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Sports and recreation facilities


Shots not available for online viewing

Shot ID: 1380 7:14

Shots of playground humming with activity, of individual rides, of swings. Shots of exterior swimming pool, young swimmers being instructed on how to swim, swimmers training, instructors supervising.

Shot ID: 1647 2:30

LS of factory beside a water way. Shot of street scene with a 1930-1940 automobile and a streetcar heading for the camera, a horse-drawn wagon heading away from the camera. MS of front of covered skating rink. BOATING SHOT moving towards the Peterborough lift lock. Stationary view of cabin cruiser full of people moving into lift lock, rising (jump cuts), moving out of lock, sailing down river broadside to camera. Shot of street in Orillia, of old touring car moving out into the street towards the camera. Various shots of park in Couchiching area.

Shot ID: 2229 27:12

Series of shots of construction of Biodome, including release of some fish into basin of Laurentian forest, CUs of winged seeds of deciduous and coniferous trees, CU of trunk of birch tree (4:03 - 6:51) and several trees being transplanted into tropical forest.

Shot ID: 2239 25:50

Series of shots of construction of Biodome, including shots of sturgeon and other fish and of beaver (people reflected in glass of basin), arrival of catfish, macaws, iguanas and several types of duck in their natural habitat, including beautiful CUs of those animals (6:47 - 26:01).

Shot ID: 2245 6:55

Montreal Biodome: shots of Saint Lawrence Basin seen through glass, diver is seen bringing food to seabirds and fish.

Shot ID: 2249 21:18

Montreal Biodome: shots of small freshwater fish, including neon tetras and angelfish (0:14 - 8:49), CUs of head and part of body of cayman (8:52 - 9:27), LSs of bats (9:29 - 11:35), shots of otter (11:38 - 12:44), macaws (12:47 - 14:31), CUs of fish in basin, including catfish (14:33 - 21:30) (people reflected in glass).

Shot ID: 2253 24:10

Shots of sick beluga whale arriving at Biodome, being placed in basin inside and being tended to.

Shot ID: 4660 2:47

Various shots of game, soldiers marching during intermission, VIPs congratulating winners - Yanks. Various incidental shots of White City Stadium, London and of spectators (00/03/1944).

Shot ID: 5601 2:02

Splash time: Interior; MCU of three bathers (women) holding HMCS Naden lifesaver. Several shots of them diving into pool, swimming. Shots of men diving in, swimming, splashing about. Various shots of women in bathing suits posing at pool-side, swimming, posing for the camera.

Shot ID: 6502 21:48

Several shots from different angles of festivities on a vast stretch of ice in the afternoon. Many people are playing with banners and kites, they have attached helium balloons to some of them. Other people are skating. There are clowns. Trees and a few buildings in background.

Shot ID: 6723 6:32

MS of bar tender behind bar handling drinks. Interior HASs of night club, people dancing, drinking, dance combo in background. MS of several men playing poker, scene only lighted by large shaded lamp over tables. Front MSs of bar tender wiping glasses, of man at table loaded with beer, toe tapping while other man claps. MLS of motorboat speeding on river, going in circles. Shot of boys climbing side timbers of bridge and diving into water. Shot of children riding rides in playground. Shot of man playing harmonica in tavern as man jigs in background.

Shot ID: 6900 10:26

Various shots inside Blue Bonnets racetrack showing people lined up to place their bets at the ticket counter and the crowd milling about. PAN of ticket booths, MCU of clerk paying out winners with cash. WS of men with programs looking at monitor, CU of man placing a bet while smoking. MCUs of various people placing bets, including woman with bleached blonde hair.

Shot ID: 6902 23:40

Night sence at Blue Bonnets showing sulky racing, spectators in evidence. Shots of official indicator board. Shots of people buying tickets and going back to watch racing, some standing inside and watching it on television, of people going back to seller counters, reflection on Blue Bonnets building of sulky race and spectators. Sequence at Blue Bonnets club house showing hostess taking bets from customers sitting at tables, of hostess walking to sellers paying customers bets.

Shot ID: 7471 4:09

HAS of chalet, sign advertising food, boats for rent. Shots of cars parked or driving up, mountains, lake visible in background. Two MSs of small children playing in sand on lake shore. CUs and MLSs of people relaxing, strolling about park, some pushing baby carriages. Shot of attractively kept grounds, colourful flowers and shrubbery. Shots of young child, tourists strolling about, taking picture of family, views of flowers, bushes.

Shot ID: 7496 1:02

MS of two black boys with young white woman working in their vegetable garden in the Montreal Botanical Garden's community garden, uncompleted tower of Olympic Stadium in background.

Shot ID: 7498 5:39

Several HASs of flowers, small train, gardens and fountains in Montreal Botanical Garden, uncompleted Olympic Stadium and pedestrians in background.

Shot ID: 7789 0:23

MLS of Olympic Velodrome, Stadium visible in background (without tower).

Shot ID: 7915 3:05

MS PAN of people in upper stands of Olympic Stadium forming letters with seats; ZOOM OUT to MLS of section of stands half filled with fans who have come to watch a baseball game (raining).

Shot ID: 7925 7:59

Several shots from different angles of group putting (playing golf) on lawn of home for the elderly. CSs from different angles of elderly people watering garden at the home; MS of home; ZOOM IN to CS of two people on swing; cut to CS of them on swing at end of day with river in background. ZOOM IN to CU of woman. ZOOM OUT to CS.

Shot ID: 8000 6:09

Series of night shots of bright neon signs and billboards in Times Square (4:13). MLS of neon sign for Radio City Music Hall (0:50). LAS of Rockefeller Centre, TILT DOWN to shot of lit Christmas tree, a figure skater is skating on rink in foreground (0:59).

Shot ID: 9330 4:42

HAMLSs of 5th Salon de la Jeunesse at Olympic Velodrome in 1984. Various shots inside Velodrome.

Shot ID: 9339 5:06

MLSs from different angles of church of village of Marie Reine in Alberta's Peace River region. MLS of general store (10 ft). Various shots of two workers working on roof of house (81 ft). CSs of mother and two children playing on swings in back yard of their house (56 ft).

Shot ID: 9818 1:27

CSs of puma in cage in zoo in Santiago del Estero, Argentina.

Shot ID: 9820 1:20

CSs of baboons in cage in zoo in Santiago del Estero, Argentina, children throw them food.

Shot ID: 10869 7:52

Numerous shots of young people doing modern dances in discotheque, available light.

Shot ID: 11442 4:58

HAMS of small child in trunks and sun hat sitting at pool side and charging camera. Two MCSs of small children (boy and girl) swimming and wading in pool. Sequence on children at the beach wading, running about, playing in water and in sand with toys and colourful beach balls. TILT UP past woman sunbathing on beach to LS of water skier speeding by in background. MSs of children playing in the sand. CS of water in pool, TILT UP to boy sitting under artificial falls. CS side view of same boy sitting under falls. CS of girl at top of slide, HAS of her sliding backwards into pool.

Shot ID: 11539 7:34

Long sequence of HASs of Newmarket, Ontario on a windy day in the summer of 1972, including shots of churches, church sprires, rooftops of commercial buildings as well as dwellings and kids swimming in a public pool.

Shot ID: 11685 2:25

[ECP] Exterior shots of Olympic Stadium with PAN of tower, leafless trees in foreground (87 ft).

Shot ID: 12525 11:19

Exterior night, TRAVELLING SHOTS from car driving down brightly lit Freemont Street up to Union Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, TILT UP to LAS of brightly lit facade of hotel. POINT OF VIEW SHOT as car turn onto a side street (3:00). Various shots of people on sidewalks, hostesses on sidewalks try to lure customers inside casinos (6:36). Night shots of neon signs of various Las Vegas casino's, Holiday Motel, Frontier Casino, Oasis Casino, Dunes, Bally's (1:34).

Shot ID: 13304 2:24

Various shots of young girls singing a song in gymnasium of Mackay Residential School for Indian children.

Shot ID: 15462 1:45

Governor General Alexander and party arrive for cornerstone laying of new War Memorial swimming pool. Eric Leslie, President of The Graduate Society, places copper box with records in foundation of wall. Governor General lays cornerstone. CU of inscription.

Shot ID: 20240 4:13

CSs of striptease club signs (0:55); fast food restaurant signs (1:31). CU of junk food (hot dog, French fries, doughnut) on front seat of taxi, driver's hand pick up food (1:41).

Shot ID: 21993 9:45

[Title: "Nous, étudiants, à l'occasion du Xe anniversaire de la JEC canadienne 1945"] TILT DOWN poster re "Jeunesse étudiante catholique" congress. LAS of giant dais under construction. Sequence on juveniles at work on posters, loading them into truck, plastering them on telephone poles. Three students (boys) hitch hicking, getting ride almost immediately. Large group of cycling students (boys and girls) with knapsacks on their backs, moving by camera. HASs of chartered buses speeding by camera on highway. Shots of arrivals of students delegations. Interior shot of kitchen, PAN of cooks preparing hundred of sandwiches, buttering bread with large paint brush, slicing meat with machine. Girls prepare boxes, stack them. Cooks fill boxes with sandwiches. Cut to boy scouts setting up tent city. MS of girls dancing conga in their tent before going to bed. CU of girl sleeping. Sequence on congress day: shots of students marching past camera, crowding stadium, around giant dais, chatting, singing. Numerous CUs of faces. Shot of Archbishop Charbonneau with retinue of clerics, blessing congress. Shots of mass on dais, with cuts to huge crowd of students in bleachers, LSs of dais and altar. Several shots from various angles of students fraternizing at mid-field, chatting, eating box lunches, drinking milk out of bottles. Shots of organizers establishing order. Sequence on huge parade past camera, multitude of white flags flying, students laughing, singing, numerous CUs of faces. Sequence on night proceedings, speeches, torches. [End title]

Shot ID: 23593 7:37

Skiers carrying their skis, standing on platform of Banff railway station, moving about as they wait for transportation. Three shots of skijorring race past camera. Four shots of skiers being towed by motorcycle, negotiating low jump, falling. Sequence on youngsters playing ice hockey on open rink, point being scored. Shots of ice skating race around rink, of figure skating by young woman, by couple and by group of women. Shots of swimming in heated pool, swimmers seen from side, from above dive board. Various shots of skiing down easy slopes. Cut to slalom sequence, number seven falling and sliding up to camera. Sequence on jumping competition shot from top of slide, lip of slide and bottom on landing area. Sequence on four expert skiers coming down mountainside in trackless snow, gliding past camera, floating down far slopes, heading for and stradling camera as film ends.

Shot ID: 24942 1:47

CSs of a hyena with her two young in a cage at African Safari Park.

Shot ID: 24959 5:56

Several AERIAL SHOTs of African Safari Park in Hemmingford and surroundings.

Shot ID: 25829 18:44

Various shots of apartment houses in Nun's Island, of town houses, of residences, of bird house. Shots of people sitting on lawns, of man fishing, of children playing. TRAVELLING SHOTs of apartment houses, of landscapes. Several shots of children at play in playground. Some CUs of children.

Shot ID: 25882 21:05

Sequence on English country showing stream, green vegetation and small passover in evidence. Shots of nice cottage surrounded by trees, flowers in garden, stream snaking through lawn, of cottage from various angles, of sheep herd grazing on pastures, of stream, of cows browsing. HALSs of Runcorn and surroundings from top of hill. Various shots of buses on boulevards and streets, of various new buildings, apartment buildings, streets, houses, of huge factory chimneys smoking heavily, of ruins on top of hill, of bridge crossing river, of various new apartment buildings and old houses. Sequence on boys and girls shovelling stack of small white rocks at "Adventure Playground" in Runcorn, at Tarzan play sliding down from wooden structure along rope hanged at pulley. Various shots of new apartment buildings, clotheslines, buses on street, people walking on paths, of children at play, of people walking on overpass crossing highway.

Shot ID: 26211 4:18

Scenic shots of Québec City; various shots of cyclists in Cartier-Brébeuf Historical Park. MS of monument in front of justice building. HAMLS of exterior swimming pool. Shots of various exterior stairways linking upper and lower districts.

Shot ID: 30408 1:36

Rhapsody in Two Languages (exerpts from NFB1920-DN-180): CUs of hands holding glasses of beer, of hand going up out of frame and coming down with empty glasses. Montage of tapping foot, beating drum sticks, hands playing piano, bow sliding over violin strings, musician playing saxophone. MS of performers, man and woman, doing a torrid dance on nightclub stage. MS of chorus girls' legs as girls dance on stage. Shot of band playing. Optical composite shot of trumpet player, multiple superimposition. Optical effects shot of whirling lights and objects zooming in on camera. Various shots of uniformed doorman blowing his whistle, of girl flirting with top hatted roue, of milk man delivering milk, of cat on steps near milk bottle, being shooed away as housekeeper opens door to retrieve the milk.

Shot ID: 30468 2:23

Various shots of people around large swimming pool in unidentified city, people diving, swimming.

Shot ID: 30572 2:37

HAS of children squabbling, of children having fun on open ice rink at night. LS of rink at night, lights on. HAS of children and some adults on ice.

Shot ID: 30819 13:52

Dark interior shots of bar, young people dancing, chatting. FOLLOW HAS of motorcycle gang moving through Montreal street, spiral staircases on houses fronts in background. TRAVELLING SHOT of gang following camera car. Similar shot along country road. Shots of 5-6 children playing with ball in tenement yard. Shot of guests arriving, being welcomed at farmhouse. Interior shot of house, guests at table drinking toast. TRAVELLING SHOTs through windshield of partly snow-covered country road. TRAVELLING SHOT through village of Sainte-Theodesie.

Shot ID: 31486 20:40

Various shots of Canadian architects and artists at work on plans for the Canadian pavilion, of artists at work in murals, tiles and statues. MSs of meeting of the Canadian (?) Exhibit Committee in board room. Several exterior shots of Canadian pavilion at Brussels 1957 World Fair, sightseers walking about. Various shots of fashion show outside Canadian pavilion. Various shots of sightseers looking at art exhibits, forestry, murals, model of "Beaver" light aircraft, Inuit carvings.

Shot ID: 31815 5:20

Canadian Rockies, party night: several shots of party at Timberline lodge, of fondue pot, hand stirring contents, guitar player performing, girls and boys singing and chatting.

Shot ID: 32007 0:00

Children's Zoo: ESTABLISHING SHOTs of children's zoo in Stanley Park. Shots of sign "Children's Zoo", lineups. General shots of zoo. Various shots of children looking over barrier into bear pit. Several shots of bear cubs. Shots of baby seal being fed with bottle, of baby moose drinking from bottle, of children playing with kids, lambs. Shot of rabbit.

Shot ID: 32086 0:00

Several shots of crowd on midway at country fair in Trois-Rivières, of game booths, operators trying to drum up business, people standing by, looking, listening. Several shots of young couple, of people strolling about. Shot of crowd at wheel of fortune. MCU of wheel. CU of profile of girl reacting to ride, blurred lights in background as seen from speeding ride. Night shots of illuminated ride starting to move. (00/06/1962)

Shot ID: 32203 5:15

MLS of cattle being driven into covered rotunda at Winnipeg Stockyards. Front LS of fair side show at night, barker talking into microphone as scantily clad women parade out of curtain, lining on stage behind barker. MLS of four brightly lit ferris wheels on Royal American Midway at night. Shot of "Rocket" ride in motion. PAN shot across neon lit midway at Brandon Exhibition. MS of passengers getting off "Rocket" ride. Front MS of side show barker talking into microphone, four scantily clad women visible in background. Numerous LASs of grandstand performance showing woman hanging high above ground from moon-shaped trapeze attached to cross-bar, model of airplane hanging from other end of bar.

Shot ID: 33949 13:10

LSs of wheat fields showing swated rows of grain. LS of Prairie town. Several shots travelling along streets of Swift Current, showing churches, houses, schools, stores, Lyric Theatre. Several shots from various angles of an outdoor swimming pool in Swift Current, children diving, swimming and playing about in water. Various shots of interior of coop store, women buying groceries. Shots of old graphics early Prairie settlers (black and white).

Shot ID: 33968 16:14

Various shots (occasionally dark) of numerous young girls figure skating in the Mount-Royal Arena. MSs of teachers with girls, girls falling, and various shots of an accomplished young girl going through her paces including a double exposure (mirror image). WS of man operating a Zamboni ice reconditioning machine.