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Shot ID: 16358 0:37

CS of sign of "Montreal Star", ZOOM OUT to MS of newspaper booth on streetcorner (0:21). MS of urban traffic at intersection in downtown area, ZOOM IN to CS of street sign "St Catherine O." (0:15).

Shot ID: 19256 6:57

Hand held TRAVELLING SHOT walking in aisles of Montreal International Fur Fair in Place Bonaventure (32 ft). CSs of man inspecting fox pelts at kiosk (17 ft). Several CSs of signs of famous international fur retailers (97 ft). Various shots of people in aisles (66 ft). MS of people changing money at foreign exchange booth, ZOOM IN to CS (30 ft).

Shot ID: 35287 11:06

Various walking shots along commercial pedestrian streets in La Haye of many people walking by, of store windows, of people sitting at terrasse of coffee shop, of trolley bus on boulevard, of pedestrians on street. PANs to newsstand, cameraman walking on streets. Various walking shots of flower stand on bridge crossing canal, of Depth marketplace, of pedestrian streets, some people walking beside their bicycles, of bicycles parked on racks, cameraman passing through crowd in marketplace, including TILT UP to church steeple. Shots of narrow houses with various gable rooftops in evidence around market.

Shot ID: 44635 10:14

Sequence on crowd in Post Office Square, men standing there. Shots of tradesmen in square, elderly man polishing shoes, CS of his hands while polishing. Sho of newstand, mainly magazines with women on covers, one magazine with Brigitte Bardot on top. CS of hands peeling corn cob, man selling corn cobs. Shots of displays of all kind, sunglasses, necklaces, scarves, bread. CS of many bird cages with birds in it. Shot of men sitting at sidewalk cafe.

Shot ID: 5785 3:50

Several shots from different angles of a variety of signs (banks, cafés, airlines) in Arabic and French in downtown Fez, including shots of newspaper stands (141 ft).

Shot ID: 8760 4:15

MCS of women selling fruit juice at intersection, ZOOM IN to CS of two soldiers drinking, ZOOM IN to CU of woman's face. CS of two soldiers (Sandanistas) one man and one woman, talking with children at vendor's stall, ZOOM OUT to MCS. Various CSs of women at their stalls. MS of traffic at intersection, ZOOM IN to MCS across street of group of people around vendor's stall on corner. CS of same from another angle. CS of women preparing food.

Shot ID: 17030 3:02

CS of vendor's stall in Peace Memorial Park in city of Hiroshima. Various shots of rocket-like monument inside park.

Shot ID: 39228 6:32

Several shots of pedestrians on Montreal streets, women prominent. Telephoto shot of women, other pedestrians, cars blurring past in foreground. MSs and MCSs of same, of newstand on Sainte-Catherine Street, woman stopping to look at papers.

Shot ID: 8243 5:00

MS of fishing posters on both sides of tourist information cabin (0:29). TRAVELLING SHOTs from car moving in residential streets of town on a sunny day (2:11). Static shots of residential streets (0:44). Various atmosphere shots; small dog leashed to stairway, traffic, woman pushing carriage (1:35).

Shot ID: 8711 19:43

Various shots of old telex machines typing news, of man taking out articles from them. MCS of telecom readout machine typing notes. MCS of woman typing on kind of type metal machine. Various shots of type-founding machine in action. Various shots of newsprint moving at high speed on "Le Devoir" printing press including views of employees at work. MCSs of newly printed newspapers arriving on conveyor to employees, of employees piling them and tidying it up for delivery. Various shots of newstand on Montreal street, of seller displaying newspapers on bench between magazines, of seller opening his stand, entering it. Two CSs of "Le Devoir" headlines, ZOOM OUT to newspapers and magazines. MS of newstand, cars passing in foreground, pedestrians in evidence. CSs of "Le Devoir" headlines. MS of seller displaying magazines on sidewalk, rainy weather.

Shot ID: 12058 7:35

Lengthy HAS of crowd coming up escalator at the Berri-De Montigny subway station. HALS of illuminated mosaic at end of station. TILT DOWN to subway train pulling in, passengers stepping out of trains. TILT UP to mosaic as train pulls out. Level shots of Berri-De Montigny concourse, crowds of passengers walking by the camera, some looking at magazines in news stand. Shot of train pulling in, as seen from platform, passengers flocking in, train pulling out as another train comes in on the other track. CS of same. Moderate sized crowds throughout.

Shot ID: 15286 3:30

Sequence on rationing showing grocer serving woman customer at counter, packing food goods in basket, woman handing ration coupons, woman at table budgeting with ration coupons as several children look on. Sequence on home economics classes showing women at cooking class, at sewing class, woman teacher teaching to teenage girls. Sequence on recycling showing woman picking up items to be recycled, of woman putting out items to be recycled into box near garbage can, HACS of shoes falling in box. Shots of women and of army men collecting item to be recycled, of men piling old rubber tires, CU of pieces of metal falling on ground TILT UP to large pile of scrap metal. Sequence on people organizing actions to help showing girl guides putting up posters, people working in community garden, people discussing at various meetings, women taking care of children in nursery. Shots of teenagers running towards camera in country field. Sequence in train station showing man pulling cart along platform, train moving past in background, FOLLOW SHOT of woman walking up to soldier through crowd on platform, kissing soldier. PAN across street, strollers, kiosk. ESTABLISHING PAN over town. End Title.

Shot ID: 23596 8:59

Shot of diffuse winter sun, leafless boughs in foreground. Shot of pale winter sun seen through bare branches. PAN and TILT UP to bush covered with snow, city buildings in background. TILT DOWN from bare tree to MLS of snow-covered dwelling, wooded hill in background. HAS of part of Decarie Interchange in snow storm, fairly busy traffic. Shot of elevated stretch, service road. Murky HAS of cars moving on highway, arched bridge in background, snow all around. TRAVELLING SHOT of snowy street as seen through windshield, buildings in background. LS of Montreal skyline from Saint Helen's Island, snow in foreground, man walking into frame. Closer shot of skyscrapers. Static HALS of top of Place Ville Marie Building, of Dorchester Boulevard (René-Lévesque) below, fairly busy traffic. LAMS of Place Ville Marie Building. HASs of street, busy automotive and pedestrian traffic. CU of pile of newspapers at newstand. Shot of man shovelling snow in Phillips Square, heavily dressed pedestrians walking by. Shot of monument and statue in square. Cut to man feeding flock of pigeons. LS of police officer directing traffic at intersection of Union and Sainte-Catherine Streets, pedestrians walking by. TILT DOWN from eaves, snow-covered roofs to undisturbed snow on lawns, boy walking away through snow. Sequence on young children playing in snow. Shots of two women and young child playing with toboggan.

Shot ID: 62687 0:34

HAMS of several women (wearing hijabs) around stand selling hijabs in bazaar.

Shot ID: 1091 3:06

Zoo: Rear shot of people looking into cage at zoo. HAS of people at Central Park Zoo in New York City. TILT DOWN from high buildings to thoroughfares in zoo, to pigeons flocking by, being fed, etc, MS of red balloon with "Central Park Zoo" written on it. TILT DOWN string to little boy. CS of balloon.

Shot ID: 15268 2:33

Various shots of workers building stalls in a public market, including a HAS and PANs of roofs.

Shot ID: 39112 1:58

Shots of street newsstand in Lüneberg, Germany. Street scenes showing cars, buses, trucks, pedestrians.

Shot ID: 9207 16:40

TRAVELLING LASs of shop fronts, Greek language signs in the Greek neighbourhood of Montreal. Two short TRAVELLING SHOTs on Sainte-Catherine Street. TRAVELLING SHOTs in an alley of slum backyards. Retreating TRAVELLING SHOT of the alley, three boys following on bicycles until outdistanced. Shots of four children playing with a ball in an alley. Shot of an elderly woman, wearing a shawl, looking on. Various shots of Greek shop fronts. TRAVELLING CUs of magazines on shelves in a store, Greek titles, Greek books on back, past Greek figurines on shelves, pottery.

Shot ID: 22646 0:00

ZOOM OUT on women with children shopping at the fair. Various shots of two women in kiosk at fair selling merchandise to people. MLS of people and parked cars at the fair.Various shots of a woman in group shopping at the fair.

Shot ID: 22649 1:35

ZOOM OUT and MCSs of a woman in an empty kiosk as she takes a bag of small breads, her purse and leaves.

Shot ID: 8774 5:25

MCS of ventriloquist with puppet surrounded by children in marketplace, ZOOM IN to CS of him. ZOOM OUT to MCS and PAN to MS of marketplace. MCS of horse-drawn carriage parked in front of stalls in marketplace. ZOOM IN to CS of driver tying strap on horse. Brief FOLLOW SHOT of two women walking past stalls in marketplace, MCS of women sitting in her stall. FOLLOW SHOT of man pushing handcart in marketplace. Various MCSs and CSs of women in square at marketplace.

Shot ID: 8794 3:09

MS of people in public square. ZOOM IN to various CSs of people at food vendor's stall. MCS of old woman and child sitting at small table preparing food.

Shot ID: 26185 2:13

LAS of attic windows of houses in Old Quebec (0:13). MLS looking down narrow street in Old Quebec (0:15). MSs of attic windows (0:13). Various shots of workers repairing roof of victorian pagoda on Dufferin Terrace (0:52). LAMLS of two men shoveling snow off roofs (0:20). MLS of typical house in Old Quebec with multiple attic windows, a wrought iron gate visible in foreground, icicles hang from edge of roof (0:10).

Shot ID: 11094 0:17

MS of group of people sitting in open booth.

Shot ID: 26330 3:46

MS and ZOOM IN on pay booth. MCSs of man working in pay booth handling tickets. ZOOM IN and HASs of metro train pulling into station, people get off, train pulls out. MCSs and HASs of metro turnstile, hand inserts ticket in turnstile. CS of transfer machine, hand presses button and transfer appears.

Shot ID: 40392 4:25

Sequence on magazines on newstand. Interior shot of Coles Book Store.

Shot ID: 72269 0:24


Shot ID: 6913 4:55

MCSs of cashier selling football tickets for game between the Alouettes of Montreal and the Blue Bombers of Winnipeg. Several shots from different angles of a woman selling programs for the Winnipeg team, of a Loto-Québec ticket seller, of two boys selling team flags.

Shot ID: 20631 9:36

MCSs of woman pedestrian waiting to cross street, of man in car waiting for light to change, of man standing across street, cars whizzing by in foreground, of young motorcyclist waiting for light, of man loitering near corner of post office, of cars moving by rapidly, store fronts in background. Shots of two men reading paper on park bench, of outside newsstand with high piles of periodicals and newspapers, of customers standing at counter, of row of three telephone booths, of pedestrians walking past front of large truck towards and past camera, of people standing close to camera. Vertical HAS of man and woman on street, car passing. HAS, oblique shots, of a few pedestrians on Saint James Street, stalled car with hood open. Several shots of people on sidewalk. CUs of faces of women, of men and boys. Shot of large group of businessmen coming out of building.

Shot ID: 41164 0:23

MS of magazines on outdoor newstand.