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Shots not available for online viewing

Shot ID: 6196 3:02

Time lapse shooting: sequence in automatic parking garage, POINT OF VIEW SHOT of cars being lifted by elevator.

Shot ID: 24870 6:53

Shot of group of airmen passing before officer, receiving various papers. Shot of airmen sitting in theatre, enjoying show. Shot of dance in progress, of decorations, of band. Shot of men enjoying refreshments, others playing pool at base's pool room as two men dance. CU of officer talking to horse, leaving on sleigh ride. Two platoons of airmen entering building as officer emerges from base's hospital. Shot of airman being given medical examination as another is being worked over by dentist. Shot of men relaxing in bunk house. Shot of group of men in civvies entering, signing book at desk. Several airmen lining up on parade ground, automobile driving up, officers emerging and inspecting men. Shots of men playing hockey, softball as others crank up motor vehicles in garage. Shot of bugler coming out and blowing his instrument. Shot of airmen lined up in front of building.

Shot ID: 30602 0:33

Shots of Inuits taking instruction on how to repair a tractor, on how to grind metal on bench grinder.

Shot ID: 3195 12:36

CU of a red flashing light, it changes to green. MLS of men working on the motor of Canada Post truck. MLS from inside a garage, it opens and a Canada Post truck leaves. MLS from outside the garage, door opens and truck leaves. Several MSs of Canada Post truck travelling on highway. MS and ZOOM IN on an airport sign at the corner of street. PAN left on freight containers. ZOOM OUT and ZOOM IN on Air Canada jet being loaded. PAN to left on container, up to loading door of jet. CS and PAN left to airplane motor. Several MSs of operators loading containers into jet. ZOOM IN on a plane hatch closing. TILT UP to operator loading containers. MS of jet's tail. PAN to right on containers being loaded, back to jet's tail. MLS on Air Canada planes at Toronto Airport. TILT UP to containers being loaded, hatch closing. LS of plane on runway preparing to take off. LS of plane taking off.

Shot ID: 8244 2:12

MLS from across street of Fina service station, red car enters garage, door closes (2:29). Series of pick-up shots around garage, shots of dog, tires piled in corner, run down cars (1:20). Shot of motorcycle passing by.

Shot ID: 14694 4:39

Series of shots inside Alta Vista Post Office Terminal: MS of postal truck backing up in loading bay (0:15). MS of garage door opening, a truck enters, backs up into bay, carrier unloads mail bags (0:48). Similar shot with larger truck (0:17). MCS of truck backing up into bay (0:23). MS of smaller Jeep-like postal truck parked in bay (0:04). CS of carrier unloading bags from truck (0:44). CS of bags being dropped into chute (0:03). MS front view of postal van parked in bay, two more vans come into view and back up beside it (0:32).

Shot ID: 25740 1:08

MSs of postal trucks in downtown street, they turn into garage of Canada Post Corporation building (3 shots; 1:08).