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Shot ID: 862 5:37

AERIAL SHOT of city of Roberval, sharp turn over sawmill until helicopter is over Lac Saint-Jean (36 ft). Along road toward village of Saint Prime (21 ft). Over river meandering through farmland (55 ft). AERIAL SHOTs of vast fields near Saint Prime (camera on nose of helicopter; 88 ft).

Shot ID: 876 4:02

MLS and PAN of village of Saint-Edmond-les-Plaines in Lac Saint-Jean region, CS of cat in a field, ZOOM OUT to MLS of village church. LS of village with road in foreground, ZOOM IN to MS (two shots; 78 ft). ELS of village surrounded by farmland, ZOOM IN to MLS, then a similar shot (65 ft).

Shot ID: 887 1:57

LACS of tree, PAN to MS of church in village of Laterrière. Various shots of typical houses of Saguenay region (69 ft).

Shot ID: 1030 1:01

Several shots from different angles of clapboard houses of Fort William on a hazy, sunny day.

Shot ID: 1064 4:41

Several shots from various angles of tepees set up in Indian village including PANs of wharf on river to tepees on a sunny day.

Shot ID: 1363 20:58

Shot of Quebec tourist information building, convertible automobile stopping and family flocking into building. Shot of guide explaining things to tourists with the aid of maps. CU, ECUs of girls in convertible, hair flying, of driver. FOLLOW SHOT of convertible on twisting road, high hills in background. Shots of flowers in botanical gardens at Grand Metis, tourists visiting, taking picture. Shot of tourist family walking past camera to seashore, wading in shallow water. Shots of girls, wind-blown hair, in convertible, of "father" Raymond Garceau at wheel. TRAVELLING LAS of cliff bordering on highway, rock strata quite visible. Sequence on model boat roadside stand, tourist family looking, father buying. LS of Perce Rock, ZOOM OUT to include tourist family posing for picture by one of their party. Shot of Perce Rock. MS of father shooting with 8mm camera. HAMS of car at gas pumps to CU of price adding up at rapid rate. Rear TRAVELLING SHOT of family following camera car in convertible car. Sequence on family looking at souvenirs in souvenir shop, girl buying ring, girl looking at postcards on turning rack. Shots of family on beach at Perce, children wading, racing on sand.

Shot ID: 1827 7:20

CU of wood stove, hand opening front door to reveal raging fire inside. Cut to exterior shot of stove pipe, smoke coming out. CU of pump pouring water into pail. Shot of evening winter sun, fence and tree in foreground. Sun diffused by clouds. Cut to MSs of chickadee on a branch. Several views of birds fluttering around feed box. MS of dog (Molly) sniffing around. Sequence on squirrel sitting on a board, eating, of squirrel on ground. CU of squirrel on window sill grabbing a peanut. Several LSs of squirrel on window sill, PAN to sleeping dog (Molly). CUs, LSs of two or three squirrels in tree and on ground. LALS of cabin, much verdure around it. Slow PAN over verdure, weeds, brush, trees, to cabin.

Shot ID: 1929 0:58

MS of abandoned house on shore of Saint Claire Bay on Anticosti Island in late afternoon with sea in background (11 ft). LS of beautiful winter sunset (22 ft).

Shot ID: 2040 9:56

Several shots from different angles of women in a Nepalese village sitting on the floor inside a room taking knitting lessons (357 ft).

Shot ID: 2375 0:27

CS side view of woman wearing a hard hat looking up, TILT UP and PAN to LALS of chimneys of plant (two shots)

Shot ID: 2522 1:53

MS of sign at entrance of Fort Smith Airport (0:19). ESTABLISHING PAN SHOT of Peace River (0:21). MS of gravel road in town, PAN to shot of sign indicating forest fire hazard index (0:37). HA ESTABLISHING SHOT of town (0:35).

Shot ID: 2769 1:05

MLS of small house in South Mountain area, children are riding bikes on road in foreground, ZOOM IN to MS of house. CS of kids on bikes.

Shot ID: 2805 4:05

LS of school bus on country road in South Mountain area with old run down house in foreground, follow shot of bus, LS as bus stop, lights flashing, ZOOM IN to MLS kids stepping off bus, cut to CS back view of a tractor moving down road towards kids, cut to CS of kids walking home. MCSs and CSs of kids playing in a old dune buggy.

Shot ID: 2811 1:13

CS of children stepping off school bus, MCS of school bus arriving at Gaspereau school. MCS of entrance of Gaspereau Elementary School, school children are entering school, ZOOM OUT as school bus comes into view and stops in front of school, PAN of bus.

Shot ID: 2826 3:32

CSs rear view of copilot, navigator and pilot in cockpit of Nationair airplane in flight (76 ft). MLS of passengers in airplane (11 ft). Various shots of Haitians deplaning at Port-au-Prince airport soon after the fall of President Jean-Claude Duvalier (00/02/86; 35 ft).

Shot ID: 2828 7:04

Various shots of crowd in front of presidential place in Port-au-Prince during flag ceremony after the fall of President Jean-Claude Duvalier, including good ESTABLISHING SHOTs.

Shot ID: 2910 1:45

LAS, TILT DOWN of Toronto City Hall to marching band playing. Shots of girl dressed as French symbolic figure "Marianne" laying wreath at foot of monument, men standing by. Shots of Canadian Army soldiers presenting arms, of soldiers playing bugles. Shots of group of dignitaries and of "Marianne" with men standing at attention. Shots of two unidentified dignitaries (men) delivering speeches. CU of wreath at foot of monument.

Shot ID: 3063 5:04

PAN from boy writing on black board to teacher checking other boy for lice. Closer shot of teacher and boy as teacher ends his treatment, boy washing his hands. Shots of Indian pupils in class. PAN of four girls reading. Shot of teenagers coming out of school past the camera. Shot of young Indian woman taking books from shelves in a library.

Shot ID: 3074 2:52

Cape Race Lighthouse: slow ZOOM OUT from LS of lighthouse to ELS of same. Several PANs from shoreline, point of land, to LS of lighthouse and ZOOM OUT.

Shot ID: 3158 0:29

LAMS of carpenter hammering on roof of new house, ZOOM IN to CU of hammer and nail.

Shot ID: 3164 0:17

CS to CU TRAVELLING SHOTs of mobile homes on trailer, to MS of construction worker, other mobile homes in background.

Shot ID: 3166 0:05

MS of two houses.

Shot ID: 3209 1:16

LS of exterior at Toronto Post gateway plant.

Shot ID: 3239 0:28

MLS of the famous Golden Boy on top of the Manitoba Legislature Building.

Shot ID: 3378 3:42

MS of sun setting behind trees with calm water of flooded area in foreground. MCS of wooden house on stilts in flooded area, children looking out windows. PAN of sunrise on the Amazon River, riverboat passing in foreground to MLS of trees and vegetation on river bank (two shots, second with more light). CS of half-open water lily bud. CS FOLLOW SHOT of patch of flowers floating downstream, ZOOM OUT and PAN to CS of water lily. Cut to CS of water lily pad, small insect moving on its edge.

Shot ID: 3379 1:27

CU of Metis boy's face, ZOOM OUT to CS of poor family (mother, other adult female, two other children) posing for camera on steps of wooden house on stilts. Cut to CS of big fish, TILT UP to CSs on children's faces, to mother talking, reverse shot. MS of family on house steps. CS of three Metis boys sitting on steps.

Shot ID: 3436 8:16

Two men are shown cleaning a bird house in a small orchard. Snow on ground. Bird house is hoisted back up the pole and the men move onto other birdhouses. Sequence on house, woman of the Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service taking possession of it. Man and boy come by and WREN with binoculars. LSs of birds in a bird bath, on the lawn. Man and boy change the water in the bath. ELS of a king bird gathering material for nest building. Interior of wood, man and boy strolling. PAN along tree tops, roofs of dwellings, very leafy. Woman and boy on lawn, boy romps about. The two join man and woman seated in lounge chairs. PAN of trees in a Hamilton park. Shots of tree-lined residential street, a vintage car driving by, PAN to houses. A woman walks her dog in a backyard while another dog tags along. LS, MLS of the nest of the mourning dove in a leafy tree. Shot of creepers stretching up wall of house. Cut to CS of a robin among the leaves, a nest with babies in it, adult robin feeding babies. A boy scatters food on lawn by some trees. The song sparrow is shown eating food on lawn. HAMLS of girl riding horse arriving, LAS of multi-story house of the Purple Martin, Closer shot of house.

Shot ID: 3489 1:20

Blessing of the Fleet: TRAVELLING SHOT along street of village towards church. HASs of fishing boats moored to pier in harbour, bedecked with numerous flags and pennants, many people walking along quay in lower foreground, Acadian flags flying atop masts along quay. MS PAN from two women to boats in harbours, many flags and pennants.

Shot ID: 3626 2:49

HAMLS of city of Antigua. CU of plaque re Nelson. Shots of historic buildings, of ruins. HALS of headland. PAN along inlet, indented coast.Shot of cactus growth.

Shot ID: 3674 3:34

Various shots of apartments where flyers' families are living, families relaxing outside, of trailer camp, of flyers and families, of children rushing out of school, crowding into Air Force bus.

Shot ID: 3689 0:00

Shot of snow-covered runway from cockpit of plane taking off. AERIAL SHOT over snow-covered residential district of Montreal. AERIAL SHOT over houses, University of Montreal, downtown business district, Place Ville Marie, Sun Life Building. AERIAL SHOT over Miron plant in east end, chimney belching smoke skyward. AERIAL SHOTs over snow-covered terrain around Dorval Airport. (00/02/1960)

Shot ID: 3768 0:50

MLS of rocky landscape outside town of Burnt Islands, Newfoundland, a group of school children walk over top of rise in foreground and file by camera, cameraman stands up (hand-held camera) revealing school behind rise.

Shot ID: 3802 14:26

Several shots from different angles of cute kindergarten ceremony at school of small town of Burnt Islands, Newfoundland, kids are dressed up and standing in line on stage and singing song, including shots of admiring parents in audience (136 ft). CSs of dressed up kids walking up aisle between rows of parents (86 ft). Cute shot of them waltzing (23 ft). CS and PAN of kids on stage singing a song, then filing off (36 ft). Several good CSs and CUs of faces of parents and kids (236 ft).

Shot ID: 3816 1:47

MS of flag of Newfoundland at top of flag post, ZOOM OUT to MLS of vocational school of town of Burnt Islands, plus a few similar shots.

Shot ID: 3886 1:17

Boundary Bay Air School: sequence on Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King visiting Boundary Bay Air School, reviewing marching airmen, cutting ribbon. HAS, MLS of long line of Dehavilland Tiger Moth trainers.

Shot ID: 4107 2:50

General Giraud Visits Canada (18/07/1943): sequence on General Henri-Honoré Giraud arriving by C-47, being met by CG "Chubby" Power and assorted military officers, inspecting Royal Canadian Air Force honour guard and looking over an RCAF base. Sequence on General Henri-Honoré Giraud arriving at Parliament, being greeted by Mackenzie King. Two decorative shots of centre block, Peace Tower. Sequence on General Henri-Honoré Giraud at military ceremony, saluting, inspecting Canadian troops.

Shot ID: 4125 0:27

Canada - Russia air highway: sequence on a seaplane taking off from lake, on building of an airfield.

Shot ID: 4128 0:25

Several AERIAL SHOTs of lakes, mountains; of airfields with ground shots of control towers and administration buildings at Fort Saint-John, British Columbia, Watson Lake, Whitehorse, Yukon; and an Alaskan base.

Shot ID: 4403 0:23

MLS of steam train pulling towards and past the camera at Dawson Creek station.

Shot ID: 4758 4:06

Naval Divers: sequence on naval divers at school, being instructed in the fine points of their trade, being shown how to put on a diving helmet. Sequence on the men helping one diver with his heavy rubberized suit and his helmet, manning the pump as the diver climbs overboard and disappears into the water. Shots of diver returning to the surface, being rid of his helmet. Another diver surfaces, his suit ballooned out and tries to roll himself on his back. Final shots of diver coming out of water, walking on deck, and of instructor.

Shot ID: 4762 3:52

Naval training, Deep Brook (00/07/1943): HAS of naval station, sailors marching smartly. Cut to sailor ringing bell under sign: "HMCS Cornwallis". Various shots of men exercising on ropes, doing gymnastics, practicing firing depth charges on dry land, learning how to hoist a sail. Cut to men rowing strenuously. Shots of men practicing knots, marching. HAMLS parade ground covered with sailors on parade.

Shot ID: 4816 1:40

Cut to Sir Winston Churchill, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, etc. in caps and gowns after receiving honourary degrees from McGill. Shots of Churchill speaking briefly, of everyone posing. Château Frontenac visible in background. Several more shots of VIP's posing in caps and gowns.

Shot ID: 4840 2:34

General Crerar visits Hamilton: Crerar visits with veterans, is presented with silver tray at city hall, delivers a speech, attends function at stadium. Several CUs of Crerar in uniform (00/10/1945).

Shot ID: 5325 1:53

Several shots from various angles of different construction sites, buildings, real estate ads and people in Alberta. AERIAL SHOT of town in Alberta. Several MCSs of real estate ads.

Shot ID: 5345 0:57

PAN on buildings in downtown Montreal to de Maisonneuve's statue. PAN on statue.

Shot ID: 5414 2:26

American woman made Indian Princess: various shots of Six Nations Indians, woman arriving, greetings, visit of Six Nations council house, actual ceremony. CUs of woman with feather speaking animatedly. Various shots of ceremonial dance.

Shot ID: 5466 0:39

Interior shot of kitchen class, girls learning home economy.

Shot ID: 5746 5:54

Various shots of a group of Moroccan Jews praying inside synagogue in Fez (112 ft). CS of tablets with Hebrew writing hanging on the synagogue walls (13 ft). CS of chief rabbi, PAN to CS of religious articles, PAN to CS of rabbi (26 ft). CS of menorah (6 ft). CS of wall plaque that reads "Synagogue Roben Bensadoun" (6 ft).

Shot ID: 5752 1:52

CS of Moroccan child embossing a copper plate with a hammer and punch, he is in a shop in the medina (Moslem quarter) in Fez. CUs of plate, hammer and child's face (32 ft). CSs of craftsmen working on copper in a small shop (34 ft).

Shot ID: 5792 3:36

Sequence on arrival of the Cardinal Spellman at Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, greetings by the archbishop and several other clerics and lay leaders, etc. Shots of crowd moving towards the basilica, entering dark interior. Shots of the basilica during mass, altar seen in LSs. Several views of ceremony of the way of the cross, Cardinal Spellman, attending clergy and crowds of faithful going the way of the cross, pausing at each station for a prayer. LS of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Basilica. (00/07/1951)