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Architectural elements


Shots not available for online viewing

Shot ID: 58168 0:17

MLS across river of plant’s smokestack letting out thick white smoke.

Shot ID: 54842 0:49

MWSs of Kyoto countryside with misty mountains in background, MS of thatch-roofed house.

Shot ID: 54831 9:05

Moody CUs, CSs of moss covered water wheels slowly revolving in calm stream lined with lush green vegetation, including shots of water dripping off (5:41). HASs of long green grass undulating with current underwater (1:07). MCS of thatched roofed water wheel house (0:23). More HASs of grass undulating with current underwater (1:38). WS of mist-veiled mountains and silhouette of peaks in the distance, ZOOM OUT and PAN to MWS of terraced fields and village on green mountainside.

Shot ID: 54830 5:47

Bucolic MSs of calm stream lined with lush green vegetation, PAN to shots of three wooden water wheels slowly revolving, reverse shots, long grasses undulating with current are visible underwater (2:05). MSs of wheel houses, CS of hardware on wall, TILT UP to LAS of thatched roofed house. Reverse shots (1:41). CSs, MCSs of water wheels slowly revolving, CS of thatch drying on rack outside house, CU of cobweb, CUs, CSs of moss covered water wheel slowly revolving (2:00).

Shot ID: 54823 2:41

HAMLS of corner of stone foundation, remains of castle tower on grounds of castle of Japanese Imperial Palace, people in small rowboat are visible in moat, HAMLSs of rowboat (1:37). HASs looking down stone wall to moat, TILT UP to shot of pine trees on top of wall (3 shots; 1:03).

Shot ID: 54820 1:49

Visual of Nimomaru Ninomaru Japanese garden and Imperial Palace, shots of trimmed hedges along stone wall and paths, of tiled roofed houses, of elegant lamps, of bamboo thicket.

Shot ID: 54810 0:35

Several shots of architectural and artistic details of elaborate tiled roofs of Imperial Palace.

Shot ID: 13936 6:05

Exteriors LSs of factory smokestacks with smoke pouring into the winter air. TILT UP across stock piles of four-foot logs to LS of paper-mill. MCUs of smoke and steam billowing up into the air, of smokestacks. LSs of cranes with claw grabs moving four-foot logs from stock pile.

Shot ID: 7204 5:05

TILT DOWN stair well, students going down circular stairs in large group. Shot of hallway, students walking in from behind camera, flocking away from camera and turning off into various rooms. Shots of students filing up circular stairs from bottom, from top. Shot of mass of boys moving towards camera, entering classes.

Shot ID: 26211 4:18

Scenic shots of Québec City; various shots of cyclists in Cartier-Brébeuf Historical Park. MS of monument in front of justice building. HAMLS of exterior swimming pool. Shots of various exterior stairways linking upper and lower districts.

Shot ID: 12525 11:19

Exterior night, TRAVELLING SHOTS from car driving down brightly lit Freemont Street up to Union Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, TILT UP to LAS of brightly lit facade of hotel. POINT OF VIEW SHOT as car turn onto a side street (3:00). Various shots of people on sidewalks, hostesses on sidewalks try to lure customers inside casinos (6:36). Night shots of neon signs of various Las Vegas casino's, Holiday Motel, Frontier Casino, Oasis Casino, Dunes, Bally's (1:34).

Shot ID: 21913 0:29

Back view as family of four go into their new house for the first time. HAS of house, no lawn. Milkman delivers milk. Cut to living room, husband and wife and daughter relaxing in front of fireplace.

Shot ID: 15340 6:56

MLS of icebreaker John A MacDonald in ice. PAN to Manhattan, PAN back to icebreaker. Several extreme LSs of tanker Manhattan with bow of camera ship in lower foreground. Telephoto shots of stern of Manhattan in ice, American flag blowing in wind. PAN from unbroken expanse of ice to LS of Manhattan seen broadside. Part of camera ship in foreground. LS of fore-section of Manhattan, diffuse sun in background, similar shot with halo on camera lens overlapping Manhattan. Extreme LS of bow of tanker. PAN to red clouds at sunrise. PAN back to Manhattan. Cut to stern superstructure of tanker, smoking stack. Cut to closer shots of billowing smoke. Three-quarter bow, stern shots of Manhattan in ice. MS of bow from front. LS of ship moving across frame through jumbled ice.

Shot ID: 16263 8:45

Slow ZOOM IN on top of Dupont plant tower, smoke. Static of other part of plant, smoke in air, billowing flame. Cut to longer shot of flame, gas burn-off, pipe visible. ELS of flame, billowing smoke, plant chimney visible along left frame line. Very hazy LS of Monsanto chemical plant, stacks, traffic on expressway in lower foreground. Hazy MLS of stacks, smoke coming out. MS of outlet of chimney, great volumes of smoke pouring out. MLS of funnel, smoke spewing out. LS of smokestack of Sudbury Nickel mill, large plume of smoke. MLSs of tops of stacks, much smoke pouring out, waste land visible in foreground in some shots. Smoggy shot of paper mill between Calgary and the Rockies, stacks pouring great amounts of smoke into the air. MLSs of smoke stacks at Sydney Steel mill emitting heavy, reddish smoke.

Shot ID: 20244 4:19

LS of oil refineries in east end of Montreal (0:22). Series of shots of smoke drifting through installations, smokestacks belching out smoke, shots of burn off tower (3:56).

Shot ID: 9905 5:55

MLSs of kids playing on old sofa in alley on a hot summer day (1:39). Shots of people on balconies (0:25). Shots of clothes drying on clotheslines (0:55). MS of man hosing down alley (0:42). MCS of British flag in upper window of duplex, seen through many electric wires in foreground (0:12). CS of shoeless man sleeping on park bench.

Shot ID: 15913 6:53

Money to burn (00/11/1946): LS of Bank of Canada from across Wellington Street, armoured truck driving into alley. MS of truck backing up to unloading platform. MS of two bank guards unloading bags of money, Royal Canadian Mounted Police standing by, watching. MLS of main checking and counting room, girls at work counting bills, girl signing for bundle of bills. MSs of woman piling bundles of bills into cabinet, closing door. MS of heavy vault door being opened, cabinet being wheeled in. MS through barred window of officials counting bundles, putting them into canvas bags. MSs of money being trucked out vault to incinerator. Sequence showing men emptying bags into incinerator, money bundles in incinerator, fire starting to burn money. MS of incinerator door being closed and locked with four padlocks. MS of man collecting ashes after destruction of money. MSs of Elmer Campbell, chief of Currency Division, examining bills brought in for destruction.

Shot ID: 21993 9:45

[Title: "Nous, étudiants, à l'occasion du Xe anniversaire de la JEC canadienne 1945"] TILT DOWN poster re "Jeunesse étudiante catholique" congress. LAS of giant dais under construction. Sequence on juveniles at work on posters, loading them into truck, plastering them on telephone poles. Three students (boys) hitch hicking, getting ride almost immediately. Large group of cycling students (boys and girls) with knapsacks on their backs, moving by camera. HASs of chartered buses speeding by camera on highway. Shots of arrivals of students delegations. Interior shot of kitchen, PAN of cooks preparing hundred of sandwiches, buttering bread with large paint brush, slicing meat with machine. Girls prepare boxes, stack them. Cooks fill boxes with sandwiches. Cut to boy scouts setting up tent city. MS of girls dancing conga in their tent before going to bed. CU of girl sleeping. Sequence on congress day: shots of students marching past camera, crowding stadium, around giant dais, chatting, singing. Numerous CUs of faces. Shot of Archbishop Charbonneau with retinue of clerics, blessing congress. Shots of mass on dais, with cuts to huge crowd of students in bleachers, LSs of dais and altar. Several shots from various angles of students fraternizing at mid-field, chatting, eating box lunches, drinking milk out of bottles. Shots of organizers establishing order. Sequence on huge parade past camera, multitude of white flags flying, students laughing, singing, numerous CUs of faces. Sequence on night proceedings, speeches, torches. [End title]

Shot ID: 22870 3:39

School for stage: Night shots of theatre fronts: Drury Lane Theatre, The Haymarket Theatre, Her Majesty's Theatre, The Old Vic. Two interior HASs of audience. Two CSs of audience laughing.

Shot ID: 14788 1:58

Interior HAS shot of lighthouse keeper going up stairs, MCS of his legs while is coming down stairs, one shot of him to MCS of his legs while is going upstairs. Interior LAS of stairs to TILT DOWN at bottom of stairs.

Shot ID: 40799 7:44

Shots of sumac shrub, TILT UP to Parliament Buildings in the distance, of flower beds along the driveway. HAS from top of Peace Tower, of West Block, PAN to river and Hull. Brief ESTABLISHING SHOTs of Peterborough showing factories. Brief shot of welcome arch with words "Gravenhurst, Gateway to Muskoka". ESTABLISHING PAN of Sudbury showing water tower, mine fields in background, houses. Shots of traffic on Bloor Street in Toronto. TILT DOWN high building. Shot of pedestrians, window display. ESTABLISHING PANs of Toronto, of Hamilton. HASs of street in Stratford. Shots of Guelph, streets, buildings.

Shot ID: 25716 3:48

FOLLOW SHOT and CSs of United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration delegates boarding a chartered tour bus. CS of delegates coming off bus. Interior CS of two delegates (woman and Chinese man) enjoying ride. MS of group of delegates visiting rock garden, including shot of man getting out of pond into wich he'd fallen during visit. Sequence on delegates in excursion on Saint-Lawrence River, showing sightseeing boat, LSs of Jacques Cartier Bridge, LACS of smokestack, delegates on board. HALSs of Montreal skyline from Mount-Royal's lookout. LASs of tour bus pulling up to station, of Union Jack flag against sky.

Shot ID: 10458 0:42

LS of pulp mill and its smokestacks (3 shots).

Shot ID: 18873 1:15

MLS of presbytery of Île du Pas Church in Berthier county, river can be seen in foreground, PAN and ZOOM OUT to ESTABLISHING SHOT of church (19 ft). CS of statuary niche in facade, cut to MLS of church.

Shot ID: 18816 0:22

MS of facade of Bonsecour Market, TILT UP to LAMLS of dome, TILT DOWN to MS of facade.

Shot ID: 7445 6:24

Profile MSs of delegates at rostrum in the House of Commons, one of whom is Prime Minister Louis Saint-Laurent. The Canadian delegation is visible in the background. Longer HAMLS of delegates taking their seats after their speeches. TILT UP to delegates across the centre aisle. LAMLS of the spectators' balcony. Various shots of delegates in hallways, filing past Colombo Plan exhibits, emerging from a room, entering the House of Commons. with a Royal Canadian Mounted Police constable standing guard in some of the shots. View of wall map of Eastern Asia, PAN to Prime Minister Louis Saint-Laurent and an Asian delegate chatting, pointing to map. MLS of whole group of delegates posing in front of the centre block. MSs of press photographers shooting away. MSs of delegations, and their signs, from Canada, Vietnam, United Kingdom, United States, Indonesia, Nepal and India. PAN from one side of the House of Commons to the other with delegates occupying their seats. HAMLS of the House of Commons during the conference, various MSs and HAMSs of delegates addressing then going back to their seats. Two Royal Canadian Mounted Police constables open a double door as a television camera is pushed through. MLS of the whole Parliament Centre Block. LAMS of the Peace Tower and TILT DOWN to the base and MS of a RCMP constable standing guard. View of flags with the east block in background. A car drives up and delegates step out past the camera. Various shots of delegates walking in hallways. MSs and CSs of delegates at their seats in House of Commons.

Shot ID: 25031 9:36

MLS and PAN of series of low stone and sand walls built on mountainside to control erosion of arid soil on Sao Tiago Island in Cape Verde, peasants building walls (218 ft). CSs of women eating noon meal, in one shot the men are seen sitting together away from the women (126 ft).

Shot ID: 41023 1:47

LS of Regina Legislature Building with garden in foreground, ZOOM IN to MLS (0:47). MSs of windows and doors in facade (0:39). MLS of building (0:19).

Shot ID: 38413 1:09

Church: LSs of village church. TILT UP spire, snow on ground. Front MS of small nativity scene, Jesus in manger, Mary, Joseph, shepherds, in store window.

Shot ID: 21142 9:01

Université de Montréal: sequence on students in microscopy laboratory showing men, women looking into microscopes, being instructed by instructors, instructor drawing outline of microscopic organism on blackboard. Shots of students looking at slides of microscopic organism on screen. CUs of student doing a chemistry experiment; flasks, burners. Vertical LAS TILT UP well of spiral staircase, students coming down. TILT DOWN from sign: "Gangrene gazeuse (gas gangrene)" to students carrying out experiments. CUs of masked faces. Cut to sign: "Service CU "BCG" - Institut de microbiologie et d'hygiène de l'Université de Montréal". Sequence on several laboratory technicians producing vaccine, including CUs of hands, faces, apparatus. Sequence on students from the army working in study room, relaxing in lounge. Cut to Royal Canadian Air Force personnel listening to instructor as he explains workings of the Claudel carburetor on a large wall chart. Cut to air force mechanics working on aero motors, on airframes, and in laboratory. Exterior shots of men studying. Shot of three training biplanes in open air. Final sequence on details of University of Montreal buildings and TILT UP tower on main building.

Shot ID: 20460 9:37

ESTABLISHING SHOT of exterior of Sweden's Korsnäs pulp and paper mill, tractor-trailer loaded with logs passes in front of camera (24 ft). LAMLS of thick smoke coming out of mill stacks (13 ft). HAMLS and PANs of mill and smoke (123 ft). ESTABLISHING SHOT of mill on coast in foreground, several ZOOM IN shots to MLS of mill (61 ft). Various shots of specially-equipped tractors moving logs, including PANs to MLSs of mill (118 ft).

Shot ID: 12017 3:43

MS ship's funnel (Ford insignia) gantry, chimneys and blast furnace in background. CU of funnel, steel mill's chimney in background. Various shots of activity at steel mill.

Shot ID: 10414 4:44

AERIAL SHOTs of pulp and paper mill, smoke coming from smokestacks, log boom floating on river in background. Various shots of woodchip pile at pulp and paper mill. CSs of log boom floating on water. AERIAL SHOT of pipe-line transporting woodchips to pile.

Shot ID: 24670 0:45

LS of power plant (oil-fueled) and its smokestack in city of Vasteras.

Shot ID: 8752 0:48

MS of facade of church on which is hung a huge banner representing the revolutionary soldier Sandino, cut to CS of banner.

Shot ID: 13840 0:10

MS of the front of Sacré Coeur Hospital in Nova Scotia (5 ft).

Shot ID: 11539 7:34

Long sequence of HASs of Newmarket, Ontario on a windy day in the summer of 1972, including shots of churches, church sprires, rooftops of commercial buildings as well as dwellings and kids swimming in a public pool.

Shot ID: 17687 5:27

Three MLSs of Inuit teenagers standing around, tents in background. MLS of Inuit children climbing and playing on a geodesic dome-like structure. CSs of Inuit children playing, PAN left and ZOOM OUT to MSs of children. CS of Inuit boy playing. More similar shots. MCS of young Inuit man on sand, he runs towards camera and does a "two-footed high jump". MCS of young Inuit man, another stands to his right marking a spot in the air above head level, the first man runs and does a "two-footed high jump" aiming a kick at the marked spot.

Shot ID: 23260 2:22

CSs of sidewalk on working class street, a young couple walks into view, PAN to MS down street as they walk away with Ramsbottom textile mill in background at end of street, ZOOM IN to LAMS of mill's smokestack with church steeple in background, ZOOM OUT to MS down street.

Shot ID: 23248 4:55

MS of factory in Tonge Valley, Lancashire, ZOOM OUT to MCS of woman and children walking up a hill, PAN to LAMS of working class house on edge of town of Bolton, ZOOM IN to CS of brick wall. LS of smokestacks of factory in Tonge valley, ZOOM OUT and PAN to MS down working class residential street in Bolton, two young girls are coming down street on their bicycle towards camera, PAN as they round a corner, ZOOM IN to LS of smokestacks of factory. HALS of factory in Tonge valley, PAN to MS of working class houses along street in Bolton (three shots). Ground level shot of houses along street in Bolton.

Shot ID: 23204 4:04

MS of middle class two storey house with children playing in front yard. Various LSs down residential street in Hamilton, Ontario, including children playing on bicycles in foreground and chimneys of steel plant in background. MCS of little girl talking to young woman on front steps of house. CSs and CUs of a group of young boys with bicycles.

Shot ID: 23201 1:33

MS of residential street in Hamilton, chimneys of steel plant are visible in background, a resident is watering his front lawn in foreground, ZOOM IN to MCS of water sprinkler watering lawn and MS of houses on street, ZOOM IN to LAS of steel plant's chimneys with street and pedestrians in foreground.

Shot ID: 26255 2:59

MS of plane advancing on runway, ZOOM OUT to plane turning right on runway. TRAVELLING SHOT of Air Canada plane moving on runway.MS of Air Canada truck raising box. ZOOM OUT on truck with box raised near aircraft. MSs of Air Canada truck bringing passenger stairs to door of aircraft. ZOOM IN to stairs. MS and ZOOM OUT on truck towing Air Canada plane. MS of refuelling truck backing up near plane.

Shot ID: 13886 0:48

LAMCS of Star of David on side of synagog through trees (TRAVELLING SHOT) and ZOOM OUT to MS of front entrance of Ashkenaze Synagog, snow on steps. Static MS of front entrance of Ashkenaze Synagog. CS of synagog window with Star of David.

Shot ID: 15165 1:37

Various CSs of details of paintings on wall of temple representing a man with a bird's head. CS of relief of a head on a pillar of Queen Hatshepsout's temple. ZOOM OUT to LAMS, ZOOM IN back to CS, cut to CS of relief of face at top of a pillar, ZOOM OUT to LAMCS of face with another relief of a face on another pillar in foreground, ZOOM IN to CS of relief of pillar.

Shot ID: 15162 28:17

Several CSs of details of limestone stele of the Pharaoh Akhenaten with his wife Nefrititi and three daughters. Several CSs and CUs from different angles of head of Queen Tiye. Good CS of head of Akhenaten. CSs of details of stele of Akhenaten as a sphinx. CS of stele of ladies in waiting in row. CS of blue vase topped with a ram as a handle. CSs of details of stele of geese. CSs of details of stele with hyeroglyphs and a woman kneeling. CSs of details of stele of flowers. Various CSs of broken limestone head with printed lips. Several CSs and CUs of paintings on armana vase. CSs of relief of girl patting nose of a bull in a pen. Several CSs of blue jar. Several CSs of relief of head of princess. CSs of relief of fishes. Several CSs of relief of musicians. CSs of relief on pillar of doves.

Shot ID: 886 4:25

MS of old stone building, old flour mill on bank of river near village of Laterrière. LS of steeple of village church with trees in foreground, ZOOM OUT to MS of mill (two shots; 62 ft). Various shots of mill from different angles with river in foreground (100 ft).

Shot ID: 5341 1:27

MCS and PAN on buildings in Old Quebec city Château Frontenac in background. MCS of a church bell tower with PAN on row of houses in Old Quebec city, ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT on facade of house.

Shot ID: 3154 0:23

CS of door to abandoned house, PAN to MS of rubble and debris around house.

Shot ID: 6489 6:39

PAN of man (Claude Thibodeau) on roof of downtown building flying kite. A woman joins him. Several shots from different angles of man (Claude Thibodeau) and woman trying to fly kite. Shot of kite flying.