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Bars and taverns


Shots not available for online viewing

Shot ID: 6723 6:32

MS of bar tender behind bar handling drinks. Interior HASs of night club, people dancing, drinking, dance combo in background. MS of several men playing poker, scene only lighted by large shaded lamp over tables. Front MSs of bar tender wiping glasses, of man at table loaded with beer, toe tapping while other man claps. MLS of motorboat speeding on river, going in circles. Shot of boys climbing side timbers of bridge and diving into water. Shot of children riding rides in playground. Shot of man playing harmonica in tavern as man jigs in background.

Shot ID: 10793 3:50

Interior shots of poolroom, French sailors playing pool, PAN to bar, men drinking, chatting. CU of hands mixing drink at bar. CU of Pernod and water being mixed. TILT UP as man brings drink to his lips. Shot of other drink being mixed. Shot of assortment of bottles behind bar. Shot through window of three French sailors at bar, of maid. (14/07/1960)

Shot ID: 15519 18:43

Exterior shots of the Hofbrauhous in Munich. Interior shots of empty beer garden. Shot of truck loaded with beer kegs bringing fresh supply of suds. Various shots of full house, drinkers having a good time, singing, dancing, of musicians at work.

Shot ID: 18402 10:39

Several shots from different angles of three local musicians playing traditional Scottish tunes on piano, guitar and fiddle in lounge, including shots of customers listening.

Shot ID: 21698 2:14

Canada's Overseas Radio Station: CU of logo of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation-Radio-Canada. Cut to canted shot of radio tower. LAS of men at work on tower, swinging from ropes. LAS of tower from inside it. HAS of radio buildings as seen from position on tower. Pan to other towers not far off. Interior shot of man throwing large switches and cut to technicians at control panels. Cut to clock on the stroke of three. From CU of announcer, cut to Prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie King making a speech into a microphone. TILT UP very tall, thin radio antennas. Cut to CU of a hand writing on blackboard "NEWS-CBC SACKVILLE". Two shots of servicemen operating radio equipment overseas, soldiers listening to King's speech. Cut to family listening to King's speech at radio. Cut to man and woman in English pub listening ot King's speech at radio. Final of Mackenzie King ending his speech. Cut to logo of CBC.

Shot ID: 23451 0:28

MCS of the Gypsy Moth (pub) on Plymouth street corner. CS of sign. LACS of lettering on building reading "GYPSY MOTH IV". LACS of sign of "WHITBREAD" pub.

Shot ID: 19015 2:54

MCSs and CSs of a group of a people having a few drinks at the "Sir Francis Drake Pub" by marina in Road Town on island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands (39 ft). MCS of customers on terrace, ZOOM OUT to MLS of pub with docked sailboats in foreground (16 ft). CSs of customers inside pub (50 ft).

Shot ID: 20877 2:49

Good MCS of a female bartender preparing cocktails for a waitress who stands by on the opposite side of the bar. Many bottles of liquor can be seen on shelf behind the bartender.

Shot ID: 6847 8:50

Sequence at "Brasserie de la Dame" tavern on Notre-Dame Street in west part of Montreal during a corn-husking party showing people sitting at tables eating corn, drinking beer, some people singing and clapping hands, couple cooking and serving corns from behind the bar, people eating corn, waiters at work.

Shot ID: 13665 1:19

CUs of movie posters being put up at local movie house. CU of jukebox, hand putting coin, DOLLY OUT to feet dancing, men drinking and smoking.

Shot ID: 14941 2:15

[SINGLE PERF] CS of bartender behing his bar, pouring drinks, liquor bottles and cigarette packages in background (82 ft).

Shot ID: 36369 14:51

Various shots of girls in 1890's costume dancing French can-can in an old saloon.

Shot ID: 39015 12:27

Sequence of elderly couple talking with reverend Stretch on the street, the elderly man is showing him cards. Sequence of Mr Spence walking towards the three persons and talking with them. MLS of two officers entering a Royal Canadian Mounted Police truck and leaving. PAN to the left of two men, Mr Spence and reverend Stretch talking. ZOOM IN on reverend Stretch's face. MLS of an RCMP truck passing, of three men crossing street and entering the hotel. MLS of Hudson Hotel, cars parked in street. TRAVELLING SHOT of a couple walking and entering the Hudson Hotel. MS of Churchill Hotel. MLS of people coming out of hotel, some walking in a store. TRAVELLING SHOTS of two women and a young boy walking and entering the hotel. TRAVELLING SHOTS of two men walking and entering hotel. ZOOM IN on hotel with parked cars. MLS of RCMP's truck leaving hospital. MLS of an Indian woman falling in the street and sitting on the ground, of an Indian man trying to help her. Shot of woman refusing his help and arguing with the man. Sequence of four men (three White and one Inuit) drinking and talking around a table. Jump cut.

Shot ID: 50190 5:19

Various shots in Arack bar showing men mixing various alcoholic drinks, customers waiting to be served, little boy comes into bar, presents little bottle to barman who fills it with alcool and give it back to small boy. CS of billboard (written in Indian characters). (00/04/1970)

Shot ID: 5320 0:53

MS of cars passing on street in Old Montreal. PAN on Jacques-Cartier Square, restaurants and bars.

Shot ID: 23453 0:40

CS of sign for "THE PILGRIMS" pub, MS down narrow street, PAN to CS of facade of pub.

Shot ID: 25666 1:10

MS of stone façade of movie theatre in city, owners putting up posters of films playing, CU of film poster for "LA GRANDE CATHERINE" starring Jeanne Moreau (0:50). CS of bar entrance, ZOOM IN to CUs of note reading "NORD AFRICAINS NON ADMIS" (0:21).

Shot ID: 30580 7:39

HALSs of Piccadilly Circus, London, much vehicular and pedestrian traffic, daytime. Various shots of Nottingham, England, of street scenes with pedestrian and vehicular traffic, of English bobby directing traffic, of people relaxing in city square, children, feeding pigeons. Various shots of street scenes in small English town, of natives walking in front of typical English shops "Candy Store", people riding bicycles, cars and delivery vans passing. Various interior shots of English pub, Royal Canadian Air Force airmen playing darts, drinking, Englishman drinking off glass of ale, bartender pouring drinks and calling "Time".

Shot ID: 34048 8:57

Various shots inside packed "bistro" showing people at bar, people dancing, people sitting at table, drinking, chatting. Shots of men playing pool. Various shots of bar, of people being served wine, drinking. Various shots of musicians, saxophonist, Basque fiddlers. HASs of feet dancing. Shot of group of children in evening dress giving dancing exhibition, woman accompanying on piano. Shots of applause. Shots of dance band, of individual players. FOLLOW MCS of waiter holding bottle of wine aloft, placing bottle on table in front of customers, pouring drink. (14/07/1963)

Shot ID: 34071 2:27

HAMS of streetcar moving across street intersection in Toronto. CS of two officers of Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps paying enlisted man. Shots of streetcar crossing busy Toronto intersection, traffic. MS of child lying in crib, yawning. MS of servicemen drinking beer in tavern, waiter bringing draught glasses. Front shot of Wynchwood-Saint Clair streetcar moving towards and stopping in front of camera. MS of idle streetcar in garage. Front FOLLOW SHOT of streetcar driving along street in Toronto. CS of food plate being served on table, hands holding fork and knife cutting up steak. MS of soldiers drinking beer bottoms up in tavern.

Shot ID: 38605 7:47

Shot of bartenders behind bar. Several shots of people at bar, sitting at tables, bartenders at work, Robert Bourassa on television behind bar, election results.

Shot ID: 1150 2:22

Fighter pilots meet bomber crews: shots of Polish fighter pilots meeting English and American bomber crews in a Polish club in London. Flying officer Torabensky and Colonel Anderson say a few words while spectators listen attentively (sound).

Shot ID: 3818 7:42

Various shots of middle-aged residents of town of Burnt Islands, Newfoundland dancing at local lounge (the Corner Lounge), including shots of band playing.

Shot ID: 7885 0:12

LAMCS of tavern sign; TILT DOWN to MCS of doorway.

Shot ID: 33706 1:53

[Remark: all shots are comprised of still photographs.] People, cities: CU of man drinking whisky at Zimmermans Bar in Radisson, Saskatchewan. ZOOM OUT to general view of bar, bartender and customers standing at bar, drinking (00/00/1899, Saskatoon Archives). Shot of men cutting ice on Saint Lawrence River near Montreal (00/00/1898). ZOOM OUT from CU of tractor to MS of tractor ploughing prairie (00/00/1918).

Shot ID: 58291 0:13

CS of NFB filmmaker Kent Martin enjoying the music in the Flamingo bar in 1994.

Shot ID: 6918 4:04

Various shots of people waiting to be served at snack bar with waitresses rushing about, of same at beer counter, of men's washroom sign with people walking in and out of frame.

Shot ID: 8082 6:09

Various shots of people lounging in sun at luxurious resort hotel in Athens, of waiter taking orders, of youngsters swimming in pool. TILT DOWN multi-storey resort hotel to loungers, TILT UP.

Shot ID: 10000 3:14

Exterior, late afternoon, winter; MSs of shops set up in trailers (0:56). PAN of trailer park (0:38). CS of illuminated sign of butcher shop, ZOOM OUT to MS of people walking toward entrance (0:21). MS of service station (0:38). MS of tavern (0:38).

Shot ID: 10792 9:09

Interior shots of bistro, people dancing. CU of bottle, of hands mixing drink. CUs of people sitting at table, drinking, chatting, of bar doing brisk business. HAS of activity in bistro, people dancing, drinking, talking. Several shots of dancers holding hands, dancing in circle. CUs of elderly women chatting. (14/07/1963)

Shot ID: 11424 9:25

MLS of streets of small French town, few people. TILT DOWN leafy tree, PAN to LS of town. HAS of church, buildings, town seen through crenelated wall. LAS of church, TILT DOWN to people coming out. Interior shot of empty church. Exterior shot of small bar, man entering. Interior shot of bar, people drinking, chatting animatedly. Sequence on hog butchering; tying down animal, sticking it slowly to collect blood, singeing carcass to get rid of hairs. CU of people looking on. Street scenes of people talking, standing about, man trundling wheelbarrow. Interior CSs of antique-furnished dwelling, knick-knacks. Interior shot of store, old woman entering shaking hands with owner, chatting, leaving.

Shot ID: 28008 0:44

Sequence on Canadian soldiers swigging beer in a Scottish pub.

Shot ID: 51368 7:39

Interior MSs, MCSs of man making chicha, a kind of alcohol, in tavern, of chicha boiling over fire and man taking it in can and deversing it in barrel. Various exterior shots in courtyard of tavern with poultry and rabbits in evidence including shots of man passing by and TILT UP to mountains over roof. HAMS and MSs of men playing game in tavern courtyard, women watching them. PAN MS on poultry and courtyard.

Shot ID: 51684 0:43

MSs of three young men entering "Neptune" bar or tavern in Old Montreal.

Shot ID: 964 8:09

Various shots from different angles of men and women dressed in eighteenth century costume in recreated tavern eating drinking and singing, playing cards, a women cleans tables after feast.

Shot ID: 6854 18:29

Several walking shots along Sainte-Catherine Street from Papineau Street to Plessis Street, along Beaudry Street near Saint-Timothee Street, showing pedestrians, Beaudry subway station, many theater erotic bills, CS of sign Flesh for Frankenstein by Andy Warhol, stores, "Reitman's", Yellow", restaurants and tavern. (00/07/1975)

Shot ID: 8103 5:56

Relics of gold rush days: CUs of pile of tools on ground, picks, sledgehammer, anvil, of cans and other junk, buggy wheel, "Hanford's Balsam of Myrrh" sign, of multitude of spade handles. HAS of gutted safe. MS of picture of Queen Victoria hanging on cracked soiled wall, TILT DOWN to upside down chair. Interior shot of living room showing old fashion chairs, baby's crib, table, picture of Queen Victoria. Interior shot of tavern showing chairs, "Entire Change of Program Tonight" sign. Shot of Christ, words "Go and Sin no More", half a bar door hanging from it's hinges in background. Interior shot of rotunda of theatre, TILT UP to dome and chandelier. LAS of top of Royal Alexandra Hotel, TILT DOWN facade to sign. interior CU showing carved panels on walls.

Shot ID: 15518 20:06

Exterior shots of Hofbrauhous in Munich. Interior shots of empty beer garden. Shot of truck loaded with beer kegs, bringing fresh supply of suds. Various shots of full house, drinkers having a good time, singing, dancing, of musicians at work.

Shot ID: 23455 0:07

CS of signs for the "WHITBREAD" and "The PILGRIMS" pubs.

Shot ID: 34520 3:17

CU of feet of marching soldiers. HAS of military band marching past camera. Shot of veteran holding back crowd. HASs of marching soldiers, of veteran and small boy. LACS of soldiers. Montage of World War 1 footage showing Canadian soldiers marching, troopship, explosions. Shot of soldiers and barmaids singing number in tavern. Montage of London scenes showing Thames River, Tower Bridge, House of Parliament, Nelson's Column, Piccadily Circus. Shots of champagne glass being filled, of two glasses touching. Shot of London street at night, of neons.

Shot ID: 2814 2:13

Shot from rear of auditorium as swinging doors open, revealing male audience seated in auditorium, listening to election candidate speak. Interior shot of tavern showing crowd of men sitting at beverage tables, drinking beer. MLS of candidates committee room, two female secretaries at work while aides check voting lists. CU of a newspaper reporter (Roman Kroiter of National Film Board) using telephone to advise his paper of election results.

Shot ID: 10060 0:36

Silhouettes of 2 men drinking beer in pub, window in background.

Shot ID: 10061 0:46

MCS of sign: "Londonderry", shots of Bishop Gate Bar on Stable Island.

Shot ID: 22212 18:19

Several shots from different angles inside the "Rodeo Club" (western bar), including shots of people dancing, barmaids, signs, men in cowboy hats, men dancing.

Shot ID: 22434 9:37

Series of shots of Quebec tourists at seaside in Montego Bay resort (4:31). MS of moving vehicles on country road (0:33). Various shots of vacationers dancing at hotel's outdoor bar (4:26).

Shot ID: 23486 0:37

CS of back view of man walking into "MARINA PUB" in Newport, cut to LACS of pub's sign above door (two shots).

Shot ID: 26188 4:39

DOLLY SHOT of customers inside bar of Belly Hotel in Old Quebec, some people are playing at pool table (two shots), CU of woman and man at table (1:58). CS of young couple resting on monument enyoying spring sunlight, various shots of pedestrians in Old Quebec (2:35).

Shot ID: 31318 19:15

Interior shots of bar in Place Bonaventure, people enjoying drinks. Shot of passenger diesel locomotive pulling in past camera in Central Station. Several shots of people moving on train platforms, flocking past camera. HALSs, MLSs, MSs of men on floor of Montreal Stock Exchange, chatting, moving about, not crowded. Shots of children swinging on playground swings, playing on various playground appurtenances, boys wrestling on ground. Sequence on young children playing in Katimavik playground at Expo '67.