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Shot ID: 2264 19:08

Several shots from different angles of cooper Armand Hardy making barrel using traditional methods. Different stages of process are shown, including barrel assembly using frame and metal hoops, planing of inside of barrel.

Shot ID: 2291 3:52

Various shots of boats soiled by oil spill docked in harbour (23 ft). LS of stacks of drums, bags of peat moss and army trucks on dock (8 ft).

Shot ID: 3849 5:04

MCS of Vicking helicopter taking off (0:24). Various shots of Lambair DC-3 starting up and taking off (2:36). Various shots of luggage being loaded into DC-3, of passengers boarding plane many aboriginals, pilot closing rear door (1:55).

Shot ID: 4977 2:17

Convoys for invasion: HASs over busy railroad yard, much steam. Sequence on cranes unloading crates from freight trains onto barges, barges being unloaded and freighters being loaded with war material. Sequence on loading of freighters, vehicles, supplies, invasion barges being loaded in sections. Beef carcasses are shown being wrapped in burlap, being loaded aboard freighter.

Shot ID: 5191 0:52

Various CSs of doberman in cage.

Shot ID: 6464 0:53

Ship launching: shots of hull of ship, of launching party on dais, of priest blessing ship, woman smashing bottle against hull. Shots of crowd watching and applauding, of ship sliding down stern first towards the water.

Shot ID: 7081 6:04

MLS of old beat up bus picking up people in countryside on road from Cochabamba to Potolo (0:19). MLS as bus moves towards camera, ZOOM OUT and PAN as it passes by, ESTABLISHING SHOT of river valley with Andes in background (0:39). MS of street in small town of Potolo, Indians carrying large jars cross street (0:12). Various shots of arrival of bus, luggage is unloaded, CSs of Indians (4:46).

Shot ID: 7886 1:18

CS of beer bottles on table; ZOOM IN to MS of people inside; ZOOM IN to CS of "YES" poster in window advertising visit by PQ minister Bernard Landry (Referendum campaign 1980).

Shot ID: 9205 1:27

Northern supply: LS of Northstar transport on tarmac. Air force personnel are shown climbing into the aircraft. A Royal Canadian Air Force "Flying Boxcar" taxis slowly on snowy tarmac. MLS of "flying boxcar" taxiing, taking off, flying away. Similar shots of RCAF Northstar taxiing, taking off, flying away. Very brief shot of barrels being unloaded from Northstar.

Shot ID: 10582 3:08

Various shots of crane unloading ship in port of Montreal.

Shot ID: 11369 5:17

Exterior, late afternoon, winter; ESTABLISHING SHOT of arctic landscape (0:10). LS of house in Opingivik area, cut to MLS with moon setting on arctic landscape in background (1:16). MLSs of house in daylight (0:49). MS of oil drums stacked near house, PAN to MS of house, PAN back to shots of oil drums (2:02). MCS of caribou antlers on roof of shed (0:13). CS of broken down ski-doo half covered by snow (0:14). MS of Canadian flag at top of flagpole (0:18).

Shot ID: 12770 5:40

HAMLSs of coffin being carried into church in village of Le Bic for funeral, cut to HAMLS of coffin being carried out after ceremony. Funeral procession then proceeds to cemetery, ZOOM OUT to ESTABLISHING SHOT of village and surrounding area at end of day as funeral procession proceeds through streets.

Shot ID: 13531 3:20

MLS of pick-up trucks parked near runway, ZOOM IN to FOLLOW SHOT of Nordair DC-3 landing (0:46). MS of bulldozer towing trailer with a large fuel tank heading towards runway (0:14). Good shots of DC-3 taxiing towards camera, PAN to waiting trucks (0:33). Various shots of plane being unloaded (1:01). MS of empty fuel drums abandoned near runway, low buildings visible in background (0:10). MLS of gravel runway (0:08). MLS of girl walking on crest of hill, passing by a Canadian flag stuck in a barrel (0:18).

Shot ID: 15276 0:35

MSs of men unloading sacks of rice from a truck and carrying them into a warehouse.

Shot ID: 16317 1:39

Series of shots inside Stelco Ltd (steel plant); WIDE SHOT of vast furnace area, red hot steel wire on conveyor (0:15). Various shots of nail small packaging operations (1:08). CU of nail cutting machines in operation (0:13).

Shot ID: 17473 1:52

MCS of herb doctor showing row of bottles of herb medicines and describing uses of some; CS of bottles.

Shot ID: 17663 3:12

MLS of woman with bicycle collecting manure left on road by animals, putting it in a basked on side of her bicycle and leaving, people working in fields in background; ZOOM OUT and PAN front view to back view of big army pickup truck riding across Shih Zaz Canal bridge; ZOOM IN to CS of peasants coming from other side with bicycle and handcart, crossing bridge, and MLS of canal. MLS side view of people crossing bridge over canal, and ZOOM OUT to LS of country surrounding the canal stream.

Shot ID: 17982 19:38

Several shots from different angles of asbestos mill construction at Clinton Creek, Yukon Territories. Several shots of oil drilling operations in Yukon. Shots of helicopter lifting drill rig off ground. Several shots from different angles of sealed aluminum freight containers being unloaded at North Vancouver docks, of containers being moved about on dock by "straddle" loaders. MSs of asbestos being loaded aboard ship by sling and boom method.

Shot ID: 19217 13:26

Series of shots of Lester B Pearson's funeral; various shots of Mr Pearson and family viewing casket exposed in hall of honour of Parliament (6:40). Several HASs of viewing members of Parliament casket, amongst them Jean Marchand (6:45).

Shot ID: 19220 10:47

Series of shots of Lester B Pearson's funeral; CS of public signing book inside hall on honour, then viewing casket.

Shot ID: 19288 4:10

Exterior shot on fox farm, FOLLOW SHOT of farmer walking up to cage, entering cage and catching a fox by the tail, he carries it out holding it by its hind legs, he walks away (65 ft). Similar shot as he carries it back and places it in cage, ZOOM IN to CS of foxes in cage (29 ft) FOLLOW SHOT as he walks from cage to cage feeding foxes, CSs of foxes in cages (71 ft).

Shot ID: 19718 1:44

Series of shots inside Alta Vista Post Office Terminal: MS of two male letter carriers loading postal bags onto postal truck (0:23). CS side view of truck backing up into loading bay, various shots of man unloading postal bags from truck and dropping them into chute (1:06).

Shot ID: 19756 2:48

Series of shots inside Alta Vista Post Office Terminal: CSs of mail bags on conveyor going down chute (0:47). CS of lights on letter sorting machine (LSM). Shots of mail arriving at LSM. Shots of mail entering machine (0:27). CU of letters falling over edge of belt conveyor (0:42). CU of letters stacked at end of LSM, a hand picks up stack (0:23).

Shot ID: 19767 6:05

Various shots of operations inside Laval Postal Terminal: shots of letters and mail bags on conveyors (4:18). Shots of male worker shaking out mail from mail bags onto conveyors (1:44)

Shot ID: 19840 1:45

MCS side view of conveyor belt with potato bags moving from warehouse onto train, cut to CS of moving potato bags. ZOOM OUT to MS of conveyor belt between warehouse and box car (about six feet apart), ZOOM in on conveyor belt. CS of potato bags passing from warehouse to train on conveyor belt.

Shot ID: 20641 1:25

Queen Elizabeth II's visit at Acadian Historical Village (07/07/1973); CS of set table in Acadian restaurant " Etoile de Mer" (0:08). CS of tasty looking lobsters plate on table (0:05). CSs of women in kitchen of restaurant preparing lobsters (0:45). CUs of bucket full of cooked lobsters with a tag on it reading "FOR THE QUEEN" (0:24).

Shot ID: 21993 9:45

[Title: "Nous, étudiants, à l'occasion du Xe anniversaire de la JEC canadienne 1945"] TILT DOWN poster re "Jeunesse étudiante catholique" congress. LAS of giant dais under construction. Sequence on juveniles at work on posters, loading them into truck, plastering them on telephone poles. Three students (boys) hitch hicking, getting ride almost immediately. Large group of cycling students (boys and girls) with knapsacks on their backs, moving by camera. HASs of chartered buses speeding by camera on highway. Shots of arrivals of students delegations. Interior shot of kitchen, PAN of cooks preparing hundred of sandwiches, buttering bread with large paint brush, slicing meat with machine. Girls prepare boxes, stack them. Cooks fill boxes with sandwiches. Cut to boy scouts setting up tent city. MS of girls dancing conga in their tent before going to bed. CU of girl sleeping. Sequence on congress day: shots of students marching past camera, crowding stadium, around giant dais, chatting, singing. Numerous CUs of faces. Shot of Archbishop Charbonneau with retinue of clerics, blessing congress. Shots of mass on dais, with cuts to huge crowd of students in bleachers, LSs of dais and altar. Several shots from various angles of students fraternizing at mid-field, chatting, eating box lunches, drinking milk out of bottles. Shots of organizers establishing order. Sequence on huge parade past camera, multitude of white flags flying, students laughing, singing, numerous CUs of faces. Sequence on night proceedings, speeches, torches. [End title]

Shot ID: 22247 2:12

MS of docked ship with oil storage tanks, hills in background. MCS of docked supply ship, cut to HAMS of supply ship being loaded with a crane. Cut to HAMCS of crane. MSs of large ship in dry dock, with telescopic crane in background.

Shot ID: 23630 2:15

A man is putting wires in a garbage drum. Several shots of a man picking up garbage on the ground and he's burning them in metal drums. A car is passing by after there's a young couple walking in the street. MS on young couple passing by.

Shot ID: 24068 2:33

Various shots of long line of people waiting at gasoline distributor to buy household fuel, CSs of containers being filled (93 ft).

Shot ID: 24140 4:12

MLS of hall, oilmen and engineers attending conference of international oilmen in large auditorium in Calgary. CU of cigar on ashtray, words "Petroleum Club" printed around rim of ashtray. Shots of men playing cards, relaxing in private club. Shot of main street of small prairie town, oil truck, cars passing through. Front shot of trucks coming towards and past camera at night. Shot of oil truck parked along curb, man stringing hose to home, delivering oil to private residence. Front shot of soundman with two tape recorders. Shot of Mr Tanner, minister of Resources speaking at conference. Shot of Dr Blair speaking.

Shot ID: 25189 1:08

CSs of men building water reservoir in poor neighbourhood (kuampung) of Surabaya.

Shot ID: 31032 5:29

Two low level AERIAL SHOTs of Norman Wells on the Mackenzie River showing many oil storage tanks. MLS PAN to oil storage tanks. Several shots of man laying wire through snow-covered path, other man following, driving electrode into ground, attaching wire to electrode. Shot of man operating controls on electromagnetic reader to determine location of pockets of ore in electromagnetic survey.

Shot ID: 32325 3:42

Sequence showing crane and scoop shovel at work in river, dropping into water, dumping fill into raft. Shots of men unloading oil drums from ship into small boat alongside ship. MLSs of small boat approaching rocky shore, of freighter in water. MLS of boy sitting on rock, looking out to sea. MS of boy looking out, rocky shore in background. HAMSs of two men in boat approaching rocky shore, of group of men pulling boat up on rocky beach. Shots of men unloading supply from small boat on rocky beach.

Shot ID: 32606 7:53

Various shots of Canadian Helium Ltd Plant in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, of workmen loading truck, truck pulling out past camera. Several interior shots of workers, maze of pipes, valves, gauges. Shots of men pouring liquid helium into containers, tanks. Sequence on test equipent, men carrying out tests. PAN from moving railway tank cars to Swift Current station. Cut to shot of main street. Cuts to shots of Swift Current welcome sign.

Shot ID: 33251 4:08

Shot of technicians operating die casting machine, two men operating outer moulds, lining tubes up on table in foreground. Shot of billet being inserted into die carrier, ram pushing metal into extrusion press. Shot of furnace door opening, tray sliding out carrying metal billets. Shots of die casting machine in operation, hand removing casting after press has punched out die. HAMS of mould being lowered into place in centrifuge casting apparatus. CS of men carrying crucible of molten metal from smelter to centrifuge casting, molten metal being poured in pouring bowl, molten metal dropping through in centrifuge casting machine.

Shot ID: 33515 4:32

Old people's home in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador: various shots of faces, old people sitting in hall during a concert. Various shots of old couple in tête-à-tête, of faces, of old people in their rooms, of men weaving baskets. TILT DOWN from pictures on wall to old woman in her room, Mrs. Carson.

Shot ID: 36093 9:09

Shot of scientist examining wheat rust on wheat heads and stalks in laboratory. Several MCSs and CSs of wheat counter in operation. CSs of wheat samples being weighed. MCS of wheat sample being placed in centrifuge, of centrifuge in operation. Shot of wheat being placed in grinder, of ground wheat being examined. Various shots of liquids bubbling in test tubes. Several shots of dockage and moisture tests being made on grain sample. MCS of flour sifters in operation.

Shot ID: 40799 7:44

Shots of sumac shrub, TILT UP to Parliament Buildings in the distance, of flower beds along the driveway. HAS from top of Peace Tower, of West Block, PAN to river and Hull. Brief ESTABLISHING SHOTs of Peterborough showing factories. Brief shot of welcome arch with words "Gravenhurst, Gateway to Muskoka". ESTABLISHING PAN of Sudbury showing water tower, mine fields in background, houses. Shots of traffic on Bloor Street in Toronto. TILT DOWN high building. Shot of pedestrians, window display. ESTABLISHING PANs of Toronto, of Hamilton. HASs of street in Stratford. Shots of Guelph, streets, buildings.

Shot ID: 72289 0:31


Shot ID: 72292 1:03


Shot ID: 1120 8:37

MLS of woman with dog entering Animal Gourmet Restaurant. MS of girl feeding dog in cage at the restaurant. MLS inside restaurant with woman passing in background. MSs of young man feeding dogs in cages. CS of dogs in cages. Several shots from different angles of toys, food and other products for dogs. MS of doghouse in form of tent. MS of woman shopping, of bags of dog food.

Shot ID: 2072 0:48

MS of front doors of flying box car transport being closed. There is snow on the ground. Two shots of supplies being dropped as seen from inside box car. GROUND TO AIR SHOT of flying box car flying past.

Shot ID: 2263 20:50

Several shots from different angles of cooper Armand Hardy making barrel using traditional methods. Different stages of barrel-making process are shown, including splitting of cedar log, planing and carving of staves, making of metal barrel hoops.

Shot ID: 3396 8:58

CS of Yanoàma Indian man in hammock holding young child. CS of children sitting in front of hut, looking at something. CS of Yanoàma woman in hammock. CS of pregnant woman sitting in hammock with child eating, woman getting up to her feet leaving child in hammock. CS of child in hammock eating. Various CSs of Yanoàma children in village. CSs of dead parrot in man's hand, PAN to CS Indian woman inside communal hut pounding food in bowl with stick. CS back view of young girl carrying big basket strapped around her forehead, turns to smile at camera and walks away. CS of Yanoàma Indian opening bundle made of large leaves containing small blue fruits, puts some in pot. PAN to CS of other man watching. Several shots from different angles of various activities inside communal hut in Indian village, including CSs of men and children, woman preparing food, men working and CS of Indian with feathered armbands. Cut to CS of young girl's face adorned by sticks in her lower lip and black circles painted around her features. CS of Indian man with feathered armbands, face painted red. Brief MCS of young boy shooting arrow with large bow.

Shot ID: 3680 0:56

Shots of woman walking to mailbox to mail letter (winter, residential district).

Shot ID: 5989 0:00

Several shots from different angles of workers using chain saws to cut, stack and burn trees that have been cleared for a roadway in construction, in one shot a worker throws kerosene from a can onto a burning pile of wood (47 ft).

Shot ID: 6014 7:15

MSs of barge on bank of Liard River in northern British Columbia, a bulldozer is used to push it across muddy shore into water. CSs of activity on the barge, including shots of captain at helm inside wheel house (12 ft). CS of a motorboat on river (6 ft). More shots of barge being pushed into water by bulldozer. CSs of men loading a dinghy. MLS of an oil storage tank on riverbank (84 ft). Various shots of barge travelling on river (46 ft).

Shot ID: 7191 1:06

[Eastview, Ontario: The Rideau River overflows its banks and floods the residential section of the city.] Shots of cars moving through inundated section, man with lunch box wading through water, Eastview bus moving through 1 1/2 feet of water, inundated shed, debris piled up from flood and LS of Rideau River with banks overflowing. Last scene shows cars moving towards camera through deep water.

Shot ID: 7647 1:20

MLS of Price paper mill in Jonquière, LS of Kenogami paper mill, cut to MLS of mill. MS of smoke rising from smokestack. MLS of water tower with company logo.