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Shot ID: 8111 0:00

Static MS, ZOOM IN to MCS of smoke billowing from steel mill stacks in Hamilton. Various shots of crane with magnet on end of line moving scrap metal from one spot to another.

Shot ID: 30571 4:38

Slums: shots of piles of junk, shacks in background, children playing on picket fences. Shots of junk yard, piles of junk of all types. In a few shots, nice buildings in background.

Shot ID: 18155 3:25

Various HAMS PAN over car cemetery in Montreal. Various CUs of details.

Shot ID: 22224 9:14

Several shots from different angles of abandoned houses on coast, some falling apart (some shots from boat), including shots of abandoned church. HALSs of inlet, PAN to MS of abandoned house at top of hill (two shots). MCSs inside abandoned church, rubble scattered on floor, cut to CS of stone inset in a wall indicating year of construction (1917), cut to LAS along exterior wall of church. Various CSs of various pieces of junk on ground (shoes, beer can in rotten tree stump, bed, chain). CS of abandoned house falling apart, PAN to MS of another house in better shape (two shots).

Shot ID: 27802 4:12

Several shots from different angles of operations in auto wrecking yard: crane lifting crushed cars; scrap metal on conveyor belts.

Shot ID: 71466 3:02

Several HASs of parking lots in downtown district, full of cars. LS of huge Royal Bank billboard advertising easy loans to buy cars on raised steel tower overlooking expressway with car wrecks in junkyard in foreground, ZOOM OUT to WS.

Shot ID: 6203 11:21

Car wreckers: several shots of claw grab picking up wrecked auto bodies and parts, dumping wrecked cars into car press, car bodies being compressed into cubes, cubes being ejected from machine. Various shots of huge piles of scrap metal, cranes at work. CUs of grabs lifting masses of scrap metal. Sequence on cranes with magnetic pick-ups loading ship with scrap metal.

Shot ID: 35895 13:08

Several MCSs and CSs inside register office at New York City dump, of garbage trucks being checked, including CSs of register machines. MLS of New York City dump, seagulls in water. TRAVELLING MSs, MCSs of New York dump, many seagulls flying around, including trucks and tractors moving in. HALS, MSs of garbage trucks, of station wagon driving into dump. Various MCSs of scrapyard. MLS of skyscrapers buildings, PAN to ELS of trucks dumping garbage in dump, PAN back to buildings. MS of skyscraper buildings, smoke coming out of industrial building in foreground.

Shot ID: 25857 0:33

HALS of large car cemetery.

Shot ID: 42214 1:32

TILT DOWN from tree to mess of mangled car wrecks. ZOOM OUT from cow to two abandoned cars on side of road. HAS of car cemetery in the bushes. Individual shots of wrecks.

Shot ID: 3169 0:21

MS of run-down mobile home, PAN left over junkyard to MLS of new house being built.

Shot ID: 6205 6:15

Streetcar wreckers: sequence on old streetcars being pulled off track, being rolled across wrecking yard. Interior views of wrecked cars. Shot of man breaking windows. PAN across wrecked streetcars lined up in yard. FOLLOW SHOT of streetcar being rolled off track, on ground. Shots of hundreds of car parts, steering wheels, hub caps, of practically unrecognisable car bodies on a lot.

Shot ID: 11215 1:45

MCS of scrap yard. PAN of yard to MCS of two employees. PAN of yard to CS of a cross.

Shot ID: 39791 0:00

Various shots of operations in auto wrecking yard, large magnet lifting compressed metal car parts, loading them onto truck, huge claw lifting wrecked auto bodies onto pile.

Shot ID: 10874 1:12

Various MSs of metal scrap in scrapyard.

Shot ID: 23825 0:33

LS of junked cars. LSs of junked cars in foreground, house in background.

Shot ID: 23856 1:17

LSs of a field of abandoned cars, many of them turned over on their sides and roofs (summer).

Shot ID: 33874 19:21

Various shots of men painting rusty ship, of men climbing up ladder onto ship. MS of Russian ship moored at quay. MLS of cranes in scrapyard near shipyard, superstructure of ship in background. MS of metal color grass. CS of yellowish cut metal, snow falling on it. MCSs of magnet picking up metallic scraps from ground, placing scraps in container. MCS of old railroad wheels stacked. Various shots of men cutting up old railway tanks with torches. Shots of fire sparkles, of men at work inside cylinders, magnetic picker in background in some shots. CS of fire, hands being warmed over it. Various HAMLSs of scrapyard. Various shots of men cutting up metal with torches, of magnetic scrap picker, of man manoeuvering machine. Various CSs of broken ice on surface of water. MS of birds drinking in water, ZOOM OUT to MS of Montreal Harbour. CS, ZOOM OUT to MCS of ships moored in harbour. CS of sun's reflection in water, TILT UP to ships. Various shots of pigeons flying in circles in harbour. MS of sun in orange-brown sky, clouds passing by. (00/02/1969)

Shot ID: 35798 2:48

LSs, MSs and MCSs of abandoned houses, of abandoned coal mine. MSs of car dump. MSs of tow truck towing car along rural road.

Shot ID: 7218 1:22

MLS of crane grabing scrap metal from boxcar and placing it onto large pile (0:29). MLS of freight train crossing town, passing by camera (0:53).

Shot ID: 9766 1:03

HAS TRAVELLING SHOT of ship on Fraser River past car junkyard where hundreds of crushed cars are stacked.

Shot ID: 23818 0:32

MSs of two junked Chevrolet cars from the 1950s with high tail fins and ornamental grills.

Shot ID: 35163 7:42

PAN of debris, automobile parts in vacant lot, highway beyond, hazy view of factory in distance. Closer shot of two wrecked cars. MS of bunch of dandelions gone to seed, wrecked cars in background, downtown Montreal in extreme distance visible in one shot. Several shots of car cemetery, large number of wrecked cars. Shots of a couple of cows grazing in pasture, car cemetery in background. HAMCS of trunk of dead tree stucked in paved surface, tree breaking up. Shot of several cars in good condition parked in dirt field, dwelling in background, ZOOM OUT to reveal wrecked car, uprooted tree stump, junk in foreground. ZOOM OUT from two or three logs to reveal car wreck on its side. MLS of large number of wrecked cars in field, grazing horses in comparative foreground. Closer shot of car mess. MLS of verdant scene, tall trees, house nearly hidden by foliage. TILT DOWN past flats with runnel to old tire, bottles, cans, half buried in muck. MLS of river bank heaped high with junk, soil. TILT DOWN from foliage to used garbage can, junk, case of Labatt's beer, broken, dried up tree stumps, tangle of dried up limbs and small trees, various other evidence of ecological damage in vicinity of nickel smelter in Sudbury. HAMS of dead tree in slag.

Shot ID: 23786 0:49

LSs and CUs and PANs of a field full of abandoned cars.

Shot ID: 23822 0:32

LSs and CUs of field of junked cars in spring.

Shot ID: 35060 1:51

Various MSs, CUs of damage to wrecked automobiles in dump, of several wrecked cars, snow on ground.

Shot ID: 71463 1:33

MS of huge Royal Bank billboard advertising easy loans to buy cars on raised steel tower overlooking expressway, ZOOM OUT to MLS of car wrecks in junkyard, good FOLLOW SHOT of Go Train speeding by junkyard.