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Shot ID: 1649 10:49

HA PAN over mountains of Assiniboine Range. Shots of Indians in full tribal regalia arriving at summer resort, dancing for benefit of tourists. CUs of Indians and their costumes. Shot of young cowboy climbing on his horse via corral fence. Shots of mountain climbing expedition on its way to slopes. Various shots of wild mountain country, rushing streams, falls. Various shots of pack train and riders coming down slopes, fording rivers and arriving at Sunshine Camp, refreshing at camp. Shot of men relaxing, of squirrel and porcupine claiming their due. Various shots of landscape. Shot of Mount Assininboine. Shot of guide preparing equipment, examining mountain through binoculars. Various shots of ascent.

Shot ID: 2984 4:04

HAMS of soldiers marching. Sequence on training on army base, drilling, armed and unarmed combat, rifle shoot in and out of rifle range, taking apart and reassembling various weapons.

Shot ID: 3000 7:05

Title: Battling with muskies: CS back view of man fishing in canoe, landing a muskellunge (muskie) fish. HAS of three men stepping down from train as conductor stands by. HAS of tail of train, men seated on rear platform as train pulls out. Cut to station bearing name of town: Hudson, four fishermen standing by. CUs of map of region, pencil tracing railway route. CS of tourists (man and woman) looking at Indian family, mother, baby and father in background. MS of diminutive Bank of Toronto in cabin, two tourists (man and woman) nearby. Sequence on departure: canoe launching, group of tourists (men and women) boarding canoes, boating shots of group being ferried on lake. Brief shot of group portaging through woods, cut to PAN of group resting near water. MS of cameraman shooting scene from rowboat. Sequence on group arriving at Kenneally Lodge on Lake Vermilion, MS of lodge, cut to tourists stepping ashore. Sequence on fisherman leaving in canoe, fishing and hauling muskies. BOATING SHOT of campsite on shore of lake. HAS of porcupine swimming to shore, scrambling up as man in canoe watches. More shots of fishing, including shot of cameraman shooting with hand-held camera, standing in a canoe. Shots of fisherman posing with fish. LS of sun seting on lake, cut to MS of group of fishermen regaining camp. MS of row of fishes (three-day catch). Night shot of bonfire, fishermen standing and singing with gusto. End title. (Titles interspersed)

Shot ID: 3858 5:59

Series of shots of aboriginals harvesting wild rice; CS of women cooking fish in camp (0:11). Shots of bush pilots, come to purchase wild rice, stacking bag near plane (1:08). Good shots of children and women playing with baby strapped in traditional cradle (1:52). MS of women washing clothes in lake, a Cessna seaplane touches down in background and head towards camp, shot of women hanging clothes to dry, shot of children playing in hammock, shot of women washing clothes in lake and having fun making large bubbles with soap (2:07). CSs of children playing with dead rabbit (0:31).

Shot ID: 4394 0:06

Shots of winter manoeuvers at Valcartier: Two soldiers on snowshoes plough through the snow, etc.

Shot ID: 4408 0:11

Shot of heavily dressed soldier doing sentry duty beside a row of anti-tank guns covered with tarpaulins. Snow covers the ground.

Shot ID: 7731 7:00

MS of logging tractor unloading tree trunks from truck at Abitibi-Price logging camp. MSs of crane loading tees onto conveyor. CSs of logs falling into Péribonka River and being swept away by the current. Several HACSs of logs on conveyor.

Shot ID: 7772 5:25

MLS of two Amerindian hunters in canoe approaching their camps on shore of Mistassini River. CSs of hunter cleaning and cooking Canada goose. CS of smoke rising from chimney of wood stove, TILT UP to LAMLS of trees (2 shots). CUs of buds on tree branches.

Shot ID: 11245 1:10

CS of (elderly) Montagnais man going up to caribou antlers lying on grass; he takes them and carries them to smoking rack his family has built at their summer camp in Northern Quebec.

Shot ID: 12255 10:19

ESTABLISHING SHOT of Fenelon Falls, dam, canal lock, water in foreground. LS of Byrnell Building, boys playing football in foreground. Closer shot of boys playing football, practicing. LAS of two teens throwing ball. Interior shot of dining room, boys entering, eating. Shot of cook taking dish out of oven. Shot of three boys being served a birthday cake, blowing out candles. Shot of two boys eating piece of cake. Shot of nurse bandaging boy's foot, four boys watching in background. LS of bus arriving at Lindsay arena. Closer shot of side of bus, words "Byrnell Manor Hockey Camp" written on side. Shot of boys leaving bus, entering arena. Sequence in dressing-room showing Milt Schmidt assisting goaler with pads, Eddie Chadwick helping Pierre Pilote's son with skates. Various shots of Pierre Pilote and of Eddie Chadwick instructing children on ice. Shot of young players limbering up for game, skating towards and past camera, Allen Stanley standing by. Shots of players with Milt Schmidt, Allan Stanley and Pierre Pilote. HAS of ice, face-off. Cut to Eddie Chadwick dropping puck. Several shots of hockey action intercut with shots of players rooting team from the bench.

Shot ID: 14098 3:45

Lengthy sequence comprised of a couple (man and woman) preparing and eating a meal at their winter campsite in Kejimkujik National Park.

Shot ID: 14213 1:36

CS of mountaineers sleeping in sleeping bags on rocky ground, ZOOM OUT to MLS of their second camp high on slope of Mount Steele with mountain and glacier in valley below. HAMCS and PAN of climbers sleeping on ledge near snowline, ZOOM OUT to HAMLS of camp with valley and mountain below. LAMS of snow patch on slope of Mount Steele, PAN down to MLS of camp, ZOOM IN to MS (57 ft).

Shot ID: 14223 0:47

LAMLS of summit of Mount Steele, shot from camp of team of mountaineers at 12,000 ft, TILT DOWN and PAN to MS of camp on small snow-covered plateau (33 ft).

Shot ID: 14266 1:22

MCS of tents of base camp of a team of geologist on Trapridge Glacier during rainfall (July) with mountain landscape in background, PAN to WAS of glacier, ZOOM IN to LS (two shots). CS of geologist walking up slope, ZOOM OUT to MS (48 ft).

Shot ID: 15361 24:56

Series of shots of Indian family harvesting wild rice in the traditional way; shots of man cooking wild rice (3:44). Shots of men unpacking pipes and various articles for rice ceremony while other families arrive (4:54). Shots of men performing wild rice ceremony (9:48). Shots of wild rice being served, including good shots of children eating (6:18).

Shot ID: 19341 1:54

MLS of woods in winter, a snowmobile comes into view coming towards camera, CS as old Cree trapper arrives at his camp with his day's catch in a sled (2 shots; 40 ft). CS as he unloads frozen rabbits from sled (24 ft).

Shot ID: 24203 0:39

Interior, day; CS of half a dozen Haitian children in school in a camp for Haitian farm workers (batey).

Shot ID: 24204 3:19

Good CSs and CUs of Haitian children behind barbed wire fence surrounding camp for Haitian farm workers (batey) in Santa Anna.

Shot ID: 25126 0:27

CS of entrance to Canadian Immigration office in refugee camp in Thailand, ZOOM IN through open doors to CS back view of refugee family being interviewed by Immigration officer.

Shot ID: 40007 3:07

Various still photographs World War 1 scenes; photographs of World War 1 military camps. Photograph of troop lined-up in field, preceded by military band. Photograph of soldiers firing cannons in field. Photographs of casualties lying in fields. Photograph of sand-bagged position, wrecked buildings in background.

Shot ID: 40012 1:57

Various still photographs depicting life in 19th century Canada; photograph on troop of North West Mounted Police marching along grassy valley. Photograph of lined-up soldiers. Photograph of casualty lying in field. Photograph of group of soldiers posing for camera in camp. Photograph of trial in progress in courthouse. Still portraits of men posing for camera.

Shot ID: 41892 6:55

Canadian army winter manoeuvres in Earlton area, in snowfall; early morning scenic shots of snow covered fields and farmlands (1:21). MLS of welcome sign at entrance (0:36). TILT UP from snow on ground to MLS of bales of hay stored in barn (0:19). MLS of two Canadian army soldiers standing guard near fence, another soldier in snowshoes coming into view from right and walking up to barn, ZOOM IN to MSs of bales of hay (1:29). PAN SHOTS of tents set up on edge of field (1:35). Hand held shot following two armed soldiers stopping pick-up truck on road and checking papers (0:49). CS of soldier manning machine-gun set up in woods (0:12). MLSs of camp near woods (0:28).

Shot ID: 41896 4:20

Canadian army winter manoeuvres in town of Earlton; shots of soldiers and military vehicles in town, shots of soldier manning machine gun set up on snow bank near house, residents passing by. (2:25). PANS of base camp, tents and tarpaulins are battered by strong winds a few tanks are visible, two Griffon helicopters near hangar (1:23). MLS of two M113A1 tanks partially blocking country road (0:29).

Shot ID: 41899 5:45

Canadian army winter manoeuvres in Earlton area; hazy views through snowfall of teams of soldiers preparing and firing Howitzer guns in field (2:28). MS of farm tools in field, PAN to shots of tank camouflaged under white tarpaulin near barn, closer shot of antennas sticking out (1:25). Various shots of early morning activities at camp, soldier shaving, packing gear, cleaning rifles, making plans over maps (1:40).

Shot ID: 54476 6:02

Various shots of timber tractor with crane and logs in box exiting forest, of tractor at loading site, of logging crane unloading logs from tractor in clearcut area. Various shots of man on logging tractor taking out logs from stack at sawmill.

Shot ID: 54919 3:20

PAN of hunters pitching tent at camp, laying furs on the ground to sleep on. PAN to snowmobile with boat attached, ZOOM IN on other camp not far away. ZOOM OUT from CU of butchered seal being dragged by hunter across the ground. MSs of hunters leaving camp on snowmobiles, towing boats.

Shot ID: 55088 2:33

Shots of date palm, of native climbing tree to cut down dates. Shot of camels standing about near camp, group of desert tribesmen sitting in camp, resting, eating. CSs of some men. LS of camp, PAN to tent, tribesmen sitting in front. Sequence on construction site in desert, Arabs at work. PAN of bridge spanning Tigris River to MWS of city of Bagdad.

Shot ID: 57266 5:00

Cree goose hunter's camp in autumn; MS of many children with Okimah (hunting leader), various shots of them setting up camp. WSs of marsh at sunset, freight canoes are pulled up on shore. Scenic MWS of sun setting behind tree-line.

Shot ID: 57282 12:01

Cree goose hunter's camp in autumn; MS of camp at daybreak, shots of woman elder and Okimah (hunting leader) walking about. Shots of women plucking geese inside cooking tepee. Shot of Okimah chopping wood. Shots of Okimah's wife cutting meat up for smoking and drying on racks, teaching her daughter, of them placing meat on racks inside cooking tepee, CUs of meat and fire.

Shot ID: 893 0:27

LAS of flock of Canada geese flying over wooded area, TILT DOWN to MS of lumber camp.

Shot ID: 908 1:05

Various shots of log cabins in lumber camp (38 ft).

Shot ID: 2982 1:05

[Title: Battle is our Business]: HAS of soldiers racing in the street of a town during training, meeting "Germans" and clashing with them. Cut to soldier running past the camera. MSs of Canadian in training, firing rifle, creeping up on "German" in a vehicle. CUs of men on commando raid, racing out of shelter at night, running to the attack through smoke.

Shot ID: 3863 2:32

CS of Cessna seaplane starting up, a canoe is tied to one of its floats, shot of plane taking off, ZOOM OUT to MS of Norseman seaplane docked at camp of aboriginals harvesting wild rice (0:48). CS of men setting out from camp with a wooden harvesting machine that is activated by hand, set between two motor canoes (0:35). LSs and MLSs of camp, Noresman in visible.

Shot ID: 3985 5:57

Canadian Army Trains in the Rockies (00/08/1943): HALS of military tent camp, tall evergreens, mountains in the background. Various shots of men crossing narrow stream in the distance, moving up mountain slopes in single file, negotiating a glacier, doing some mountain climbing, advancing cautiously across glaciers. Shots of men checking equipment for trip back down, of men coming down the mountain.

Shot ID: 4410 0:49

Shots of snowblowers clearing snow from parade grounds.

Shot ID: 4426 2:23

Allied Troops in Canada: various shots of Belgian troops marching in show past the camera, sloping arms, being instructed on how to wear gas respirator. CU of soldier, shoulder flash. Cut to barracks words; "Prinses Juliana Kazerne", on the wall, Dutch soldiers being inspected, marching past camera, snow. Cut to Polish eagle, flag, women ambulance drivers standing by their vehicles, listening to officer. Shot of Czeckoslovak troops marching past the camera, sloping arms. Shot of soldier firing a Bren gun during training. Cut to sign; "R.N.A.F. Training Camp, Little Norway". Cut to flag of Norway. Various shots of Norwegians drilling.

Shot ID: 8053 5:27

Various MSs, MCSs of two Indian women trying to start a power saw, putting oil in motor, including PAN MS on camp in bush and other women and children, first snow of winter falling. MSs, LAMS of woman cutting firewood with power saw and of women walking to tent. PAN, cameraman walking, to MS of young woman playing with skinny cat and entering tent. MSs, LAMCSs of two young Indian women cutting firewood with axes.

Shot ID: 11224 1:21

CS of Montagnais family at their summer camp on George River; PAN to MS of helicopter belonging to outfitter from area taking off; two children are in foreground; FOLLOW SHOT of helicopter as it flies over camp. ZOOM IN to CS of caribou quarters drying on smoking rack.

Shot ID: 11229 2:30

MCS of Montagnais family's summer camp in the George River area; elderly man with cup in hand walks along path towards camera. HAMCS of two Montagnais women near outdoor smoking rack full of caribou meat. Cut to CU of caribou head being suspended above smoking rack; CSs of elderly Indian woman rearranging caribou quarters on smoking rack; ZOOM IN to CS of Montagnais man gnawing on caribou bone. CS of two little Montagnais girls outside family tent looking at camera.

Shot ID: 11367 12:04

Exterior, day; MS of frozen river on Baffin Island, Inuits driving ski-doos up river come into view and pass by camera, PAN to shot of them moving away (1:17). Various shots of them setting up fishing camp on frozen lake (1:38). WIDE SHOT of frozen lake and mountains, ski-doos come into view from behind hill, ZOOM OUT as they drive up to fishing spot (2:00). Various shots of them cutting hole through ice, setting nets and fishing for arctic char, they then pack their catch and head back to camp (4:58).

Shot ID: 12179 2:20

Closer shots of inspecting officer, of men being inspected, speaking with the officer. CU of non-commissioned officer giving order to fall in, men coming out of barracks on the double.

Shot ID: 15706 2:49

Series of shots of team of geologists of the Canadian department of mines and technical surveys, carrying out survey operations in Yukon Territory; shots of men mesuring water temperature (0:30). Shots of man diving into cold water and taking a swim (0:38). Shots of Hiller helicopter landing on narrow wharf built with logs, passengers step off (0:35). CS of man repairing wharf in pouring rain (0:13). Shot of man moving between tents in camp (0:12). WIDE PAN SHOT of rugged mountain landscape and river valley (0:19). Shot of Hiller helicopter taking off from snowclad mountaintop and flying away (0:18).

Shot ID: 16222 5:47

Various shots of blow-off as drillers strike an underground natural gas body near Fort Saint John, British Columbia. Shot of men running away from it, watching from distance, man turning valve controlling flow, man trying to ignite gas. TILT UP to rising water and gas being shot skyward. CS of sign on gravel road "Alaska Highway mile 44-Pacific Pete #4", car coming down road in cloud of dust. PAN to gas well tower in field. Various shots of tractor pulling a nine furrow disc plow across prairie land at Dawson Creek, of wheat waving in field, town of Dawson Creek in valley below in background, of wheat and several grain elevators outside Dawson Creek in background. Side shot of two Northern Freighway transport trucks moving out of Dawson Creek. CS of Dawson Creek sign, man placing sign "Vancouver 800 miles Via John Hart Highway". Swish PAN over workmen lined up at nissen-type mess hall at Kemano camp. Shot of men walking up roadway in Kemano camp. AERIAL SHOT over Kemano Valley and mountains. AERIAL SHOT from descending helicopter towards Kemano camp. GROUND TO AIR SHOT of helicopter rising. Rear shot of bulldozer pulling load of lumber up snow-covered mountain. LS of helicopter airborne over mountain in Kemano Valley region. Several shots of helicopter carrying supplies, of helicopter airborne over mountains, of helicopter landing on snow-covered mountain.

Shot ID: 19329 2:54

CS of middle-aged Cree trapper walking out of tent at his winter camp and loading gear into sled of his snowmobile (21 ft). CS of him filling up gas tank (17 ft). FOLLOW SHOT as he walks out of tent followed by wife, he starts machine and rides away onto frozen lake (49 ft). CS of his wife looking after him (10 ft).

Shot ID: 22267 1:55

Ripple Rock: MS of Quadra Island with shacks, pit head set-up, etc. A fork lift is shown moving packages of high explosives, loading them on a truck, etc. A miner loads the cage with explosives and cage descends into the mine. HAS of group of temporary buildings, of shaft head scaffold, etc.

Shot ID: 22481 0:00

Title: The Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps; rolling titles]. Various shots of soldiers in field and trenches manning antiaircraft batteries. LS of soldiers running across field. MLS of soldiers racing towards and past camera across field on motorcycles and in Bren gun carriers. Various shots of tanks coming down hills. Several shots of soldiers manning gunnery observation posts, including men talking on field telephones, switchboard operator receiving call, man drawing plans in field, other looking through telescope. Sequence intercut with shots of field guns firing. Shot of Bren carriers being ferried across a river as smoke screen is laid down over the water. PAN over tents in army camp. Exterior MS of soldiers preparing utensils on tables for meal. MS of cooks preparing meal in kitchen. LS of military trucks driving down dusty road. Montage on war industry, showing smoking chimney, HAS of workers arriving at work. Various shots of workers at work inside munitions factory, including PAN of women working on shells. Sequence shot in Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps depot showing HA PAN over truck depot, men at work packing things, reparing various items, clerk at his desk doing paper work. Some women at work are seen in one shot. Training sequence: MS of soldiers sitting in field being briefed by officer on use of rifles. Various FOLLOW SHOTs of soldiers negociating obstacle course.

Shot ID: 25127 12:14

Series of atmosphere shots in refugee camp in Thailand (Phanat Nikhom), shots of people walking in camp, various shots of market, CSs of children, families going about their daily activities.

Shot ID: 25129 2:18

MLS of small school in refugee camp in Thailand that teaches French to future immigrants to Quebec (11 ft). CS of sign over door "L'ÉCOLE DU QUÉBEC" (7 ft). Various shots of Asian teacher giving French course (58 ft).

Shot ID: 26689 0:33

HAS of campground in evening.

Shot ID: 27783 10:56

Several shots from different angles of various activities in refugee camp in Zambia near Mozambican border, including several good shots of women pounding maize. Good CSs of woman preparing food on an open fire, CU of a child sleeping in a back sling. Various shots of women and children going about daily activities in refugee camp (391 ft).