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Hydraulic structures


Shots not available for online viewing

Shot ID: 864 8:27

Roll contains good low altitude AERIAL SHOTs of area between Hébertville and Roberval in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region, in cloudy weather, including shots of rivers, villages, farms, forests, roads, and shots of a hydro-electric dam (camera on nose of helicopter; 311 ft).

Shot ID: 872 1:57

Low altitude AERIAL SHOTs over Jacques Cartier River and a dam (camera on nose of helicopter; 70 ft).

Shot ID: 1647 2:30

LS of factory beside a water way. Shot of street scene with a 1930-1940 automobile and a streetcar heading for the camera, a horse-drawn wagon heading away from the camera. MS of front of covered skating rink. BOATING SHOT moving towards the Peterborough lift lock. Stationary view of cabin cruiser full of people moving into lift lock, rising (jump cuts), moving out of lock, sailing down river broadside to camera. Shot of street in Orillia, of old touring car moving out into the street towards the camera. Various shots of park in Couchiching area.

Shot ID: 1698 5:47

Annual log drive: various shots of bulldozer pushing logs to bank of Sturgeon River, of men pushing logs into water and setting dynamite charge. Two LSs of explosion. Sequence on men freeing logs, swift water of Fraser Creek. BOATING SHOT of logs on river, of rugged banks of river. Shot of log jam at Split Rock. Shot of men slicing logs over dam at Cameron Falls. Several shots of logs going over, moving rapidly in rapids, white water, of water going over spillway. Shots of storage boom on Lake Helen. TRAVELLING SHOT of boom, logs, ground wood mill stock pile visible across river. Shot of men guiding logs to jack ladder. Shots of logs going up jack ladder into mill. PAN of storage boom on Lake Superior. Various shots of ship being loaded with logs for export.

Shot ID: 7498 5:39

Several HASs of flowers, small train, gardens and fountains in Montreal Botanical Garden, uncompleted Olympic Stadium and pedestrians in background.

Shot ID: 7602 1:37

AERIAL SHOTs of Alcan's Isle Maligne hydro-electric dams in Lac Saint-Jean region.

Shot ID: 11950 1:17

Various shots of old wooden oil drilling equipment in field.

Shot ID: 12255 10:19

ESTABLISHING SHOT of Fenelon Falls, dam, canal lock, water in foreground. LS of Byrnell Building, boys playing football in foreground. Closer shot of boys playing football, practicing. LAS of two teens throwing ball. Interior shot of dining room, boys entering, eating. Shot of cook taking dish out of oven. Shot of three boys being served a birthday cake, blowing out candles. Shot of two boys eating piece of cake. Shot of nurse bandaging boy's foot, four boys watching in background. LS of bus arriving at Lindsay arena. Closer shot of side of bus, words "Byrnell Manor Hockey Camp" written on side. Shot of boys leaving bus, entering arena. Sequence in dressing-room showing Milt Schmidt assisting goaler with pads, Eddie Chadwick helping Pierre Pilote's son with skates. Various shots of Pierre Pilote and of Eddie Chadwick instructing children on ice. Shot of young players limbering up for game, skating towards and past camera, Allen Stanley standing by. Shots of players with Milt Schmidt, Allan Stanley and Pierre Pilote. HAS of ice, face-off. Cut to Eddie Chadwick dropping puck. Several shots of hockey action intercut with shots of players rooting team from the bench.

Shot ID: 13799 6:12

AIR TO AIR SHOTs of helicopter in flight over reservoir of LG-2 dam (112 ft). POINT OF VIEW SHOTs from helicopter landing on rocky shore (two shots; 30 ft). High altitude POINT OF VIEW SHOT from helicopter of reservoir at sunset (71 ft).

Shot ID: 17661 0:23

MSs side view of people crossing Shih Zaz Canal bridge, to MLS of canal.

Shot ID: 17663 3:12

MLS of woman with bicycle collecting manure left on road by animals, putting it in a basked on side of her bicycle and leaving, people working in fields in background; ZOOM OUT and PAN front view to back view of big army pickup truck riding across Shih Zaz Canal bridge; ZOOM IN to CS of peasants coming from other side with bicycle and handcart, crossing bridge, and MLS of canal. MLS side view of people crossing bridge over canal, and ZOOM OUT to LS of country surrounding the canal stream.

Shot ID: 22943 1:38

MSs of boots and hard hats on shelves at Saint Catherine's locks. Several shots of various pieces of equipment and tools used at Saint Catherine's Lock, including CS of transistors.

Shot ID: 23052 9:40

Low level AERIAL SHOTs of Snell Lock and Grass River, Long-Sault Dam, of Dwight D Eisenhower Lock, Iroquois control dam and lock, Beauharnois Lock and surroundings. Low level AERIAL SHOTs of ship on Saint Lawrence River, in seaway, in small lock.

Shot ID: 23142 1:51

Various shots of woman and daughter at well fetching water.

Shot ID: 24309 0:59

LSs, MSs, and CUs of welder at work on one of the lock gates. LS of lock under construction.

Shot ID: 24318 8:16

HAS of several hundred automobiles parked on dock, waiting to be loaded onto ship, freighter moored in the distant background, part of Montreal and Mount Royal still farther away. LS of Jacques Cartier Bridge, cars on dock in foreground. TILT DOWN to PAN over hundreds of automobiles awaiting trans-shipment. Brief TRAVELLING SHOT along dock and along automobiles. MS of stern of ship "Seven Seas" from slowly moving car, of stern of ship, hawser and bollard in foreground. Shot of some of the foreign cars parked on dock. MLS of freighter "Irish Oak" moored to dock. Shot of freighters "Welhelm" and "Trans Quebec" moored to piers in basin, freighter moving slowly in between the two. CU of prow of "Welhelm". Shots of loading operations, of warehouse, of lift trucks, of stevedores. MLS of lift bridge under construction. Shot of front end of the 14 300 ton Canadian Steamship Lines freighter "Lemoyne" in the seaway. MS of Saint-Lambert Lock, the "Lemoyne" behind it. Shots of the "Lemoyne" moving through lock, of bridge rising, of lock gates opening. Front shots of lake freighters moving in seaway, of stern of one of the ships. Various shots of ships at docks, being loaded, of ships' name. (00/04/1960)

Shot ID: 24669 1:33

HAMS of canal lined by houses and buildings in city of Vasteras. HALSs of various parts of city (six shots).

Shot ID: 25149 2:23

CS of inhabitants of village of Laragan repairing hand-operated water pump, ZOOM IN to CS of group of children watching.

Shot ID: 26343 6:00

MLS of breakwater and houses along in city of Saint Malo. CS of front of house in Saint Malo, MSs of beach and sea. ZOOM OUT to MS of house on shore, a man rides by on a bicycle. CU with ZOOM OUT of beach and waves, a man running along the beach, island where Robert Surcouf (French sailor) was buried can be seen in the distance. CU of sea, ZOOM OUT to MLS of sea and beach, ZOOM IN to MS of city of Saint Malo. CS of front of house, ZOOM IN to CU of window.

Shot ID: 26535 8:19

Several shots from different angles of interior of control tower at Saint-Lambert Locks, also shots of employees, including one woman, at work.

Shot ID: 26557 3:34

CS of employee of Upper Canada Village cutting tall grass of field using scythe. CS of man (employee) leading horse pulling small barge filled with tourists on canal. CU of horse as it passes near camera. MCS of barge on canal. TILT UP to MS of small church. Several CSs of employee opening barrier on canal.

Shot ID: 26568 6:59

Several shots from different angles of inside walls of Dwight D Eisenhower Lock as water level drops rapidly. ZOOM IN to CS of water level dropping along wall. TILT UP to LAMCS of employee on footbridge. ZOOM OUT to MS of inside of lock as water level drops. LACS of upper part of inside wall of lock, filmed from boat in lock. ZOOM OUT and TILT DOWN to MS of lock gates. LACS of upper part of gates opening. ZOOM OUT and TILT DOWN to MCS of gates opening, two pleasure boats leave lock.

Shot ID: 31032 5:29

Two low level AERIAL SHOTs of Norman Wells on the Mackenzie River showing many oil storage tanks. MLS PAN to oil storage tanks. Several shots of man laying wire through snow-covered path, other man following, driving electrode into ground, attaching wire to electrode. Shot of man operating controls on electromagnetic reader to determine location of pockets of ore in electromagnetic survey.

Shot ID: 34143 4:50

Various shots from positions on dam and on shore, of "Robert H Saunders" dam and American counterpart "Robert Moses" dam. Brief shot of Iroquois control dam from shore. CUs of names of "Robert H Saunders" dam, of "Robert Moses" dam. CUs of Long Sault Dam showing water coming through spillways. MSs part of dam, water spilling out. LAS of top of hydro tower. Various shots of base of tower, TILT UPs to top. Shots of groups of towers, of power lines. Interior shots of power house sub station, operator. CU of giant insulator.

Shot ID: 34803 19:15

Several shots from different angles at Mactaquac fish hatchery of people selecting bad salmon eggs, taking them out of water pool and of a man placing eggs in baskets in pool. Several shots from different angles at another hatchery of three men in outside pond using a net to gather fish together, of a man squeezing fish to take milt or eggs out of them, of men pulling net across pond with snow falling in evidence, of man choosing salmon, taking little milt or eggs out of them and placing those salmon apart. Various shots of a river with PANs on small dam and hatchery buildings, snow in evidence on trees and ground. Various shots from different angles at hatchery of men at work weighing salmon, checking their tag numbers and taking sample scales.

Shot ID: 39285 2:02

MLS of high tension electrical towers (0:33). Various shot of water flowing in spillway and afterbay of Isle Maligne hydroelectric dam (1:29).

Shot ID: 39427 3:49

Several shots from different angles of powerful flow of water flowing through open spillways of Isle Maligne dam in spring (1:50). MLSs of small ice floes on reservoir (0:34). Water level LSs of Isle Maligne hydroelectrical power plant (0:34). MLS of high tension electrical transmission pylones, PAN (L>R) of dam, closed spillways, ZOOM IN to LS of aluminum smelter (0:32). CS of plaque reading "Isle Maligne Station, 1924" on brick wall (0:10).

Shot ID: 40040 6:57

Kamloops flood, 1972; Various shots of BC Civil Defense Emergency Welfare Services and RCMP constables on site helping people (1:45). WIDE SHOT, PANs of flooded area (1:06). CSs of men intalling powerful pumps over dyke, CUs of water pouring from sprouts (2:40). CSs of RCMP constables directing traffic heading towards flodded area (0:37). MLS of flooded river overflowing on banks (0:11). MS of small sandbag dyke erected by citizens (0:17).

Shot ID: 40047 4:22

Fredericton flood, 1973; AERIAL SHOTs of fish hatchery intallations completly surrounded by water (0:46). AERIAL SHOTs over hydro-electrical dam, all spillways open creating rush of water in afterbay (1:05). AERIAL SHOTs of inundated fields, homesteads and houses along St-Johns River, people in boats salvaging possessions, shots over washed out road (2:27).

Shot ID: 40799 7:44

Shots of sumac shrub, TILT UP to Parliament Buildings in the distance, of flower beds along the driveway. HAS from top of Peace Tower, of West Block, PAN to river and Hull. Brief ESTABLISHING SHOTs of Peterborough showing factories. Brief shot of welcome arch with words "Gravenhurst, Gateway to Muskoka". ESTABLISHING PAN of Sudbury showing water tower, mine fields in background, houses. Shots of traffic on Bloor Street in Toronto. TILT DOWN high building. Shot of pedestrians, window display. ESTABLISHING PANs of Toronto, of Hamilton. HASs of street in Stratford. Shots of Guelph, streets, buildings.

Shot ID: 41884 17:38

Series of good shots of destroyer HMCS Huron (#281) negotiating the Beauharnois lock on a rainy day; shots of ship rising in lock, LSs of ship leaving lock and entering lake area, shot of ship passing by camera from left to right (9:28). Shots from second camera aboard ship; shots of lock's gates opening, shots of crew on foredeck securing lines and bumpers as ship exits lock (3:17). Shot passing by Canadian freighter heading towards lock (1:35). LS of electricity transmission lines on shoreline (0:18). CS of crewmen clad in rain gear on foredeck (0:13). Series of good shots of Huron negotiating the Eisenhower lock on a rainy day; POV from bow of ship entering lock, shots of crewmen securing lines (2:38).

Shot ID: 1039 1:26

MS of two men turning winch to open walls of locks, ZOOM OUT to walls of lock opening.

Shot ID: 3189 0:10

MCS of oil well.

Shot ID: 3244 0:48

PAN right to a fountain, people around it, a man with his bicycle in foreground. MCS of man walking through the park with his dog on a leash, he stops to talk with man on bicycle. MCS of flowers, two girls looking at them, man walks by with his sleeping bag on his shoulder, the two girls walk away.

Shot ID: 5488 1:05

Low AERIAL SHOTs of unidentified irrigation project on the prairies, dam, channels (no water). Similar AERIAL SHOTs of surrounding prairie, geometric patterns made by cultivated fields visible, etc

Shot ID: 5781 2:45

MS of Moroccan peasant leading some cows near a village, ZOOM IN to CS of peasant (15 ft). CSs of Moroccan peasant woman carrying a child in a shawl on her back drawing water from the village well, she then sprinkles the ground around her house (81 ft).

Shot ID: 6513 20:18

Several shots from different angles and different distances of a group of people (adults and children) on the ice of Rideau Canal, some wearing skates. They are flying kites and banners decorated with balloons. Some LASs of kites and banners flying in sky. (This whole reel was shot in daytime).

Shot ID: 6979 3:30

Sequence on illuminated signs in London at night, lighted fountain, statues, traffic moving by, pedestrians. MLS of Piccadilly Circus at night, giant neon signs. MLS of two sidewalk musicians. MLS of street intersection, traffic police. TILT DOWN Nelson's Column to HAS of Trafalgar Square. MSs of two-decker bus moving by camera.

Shot ID: 7029 5:54

Exterior, day; series of atmosphere shots in town of Antigua, dog in deserted street, architectural elements of houses and buildings, fountains, Indians walking in streets.

Shot ID: 7087 4:05

Exterior, day; shots of ceremony marking end of construction by Indian peasants of stone dike built to contain seasonal floods of river in highlands of Bolivia, shots of Indians (men) as chicha (local beer) is passed around.

Shot ID: 7647 1:20

MLS of Price paper mill in Jonquière, LS of Kenogami paper mill, cut to MLS of mill. MS of smoke rising from smokestack. MLS of water tower with company logo.

Shot ID: 9269 2:09

MLS of Egyptian turning Archimedes' screw, irrigating his field. CUs of screw, of man sitting down at screw, turning it. CU of Egyptian drawing water from irrigation well with pail. CU of face of man as he works. Shot of elderly Egyptian drawing water, pouring water into canal. Shot of irrigation canal. CU of head of man as he works. LAMS of head of Sphinx.

Shot ID: 9368 8:40

Several shots from different angles of Shell Oil facilities in Alberta's Peace River region, including good shots of pumps in action (312 ft).

Shot ID: 9988 7:04

Exterior, day, winter; AERIAL SHOT of power transmission line near Sept îles (1:13). AERIAL SHOTs around small community in area (1:10). Low-altitude AERIAL SHOT going up river to hydroelectric dam, helicopter climbs and goes around dam (2:41). Low-altitude AERIAL SHOT along power transmission line (1:53).

Shot ID: 10063 7:36

LAS of buildings peppered with bullet holes. Street scenes showing a few pedestrians, many ruins. MS of theatre poster, TILT UP to lettering on wall "curfew for all" and to bullet holes in masonry of building. MSs of bullet holes, PAN to balcony, mother and little girl. Shots of people in street, of sign "Porto di Ortona", of Donald Brittain sticking out of open roof of stationwagon, snapping pictures of battle-scarred walls. Shot of new buildings under construction. PAN along wrecked buildings to television antenna sticking out of ruins. Shots of building facade full of bullet holes. Shots of ruined buildings, TILT DOWN to new building at end of street, people, cars parked along curb. Shot of theatre poster for "Whisky E Gloria" (Tunes of Glory), TILT UP to wrought iron balcony. Various street scenes of square, of pock-marked facades, of alley with young boy walking his dog, of other square, broken wall in extreme foreground, construction at other end, ruins. TRAVELLING SHOTs of battle-scarred facades. LAS of futuristic fountain, TILT DOWN to base, a bench and two elderly men sitting in background.

Shot ID: 10740 6:50

Four Families: interior HAS of bath house in Japanese home, stripped-down grandmother in wooden cask tub, taking child from arms of mother, settling down in water with child. Shot of mother laying down child, lying down and breast-feeding child. MS of family around table, eating. Shot of Japanese mother preparing meal in kitchen. Shot of man checking crop in cabbage or cauliflower patch, removing large outer leaves from some of the produce. Shot of woman drawing water from well pump, returning into house. (00/00/1958)

Shot ID: 12276 7:39

Several shots from different angles of various activities around water well in squatter settlement in hills above city of Cebu, including shots of people operating hand pump, shots of woman washing clothes, PANs along row of containers waiting to be filled, and shots of children helping (277 ft).

Shot ID: 12303 0:58

Various CSs of woman operating hand pump of water well in squatter settlement (34 ft).

Shot ID: 12861 0:27

LS of White House with fountain in foreground, cut to MS.

Shot ID: 14521 1:23

MLSs of man fishing from stone breakwater on Lake Winnipeg at sunset.