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Shot ID: 2178 2:49

Series of shots of federal-provincial energy conference in Ottawa (00/01/1974); various shots of journalists at work in press room, typing articles, watching conference on television monitor, group playing cards at back of room, phoning in stories.

Shot ID: 2357 1:14

Preparing radium shipment (00/00/1939): MS of billboard "Port Hope - Where Radium Is Refined". LS of street scene. MLS and MS of radium plant. Shots of radium refining process including views of technicians at work in laboratories, of man packing refined radium in armoured bottle, boxing bottle, sticking sticker "RADIUM" to boxes.

Shot ID: 2509 3:44

Lengthy sequence comprised of several shots from various angles of scientists collecting samples of foliage from trees and water from streams and lakes in order to test for radioactivity in the environment near the Chalk River nuclear facility. One shot begins with MS from laboratory window of scientist at the end of a pier pulling sample of water from river camera pulls back to CS of scientist inside laboratory working with testing equipment (beakers, flasks, etc.).

Shot ID: 3251 1:56

Several MCSs of a woman sitting at a desk talking on the phone, smoking, writing notes on a paper. MCS as she stands up from desk, man sitting at another desk on the phone. ZOOM IN on him taking notes.

Shot ID: 3470 5:24

[Remarks: everyday units from all over Canada are going active, and are now entitled to full-time pay with Canada's fighting army.] Shots of pay parade in drill hall, men of Montreal Black Watch Regiment receive cash. CUs of money in paymaster's hands, hand signing pay book. Four shots of commanding officer at desk in office. HASs of regiment in hall. CSs of men coming to attention as names are called, advancing to be paid.

Shot ID: 3557 15:56

TRAVELLING SHOT along several desks in large stock broker's office. Circular HA PAN around hairdo of girl speaking on telephone. Shots of reflection of same girl on glass partition over heads of people at desks. Profile shot of girls manning calculators. Front shot of girl typing, of girl looking through circular card index. ECU of fingers on typewriter keys. Interior shots of broker's office, men working, girl working at office machinery. PAN of board in Dougherty's brokerage office, two girls keeping board up-to-date, PAN to people assembled in office watching board. Shots inside another brokerage office of men talking on telephone, sitting in booths, of woman working at desk. CUs of men's face, of girl's profile. CUs of typewriter carriage, of girl's face as she works. CU of tickertape crossing frame. Walking shot by open doors of two offices, businessmen at work. CS of man at his desk, ZOOM OUT as he picks up telephone and dials, part of back of visitor visible in extreme foreground. MS of girl working at desk. CU of teletype carriage as message comes in.

Shot ID: 3858 5:59

Series of shots of aboriginals harvesting wild rice; CS of women cooking fish in camp (0:11). Shots of bush pilots, come to purchase wild rice, stacking bag near plane (1:08). Good shots of children and women playing with baby strapped in traditional cradle (1:52). MS of women washing clothes in lake, a Cessna seaplane touches down in background and head towards camp, shot of women hanging clothes to dry, shot of children playing in hammock, shot of women washing clothes in lake and having fun making large bubbles with soap (2:07). CSs of children playing with dead rabbit (0:31).

Shot ID: 4130 1:43

Norwegian Navy in Training - Little Norway (00/12/1940): several shots of Norwegian sailors marching, studying, attending courses. LAS, CU of one sailor, shots of Norwegian flag at the top of mast. Shot of sign "RNAF" and shots of airmen parading. Two shots of Norwegian training plane on ground. One GROUND TO AIR shot of fly-by directly over the camera. Shot of group of airmen in flying clothes standing near hangar.

Shot ID: 5467 0:07

PAN over kids in class, kids having a ball since teacher is not present.

Shot ID: 5468 1:38

Shots of mock courtroom. Interior shot of class with course in progress, teacher at desk speaking.

Shot ID: 6363 0:59

Scientists help in war effort (00/00/1941): scientists develop system for X-raying of steel at Ottawa Research Council Centre. Shots of girls at work in laboratory. Scientist and X-ray plate of steel fulcrum for aircraft.

Shot ID: 7204 5:05

TILT DOWN stair well, students going down circular stairs in large group. Shot of hallway, students walking in from behind camera, flocking away from camera and turning off into various rooms. Shots of students filing up circular stairs from bottom, from top. Shot of mass of boys moving towards camera, entering classes.

Shot ID: 7227 23:35

Shots of children milling about before class. Shots of children acting out a song (?) at Fairmount School, San Francisco. MSs, CUs of professor demonstrating gyroscopic effect with top, with small gyroscopes. HALS of class from back of auditorium, professor speaking, writing in background, of movie screen over his head. PAN over backs of students, FRONT FOCUS on girl knitting. HAS of professor at front talking with students at end of class. Shots of stage revolving and setting scene for next class. Various shots of class in laboratory, instructor writing on blackboard, setting up experiment. Various shots around oscilloscope, of student working on oscilloscope. CUs of faces of students, of instructor. Several MSs, MCS of children in kindergarten at Berkeley University.

Shot ID: 7944 4:24

CSs and CUs of two "NO" campaign organizers, Rita Désauti and Dr Fortas, being interviewed by filmmaker Jacques Bensimon.

Shot ID: 8035 9:41

[Remark: a story of the soil, which in the unceasing renewal of each season, remains eternally the same.] Shot of wheat field blowing in the gentle wind. Shots of men clearing land with horses, axes, ploughing field with team of horses, harvesting with horse and binder. MS of College of Agriculture, ZOOM IN on two men working at desk. Photograph transforming into real scene showing various shots of village, of parish priest, of farmer driving ox-drawn cart full of hay. CU of woman washing clothes in wash tub, of washboard, tub and water. CU of blacksmith shoeing horse. CU of two elderly farmers. Back shot of farmer ploughing his field. Interior shot of agronomist lecturing group of farmers. Farmer and his son looking towards their farm, outside home. HAS of cows. LAS of man putting hay into barn loft. TILT UP smoke stacks, radio tower. Exterior and interior shots of factory, people working. CU of farmer's son, of son going to College of Agriculture, of son sitting at desk in lecture hall with other students. Various shots of college activities including lectures, laboratory work at the microscope, in animal anatomy room, at model farm. Shots of modern farming procedure as studied by farmer's son including use of electric milker, handling of young pigs, spraying of crops, particularly of truck garden produce such as cabbages, cultivating of potatoes with automatic cultivator. LS of village with church spire in evidence. Various shots of activities presumably spark by the farmer's son who is back from college: new equipment is brought, men working on framework of new barn, tractors replace horses in field. Final shots of farmer's son's home, his wife and his child.

Shot ID: 9377 0:37

Shots of men and children reading in living room; couple with baby reading.

Shot ID: 9934 1:55

Exterior, day; MS of farmer working in field, ZOOM OUT to MLS of power transmission line under construction (1:51). LS of town with road in foreground, PAN to MLS of power transmission towers placed at regular intervals on ground (0:28). LS of corridor through which line will run (0:22).

Shot ID: 11457 25:05

Several long and excellent sequences comprised of numerous shots from many angles of an expert glass blower at work in his laboratory creating complicated pieces of glass equipment, possibly destined for medical or scientific use.

Shot ID: 12255 10:19

ESTABLISHING SHOT of Fenelon Falls, dam, canal lock, water in foreground. LS of Byrnell Building, boys playing football in foreground. Closer shot of boys playing football, practicing. LAS of two teens throwing ball. Interior shot of dining room, boys entering, eating. Shot of cook taking dish out of oven. Shot of three boys being served a birthday cake, blowing out candles. Shot of two boys eating piece of cake. Shot of nurse bandaging boy's foot, four boys watching in background. LS of bus arriving at Lindsay arena. Closer shot of side of bus, words "Byrnell Manor Hockey Camp" written on side. Shot of boys leaving bus, entering arena. Sequence in dressing-room showing Milt Schmidt assisting goaler with pads, Eddie Chadwick helping Pierre Pilote's son with skates. Various shots of Pierre Pilote and of Eddie Chadwick instructing children on ice. Shot of young players limbering up for game, skating towards and past camera, Allen Stanley standing by. Shots of players with Milt Schmidt, Allan Stanley and Pierre Pilote. HAS of ice, face-off. Cut to Eddie Chadwick dropping puck. Several shots of hockey action intercut with shots of players rooting team from the bench.

Shot ID: 12322 2:51

CSs of various graffiti on walls of cells of rehabilitation centre for juveniles. MCS of four inmates sitting on floor against wall of their cell (2 shots), CS, PAN from boy to boy, ZOOM OUT to MCS. CS through bars of two inmates in their cells. CS of two boys in cell one, of them is sleeping on floor. CS through bars of prison guard. CS of boy sitting against wall of his cell (102 ft).

Shot ID: 15386 1:52

Series of shots inside IBM offices ; CU of geometrical forms rotating slowly on computer screen, ZOOM OUT to CS of man explaining to women function of buttons on keypad, CU of woman's fingers on keypad (1:23). CUs of complex yellow wiring on circuit board, CU of buttons (0:27).

Shot ID: 15451 6:18

McGill forestry class (00/11/1940): rear shots of students, of professor at blackboard expounding on subject of Botany, pointing to drawings on blackboard with long pointer as seen from rear of lecture room. Front HAS of students, mostly men. Closer shots of students listening. Two MSs of women listening, taking notes. ESTABLISHING SHOT of McGill University building, students flocking out, heading in general directions. HAS of students walking past. Various interior shots of crowded laboratory, students carrying out unidentified experiments. One student is bare to waist, holding electronic stethoscope to his chest while another man takes reading of heart beat on rotating drum. HAS of tables, many such drums in evidence.

Shot ID: 16487 22:17

Exterior shot of the facade of the newspaper "The Scotsman" building in Edinburgh, Scotland. Shots of the various activities inside "The Scotsman" building. CUs of faces, hands writing. Shots of a man working at a pneumatic station, shuffling papers. Shots of the activities inside the editorial room. Shots of an editorial conference at the building of the newspaper "The Sunday Times" in London, England. Various shots of men at a news conference in the deputy-editor's office of "The Sunday Times". Shots of men at work in "The Sunday Times" newsroom. Shot of a girl with a tea wagon. CUs of a man on the phone, of a girl on the phone, of men using typewriters.

Shot ID: 17315 2:02

Two MSs TILT DOWN from ceiling to empty classrooms. MS with PAN on empty classroom.

Shot ID: 18011 2:14

Several shots from different angles of indigenous children in classroom with white male teacher instructing.

Shot ID: 18696 8:59

MS of governor general Alexander and prime minister Louis Saint-Laurent walking along corridor in Parliament Buildings. Shots of Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod knocking on door of House of Commons, door opening, man entering, of photographer at door of the House, of Gentleman Usher entering door of the House. MS of Sergeant at Arms bearing mace followed by Speaker of the House Gaspard Fauteux coming out of Senate, walking along corridor and into door of House of Commons. LAS of Peace Tower clock, TILT DOWN tower to MS of entrance of Parliament Buildings. LS of Parliament Buildings. Shots of small doorway on East side of main entrance, of small doorway on West side of main entrance, PAN to West Block. Shots of traffic along Wellington Street, Supreme Court and temporary buildings in backgroud, snow on ground. MS of temporary buildings on Wellington Street. Various shots of governor general reading speech from the Throne in Senate (sound). (26/01/1949)

Shot ID: 20044 0:57

MS of laboratory technician dipping test slab into jars, PAN across other jars on table. CS of other laboratory technician looking into microscope. MS of fountain, PAN across visitors walking about to MLS of main building of Montreal's Jardin Botanique. LS of wheat field rippling in the wind, man walking towards camera. CS of weed, TILT UP and ESTABLISHING PAN across rolling countryside.

Shot ID: 20211 6:26

[Remark: Prime Minister MacKenzie King speaks to the Canadian people from his desk in the Parliament Buildings.] Prime minister saying, we will stand with Britain, France and our allies and that regardless of enemies size, we must stand united (poor sound). Shots of King leaving Parliament Buildings, carrying a briefcase in winter. Royal Canadian Mounted Police stand guard in foreground. MCS of King's chauffeur opening car door and King entering. CU of plaque with inscription "Governor General". CU of plaque with inscription Prime Minister Office entrance next door. (18/01/1940)

Shot ID: 20641 1:25

Queen Elizabeth II's visit at Acadian Historical Village (07/07/1973); CS of set table in Acadian restaurant " Etoile de Mer" (0:08). CS of tasty looking lobsters plate on table (0:05). CSs of women in kitchen of restaurant preparing lobsters (0:45). CUs of bucket full of cooked lobsters with a tag on it reading "FOR THE QUEEN" (0:24).

Shot ID: 20673 6:01

HA PANS of hills in distance, plain in foreground, to ELS of radio telescope. MS of sign: Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory. PAN from sign to radio telescope. PAN from LS of building to telescope. Closer shots of telescope dish, of sun shining through dish, of sun in extreme distance with dish appearing in foreground. Sequence on technician at work in control room of observatory. Night shots of telescope, one with moon visible. Night shots of technician at work. PANS from technician to base of telescope seen through window. MCU of man's hand turning knob. Shots of man taking notes, of graphic printed by an automatic plotter.

Shot ID: 21069 2:56

Army hospital: ESTABLISHING SHOT of hospital, snow-covered ground. Interior shot of soldiers filling out forms. Sequence on one man being examined by doctor. Several shots of men undergoing various psychological tests. Cut to ward sequence, nurses tending to patients, bringing in lunch, feeding patient. Four men in another ward do physical exercises. Shots of man working on loom and cut to display of earthenware objects made in therapy classes. Elsewhere, men attend class on physiology. Cut to soldier at board explaining the rapport between thinking and physical well-being. Exterior shot of two men skiing towards the hospital. Cut to interior of mess hall and CUs of men eating. Cut into lounge, several soldiers relaxing, chatting, playing games.

Shot ID: 21113 2:42

LeRoyer wing - Hôtel-Dieu Hospital: various shots of plaque re the original Hôtel-Dieu, of people, nurses, moving about, sitting and waiting. CU of a nun at the reception desk, nurses walking in hallway. A nurse prepares a woman patient for visitor. Visitor enters and kisses patient. Patient communicates with control via intercom, nun answers and turns knob on panel. A record drops on the turntable of the music system. Interior shot of kitchen, meals being prepared. Interior shot of solarium, patients, visitors.

Shot ID: 21913 0:29

Back view as family of four go into their new house for the first time. HAS of house, no lawn. Milkman delivers milk. Cut to living room, husband and wife and daughter relaxing in front of fireplace.

Shot ID: 21993 9:45

[Title: "Nous, étudiants, à l'occasion du Xe anniversaire de la JEC canadienne 1945"] TILT DOWN poster re "Jeunesse étudiante catholique" congress. LAS of giant dais under construction. Sequence on juveniles at work on posters, loading them into truck, plastering them on telephone poles. Three students (boys) hitch hicking, getting ride almost immediately. Large group of cycling students (boys and girls) with knapsacks on their backs, moving by camera. HASs of chartered buses speeding by camera on highway. Shots of arrivals of students delegations. Interior shot of kitchen, PAN of cooks preparing hundred of sandwiches, buttering bread with large paint brush, slicing meat with machine. Girls prepare boxes, stack them. Cooks fill boxes with sandwiches. Cut to boy scouts setting up tent city. MS of girls dancing conga in their tent before going to bed. CU of girl sleeping. Sequence on congress day: shots of students marching past camera, crowding stadium, around giant dais, chatting, singing. Numerous CUs of faces. Shot of Archbishop Charbonneau with retinue of clerics, blessing congress. Shots of mass on dais, with cuts to huge crowd of students in bleachers, LSs of dais and altar. Several shots from various angles of students fraternizing at mid-field, chatting, eating box lunches, drinking milk out of bottles. Shots of organizers establishing order. Sequence on huge parade past camera, multitude of white flags flying, students laughing, singing, numerous CUs of faces. Sequence on night proceedings, speeches, torches. [End title]

Shot ID: 23773 8:12

Shot of two men removing box from Noorduyn Norseman seaplane on Northern Lake. TRAVELLING SHOT of water during take-off, AERIAL SHOTs of spruce forests, lake, islands as plane gains altitude. AERIAL SHOT over dense evergreen forest along edge of lake, over forest. AERIAL SHOT over several buildings in clearing along lake shore. MS of water during take-off, of water as plane gains altitude. AERIAL SHOT over evergreen forest, rivers, lakes. CUs of spruce bud worm crawling along branch, nibbling at needles. CUs of spruce bud larva in cocoon stage, larvae spinning on spruce needle, larvae emerging from cocoon. Shot of sign "Department of Agriculture Canada - Entomological Branch - Parasite Investigations". TILT DOWN from tree tops to LS of stone building housing offices of parasite investigation branch of Department of Agriculture Canada. Shot of white coated entomologist studying bud worm through microscope. CUs of phytoditus fly on white background, on spruce needles. Sequence on entomologists studying specimens in laboratory. MCS of spruce tree covered with worms. MLS of spruce bud worm crawling along needles of blue spruce. AERIAL SHOT over freight yard, roundtable, buildings in small town, seaplane anchored to shore. ECUs of cocoon, empty chrysalis, spruce bud worm, phytoditus fly on worm.

Shot ID: 23879 0:49

Interior shots of control room with man operating panels, dials, gauges, etc (steel industry).

Shot ID: 24872 9:38

Royal Canadian Air Force personnel in the making: shot of platoon saluting flag. Shot of recruits passing through office, presenting papers to officer at desk. Shot of platoon drilling, of instructor demonstrating "about turn". Shot of recruit examining sextant, taking a reading. Shot of "course indicator". Shot of train pulling into station, several officers stepping off train. CU of one officer. Shot of men wheeling World War 1 plane (which looks like a Camel with two cockpits), removing wheels, leaving skis on, two pilots getting in. Shot of elevators rudder and ailerons moving. Shot of officer standing, of bearded elderly man at wheel of truck, "fire house" written on. Several airmen working on skeleton of aircraft wing, fuselage, others working on engine. Shot of rotary engine being started on test bench consisting of framework of aircraft fuselage. Shot of platoon drilling, of drill instructor, of officers and men marching into hangar, examining "skinless" plane. Shots in office.

Shot ID: 25714 4:41

CS of Dean Acheson. MS, CS, etc of Russian and US delegates, delegates around table, delegates seen in PAN. Mackenzie King speaking, etc. Various shots of more delegates, Herbert Lehman, press representatives, men chatting, Chinese delegates and Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer, Acheson and USSR delegates, man speaking to assembly. CS of delegates from Greece, delegate from Haiti. PAN around U-shaped table - delegates from Iraq, India, etc. Motion picture cameras and microphones present in some shots.

Shot ID: 28286 19:24

Shot of woman moving from room to room past camera. Shots of Evans family having meal, of Mrs Evans preparing meal with cigarette in mouth. Interior shot of slum dwelling showing state of disrepair of apartment. Walking shots through rooms, including glimpses of children. CUs of faces of young children, all smiling. TILT UP from little girl playing on floor to Mrs Elliot leaning against door jamb, walking away. Static and walking shots of wall just outside the Elliot's apartment, stairway, hallway. Walking shot down long hallway in tenement, children loafing along corridor. Walking shot into apartment. PAN inside slum dwelling, knickknacks. Sequence inside the LeBreton apartment showing father getting up, changing diaper on small child, washing up as one of the children stands by. HA PANs of two bedrooms crammed with sleeping children. Shot of little girl getting up, beginning to dress. Shot of kids coming down stairs.

Shot ID: 30119 10:13

Classes: view of priest sitting at master console of audio teaching aid, pushing toggle switches, talking into microphone. Tape recorder visible in some shots. HAS DOLLY IN over heads of students working in tape recorder booths in language class. Shots of classrooms, classes in progress, students, clerical teachers. MCUs of students sitting, standing, listening.

Shot ID: 30950 7:43

Shot of air force students marching towards camera with their school books. MS of students entering building at University of Saskatchewan. Shot of airmen examining diesel engine as instructor stands by. Shots of Royal Canadian Air Force wireless class. MS of soldiers, sailors in chemistry laboratory, in physics laboratory. PAN of lecture room, lecturer, students of the three services as well as civilians. MS of soldiers in camouflage class at University of Saskatchewan examining model of military headquarters. CS of model of military headquarter. Sequence on students at work on camouflage model. ELS of Command Officer Training Course unit on parade ground, marching. Sequence on laboratory technicians in chemical laboratory carrying out various tasks, female technicians at work.

Shot ID: 32380 4:52

Wheat Story: shots of steam freight train moving by camera along railway bridge. Shot of row of bolters, man checking machines. Shot of row of test tubes, girl's hand checking one tube. Shot of bread loaves being removed from oven onto table. Shots of wheat being seved through fine screen, of wheat dropping from conveyor, of wheat moving rapidly by camera on conveyor, of wheat piling in front of camera. Shots of bags of flour moving along conveyor, men piling bags. Shots of ships moored at pier alongside elevator. CU of wheat shooting from spouts past camera. Shot of man piling bags of flour as they come off conveyor, of other man pulling away wagon loaded with bags. Shots of machine mixing dough, of dough travelling along conveyor, of dough coming down chute, of baker inspecting loaves inside oven. Shots of wheat speeding by camera on conveyor.

Shot ID: 33244 3:08

CS of hammer breaking limestone sample, DOLLY OUT to man breaking sample in laboratory, other man at work in background. MCS of man examining mineral content of potash sulphide at desk. CU of wheel of truck spinning in mud, driver getting out to examine mud. Shot of man feeding zinc sheet billets into furnace. HAMLS of men at work in experimental foundry. CUs of man insering metal samples in slit pockets of centrifuge. CS of metal samples being immersed in liquid in beakers on shelf in laboratory for rust erosion tests. CU of briquette beginning to crack in Amsler compressive testing apparatus.

Shot ID: 33254 3:32

MS of worker operating machine filling bag, FOLLOW SHOT of filled Alcan brucite bag being carried to pile. MS of woman coming out door to back porch of house, taking clothes off line, discovering rust. TILT DOWN cog and flywheels of grinder. Shot of molten salt in furnace, alloying metal (magnsium or zinc) being added, graphite anode being lowered with tongs. MS of man entering building, TILT UP to "Department of Mines and Resources - Fuel Research Laboratories" over door. Shot of rain falling on plaque. CU of X-Ray plate of circular pulley casting, hand pointing to weaknesses. MS of technician testing network of laboratory glass tubing for defects. Shot of technician adjusting testing machine, PAN to chart recording strain and fatigue. Shot of men and women leaving building towards camera after work.

Shot ID: 34654 5:04

Eye Witness No 93: My Job - Highway Transport: interior shots of bedroom, young boy packing his father's suitcase, waking up his father, young boy being helped into coat by his mother. TRAVELLING SHOT of street at night, little traffic, lights and glistening pavement. Day shot of New York City street, little vehicular traffic, several pedestrians and London shoe store in background. Shot of unloading ramp at New York City warehouse, of Smith Transport truck backing into it. CUs of driver handling papers over to man on ramp, of drivers chatting in restaurant. MCS of driver playing slot machine, of slot machine, driver whirling, machine stopping.

Shot ID: 36093 9:09

Shot of scientist examining wheat rust on wheat heads and stalks in laboratory. Several MCSs and CSs of wheat counter in operation. CSs of wheat samples being weighed. MCS of wheat sample being placed in centrifuge, of centrifuge in operation. Shot of wheat being placed in grinder, of ground wheat being examined. Various shots of liquids bubbling in test tubes. Several shots of dockage and moisture tests being made on grain sample. MCS of flour sifters in operation.

Shot ID: 38158 13:23

Several shots of primary school class at work, teacher supervising. Shots of children playing variation of broom ball in classroom. Sequence on art class of children painting in gymnasium, in classroom. Shots of class of children playing in gym, carrying out exercises under direction of teacher, rythmn class.

Shot ID: 38159 10:11

Shot of elderly woman and young son talking to teacher in classroom. Shots of meeting of members of "Ressources communautaires" committee, of debate on conference by Andre Beauchemin, speakers, audience. Shots of parents' meeting, orator, audience. Shot of P.R.S.U. meeting. PAN from audience as lecturer speaks during course. Shots of audience of parents listening to woman orator.

Shot ID: 38915 2:58

Interior: PAN from MS of mother and children sitting in living room and watching TV. CS of TV screen. CS of father reading papers. MS of child in traditional costume answering the door, guests entering and shaking hands. CS of woman's hands turning on stove. CS of man drinking coffee with woman beside him. CU of one child eating to CSs of children eating. MS of woman in living room with guests, pouring coffee.

Shot ID: 39722 0:00

Hydro-Québec, women working on machines with keyboards and either cathode-ray screens or card punches. Slow TRAVELLING MS and MLS in vast workroom where many employees are busy typing on keyboards and entering data on monitors connected to computer terminals (twice). Side MLS of row of women side by side and typing on keyboards with ZOOM IN to CS of hands and heads. MS of woman sitting at desk and PAN all around room where some twenty women are busy typing on keyboards connected to machines punching coded data on cards (twice). CS of hand of woman operating keyboard and with other hand turning over data cards to be entered and CS of punch cards going through machine (twice). CS of head of young woman working.