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Monuments and memorials


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Shot ID: 4841 10:29

General Montgomery Tours Canada (00/09/1946): two shots of General Montgomery inspecting airborne troops honour guard. Various shots of General Montgomery riding open car through city streets, waving to huge crowds. PANs over huge crowds. Shots of General Montgomery coming out of building with retinue of VIP's, of Montgomery waving to large crowd from dais. Shots of General Montgomery on his way to receive an honourary degree. General Montgomery is shown chatting with wounded veterans at military hospital - out of doors. Shot of General Montgomery riding down University Avenue in Toronto, waving always. Sequence on General Montgomery's arrival in Vancouver by plane, inspection of honour guard, shaking hands with veterans. Shot of General Montgomery speaking from steps of the legislature in Victoria, riding open car. MLS of legislature of British Columbia. Sequence on General Montgomery inspecting honour guard in Vancouver, going into city hall with dignitaries, riding open car in huge crowd. MLS of Vancouver City Hall. Sequence at Shaugnessy Hospital of General Montgomery visiting veterans, inspecting honour guard. Field Marshal Montgomery rides up to Parliament with Louis Saint-Laurent and is met by a war veteran. General Charles Foulkes, a civilian and General Crerar stand by. Cut to Montgomery receiving salute of guard. Sequence on General Montgomery inspecting veterans, speaking from dais, depositing wreath at cenotaph, TILT UP of same. Several shots of General Montgomery walking in crowd well protected by Royal Canadian Mounted Police constables.

Shot ID: 5091 0:20

Monument to World War 1 veterans unveiled (Winnipeg, 00/00/1924): shots of large crowd around monument, monument in foreground, Provincial Legislature Buildings in background. Shots of monument.

Shot ID: 6347 7:11

Various shots of Canadian delegation to the United Nations Meeting in France (00/00/1948) attending various ceremonies to honour Canadian soldiers of World War 2. Shots include views of delegates visiting Canadian cemeteries in France, various shots of graves of Canadian soldiers, monuments, delegates laying wreaths, delegates meeting with locals welcoming them, CUs of flowers and wreaths layed to graves, veterans raising of Red Ensign flag.

Shot ID: 6478 9:10

Cardinal McGuigan Returns Home (30/03/1946): shot of Cardinal McGuigan speaking to camera on his return from Rome where he was named Cardinal (sound). Several shots of elaborate welcome he received from city of Toronto, Knights of Columbus honour guard, parade along Yonge Street, greetings at city hall by mayor Robert Saunders, wreath laying at Cenotaph, huge crowds, meeting with premier George Drew at Legislature (not shown). Shots of decorations at Cardinal's residence, of Cardinal's crest. Shot of McGuigan being greeted by Archbishop Ildebrando Antoniutti, apostolic delegate. Various interior shots of Saint Michael's Cathedral, Cardinal McGuigan officiating in pomp and ceremony. Shots of procession wending its way around Saint Michael's. Shots of men posing, from left to right, Dom Pascome Caboury, abbot of La Trappe, Most Reverend Turquetil, titular Bishop of Ptolemais, Bishop of the Arctic. Shots of McGuigan posing with Monsignor Antoniutti. Interior shots of the Cardinal posing in his ecclestastical robes, sitting, standing in front of picture of Pope Pius XII. Shots of the Cardinal strolling on snow-covered walk.

Shot ID: 8078 5:26

Montreal-Lachine railway centennary: Governor general Alexander walking with RC Vaughan, President of Canadian National Railway arriving at Central Station. Sequence on drill put on by Vimy Patrol of the Canadian Legion, on inspection by Governor general. Arrival at the old Bonaventure Station. Sequence on unveiling of plaque commemorating 100th anniversary of railway by Governor general Alexander. Sequence on ribbon cutting ceremony by mayor Camilien Houde as Governor general and party stand by, christening of new buffet car "Montreal". Shots of girls in period costumes, of young girl presenting bouquet to Houle and getting kiss in return. LS of Bonaventure Station. Governor general and party boarding train. CU of name "Canadian National" on side of car. Sequence on steam train leaving, arriving. TRAVELLING SHOTs along way to Lachine. Unveiling of cairn at original station in Lachine by Honorable Edouard Asselin, Provincial Government leader. (22/10/1947)

Shot ID: 11670 4:56

Graham Bell Anniversary (Paris, Ontario, 00/08/1946): shot of diagram re world's first long distance telephone call. Sequence on brief speech by dignitary, audience listening, unveiling of plaque commemorating first long distance telephone call from Brantford to Paris, via Toronto. CU of medallion representing Alexander Graham Bell and of inscription on monument. Shots of two elders speaking and listening into replicas of the first telephone, shaking hands vigorously. Shots of Bell's homestead in Brantford and signs to that effect. CU of photograph of Alexander Graham Bell. Cut to telephone station. CUs of women working on city switchboard.

Shot ID: 11739 18:33

Series of shots of historic and prehistoric features; various shots of Viking settlements (year 985 AD). MCS of plaque reading "Eskimo settlement from about 1700, of the Saraoa culture, 1500-1000 BC" to shots of governor and wife (00/06/1973) sitting on ruins. Few shots of Eric the Red's burial grounds. ZOOMs on glacier, of emplacement of Leif Ericson's departure for Canada (1000 AD). Various shots of Hans Egede's original landing site. Shots of Hans Egede's statue with and without Nuuk's (Godthab) town in background. Various CSs of Johannes Rink monument. Shots of Hans Egede's statue without and with town in background, PAN of town of Nuuk seen from Hans Egede's mountain.

Shot ID: 15067 0:32

LAMCS of obelisk at Luxor temple, TILT DOWN and PAN to MS of statue of Ramses ll (or lll) inside ruins, shot through entrance. ZOOM IN to CS of statue.

Shot ID: 16596 0:14

Shot of beautiful four masted schooner at sea under full sail. Shots of Statue of Liberty.

Shot ID: 23995 1:05

MS of Ecuadorian flag on flag post of presidential palace, cut to CS (10 ft). MCS of a group of schoolgirls in square facing palace, PAN and TILT UP along length of statue in centre of square (17 ft). CS of schoolgirls walking up flight of stairs, ZOOM OUT to MS of stone arch of building (10 ft).

Shot ID: 30493 5:02

LAS of Vimy Memorial, TILT DOWN to man standing at base. Shot of man descending steps past camera. CU PAN of English inscription on monument, of French inscription. Two MSs of statues, tourists walking by in background. Shot of sign "Canadian Battlefield Memorial - Vimy". Shot of people walking by camera, FOLLOW SHOT of people to LS of Vimy Memorial. MCS of statue, PAN to HALS of man standing by parapet. LAMS of statue, TILT DOWN to other figures. Shots of details. Vertical LAS of memorial. Shots of names inscribed on monument. LS of monument.

Shot ID: 31042 6:30

Various shots of parade showing VIP standing in Jeep at end of parade. LSs of soldiers standing on parade, of dais, of column of soldiers marching in front of dais. MS of column of Canadian tanks rolling towards and past camera. CU of tank. ELS of parade at other end of field, PAN to LS of tanks rolling by dais and to monument. MS of tanks rolling across frame. CUs of Canadian soldiers marching by camera, of dais with officers and VIP's. Various shots of spectators watching, presumably Germans. LAS of top of monument, short TILT DOWN shaft. HA PAN from top of monument to parade. MLS of dignitaries arriving, departing. Shot of member of honour guard at dais.

Shot ID: 31890 18:33

Various shots of Rocky Mountain scenery, lakes, mountains, summer. Several TRAVELLING SHOTs along roads through Rocky Mountain scenery. Several shots of Rocky Mountain waterfalls and streams. Shots of Morraine Lake in the Rockies. Shots of Maligne Canyon, turbulent water falling. Low AERIAL SHOTs over Columbia icefields. Shots of snowmobile carrying tourists over icefields. Shots of tourists riding Mount Norquay chair lift. LSs of Mount Rundle showing Banff at base of mountain. CSs of signs "Welcome to Banff" and "Buffalo Paddock". Shots of Banff's main street, mountain in background. Several shots of Memorial Tower dedicated to Western Canadian explorers.

Shot ID: 41130 1:37

Night LAS of de Maisonneuve monument in Place d'Armes Square, illuminated sign "Bank of Montreal, Banque de Montréal" in background, TILT DOWN to base. CU of Lambert Closse monument. LAS of de Maisonneuve monument, dark background, swish TILT DOWN to Closse. CU of Closse.

Shot ID: 41922 15:40

Various shots of War Memorial monument on Parliament Hill (1:59). Series of shots of Remembrance day celebrations in the presence of Prime minister Brian Mulroney, his wife and Governor General Jeanne Sauvé, shots of veterans, crowds and cenotaph (13:38).

Shot ID: 5592 0:19

Confederation Square: MLS of the War Memorial, of traffic: a streetcar moves past the camera. PAN to the Chateau Laurier.

Shot ID: 6979 3:30

Sequence on illuminated signs in London at night, lighted fountain, statues, traffic moving by, pedestrians. MLS of Piccadilly Circus at night, giant neon signs. MLS of two sidewalk musicians. MLS of street intersection, traffic police. TILT DOWN Nelson's Column to HAS of Trafalgar Square. MSs of two-decker bus moving by camera.

Shot ID: 7079 1:25

Exterior, day; MS of Indian peasant leading his team of oxen on road in highlands of Bolivia, he is carrying a wooden plough on his shoulders, ZOOM OUT as he walks past a series of commemorative tombstones on roadside for victims of natural disasters (lightning, drowning, etc.), barren landscape (lunar) in background (0:31). CS of tombstones (0:48).

Shot ID: 7461 1:08

HALSs of Peace Arch at Blaine, Washington. CUs Peace Arch, of tourists.

Shot ID: 8807 3:04

CU of name of park engraved on stone wall (Luis A. Velasquez), ZOOM OUT to MS of park. WIDE ANGLE SHOT of park, ZOOM IN to CS of a billboard announcing a government plan for conservation of green space in city, ZOOM IN to CSs of children playing in playground.

Shot ID: 9269 2:09

MLS of Egyptian turning Archimedes' screw, irrigating his field. CUs of screw, of man sitting down at screw, turning it. CU of Egyptian drawing water from irrigation well with pail. CU of face of man as he works. Shot of elderly Egyptian drawing water, pouring water into canal. Shot of irrigation canal. CU of head of man as he works. LAMS of head of Sphinx.

Shot ID: 10044 0:33

MCS of inscription on monument marking spot where Canadian Forces stopped at end of World War One.

Shot ID: 11541 1:02

MS of bagpiper playing a lament at the Newmarket, Ontario cenotaph on decoration day. Soldiers with heads bowed and hands resting on down turned weapons stand guard at corners of the cenotaph; TILT DOWN to CS of crosses marking graves of slain servicemen. Followed by MS of two members of the Royal Canadian Legion Women's Auxiliary laying wreath at base of cenotaph (37 ft).

Shot ID: 12784 0:18

CS of a commermorative plaque on the bade of a cross, ZOOM OUT to LAS of the cross.

Shot ID: 12860 0:25

LS of Lincoln Memorial Building, cut to MS.

Shot ID: 14682 8:57

[Remark: an impressive ceremony was held on the grounds in front of the Parliament buildings on the occasion of Remembrance Day (11/11/1931)] HAS of crowds of civilians and soldiers on parade on Parliament Hill, Royal Canadian Mounted Police riding into view. CU of mounted police officers. CU of Scottish Highlanders marching in, of band, veterans, sailors, soldiers and more Highlanders. HAS of stage and of war monument, of soldiers marching. CU of wreaths being deposited at monument, of Governor general Bessborough depositing wreath. Shot of reviewing party on Parliament steps reviewing marching soldiers. Prime Minister RB Bennett raising his hat to the soldiers. Shot of Peace Tower and clock. Shot of Bessborough in civvies speaking on stage, placing wreath at Cenotaph and returning to stage, of Bennett placing wreath.

Shot ID: 15021 1:48

MS of people walking by pyramid, ZOOM OUT to LS of pyramid with sphinx's paw in foreground, PAN and TILT UP to MCS of sphinx's head. MS of village street (Giza) with top of a pyramid visible above buildings. ZOOM IN on top of pyramid, ZOOM OUT back to village street.

Shot ID: 15069 0:58

CS side view of sphinx, ZOOM OUT and PAN to MS of Aisle of Sphinx leading to ruins of Luxor. MS of Aisle of Sphinx, ZOOM IN to MCS of two huge statues of Ramses at entrance of ruins of Luxor (tourists walking at base of statues).

Shot ID: 17029 3:04

MS of cenotaph in Peace Memorial Park in city of Hiroshima, atomic bomb dome is visible in background, ZOOM IN to MLS of dome, ZOOM OUT to MS of cenotaph, cut to CS of inscription on stone.

Shot ID: 17030 3:02

CS of vendor's stall in Peace Memorial Park in city of Hiroshima. Various shots of rocket-like monument inside park.

Shot ID: 18049 2:34

Notre Dame College - Rex Beach Memorial: shots of Notre Dame College buildings taken around campus, including views of students. MSs of signs: meals here - Varsity Hall, sign above door: Notre Dame Arts, sign: Southern League Baseball - Notre Dame Hounds. LAS of bell atop tower, TILT DOWN tower framework to dedication ceremony of "Tower of God" monument. MCS of group of dignitaries, woman approaching microphone and speaking. MLS of ceremony. Sequence on flag presentation inside hall at Rex Beach Memorial. Shots of dignitaries: Governor Don Nutter of Montana, Mrs May Neatherlin of Pinon, New Mexico, Mr Lewis Neatherlin of El Paso, Texas, Father Athol Murray. Brief MS of Governor Nutter speaking. PAN along group posing for camera. CU of flag. LAMS of bear skin hanging on wall, Inuit statuette in front of it, all part of Rex Beach Memorial.

Shot ID: 19176 0:55

King Edward VIII unveils Vimy Memorial (00/00/1936): AERIAL SHOT over Vimy Ridge Memorial. High PAN over crowd. MSs of Edward and party marching between lines of servicemen. MS of Edward giving address and unveiling monument. CU of monument.

Shot ID: 19205 8:17

Interior shots in Canadian pavilion at Expo 70 showing various art exhibits. CSs and CUs of pop art-like colourful designs. CU of lightboard. Rapid ZOOM INS, ZOOM OUTS, TILT UPS, TILT DOWNS on colourful pop art-like paintings. Shots of light embedded exhibits flashing on and off. Sequence on native art exhibits showing masks, cairn, including shots of models of Viking boat and sailing ships, CUs on details.

Shot ID: 20200 2:08

Nation welcomes Prime Minister of Greece (18/04/1961): shot of Air France Boing 707 taxiing in front of camera. Various shots of Prime minister Konstantinos Karamanlis arriving at Dorval, being greeted by Archbishop Ahenagorias, of Karamanlis arriving at Uplands, being greeted by Prime minister John Diefenbaker, inspecting the honour guard, laying a wreath at the Cenotaph, meeting various dignitaries, conferring with the cabinet, meeting Governor general Georges Vanier and wife Pauline Vanier, etc.

Shot ID: 21711 6:38

French maquis in Canada: shots of visitors speaking to a small audience in a small hall. Cut to the men chatting. Various LASs of Montreal buildings: Notre-Dame Reine du monde Cathedral, a skyscraper, Notre Dame Church on Place d'Armes, Saint Joseph Oratory, the Université de Montréal main building. Cut away to the two maquis and a girl looking at the sights. The visitors arrive at military hospital and are met by a couple of greeters. Cut to steam train pulling into Three Rivers station past camera. The group of maquis and their hosts visit a paper mill. Two interior shots of them looking on. Cut to honour roll of Canadian International Paper employees who died for their country. Shots of reception in honour of the visitors. Arrival of the visitors in Quebec City. LAS of Château Frontenac. Cut to interior, reception in honour of visitors. Shots of public buildings, visitors coming out, similar shots of the Notre-Dame-de-la-Victoire Church. LAS of Château Frontenac. Underexposed TILT UP of Peace Tower in Ottawa. TILT UP of cenotaph in Confederation Square. Cut to French Embassy. Interior of press conference. Cut to scenes of General Charles De Gaulle entering in Paris, crowd, maquis accompanying the General. Cut to the Arc de Triomphe, traffic moving through.

Shot ID: 31028 7:31

MS of two Canadian soldiers from the Fusiliers Mont Royal and the Regina Rifles depositing wreath at cenotaph in large military cemetery. Shots of the two soldiers strolling among gravestones, reading inscription on monument. PAN over beach at Courseulles-sur-Mer, signs of warfare still evident, anti-invasion obstacles, boats high and dry, wrecked blockhouses. Shots of the two soldiers strolling on beach, chatting with people, hitchhiking. MS of roadsign sign "Caen". Interior shot of Caen railway station, the two soldiers buying flowers from sidewalk vendor (woman).

Shot ID: 31926 5:52

Annapolis Royal 350th Anniversary: rear shot of Governor General Vincent Massey on dais, front shot of massed troops on parade ground. Reverse angle of Massey walking down steps with two aides. Various shots of Governor General inspecting mounted female lancers wearing pith helmets. Various shots of festival showing crowning of festival queen, crowd in attendance, honour guard dressed in 1600's French Army uniforms. Few shots of mock battle between soldiers and Indians, soldiers in distant background. MS of old cannon on lawn. MLS of poor replica of English man-o-war in bay, smoke billowing up from it's "cannons". Various shots of crowd watching. HAS of British Grenadiers, circa 1600's, marching, TILT UP to Fort Anne Museum in background. Shots of French soldiers marching, standard bearer in foreground, of festival queen and retinue. Rear shot of three naval officers saluting Sieur De Mont's monuments. Front shot of French sailor and two Canadian sailors. CU of monument. Various shots of naval, Highlander parade, of float parade.

Shot ID: 33082 2:50

Shot of base of monument, wreaths at foot of cross. Shot of two tractors driving along edge of flax field. MLS of two men pushing and straining to lift root of fallen tree onto pile. Shots of two-masted cabin sloop sailing up stream, of several small dinghies sailing past camera. LS of people coming out small frame country church. Shot of rides in midway at country fair. Front MS of entrance of covered bridge, sign "You are now entering the longest covered bridge in the world 1282 feet" over entrance, car coming out towards camera. Exterior shots of woman working on spinning wheel in farmyard. MLS of young girl cranking handle of grindstone for man sharpening blade of axe.

Shot ID: 38165 9:58

MLS, MS of two Zouaves on sentry duty at entrance to Zouave camp, tents visible in background. MS from inside tent of sentry walking back and forth at night. Exterior MLS of sentry marching back and forth. HAMLS, ZOOM IN on tents around corner of field, Zouaves milling about in front. MS of Zouaves on parade, ordering arms. Shots of bugles, of standard bearer. Longer shot of bearer, Zouaves at attention in background. MS of Zouave troopers, officer with sword drawn. HAMCS of Montcalm Naval Band playing. Shot of wreaths at foot of cenotaph, TILT UP. Shot of Zouave officer marching to cenotaph, laying wreath, saluting, marching back, PAN to assembled crowd. Shot of colourful stained glass window, ZOOM OUT to include Zouaves in church. ZOOM OUT from insignias on table, priest blessing insignias, handing them out. DOLLY OUT of Zouaves filing out of pews towards and on both sides of camera. Shots of directional signs pointing towards Zouave camp, street signs, highway signs. Shots of two young troopers practicing fancy rifle drill in front of tent. FOLLOW SHOT of band led by drum major, colour party, marching onto field, stopping in front of Commanding Officer's tent. (00/06/1967)

Shot ID: 39466 6:57

Various shots taken at various angles in a park in Gaspé. We see menhir-shaped cast iron pillars engraved with images illustrating the arrival of Jacques Cartier and his encounter with Native tribes. The artwork was created by Jean-Julien and Gil Bourgault-Legros.

Shot ID: 40542 0:27

MSs of two children in graveyard with wooden crosses and stone cairns.

Shot ID: 52401 6:41

Edited report on apartheid in South Africa, French narration, 1967. Series of shots intercut with commentaries by South African exiled in Paris explaining situation in S. A. Sequence on independence of South Africa in 1961, shots of political rallies, men delivering speeches, placards, election of president Mr. Verwoerd, shots of his assassination in September 1966. Shots of slums and poor neighbourhoods (0:11). Shots of blacks in city, boarding buses (0:11). Shots of black workers in mines and factories, shots of gold ingot being weighed by white man (0:37). Shots of blacks in reserves, performing African dances (0:26). Shot of black man taking part in 100 meter race in Paris, he wins (0:21). Shots of demonstration in 1960, of army and policemen opening fire (1:04). Shots of monument of Fort Trecker (0:12).

Shot ID: 3667 10:19

Sequence on two Canadian soldiers sightseeing around Hanover showing men walking their bicycles past zoo, feeding llamas, cycling across the grounds of Rathhaus Building, examining the architecture of building, mingling with crowd of people. CU of the two Royal Canadian Electrical Mechanical Engineers soldiers. LAMS of facade of ornate building, TILT DOWN to signs and Volkswagen car offered in lottery. Shot of the two soldiers buying lottery tickets from woman, continuing on their way. Sequence on the soldiers skirting waterfront, sailboats visible bobbing at quay, soldiers reading inscription on monument dedicated to slaughtered allied prisoners, soldiers cycling through ruined section of Hanover, chatting with German policeman, examining monument dedicated to war dead and other to Jews killed at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Shot of the two soldiers in beer garden, drinking German ale.

Shot ID: 6472 5:00

Clement Attlee In Ottawa (00/11/1945): brief rear shot of Attlee's train in Ottawa station, Royal Canadian Mounted Police standing guard, piper in civvies on platform. Shots of British Prime minister Clement Attlee and Canadian Prime minister Mackenzie King shaking hands with people, reporters, dignitaries in foreground. HAS of same. Sequence on Clement Attlee and retinue leaving station by car. Sequence on Clement Attlee depositing wreath at Cenotaph. CU of wreath and note. Various shots of Clement Attlee at Cenotaph, arriving at Parliament, posing on steps, of William Lyon Mackenzie King at his side. MS of Clement Attlee sitting at desk, speaking to camera.

Shot ID: 7212 1:37

CS of memorial monument in square at the site of landing of Loyalists, CU of plaque (0:15). MLS of the Loyalist house built in 1810 on street corner, LACS of sign (0:28). LS from harbour of street in downtown area (0:28). MLS of traffic on street with cars parked on each side on street (0:15). LACS of sign of the "TELEGRAPH AND TIMES" (0:08).

Shot ID: 8518 0:45

MS of monument dedicated to martyrs of Cuban assault squad in public square in Miami's Latin quarter. CS of flame in front of Cuban flag (2 shots; 92 ft).

Shot ID: 15080 5:52

MS of first pylon of ruins of Karnak, PAN of ruins to HAMLS of pillars of hypostyle hall. HAMS of wooden scaffolding on ruin site. ZOOM OUT and PAN to HAMLS of pillars of hypostyle hall at Karnak. HAMS of tourists walking out of hypostyle hall. ZOOM OUT to MLS and PAN of ruins. HAMS of low buildings, ZOOM OUT to MLS of hypostyle hall. HAMS of Aisle of Sphinxes at Karnak. HAS, l80° PAN of Karnak ruins, from Aisle of Sphinxes to hypostyle hall. Several shots from different angles of details of pillars and roof of hypostyle hall, including CUs of low reliefs.

Shot ID: 15132 7:50

Various CSs of painting on wall of tomb of Nakht in Thebes, representing a ploughing scene. Several CSs and CUs of various paintings inside tomb of King Tutankhamen in Thebes, including shots of paintings of King Tutankhamen and gods (Anubis, Osiris).

Shot ID: 15723 0:31

AERIAL SHOT of town of Inuvik (0:23). CU and MS of memorial plaque near dome shaped church (0:10).

Shot ID: 19298 2:22

Several good PANs and MSs of Piccadilly Circus as seen from Regent Street in London, many double decker buses are visible in dense traffic, Nelson's Column is visible in background on some shots.