cloudy; 180 ft).

Shot ID: 856 5:39

Several AERIAL SHOTs of city of La Baie and surrounding area, including shots of a sawmill and good shots around church (203 ft).

Shot ID: 865 2:10

POINT OF VIEW SHOT from helicopter taking off from end of wharf in city of La Baie and flying over city (two shots), Alcan's port facilities visible in second shot (camera on nose of helicopter; 78 ft).

Shot ID: 875 3:35

POINT OF VIEW SHOT from car driving on country road between Saint-Prime and the village of Saint-Edmond-les-Plaines, crossing village and stopping in front of church, cut to MS of church from another angle, ZOOM IN to CS of façade, ZOOM OUT to MS of presbytery, CS of plaque showing year of construction, 1938 (129 ft).

Shot ID: 878 6:50

CS of rapids, ZOOM OUT to MS of old flour mill on bank of river (42 ft). Several shots from different angles of equipment inside mill (200 ft).

Shot ID: 879 1:20

CS of train station in town of Chambord in Lac Saint-Jean region, PAN and ZOOM IN to MS of CN train standing on track, PAN to CS of name of station on building wall (14 ft). Various shots of old locomotive with plough parked on track (30 ft).

Shot ID: 894 4:24

Several shots from different angles of different cutting operations in Hébertville sawmill, including CUs of saw in action. Various shots of different operations to float logs inside mill (160 ft).

Shot ID: 901 1:08

AERIAL SHOT of islands along shore of Lac Saint-Jean near Roberval (24 ft). Low altitude AERIAL SHOT of surface of river covered with floating logs (camera on nose of helicopter; 16 ft).

Shot ID: 906 4:09

Several shots from different angles of ruins of Chicoutimi pulp mill (41 ft). Several WASs and PANs of city seen from north shore of the Saguenay River at dusk (106 ft).

Shot ID: 971 2:00

Tall Ships Parade: various shots from different angles of spectators on wharves, on balcony of old houses and in a trailer park.

Shot ID: 979 1:03

Various shots of Bellevue House (John A MacDonald's house).

Shot ID: 1001 1:35

HAMS of crest at entrance of Fort Chambly, ZOOM IN to CS. CU of crest. CU of steeple and of bell ringing.

Shot ID: 1013 5:32

CSs of fur pelts hanging in a warehouse of Lower Fort Garry National Historic Park.

Shot ID: 1037 13:10

Various shots of logging activities on river, including loggers driving logs down river, tugboat on a sunny day.

Shot ID: 1048 6:10

LS of small sailboat in Quebec harbour, PAN left past piers to Dufferin Terrace, Château Frontenac in background. Similar shots starting with different kind of boat.

Shot ID: 1050 0:39

CS of cross atop church steeple, ZOOM OUT to ELS.

Shot ID: 1116 4:26

Several shots of group of people with dogs in Central Park, of dogs playing around, of group of people with skyscrapers in background. PAN on extreme LS of Central Park with buildings in background.

Shot ID: 1191 3:04

Allied armies push on Rome (00/05/1944): AERIAL SHOT of military convoy.Two shots of British infantry moving ahead on half-track. HAS of vehicles moving through a village. Two GIs are shown generating smoke screen. AIR TO AIR shot of US bombers, bombs dropping. AERIAL SHOT of explosions. Night shots of tremendous artillery barrage. AERIAL SHOT over utter destruction Monte Cassino monastary, and surroundings. Shots of British firing mortars, heavy artillery. Cuts to explosions. Shots of US Army men observing damage from observation post. Shot of General Charles De Gaulle with other French officers in the field. Sequence on tank firing, explosions, tanks moving into a ruined village. Shots of destruction. Final shot of German prisoners of war surrendering, being escorted by British soldiers, resting.

Shot ID: 1320 4:19

Moon module (00/07/1966): ZOOM OUT from CU of leg of moon module being machined on lathe, operator with "Heroux machine parts" written on back of coveralls. Profile MCS of operator. Cut to hands of operator making fine measurement on spinning metal. CU of leg being milled, ZOOM OUT to include milling machine and operator. Shots of moon module on moon from various angles. TILT UP from moon surface to MLS of module. Shot of module, sun in background and underneath machine. HAS of module, astronaut walking about on lunar surface. ZOOM IN on astronaut. MS of astronaut walking around, American flag and words United States visible on module in background.

Shot ID: 1917 8:34

Various shots of small airplane whipped by blowing snow taxiing along Port Meunier runway. Several shots of tied down Beaver airplane equipped with skis (254 ft).

Shot ID: 2023 3:05

MLS of village of Port Meunier seen from Cap Blanc at high tide (50 ft). MLS of building containing "WOOLCO" store. PAN of village (54 ft). MLS and PAN of houses on Caplan Street on Port Meunier waterfront (19 ft).

Shot ID: 2341 3:20

Sequence of shots of women in laboratory testing asbestos fibres in various machines. CU of rock with asbestos vein, hand pulling out fibers. CU of asbestos fibres, hand manipulating strands.

Shot ID: 2355 2:10

Remembrance Day (11/11/1936): TILT DOWN Peace Tower to MLS of Cenotaph, HA PAN over large crowd and military on Parliament Hill. Shots of people standing for moment of silence. MLS of Governor general Lord Tweedsmuir and Mackenzie King laying wreaths. MLS of troops at attention.

Shot ID: 2485 3:40

Boat building: various CUs and MSs of men building fishing boat. MLS of boat skeleton. Shot of man displaying beautiful model of three master outside the shops of the Smith-Rhuland boat building company, PAN to boat sheds, boats moored to quays with water in background. LAMS of model, PAN to buildings and moored boats.

Shot ID: 2543 3:49

CU of thick foam on surface of water, TILT UP to MLS of factory (2 shots; 0:54). CU of polluted water pouring out of sewer into small river, TILT UP to MLS of river flowing in small canyon (0:33). HAMS of polluted water pouring out of sewer into Ottawa River, PAN and TILT UP to MLS of floating barrier containing foam and pollution, CUs of foam (1:03). MLS of pollution on river Parliament Buildings in background on opposite bank (0:08). More CUs of foam on surface of water (1:00).

Shot ID: 2779 6:37

PAN of orchard on hillside with valley in background. HALS of farm houses in valley with low lying fog in lower level of valley, cut to MLS. CU of leaves of an apple tree, PAN of tree, ZOOM OUT to LS of farm houses in valley with apple trees in foreground followed by one more similar shot. Several shots from different angles of apple pickers at work in orchard on hillside.

Shot ID: 3077 0:53

HAS PAN of shoreline, fishermen's shacks.

Shot ID: 3093 9:50

CU of Benedictine monk type setting, printing cards in rotoprinter. Sequence showing monks in chapel praying, chanting. MCS of monks binding books. Interior shot of monk's cell at Saint-Benoit-du-Lac, monk at table studying, typing. CS of monk at drafting table. CS from behind lectern, of celebrant and monks chanting. CS of crucifix, DOLLY OUT to reveal altar, three priests celebrating mass, monks in pews, and whole chapel. Rear CS of monk walking through doorway into chapel. DOLLY IN and hold on monk turning to face camera, other monks filing in from each side. MCS of monks standing in meeting room, sitting down, pulling up their hoods. PANs around to last monk in row. CS of hooded head of monk, crucifix in background and PAN around room to other monks. MLS of court in session. Shot of senior monk sitting on raised dais, monks sitting along either side. Shot of monk on right pushing back his hood, rising, approaching senior monk and kneeling. Rear CS of monk kneeling. TILT UP to superior motioning to rise, to crucifix above superior.

Shot ID: 3172 0:31

MS of students at Brandon University walking on campus past student housing.

Shot ID: 3242 0:18

PAN left to Manitoba's Legislative building, ice cream vendor on bicycle rides past.

Shot ID: 3278 0:48

Good shot of east block, Peace Tower (in background), post office, traffic, from intersection of Driveway and Confederation Square in Ottawa.

Shot ID: 3345 7:10

MCS of two Inuit girls playing in shallow water of lake. CS of two Inuit boys using saw to cut a log. CS of two Inuit girls playing on homemade seesaw, PAN to CS of tents in Inuit fishing camp. MCS of Inuit fishing camp. MS of Inuit fishing camp as seen from lake. MCS of two Inuit boys using bow saw to cut log, tents in backgroung. CS of young Inuit boy throwing rocks with slingshot, ZOOM OUT as other Inuit boys come into view and push canoe into water. Cut to shot of group paddling away in canoe, ZOOM IN. MCS of children playing on roof of log cabin. MCS of activities near tents of Inuit fishing camp. MCS of strips of fish and whale blubber (beluga) drying on outdoor table and wooden racks.

Shot ID: 3390 3:52

MCS of trees in flooded area, base of trees are immersed in water. TILT DOWN to CS of brown water, TILT UP and ZOOM IN to MCS of researcher women in a small dugout canoe. FOLLOW SHOT as she paddles towards wooden house on stilts. MCS of a Metis man coming out of house to greet her, ties canoe to stairs and they both step into house. MCS of wooden house on stilts in flooded area. Brief CS of Indian woman looking towards camera through window of wooden house on stilts. MCS of house, woman in window. CS of child looking out window. CS of ducks in water swimming among trees in flooded area. CS of Indian woman in window opening of house on stilts. CS of child looking out window of house on stilts. CS of canoe tied up to stilt of wooden house in flooded area. MCS of man in canoe bailing out water and paddling away. MCS of front of wooden house, researcher (woman) walks through door and steps down to waterline, unties her canoe, says goodbye to her Indian friends in doorway, steps into canoe and paddles away.

Shot ID: 3394 2:27

CS of naked Yanoàma Indian man surrounded by naked children, sitting inside hut. CS of children sitting on floor of hut. CS of young woman adorned by wooden needles sticking out from lower lip, earings and necklace, sitting with child on her lap. PAN on other women and children in hut. MCS on Indian group (men, women, children) heading towards forest. Cut to MCS back view of same. MCS of jungle, Indian hunter (man) coming into view and walking towards camera holding dead parrot and bow in other hand. FOLLOW CS back view of Indian hunter walking on boardwalk used as bridge over flooded areas in jungle. CS of Yanoàma Indian woman and three children walking in their village, CU of woman as she passes in front of camera. MCS back view of them walking, shot through branches.

Shot ID: 3439 7:02

Dog trials: LSs of wheat fields, stooks visible. CU of licence plates from North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. LS of small country church silhouetted against sky. Shots of man and his hunting dog, man rubbing dog, dog running in field. CS of dog on leash. Shots at kennel, dogs looking through fence, two men attaching leashes to dogs. Sequence showing three men on horseback in field, dogs running along. LSs of village in prairie, PANs to car driving down road towards village. PAN from train station in Frobisher, Saskatchewan, to cars driving by on dusty road. MLS of train, PAN to grain elevator. Shots of hunting dog pointing in field, owner placing dog, showing dog pointing stance. Shots of owner and dog walking in field. Sequence showing hunting dog and mounted owners arriving at bushes, owner petting dog, dog pointing to bushes. Sequence on owner teaching dog, dog at leash pointing to bushes, man placing him in pointing position. Shot of dog leaning against man's stomach, TILT UP to man's face. Shot of two men examining head and dog's tail. CS of hunting dog pointing in field.

Shot ID: 3646 3:24

Tourist hotel: various shots of Tower Isle Hotel, young people on beach, in water. Shots of hotel.

Shot ID: 3662 0:08

Static shot of New York City from across Hudson River, taken from New Jersey, showing section of city between 34th and 42nd Streets; Chrysler Building and Empire State Building visible at left and right frame respectively.

Shot ID: 3681 7:34

Shot of postman arriving at letter box, taking mail from box, getting into truck and driving off. Postal truck arrives at mailbox in front of drugstore. He gets out and picks up mail, drives off. Postal worker removing mail from depository box on side of office building, driving off. Shots of postman carrying mailbag from drugstore Post Office, throwing it in truck and driving off. More shots of postman picking up mail in various parts of Ville Saint-Laurent in winter.

Shot ID: 3686 13:08

Customers in post office: Numerous shots of men and women, young and old bundled up in winter clothes at counter in post office. They are being served by postal clerks. LS, general view of counter in post office with people awaiting service, of customers getting packages weighed, letter stamps and information. VCS of letter being weighed on scale, good shots of customers of all ages.

Shot ID: 3701 18:11

Shot of mail being dumped from bags onto conveyor. Numerous shots of mailbags being placed onto conveyor, travelling on conveyor as they are handled at the main post office in downtown Montreal. Shot of mailbags being removed from hand carts and dropped down chutes. Shot of mail and mailbags being put on conveyors, men sorting mail, throwing it into mailbags hanging on racks. Shot of man filing letters into open mailbags, into pigeon-holes and into blue airmail bags. Shot of airmail bags being tied, delivery tag reading "Seven Islands". Shot of man's face as he sorts mail. Shots of men sorting airmail, throwing it into bags. Shot of man aligning letters, passing them through the post-mark and cancelling machine. CS of man's face. CU of letters speeding through the machine. CS of man's face as he works on canceller. (00/02/1960)

Shot ID: 3759 5:44

Various shots of "building failures", houses and buildings which were improperly constructed (sagging foundations) to withstand rigors of northern climate. LAS of network of telegraph and telephone lines with power line feeds. Shots of Roman Catholic church shaped like an igloo, of dome and roof.

Shot ID: 3799 1:57

Various shots of kids playing basketball in street on waterfront of town of Burnt Islands, Newfoundland, PAN of houses and ZOOM IN to MS of two ladies on porch with ocean in background (foggy).

Shot ID: 4142 0:39

MLS of troopship at dock. Cuts to small frame shack with mountain in the background, to two shots of army tent camp. HAS PAN of fjord, troopship.

Shot ID: 4423 1:11

Hook, line and sinker: TRAVELLING SHOT past ice-fishing huts on river near Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade, Quebec, men and women moving about, preparing huts, setting them in place. Interior shot of huts and fishing through hole in the ice. Auguste Beliveau, Mayor of Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade, shows how to prepare pork liver for bait. Shots of old man fishing, pulling fish in.

Shot ID: 4580 3:08

College Courses for Veterans - McGill University (00/01/1945): shot of servicemen filing past reception line of VIP's and shaking hands. The line is outside and everyone is dressed for winter. HAS of servicemen thronging past the camera, heading for the building on McGill campus. Level shots of men moving by the camera, entering the Sir Arthur Currie Memorial Gymnasium. Shots of men heading for main building, going up steps. Shots of feet going up steps. Cut to the interior of the classroom, servicemen in uniform and in civies taking notes. Shots of men in laboratory.

Shot ID: 4666 0:52

Sequence on General Crerar driving his jeep, visiting with Brigadier DC Spry at the latter's headquarters.

Shot ID: 4791 3:35

Combined war production meeting: Visitors, accompanied by CD Howe arrive at defence production establishment in one of the Ottawa temporary government buildings. They inspect the facilities, look on as technicians carry out various experiments, and finally end up round a conference table. Closer shots of some of the delegates, of CD Howe (00/07/1943).