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Shot ID: 3418 0:52

Exterior, day; MLS from across street of facade of Mann's Chinese Theatre, cars and buses passing by in foreground (0:21). CS of mask on pillard of facade, CS of sign (0:28).

Shot ID: 6136 7:32

Mary Pickford in Canada (00/01/1948): Sequence on Mary Pickford arriving in Ottawa by train, being greeted by Mayor Stanley Lewis. HASs inside station showing large crowd, VIPs and fans greeting Mary Pickford. MS of young girl Lyse Parent presenting flower bouquet to Mary Pickford. HAS of Mary Pickford followed by crowd walking to Château Laurier, attending Rotary luncheon. CS of Mary Pickford talking with Prime Minister Mackenzie King. Night HAS of Elgin Theatre, marquees announcing premiere of films "Sleep My Love" and National Film Board short "Hungry Minds". MS of fans applauding as Mary Pickford arrives with Mackenzie King. Interior shots of Mary Pickford greeting Governor General Alexander, crowd applauding, Mary Pickford talking in microphone, VIPs and Mary Pickford moving in lobby. Sequence showing train entering station in Toronto, Mary Pickford receiving flowers from young girl, HASs of large crowd surrounding Mary Pickford. Sequence on Mary Pickford arriving at City Hall, signing guest book, meeting with VIPs, signing autograph, coming down steps, posing with son Douglas Fairbanks jr. Sequence showing Mary Pickford arriving at construction site, two policemen boosting her up so she can look over fence. PANs of construction site.

Shot ID: 33949 13:10

LSs of wheat fields showing swated rows of grain. LS of Prairie town. Several shots travelling along streets of Swift Current, showing churches, houses, schools, stores, Lyric Theatre. Several shots from various angles of an outdoor swimming pool in Swift Current, children diving, swimming and playing about in water. Various shots of interior of coop store, women buying groceries. Shots of old graphics early Prairie settlers (black and white).

Shot ID: 10135 6:03

MS of factory workers gathering in shop for screening show, projector in foreground. CS of 16mm projector on table. Front CS view of man and woman in audience, lights go on after screening, man rises and puts on coat. MS back view of man adressing audience in hall. Sequence in classroom showing girl raising hand, standing up to answer question, CS of two girls listening. Back view of audience, man speaking in background. CS of man and woman listening, man starting to speak. MLS of car driving up driveway, farm in the distance. MS of entrance to auditorium building, crowd entering. MLS of group of business men gathered at Peterboro Kiwanis Club dinner meeting. CU of faces of men and woman screening film. MS of projectionist watching film, sitting besides projector. MS of group of men and women seated around table, discussing. Shots of people at screening show showing children watching attentively, three teeange girls laughing, small boy seated between man and woman, TILT UP to man besides him. Rear view of audience at screening show, man standing up to talk. MS of audience listening, two men standing up to speak.

Shot ID: 11536 1:50

Several shots of cars turning off roadway and entering North York drive-in theatre on a somewhat rainy evening (66 ft).

Shot ID: 12484 1:00

Night shots of neon signs, motels, cinemas.

Shot ID: 23205 1:25

LAMCS of sign of playhouse cinema announcing adult films, ZOOM IN to LS down street (two shots).

Shot ID: 12022 0:22

CS of façade of The Hollywood Ballroom, windows broken or boarded up. Similar shot of façade of old movie house called The Graystone, boarded up, "FOR SALE" sign on door.

Shot ID: 12046 8:21

MCS of "Olympia Theatre" poster in Chinese. FOLLOW SHOT of woman carrying umbrella, snowing heavily. MS of sign re bookshop. Shot of Chinese man looking out window, smiling. Interior shot of seafood place seen through large window, waitresses at work. Sequence on hands displaying pages of Chinese newspaper in a window display at the "Chinese Times", men reading paper through glass. Profile shot of men reading. Front shot of men reading seen from inside.

Shot ID: 13665 1:19

CUs of movie posters being put up at local movie house. CU of jukebox, hand putting coin, DOLLY OUT to feet dancing, men drinking and smoking.

Shot ID: 13933 2:04

Gentle Art of Film Projection: [Remark: the purpose of this film is to teach people interested in visual aids, proper method of threading 16mm projector.] CU sequence showing control panel on 16mm RCA projector, hand turning various switches to proper sound projection speed, adjusting 16mm film in machine and threading film onto rewind wheel. CUs of film passing through projector, of hands threading machine.

Shot ID: 25666 1:10

MS of stone façade of movie theatre in city, owners putting up posters of films playing, CU of film poster for "LA GRANDE CATHERINE" starring Jeanne Moreau (0:50). CS of bar entrance, ZOOM IN to CUs of note reading "NORD AFRICAINS NON ADMIS" (0:21).

Shot ID: 32740 3:02

TILT DOWN from marquee to Chinese woman and two children approaching. Interior shot of movie theatre, Chinese faces looking, laughing at movie show. Shots of screen, picture being shown. Interior shot of projection booth, projectionist minding projectors.

Shot ID: 14421 3:29

PAN across packed briefing room. Shots of Hugh O'Connor explaining principle of Labyrinth theatre. Several shots of spectators, many children, on balcony, behind barrier on shooting stage, projectors, screen. Shot of film commissioner Guy Roberge speaking with guests. Several CUs of guests. CUs of architects G Edwards, Audrey Pratt, Harry Vandelman.

Shot ID: 30126 9:37

TRAVELLING SHOT of Horseshoe Bay. TRAVELLING SHOT down Granville Street at night. TRAVELLING SHOT past British Columbia Electric building, TILT UP, TILT DOWN, night. TRAVELLING SHOTs down and up Granville Street. Brief shot of movie theatre marquee announcing "The Beatles". Shots of garish neon lights. TRAVELLING SHOT through Chinatown at night, neons. HA PAN of Horseshoe Bay. HAS of ferryboat sailing out of sight behind point of land. Closer shots of Horseshoe Bay. FOLLOW SHOT of lone seagull. MLS of seagull hovering in front of camera. Two BOATING SHOTs of wooded shores, islands in Horseshoe Bay. MLS of hovering seagull, wires in foreground. MLS of gull perched on railing of camera boat. Long level shot of ferry underway. Front TRAVELLING SHOT of highway, approaching Lion Gate Bridge. Two ESTABLISHING ELSs, park in foreground, mountains beyond. MLS of Vancouver Harbour, city at dusk. Two TRAVELLING LSs of Vancouver skyline. Front TRAVELLING SHOTs through and above windshield of Vancouver, camera car driving over Granville Bridge.

Shot ID: 11373 5:29

Interior, night; brief LAS of many small lights on ceiling on Toronto cinema (0:04). CSs of teenagers buying their tickets, CSs of ticket seller (woman), various shots of people buying popcorn, few shots of employees behind counter serving popcorn and soft drinks (3:20). Good CU of popcorn coming out of popcorn machine (0:37). CSs of employee collecting tickets at entrance (0:29). CSs of people entering screening room (0:46).

Shot ID: 22721 3:30

Various unsteady shots around small park surrounding Saint-Jérôme Cathedral, ZOOM OUT on sign reading "National employment office - Service national de placement", camera then moves in on statue of Curé Labelle. Unsteady shots of people and stores in shopping street, including LAS of sign "Ritz steak" and ZOOM IN on front of Rex movie theatre.

Shot ID: 37629 19:15

Pedestrians: long sequence on students of both sexes seated on steps, walking by with books, standing and chatting. Shots of pedestrians walking on sidewalk, past store fronts, past a theatre advertising G Julie Andrews in "Torn Curtain", standing at street corner waiting for the light to change; traffic can be seen blurring by in foreground and in background in some shots. Similar shot as above, heavy pedestrian traffic streaming by the camera, waiting at lights, automobile traffic visible in foreground and background.

Shot ID: 10134 3:23

CU of film catalogues dropped stock-wise onto table. MSs of children in classroom, girls raising their hands, girl standing up to answer. MS of two boys and girl watching projectionist adjusting projector, CU of projectionist's hands threading film in 16mm projector. LS of woman coming out slummy looking house, sweeping backyard. MLS of large building. MS of man at desk in office, other man comes in with catalogue, men discussing. LACS of sign over door re National Film Board Rural Circuit, TILT DOWN to door, man walking in. CS of woman taking 16mm film can from shelf. Front MS view of people seated at community meeting, senior man rising and speaking.

Shot ID: 12646 6:36

Various interior shots in Place Ville Marie shopping promenade, people moving about. Shot of head of escalator leading towards promenade, some people, sign directing to shopping promenade. Shots of people at entrance of cinema, of shops along promenade, including interiors of shops, of restaurants. Shots of barber shop, of shoe shine parlour, of dry cleaning establishments, people walking by in droves. Shot of courtyard from inside promenade, PAN to Classic Bookshop across hallway. Shot of signs pointing to various directions. Interior shot of restaurant, people eating. PANs from entrance to Dominion, of stores from Mansfield Street entrance, shoppers, clerks. Shot of girl in ski shop as seen from snowy courtyard, snowy. Shot of escalator leading to Royal Bank Building, vertical HALS of few people in narrow corridor below. HAS of people in Royal Bank, TILT UP to glass front and exterior. Various HASs of Royal Bank interior, few people about.

Shot ID: 33112 2:06

Shot of girl and boy walking in front of "Variety Theatre", of boy rolling tire along street stopping to look at "Gung Ho" poster on theatre. CS of boy pushing tire stopping to look at poster. Shots of boy rolling tire stopping in front of sports equipment store to look at display of fishing gear in window. LACS of man in bathing suit. Shots of young men diving into lake from tower.