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Historic sites


Shots not available for online viewing

Shot ID: 994 2:47

AERIAL SHOTs of Historic Fortress of Louisbourg on a sunny day, including good shots of buildings, roads and walls surrounding fort and shoreline.

Shot ID: 7830 7:40

Several shots from different angles of Quebec Premier René Lévesque taking part in official ceremony at the base of the Arc de Triomphe, during his trip to France in November 1977. Includes shots of Premier meeting a group of veterans. MS of crowd waving Quebec flags. CSs of military brass band. Various shots of honour guard parading at the base of the Arc de Triomphe.

Shot ID: 7835 3:05

MLS of the Arc de Triomphe with Champs Élysées in foreground; there is heavy traffic; ZOOM OUT, 180° PAN and ZOOM IN to MCS of Quebec flag flying atop building (two shots). MCS from various angles of flag with statue in foreground.

Shot ID: 15024 0:20

ZOOM OUT to MS of sheep passing by pyramid at sunset.

Shot ID: 15043 5:05

Several shots from different angles of young boys hired by Canadian archaeological expedition at East Karnak, at work cleaning pieces of pottery and various artifacts.

Shot ID: 15049 6:50

Several shots from different angles of workers loading carts on train, used to carry earth and debris off excavation site, on flatbed trailor hitched to tractor (included shots of foreman Farouk) organizing operation. FOLLOW SHOT of workers getting on loaded tractor and moving away.

Shot ID: 15052 6:55

Several shots from different angles of archaeologist Donald Redford explaining excavation techniques to a group of "Earthwatchers". These are people who pay to observe the work of the expedition.

Shot ID: 15067 0:32

LAMCS of obelisk at Luxor temple, TILT DOWN and PAN to MS of statue of Ramses ll (or lll) inside ruins, shot through entrance. ZOOM IN to CS of statue.

Shot ID: 15125 6:55

MCS of a group of Egyptians on site of ruins in Karnak area, low hills and ruins in background, TILT DOWN to HACS of two boys in centre of group singing traditional songs. Cut to several CSs from different angles of boys singing and dancing. Several CSs of faces of children and men with turbans in crowd of spectators. Several CSs and CUs from different angles of musicians dressed in colourful robes playing traditional Egyptian instruments. Several CSs and CUs of faces of men and boys in crowd watching musicians and dancers. CSs of man in colourful robes in centre of group performing a stick dance.

Shot ID: 15160 22:08

CSs of statues of head of Nefrititi, wife of the Pharaoh Akenaten (one is unfinished). CSs of statue of head of a princess. CS of head of statuette of Nefrititi, TILT DOWN along her body (two shots). Various CSs from different angles of statuette of Nefrititi. CS of sculpture of two hands joined together. CSs of details of lovely head of Nefrititi. CSs side view of statue of head of Akhenaten. TILT UP along headless statue of torso of Akhenaten. CSs of statue of head of Akhenaten. Several CSs of details of stele of Akhenaten and Nefrititi sitting in sun. CS front view of famous head of Nefrititi. Several CSs from different angles of limestone head of Akhenaten. CSs and CUs of slate and alabaster figurine of Akhenaten. CSs from different angles of sandstone head of princess or queen. CSs and CUs of limestone profile of Akhenaten.

Shot ID: 15162 28:17

Several CSs of details of limestone stele of the Pharaoh Akhenaten with his wife Nefrititi and three daughters. Several CSs and CUs from different angles of head of Queen Tiye. Good CS of head of Akhenaten. CSs of details of stele of Akhenaten as a sphinx. CS of stele of ladies in waiting in row. CS of blue vase topped with a ram as a handle. CSs of details of stele of geese. CSs of details of stele with hyeroglyphs and a woman kneeling. CSs of details of stele of flowers. Various CSs of broken limestone head with printed lips. Several CSs and CUs of paintings on armana vase. CSs of relief of girl patting nose of a bull in a pen. Several CSs of blue jar. Several CSs of relief of head of princess. CSs of relief of fishes. Several CSs of relief of musicians. CSs of relief on pillar of doves.

Shot ID: 15165 1:37

Various CSs of details of paintings on wall of temple representing a man with a bird's head. CS of relief of a head on a pillar of Queen Hatshepsout's temple. ZOOM OUT to LAMS, ZOOM IN back to CS, cut to CS of relief of face at top of a pillar, ZOOM OUT to LAMCS of face with another relief of a face on another pillar in foreground, ZOOM IN to CS of relief of pillar.

Shot ID: 26533 7:35

Several shots from different angles of re-enactment of battle between Loyalist soldiers and patriots, with horses, muskets and cannon, at Fort Wellington Historic Park, in background freighter going down Saint Lawrence River.

Shot ID: 26557 3:34

CS of employee of Upper Canada Village cutting tall grass of field using scythe. CS of man (employee) leading horse pulling small barge filled with tourists on canal. CU of horse as it passes near camera. MCS of barge on canal. TILT UP to MS of small church. Several CSs of employee opening barrier on canal.

Shot ID: 27642 5:42

Several shots from different angles of team of archaeologists at work on site of Basque whaling station on coast of Bay of Fundy (102 ft). Various UNDERWATER SHOTs of scuba divers at work on wreck of sunken whaling ship, including CUs of tags on ribs of hull (105 ft).

Shot ID: 30493 5:02

LAS of Vimy Memorial, TILT DOWN to man standing at base. Shot of man descending steps past camera. CU PAN of English inscription on monument, of French inscription. Two MSs of statues, tourists walking by in background. Shot of sign "Canadian Battlefield Memorial - Vimy". Shot of people walking by camera, FOLLOW SHOT of people to LS of Vimy Memorial. MCS of statue, PAN to HALS of man standing by parapet. LAMS of statue, TILT DOWN to other figures. Shots of details. Vertical LAS of memorial. Shots of names inscribed on monument. LS of monument.

Shot ID: 32368 10:43

[ANAMORPHIC LENS] Low AERIAL SHOTS over fairly rough water. Oblique AERIAL SHOT of water, craggy coastlines in background, water smashing against cliff. Oblique AERIAL SHOT of coastline, rough structures. Higher AERIAL SHOT of coast, point of land, hole eroded by wave action. Low oblique AERIAL SHOT of Saint John's Harbour, ships tied to docks. Ascending AERIAL SHOTS of city. Slightly rough horizontal AERIAL TRAVELLING SHOT of coast guard ice breaker, other ships, docks, part of city in background. Shot of tower on Signal Hill. Low swift AERIAL SHOT of water, TILT UP and horizontal AERIAL SHOT of high cliff. (00/00/1962)

Shot ID: 45286 1:17

HAMS of a group of archaeologists surveying ground, ZOOM OUT to WS, PAN of Anse aux Meadows archaeological site.

Shot ID: 71578 1:23

Strathgartney Homestead, Prince Edward Island, VARIOUS SHOTS of a bedroom, of the imposing dining room with its fireplace, of the garden, and of a religious image representing Christ found on this estate that was built by Robert Bruce Stewart, a major landowner at the beginning of the 1860’s, and run by his family until 1876.

Shot ID: 15021 1:48

MS of people walking by pyramid, ZOOM OUT to LS of pyramid with sphinx's paw in foreground, PAN and TILT UP to MCS of sphinx's head. MS of village street (Giza) with top of a pyramid visible above buildings. ZOOM IN on top of pyramid, ZOOM OUT back to village street.

Shot ID: 15028 10:02

Several shots from different angles of Arab workers on site of archaeological dig at East Karnak, shots of workers digging, brushing stones, handling pottery. MCSs of two Canadian women talking near small table shaded by an umbrella including brief shots of three village women walking by site. Various CSs of two members of archaeological expedition talking at table with umbrella. CS of archeologist and interpreter on dig site, TILT DOWN to HAS of diggers at work in square pit. TILT UP to CSs of archaeologist and interpreter talking.

Shot ID: 15069 0:58

CS side view of sphinx, ZOOM OUT and PAN to MS of Aisle of Sphinx leading to ruins of Luxor. MS of Aisle of Sphinx, ZOOM IN to MCS of two huge statues of Ramses at entrance of ruins of Luxor (tourists walking at base of statues).

Shot ID: 15100 8:52

Various CSs of worker on archaeological site in East Karnak, brushing remains of a pot that has been uncovered while someone else takes measurements. TILT UP to CS of Peter French, pottery specialist. CS of Peter French as he talks about remains of pot. Several CSs and CUs of him using trowel to remove pot from earth, pot breaks into many pieces, including shots of two assistants helping (jump cuts). HACU of pieces of pot in a basket, ZOOM OUT as Peter French picks it up, FOLLOW SHOT as he walks away with basket.

Shot ID: 15142 6:05

Various CSs of member of archaeological expedition sitting on stones in front of ninth pylon, talking about his work.

Shot ID: 18997 1:28

MS front view of arch of Septimus Severus in ruins of Roman Forum (Rome), tourists are visible in foreground (28 ft). LS of ruins through arch, ZOOM OUT to MS of arch (18 ft). MLS of site (7 ft).

Shot ID: 31926 5:52

Annapolis Royal 350th Anniversary: rear shot of Governor General Vincent Massey on dais, front shot of massed troops on parade ground. Reverse angle of Massey walking down steps with two aides. Various shots of Governor General inspecting mounted female lancers wearing pith helmets. Various shots of festival showing crowning of festival queen, crowd in attendance, honour guard dressed in 1600's French Army uniforms. Few shots of mock battle between soldiers and Indians, soldiers in distant background. MS of old cannon on lawn. MLS of poor replica of English man-o-war in bay, smoke billowing up from it's "cannons". Various shots of crowd watching. HAS of British Grenadiers, circa 1600's, marching, TILT UP to Fort Anne Museum in background. Shots of French soldiers marching, standard bearer in foreground, of festival queen and retinue. Rear shot of three naval officers saluting Sieur De Mont's monuments. Front shot of French sailor and two Canadian sailors. CU of monument. Various shots of naval, Highlander parade, of float parade.

Shot ID: 36465 5:05

MSs of large stones sitting on end in historic Kaseberga Cemetery in Sweden.

Shot ID: 966 3:04

FOLLOW CS of men dressed as eighteenth century soldiers, drummers marching. They stop and do drill. CS of muskets being fired by line of men.

Shot ID: 9631 2:13

Series of shots of historic excavation in front of Exeter Cathedral; CS of man moving earth with wheelbarrow, ZOOM OUT to MLS of cathedral with piles of earth in foreground (0:28). Various shots of human remains half imbedded in stone and team of archeologists at work on dig site (1:09). HASs of dig site (0:36).

Shot ID: 14378 5:39

LS of ruins of temple on top of hill. MS of crumbling wall. MCS of broken stone block, Greek characters carved in it. Various shots from various angles of ruins of temple and of group of three ionic columns still standing. HAS of ruins of outdoor theatre, LAS of remains of columns against blue sky. Various shots of ruins of theatre and of temple. Several shots of bas-relief carvings at Delphi temple. Shots of statue, including ZOOM IN to CU of face. CUs of old bronze warrior helmets.

Shot ID: 15032 1:28

CS of Canadian archaeologist Donald Redford on site of Akhenaten's temple in Karnak talking about his work.

Shot ID: 15037 3:14

Several shots from different angles of Arab workers on site of archaeological dig at East Karnak waiting to be hired including CSs of faces. Several shots from different angles of foreman (Farouk) organizing workers. FOLLOW SHOT of foreman walking away, cut to TRACKING SHOT back view of workers following him, camera stops and workers walk by camera toward stone gate.

Shot ID: 15051 1:22

Several CSs of foreman of Canadian archaelogical expedition (Farouk) brushing stones.

Shot ID: 15054 1:27

Several shots from different angles of workers oiling wheels of carts, then placing carts on tracks. Work is supervised by Kufti (people from the village of Kuft) and foreman Farouk.

Shot ID: 15060 6:29

Several shots from different angles of workers clearing dirt and debris from a pyramid, (several ZOOM INS and ZOOM OUTS). Several shots from different angles of workers (basket boys) carrying dirt and debris from pyramid and dumping it in carts of conveyor train. FOLLOW SHOT of two workers pushing cart away from site, PAN to FOLLOW SHOT of two more pushing the next cart. PAN to MS of workers on pyramid, PAN to MCS of workers near rail carts.

Shot ID: 15063 1:53

Various CSs and CUs of workers on a Canadian archaeological expedition at East Karnak, clearing face of a pyramid.

Shot ID: 15080 5:52

MS of first pylon of ruins of Karnak, PAN of ruins to HAMLS of pillars of hypostyle hall. HAMS of wooden scaffolding on ruin site. ZOOM OUT and PAN to HAMLS of pillars of hypostyle hall at Karnak. HAMS of tourists walking out of hypostyle hall. ZOOM OUT to MLS and PAN of ruins. HAMS of low buildings, ZOOM OUT to MLS of hypostyle hall. HAMS of Aisle of Sphinxes at Karnak. HAS, l80° PAN of Karnak ruins, from Aisle of Sphinxes to hypostyle hall. Several shots from different angles of details of pillars and roof of hypostyle hall, including CUs of low reliefs.

Shot ID: 15132 7:50

Various CSs of painting on wall of tomb of Nakht in Thebes, representing a ploughing scene. Several CSs and CUs of various paintings inside tomb of King Tutankhamen in Thebes, including shots of paintings of King Tutankhamen and gods (Anubis, Osiris).

Shot ID: 15143 4:19

LS of scaffoldings around ninth pylon of the ruins of Karnak. ZOOM IN to MCS of man climbing ladder up to top of scaffolding. ZOOM OUT and PAN of ruins. Several shots from different angles of men working inside of scaffolding of ninth pylon.

Shot ID: 15145 0:33

HALSs of ruins at Karnak, including brief PAN.

Shot ID: 15159 20:10

CSs of stele on a pillar representing doves. CSs of details of stele representing musicians. CSs of details of stele representing men bending over and courtiers bowing. CSs of details of stele representing a princess offering loaves of bread. CSs of details of stele of Akhenaten holding duck. CSs of details of stele of Akhenaten (hand, shoulder, mouth). CSs of details of stele representing Nefrititi (wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten) and princess. CSs of details of stele of horses galloping. CSs of details of stele of wheat. CSs of details of stele of horses and chariots. CSs of details of stele of three heads (foreigners). CSs of details of stele of hands holding olives. CSs of lips on broken statue of Queen Tiye. Various CSs of statue of the Pharaoh Horemheb.

Shot ID: 24934 9:16

MLS of waterfront of unidentified city. Cut to beach, men around overturned rowboat, mountain with peak in clouds in background. Street scenes in unidentified city, Havana, Puerto Rico and Caracas showing streets, pedestrians, horse-drawn vehicles, churches, one with clock tower. Shots of harbours. Shot of Hindu man wearing turban. Tropical scene showing valley visible through trunks of palm trees in foreground. MS of palm tree, lighthouse and fortifications in background. Shots of Gran Casino Nacional in Havana, ornate fountain in foreground, street scenes, beach. Underwater shots of tropical fish. MS of row of slender coconut palm trees. LAS of palms against cloudy sky. CU of Puerto Rican native with monkey eating banana his shoulder. Shot of native climbing coconut tree. Level shot of tropical jungle. CU of monkey. HAS of rowboats moving about as natives dive for pennies. HAS of lush tropical vegetation, small group of people strolling. MS of native hut. MS of fishing harbour in La Guaira, Venezuela. Slow BOATING SHOT of La Guaia. Various shots of highway in the mountain. Sequence showing Panama Canal operations, ships, lock closing and opening. BOATING SHOT of steep banks of Panama River. Shots of ruins of old Panama.

Shot ID: 26099 6:25

Steadycam TRAVELLING SHOTS moving between reconstructed dwellings of archaeological site, a Viking settlement located at l'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland, including MLSs of site and the surroundings.

Shot ID: 26529 1:58

MLS of several rows of tents on site of Fort Wellington Historic Park, with Saint Lawrence River in background (tents are reconstruction of Loyalist military camp), cut to several MLSs of camp with freighter going down river in background.

Shot ID: 26532 2:08

MLS of men in uniform of Loyalist soldiers standing on bank of Saint Lawrence firing muskets. Old church is visible in background on opposite bank of river, PAN to LAMCS of Union Jack flag being lowered on pole, TILT UP following old Canadian flag being run up pole, cut to MS of Loyalist soldiers firing muskets.

Shot ID: 26559 2:42

Several shots from different angles of various points of interest at Upper Canada Village (wild shooting). CS of employees in period costumes, canals, wooden bridge, anchor in field, Union Jack.

Shot ID: 32329 9:15

[ANAMORPHIC LENS] AERIAL SHOT over Upper Canada Village. AERIAL FOLLOW SHOT of stagecoach, including view of Upper Canada Village. Shot of Upper Canada Village. AERIAL FOLLOW SHOT of miniature sightseeing train with antique locomotive. FOLLOW SHOTS of stagecoach, of stagecoach coming into town. Horizontal AERIAL SHOT of Thousand Island observation tower. AERIAL SHOT of Thousand Island region. (00/07/1962)

Shot ID: 53509 0:55

MCSs of inscriptions on tower commemorating signing of one of the original treaties between Indians, Queen Victoria and the British Government.

Shot ID: 71569 3:30

Orwell Corner, Prince Edward Island, VARIOUS SHOTS of this historic village: an older man in period costume is taking a horse out of a stable and, with the help of a young assistant, hitches it on to a cart with another horse. The young man climbs up on the cart and leaves. Horses graze in a paddock beside the church and the British flag is flying in the wind. The young man ties a cow to a fence and the other man sits down to milk it. A young girl, also in period costume, is feeding chickens.

Shot ID: 1007 0:27

DOLLY through reconstructed eighteenth century living room to PAN inside adjacent bedroom to MS of fireplace (fire burning) with cross mounted above mantle, ZOOM IN to CS of cross.