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Shot ID: 1101 3:59

CS of hands of operator working on keyboard of antique linotype machine (1:02). Good CSs and CUs of of various parts of machine in operation.

Shot ID: 1176 2:06

Canadians in Holland: MLS of tanks advancing, crossing stream on a Bailey bridge. Sequence of tanks lined up for shoot, of SPs laying down barrage. Canadian Sherman tanks move up to camera and crewman uncovers muzzle of gun. A tank is shown moving through a town; likewise for a jeep. A Canadian soldier salvages a chair from sentry box wreckage and sits on it. Shot of direction sign "Nijmegen, Groesbeek, Kleef".

Shot ID: 3858 5:59

Series of shots of aboriginals harvesting wild rice; CS of women cooking fish in camp (0:11). Shots of bush pilots, come to purchase wild rice, stacking bag near plane (1:08). Good shots of children and women playing with baby strapped in traditional cradle (1:52). MS of women washing clothes in lake, a Cessna seaplane touches down in background and head towards camp, shot of women hanging clothes to dry, shot of children playing in hammock, shot of women washing clothes in lake and having fun making large bubbles with soap (2:07). CSs of children playing with dead rabbit (0:31).

Shot ID: 5600 3:40

Tars'n tots: Shots of several baby carriages parked in front of a Royal Canadian Navy baby care school, women arriving, interior of same, nurses weighing babies, checking them, etc. Several shots of babies, mothers, nurses. Shot of three bearded sailors posing with babies in their arms. Sequence on day nursery for young children, navy nurses minding them, children amusing themselves with naval fixtures decorating the place, etc.

Shot ID: 6198 2:42

Time lapse shooting: sequence on family loading up compact english car, driving on highway, enjoying picnic.

Shot ID: 7886 1:18

CS of beer bottles on table; ZOOM IN to MS of people inside; ZOOM IN to CS of "YES" poster in window advertising visit by PQ minister Bernard Landry (Referendum campaign 1980).

Shot ID: 9878 2:15

MS of Siamese cat on picnic table in backyard of old home in Caraquet, PAN to MS of dog chewing bone (0:19). Beautiful CSs and CUs of cat in garden (1:01). CS of dog (0:55).

Shot ID: 9905 5:55

MLSs of kids playing on old sofa in alley on a hot summer day (1:39). Shots of people on balconies (0:25). Shots of clothes drying on clotheslines (0:55). MS of man hosing down alley (0:42). MCS of British flag in upper window of duplex, seen through many electric wires in foreground (0:12). CS of shoeless man sleeping on park bench.

Shot ID: 11414 9:01

Leisurely PAN from people in back seats to cabinet ministers sitting around table, to Governor General Georges Vanier reading speech from the throne. ZOOM away from Governor General. MS of Vanier rising, of retinue walking out past him. FOLLOW SHOT of Governor General walking away followed by more members of his party. Cut to cabinet ministers breaking up. LSs of Senate just before speech by Vanier, of Vanier preparing to read speech, reading speech. LS of Vice-Regal party leaving Senate. PAN from governor general sitting on throne, listening. Swish PAN to Mrs Vanier doing likewise. PAN back to Governor General as camera ZOOMs away, he rises.

Shot ID: 11950 1:17

Various shots of old wooden oil drilling equipment in field.

Shot ID: 12255 10:19

ESTABLISHING SHOT of Fenelon Falls, dam, canal lock, water in foreground. LS of Byrnell Building, boys playing football in foreground. Closer shot of boys playing football, practicing. LAS of two teens throwing ball. Interior shot of dining room, boys entering, eating. Shot of cook taking dish out of oven. Shot of three boys being served a birthday cake, blowing out candles. Shot of two boys eating piece of cake. Shot of nurse bandaging boy's foot, four boys watching in background. LS of bus arriving at Lindsay arena. Closer shot of side of bus, words "Byrnell Manor Hockey Camp" written on side. Shot of boys leaving bus, entering arena. Sequence in dressing-room showing Milt Schmidt assisting goaler with pads, Eddie Chadwick helping Pierre Pilote's son with skates. Various shots of Pierre Pilote and of Eddie Chadwick instructing children on ice. Shot of young players limbering up for game, skating towards and past camera, Allen Stanley standing by. Shots of players with Milt Schmidt, Allan Stanley and Pierre Pilote. HAS of ice, face-off. Cut to Eddie Chadwick dropping puck. Several shots of hockey action intercut with shots of players rooting team from the bench.

Shot ID: 17041 10:22

In the village of Nominingue in the Laurentides region of Quebec: various shots of youngsters sitting on a long bench along a wall of a dance hall, chatting. Closer shots of faces. Shots of sporadic dancing. MLS of three guitarists playing at dance. Shot of guitarist playing, lit by spotlight. Silhouette and dark shots of dancers dancing. Interior shots of restaurant, four young persons sitting at table, talking. ZOOM OUT from sad-faced girl in a class of an all girl school. Front shot of girls in class. CUs faces. CUs of mechanical puppets depicting old man rocking in rocking chair, smoking pipe, of old man pouring drink and drinking over and over again.

Shot ID: 20239 3:49

POINT OF VIEW SHOTs from inside taxi driving on downtown streets (rainy day; wipers in operation) (3:35). MS of man wearing yellow raincoat rummaging through trash can (0:10).

Shot ID: 35843 12:47

HAMSs and level shots of several men at auction. CUs of faces. Several ESTABLISHING SHOTs of auction, large crowd, pieces of furniture on lawn, many cars parked some distance away. Several CUs of faces, woman looking out from inside house, people moving about, many children.

Shot ID: 56589 2:52

CU of squirrel on rocks, ZOOM OUT and PAN to scenic HAWS of Banff, and Bow Valley seen from lookout on Sanson's Peak(0:45). HALS of town, PULL FOCUS, ZOOM OUT and WS PAN of valley (0:40). WS of valley, 180 degrees PAN to MLS of visitors at picnic table of lookout, reverse shot (1:27).

Shot ID: 57264 0:42

MS of kids on bench outside Northern store, CS of man shopping for outdoor equipment.

Shot ID: 72331 1:58


Shot ID: 1106 4:00

Series of CSs and CUs of various parts of antique telegraph in operation, CUs of sparks coming from electrodes as they touch, CUs of operators finger tapping morse codes.

Shot ID: 3396 8:58

CS of Yanoàma Indian man in hammock holding young child. CS of children sitting in front of hut, looking at something. CS of Yanoàma woman in hammock. CS of pregnant woman sitting in hammock with child eating, woman getting up to her feet leaving child in hammock. CS of child in hammock eating. Various CSs of Yanoàma children in village. CSs of dead parrot in man's hand, PAN to CS Indian woman inside communal hut pounding food in bowl with stick. CS back view of young girl carrying big basket strapped around her forehead, turns to smile at camera and walks away. CS of Yanoàma Indian opening bundle made of large leaves containing small blue fruits, puts some in pot. PAN to CS of other man watching. Several shots from different angles of various activities inside communal hut in Indian village, including CSs of men and children, woman preparing food, men working and CS of Indian with feathered armbands. Cut to CS of young girl's face adorned by sticks in her lower lip and black circles painted around her features. CS of Indian man with feathered armbands, face painted red. Brief MCS of young boy shooting arrow with large bow.

Shot ID: 3473 9:55

Various shots of hockey game between Montreal Canadiens and New York Rangers at Montreal Forum. Brief shot of goal light on. Various shots of play (48 fps). Shots of Rangers' bench, CU of face of player, PAN to picture monitor in stands. Shota of play showing cluster of Montreal players around fallen team mate.

Shot ID: 6785 10:24

MS to LS of children entering Catholic church and going toward pews, church in a Gaspé village. CS to MS of person directing children's choir in the church. PAN to MLS of almost empty church, PAN of children. MLS to LS of congregation in the church, priest is about to say Mass. CS of priest leading congregation in song, ZOOM OUT to LS of priest and congregation. CU of altar boys at Mass. MS of children at Mass, PAN to CS of priest drinking wine from chalice, then administering Communion to girl, MS of priest administering Communion to congregation. CS of congregation kneeling and sitting in the church. MS of two girls taking cruets to priest, CS back view of the three sitting. CS of altar boy extinguishing chandelier, he moves toward the altar, PAN to CS of chandelier. MS of altar boy extinguishing candles on altar and chandelier, PAN to CS of altar.

Shot ID: 8105 3:00

HAS of pile of scrap including tools, horseshoes, books. Shot of front of abandoned house. Shot of two large framed pictures of women on wall.

Shot ID: 11109 3:15

PAN left to poster on truck saying "3 PRIMERS". PAN right to two men sitting on table in park. MCS of "3 PRIMERS" poster. MS of convertible with Dodge on rear fender; car is stopped near park; there are feet sticking out window and people leaning on front fender; cars drive down street in foreground. ZOOM IN on feet coming out car window. Someone moving in back seat. Cars go by in foreground. MSs of stopped car with poster in rear window saying "ONE (1) EXPERIENCED OR KILN PRIMER". There are people sitting on car's front fender and people walking along sidewalk; cars drive by in foreground.

Shot ID: 11148 1:15

Several shots from different angles of group of people (Italian) gathered in park for picnic; they are sitting at tables, eating.

Shot ID: 12304 0:15

CS of young girl swinging sleeping baby in small hammock hung on tree (8 ft).

Shot ID: 14348 7:27

Sequence on antique steam tractors moving past camera during treshers' reunion in Austin, Manitoba; FOLLOW SHOT of red steam tractor, MS of old man loading tractor with coal. Several shots from various distances of drivers operating machines, operators with their family riding tractors. Shots of young boy riding diminutive tractor. Several CUs of parts of tractors in operation.

Shot ID: 15212 3:07

CU of baby in crib, mother comes and picks baby up. MCS of mother changing baby's diaper and getting him dressed, including CUs of baby's face. MCS of mother undressing baby on floor of kitchen.

Shot ID: 16206 9:48

FOLLOW SHOTs of two people riding snowmobile while exercising two dogs on leashes. MLS of car parked near snowbank, snowmobile vaulting over. FOLLOW SHOT of snowmobile being driven in circle around shack. MLSs of snowmobilers and machines seen through Oka park chalet window. ZOOM OUT to include interior of chalet, people sitting at tables. Exterior shot of snowmobilers. PAN from crest "Club auto-neige Oka" on wall to snowmobilers inside and outside chalet. Staged accident of dummy snowmobiler driving machine into tree. CU to LS of ice fisherman taking swigs from pocket flask while waiting for bite, snow falling. Comedy routine showing amateur skier being bowled over by snowmobile. Two CSs of skier falling into snow. Several FOLLOW SHOTs and LSs shots of cars towing snowmobiles on trailers on highway, moving off access road. Two forward TRAVELLING SHOTs towards and under horse standing placidly. CUs of french language ads for Skidoo snowmobiles.

Shot ID: 16482 24:02

Shots of Mr Harold Wilson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, meeting with several men, shaking hands, Lord Thomson of Fleet, born Roy Thomson, close by. Shots of men at a dinner. MCUs of faces. Mr Harold Wilson and Lord Thomson sitting side by side at a table. MCUs of Lord Thomson working at his desk. Front view of same and ZOOM OUT to LS. MCU of the actor Mr George Raft chatting with Lord Thomson in Raft's gambling casino. MS of Lord Thomson and Mr Raft talking beside a roulette wheel. Shots, in the Baker Street subway station of London, of Lord Thomson entering a subway car. Interior shot of car, Lord Thomson reading a newspaper. Shot from outside subway train of Lord Thomson reading paper. Cut to side of train and TILT UP to same pulling away from the camera through open-air stretch of subway. Sequence on convocation at Memorial University, audience, graduates receiving degrees as Lord Thomson, in cap and gown, shaking their hands. HAS of assembly, graduates in a block, audience in background.

Shot ID: 18732 1:37

MLS of man cleaning blackboards in auditorium of university, entire wall panel and front desks rotates revealing another set of blackboards and desks which man starts cleaning.

Shot ID: 18967 6:40

MS of men moving table inside plush decor of dining room of Austrian foreign affairs ministry (32 ft). Various shots of men assembling very long dining table (205 ft).

Shot ID: 22855 5:57

Various shots of girls’ volleyball match between Quebec team and another team. MS of pregnant woman coach talking to girls during the break between sets. Various shots of girls on the bench during set break. CU of little toddler in ski pants walking around sidelines. Various shots of the resumed game.

Shot ID: 33187 23:36

Christianity: several shots, including ECUs, of Anglican church service, of attendance, of priest at altar, of holy communion. Several shots of clergymen at lectern. Three shots of people coming out of church. Shot of christening ceremony, baby being dunked into fountain. Various CUs of religious symbols, crosses, candles, stained glass images. Shots, including CUs, of Chinese Protestant church, of service, of attendance, of preacher at lectern.

Shot ID: 34798 5:07

ZOOM IN on road closed by barrier. MLS of road below and river with mountains in distant background. PAN over road and fields to MS of two old farming tools (nail harrow and hand plow), panel describing their use in historical context. CS of illustrated panel. MS of two tools, PAN toward river. Shot of other tourist panel. ZOOM IN to MLS of small boat next to panel and river in background below. HALS of small cemetery below, river in background. TRAVELLING MLS of road leading down to cove, PAN over surrounding mountains.

Shot ID: 34869 8:13

Dawson City Relives Its Gold Rush Days: two shots of bridge of sternwheeler "Keno", TILT DOWN from funnel to name. Shot of two men working on stern of sternwheeler. Shot of two boys climbing aboard and waving from deck. MSs of multi-storey log houses. Several shots of women dressed in gold rush days fashions, of prospector. HASs of parade, of spectators, of marchers going through drill. Various shots of large dredge, of chain. Shot of three private float planes. Various shots of buildings in ghost town, of signs, windows, of old rocking chair on proch, of abandoned building in field. MSs of three old fashion locomotives rusting away in weeds, of tourists looking at them, of children playing on them. ESTABLISHING HASs of Dawson City, of gold diggings. HALSs of airplane approaching for a landing on lake. GROUND TO AIR LS of plane flying over wooded hills. MSs of dredge. Shots of signs "Canadian #3", "YOOP Pioneer Hall" on building. Shots of firemen standing by old fire engine, men and women in various costumes, float parade. HALS of plane taking off from lake. HAS PAN of Dawson City on far bank of Yukon River.

Shot ID: 35315 8:02

Various MLSs, MSs, CSs, LASs of deserted alleys and backyards, of backs of houses, wooden balconies, stairs and fences, garage doors and garbage cans in Rosemont and Saint-Henri districts of Montreal. MS of window of brick house, with shutters. MLS of four doors at front of building. MS of other backyards and backs of houses. MLS of schoolyard, child's bicycle attached to fence in foreground. MLS of back of house seen from yard. MLS of door in left corner of yard. MS of other wall along yard. MS of wall decorated with drawings seen through fence.

Shot ID: 1117 0:48

Several shots of people by themselves on park benches (one black women; one white man) at Central Park.

Shot ID: 6495 1:04

MS back view of man sitting on stool painting in alley. CS of artist painting a picture.

Shot ID: 7903 13:08

Several shots from different angles of group of "NO" supporters gathered around table to discuss the Referendum on Quebec independence (14/05/80). CU of cake on table on which can be read "REFERENDUM NON MERCI". Various shots of people helping themselves to cake and eating.

Shot ID: 8711 19:43

Various shots of old telex machines typing news, of man taking out articles from them. MCS of telecom readout machine typing notes. MCS of woman typing on kind of type metal machine. Various shots of type-founding machine in action. Various shots of newsprint moving at high speed on "Le Devoir" printing press including views of employees at work. MCSs of newly printed newspapers arriving on conveyor to employees, of employees piling them and tidying it up for delivery. Various shots of newstand on Montreal street, of seller displaying newspapers on bench between magazines, of seller opening his stand, entering it. Two CSs of "Le Devoir" headlines, ZOOM OUT to newspapers and magazines. MS of newstand, cars passing in foreground, pedestrians in evidence. CSs of "Le Devoir" headlines. MS of seller displaying magazines on sidewalk, rainy weather.

Shot ID: 15283 1:39

Shots of clouding sky. CUs of official documents flying off, of piles of coins tumbling down. Sequence on unemployment showing idle factory, "no men wanted" and "closed" signs, unemployed men sitting, heads bent down, looking desperate, men rummaging through garbage cans, men (hoboes) riding trains, leaving town to look for jobs. Sequence showing men demonstrating, walking with placards, men attending trade union meeting, two men discussing in office, one man picks up telephone, man walking up to worker operating machinery and talking to him. Shot on men in line up being served food at outdoor soup kitchen. Shots of workers walking across street. Special effect sequence (fade to superimposed images) showing explosion, sparkles from welding, piles of coins tumbling down, sacks.

Shot ID: 15286 3:30

Sequence on rationing showing grocer serving woman customer at counter, packing food goods in basket, woman handing ration coupons, woman at table budgeting with ration coupons as several children look on. Sequence on home economics classes showing women at cooking class, at sewing class, woman teacher teaching to teenage girls. Sequence on recycling showing woman picking up items to be recycled, of woman putting out items to be recycled into box near garbage can, HACS of shoes falling in box. Shots of women and of army men collecting item to be recycled, of men piling old rubber tires, CU of pieces of metal falling on ground TILT UP to large pile of scrap metal. Sequence on people organizing actions to help showing girl guides putting up posters, people working in community garden, people discussing at various meetings, women taking care of children in nursery. Shots of teenagers running towards camera in country field. Sequence in train station showing man pulling cart along platform, train moving past in background, FOLLOW SHOT of woman walking up to soldier through crowd on platform, kissing soldier. PAN across street, strollers, kiosk. ESTABLISHING PAN over town. End Title.

Shot ID: 24997 1:29

CSs of disabled workers in furniture shop in Surabaya on island of Java (22 ft). CSs of disabled workers in workshop welding light metal structures (31 ft).

Shot ID: 31781 5:52

CS of Yanoàma Indian woman breast feeding her child in hammock, inside communal hut. MCS of woman in hammock feeding her child, other children near her, one is asleep in nearby hammock. CS of Yanoàma woman breast feeding her child while swinging in hammock. Good CS of three Indian boys (age three to five) sitting close together on ground in communal hut. MCS of boy playing on wooden swing hanging from tree. Several shots from different angles of Yanoàma children playing with bows and arrows inside village. FOLLOW SHOT of young boy walking on footpath in village. FOLLOW SHOT of Indian woman carrying child on her back walking with other child through village; she is holding large banana leaf over her head to protect child on her back from sun. CS of Indian boy aiming bow and shooting arrow towards treetops. FOLLOW SHOTs of Yanoàma Indian woman holding bucket in her hand, walking through village.

Shot ID: 32082 6:27

Various interior shots of farmhouse showing largish family finishing meal, children doing homework as mother and daughter wash up. MS of father rocking in rocking chair, holding young daughter in his lap. (00/06/1962)

Shot ID: 35370 10:12

Various exterior shots of Vancouver Airport main building, of cars and bus arriving at building entrance, of planes parked at terminal. CS of wall of building, ZOOM OUT to MS of front of building, people walking out. HAMS of woman sitting on bench. MSs of signs indicating parking, arrivals, terminal. MS of part of airport main building. MS of control tower. MSs of back of Vancouver Airport building seen through windows, small TRAVELLING SHOT inside airport showing people watching planes. Various MSs through windows of planes at terminal. Interior MS of two women walking in airport. Interior TRAVELLING MS of people in waiting room, including tail end of planes parked outside in background. Three MSs of control tower seen through windows. MSs of people walking inside airport, including view of air hostesses. (00/09/1969)

Shot ID: 36926 2:33

Sequence at Winnipeg station, travellers strolling at railway station, snapping pictures, looking over an historic locomotive.

Shot ID: 39315 6:35

Interior shots of Chateau Ramezay, Mr Rouquier walking about, looking at antiques. Shot of attic of old house, of Rouquier and Palardy studying documents at table. CU of Rouquier. MS of Chateau Ramezay. Shot of entrance, tourists entering. Various shots of antique furniture and details. CU and MS of Canadian version of Louis XV cupboard from end of 18th century, door slightly ajar. MS of different cupboard, same style. CU of detail on door.

Shot ID: 72282 0:33


Shot ID: 72286 4:08