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Shot ID: 504 1:33

Two LSs of plant and smokestacks, black pyratite (?) pouring out pipe into river in foreground. Rear and side CUs of black pyratite pouring from pipe. LS of smokestack by water edge, green grass in foreground. MLS of tank and pipe.

Shot ID: 2287 0:36

MCS of fishing boat soiled by oil spill docked in harbour. TRAVELLING SHOT of docked navy patrol boat, shot from boat leaving harbour. CS of navy officer in moving boat, cut to CS of buoy soiled by oil in bottom of boat (22 ft).

Shot ID: 2291 3:52

Various shots of boats soiled by oil spill docked in harbour (23 ft). LS of stacks of drums, bags of peat moss and army trucks on dock (8 ft).

Shot ID: 2509 3:44

Lengthy sequence comprised of several shots from various angles of scientists collecting samples of foliage from trees and water from streams and lakes in order to test for radioactivity in the environment near the Chalk River nuclear facility. One shot begins with MS from laboratory window of scientist at the end of a pier pulling sample of water from river camera pulls back to CS of scientist inside laboratory working with testing equipment (beakers, flasks, etc.).

Shot ID: 2544 2:32

MLS of small abandonned hydroelectrical power plant on shore of Ottawa River, ruin of a wooden flume in foreground, ZOOM IN to shot of water pouring from pipe on building (0:26). Various shots of sewer in small stream, a crust of tar like substance floats on its surface (2:02).

Shot ID: 8111 0:00

Static MS, ZOOM IN to MCS of smoke billowing from steel mill stacks in Hamilton. Various shots of crane with magnet on end of line moving scrap metal from one spot to another.

Shot ID: 13936 6:05

Exteriors LSs of factory smokestacks with smoke pouring into the winter air. TILT UP across stock piles of four-foot logs to LS of paper-mill. MCUs of smoke and steam billowing up into the air, of smokestacks. LSs of cranes with claw grabs moving four-foot logs from stock pile.

Shot ID: 16263 8:45

Slow ZOOM IN on top of Dupont plant tower, smoke. Static of other part of plant, smoke in air, billowing flame. Cut to longer shot of flame, gas burn-off, pipe visible. ELS of flame, billowing smoke, plant chimney visible along left frame line. Very hazy LS of Monsanto chemical plant, stacks, traffic on expressway in lower foreground. Hazy MLS of stacks, smoke coming out. MS of outlet of chimney, great volumes of smoke pouring out. MLS of funnel, smoke spewing out. LS of smokestack of Sudbury Nickel mill, large plume of smoke. MLSs of tops of stacks, much smoke pouring out, waste land visible in foreground in some shots. Smoggy shot of paper mill between Calgary and the Rockies, stacks pouring great amounts of smoke into the air. MLSs of smoke stacks at Sydney Steel mill emitting heavy, reddish smoke.

Shot ID: 19479 9:42

Series of shots of hazardous waste (used oil, paint, toxic products) being collected; people arrive by car and hand over waste to attendants. Various shots of attendants disposing of products, they are sorted and sealed in drums.

Shot ID: 20239 3:49

POINT OF VIEW SHOTs from inside taxi driving on downtown streets (rainy day; wipers in operation) (3:35). MS of man wearing yellow raincoat rummaging through trash can (0:10).

Shot ID: 20244 4:19

LS of oil refineries in east end of Montreal (0:22). Series of shots of smoke drifting through installations, smokestacks belching out smoke, shots of burn off tower (3:56).

Shot ID: 20331 1:13

CS of technician supervising treatment of wastewater from zinc-plating plant (10 ft). CU of green chemical in water, camera follows water flowing from one tank to another (2 shots; 33 ft). CU of tank, forklift truck goes by in foreground (9 ft).

Shot ID: 20401 9:07

ESTABLISHING SHOTs of Reichhold chemical plant with company sign in foreground, cut to MS of sign (12 ft). Various shots of water bubbling in plant's filtration tank (157 ft). HACS of dirty water in tank draining out through siphon (61 ft). CSs and CUs of very polluted water in plant's filtration tank (87 ft).

Shot ID: 20498 2:12

LAS of seagulls flying over dump at Miron quarry, TILT DOWN to MLS of dump, tractors compacting garbage are visible, plus several similar shots (207 ft).

Shot ID: 22411 0:35

AERIAL SHOT over area where the silt laden water of the south Saskatchewan River meets the blue water of the North Saskatchewan River (0:11). AERIAL SHOT of river meandering in prairie landscape (0:20).

Shot ID: 23630 2:15

A man is putting wires in a garbage drum. Several shots of a man picking up garbage on the ground and he's burning them in metal drums. A car is passing by after there's a young couple walking in the street. MS on young couple passing by.

Shot ID: 28293 1:03

MLS of office building. LS of houses on bank of river. LS of mouth of Saint-Jean River with silhouette of church on high bank in background and plant with smokestack spewing smoke on right. Three shots of plant, including PAN of eddies in river near plant.

Shot ID: 32814 5:24

MLS of scuba diver coming out of gem-coloured waters of glacial lake carrying a bag, ZOOM IN to CS as he empties content of bag on pebbled beach, several beer bottles (2:23). Slow PAN from trees on point to WIDE SHOT of lake and surrounding mountain peaks (2 shots; 3:00).

Shot ID: 51308 3:47

Shot of directional sign "Fisheries Research Board of Canada - Biological Station - St. Andrews, N.B.". MLS of station, CU of sign on side of building. Cut to sign on door "Toxicity Laboratory - Pollution Biology". Shots of live lobsters in trays, of technician checking them. Sequence on man taking sample of polluted water from tank, measuring oxygen content, of other scientist examining toxicity tanks.

Shot ID: 54774 6:17

Visual of Cairo. Hazy LS of pyramid at Giza, barely visible through smog (0:09). HAMS from roof of clothesline in back yard of house, HAS of young lady carrying steel jug on her head walking in street, HAS of men loading donkey-drawn cart, HAS of women on roof cleaning wall, FOLLOW HASs of women walking in street carrying bread on a wooden rack on their head, MS of lady hauling up bucket on a rope up to second story balcony (1:58). MW PAN SHOTS of brownish city (2 shots), ESTABLISHING PAN SHOT of city with ZOOM IN to hazy LS of pyramids at Giza (2 shots; 2:27). MLS of top of minaret above rooftops, TILT DOWN to MWS looking down crowded street in marketplace, 2 shots plus a few static shots, MS of shop signs, TILT DOWN to shots of busy, crowded street (1:41).

Shot ID: 58168 0:17

MLS across river of plant’s smokestack letting out thick white smoke.

Shot ID: 2281 2:12

Various shots of a large steam machine used for cleaning fishing nets soiled by oil spills, people are feeding nets into machine that seems to spin the nets and steam them, they are checked when they come out (79 ft).

Shot ID: 2284 0:46

CSs of two workers on a beach collecting and bagging kelp soiled by oil spill (27 ft).

Shot ID: 2285 0:50

Various shots of man using steam machine to clean wooden beams of wharf soiled by oil spill (30 ft).

Shot ID: 2288 1:59

Several shots of various activities on board oil drilling platform after oil spill, including shots of pumps in action (71 ft).

Shot ID: 2289 0:16

Brief AERIAL SHOT of coastline soiled by oil spill (7 ft).

Shot ID: 2295 4:22

AERIAL SHOTs of coast of New Brunswick, including shots of houses, outports, harbours, shots of floating barrier in ocean containing an oil spill and shots of coastline soiled by oil spill (157 ft).

Shot ID: 6892 2:02

MS of men throwing cardboard boxes into garbage truck at the Jean-Talon Market. MS of man piling wooden crates against a wall.

Shot ID: 12537 0:34

Excellent industrial shots of Dosco steel plant at Sydney, smoke pouring from smokestacks, PAN right of factory.

Shot ID: 20380 1:59

ESTABLISHING SHOT and PAN of town of Windsor, Quebec, LS of pulp and paper mill. MLS of mill's smokestacks, PAN to MLS of mill, stacks spewing thick white smoke, ZOOM OUT to LS of smokestacks, plus two similar shots (71 ft).

Shot ID: 20452 3:39

CS of ducks on Lake Mälaren. CSs of female technician in boat collecting water samples. MS of boat on lake (131 ft).

Shot ID: 22965 0:53

TRAVELLING SHOTs and MSs from a boat of a factory with smoke pouring from smokestacks on a cloudy day.

Shot ID: 23626 2:49

Several MLSs of little boy playing with a tricycle in snow. He is surrounded by a house, couple of sheds, lot of wood and metal garbage outside, a sleigh, a covered snowmobile (some camera scratches on this sequence). ZOOM OUT on house and sheds. MS on a boy playing outside behind old furnitures. MCS on a sleigh. ZOOM OUT at sleigh, ZOOM OUT at sleigh stored on top of a shed. Several shots from various distances on children playing outside with bicycles, wooden and metal garbage.

Shot ID: 23890 22:05

HALSs of Hamilton, steel mills in background, mill smokestacks emitting clouds of smoke. Various exterior shots of Dofasco (Dominion Foundries and Steel Company) mill in Hamilton. Numerous interior shots at Dofasco showing blast furnace in operation, men operating controls of furnace in control room. Various shots of molten metal being poured into moulds at Dofasco.

Shot ID: 24471 7:06

CSs and ECU of black bears and grizzly bears in dump, foraging for food.

Shot ID: 24672 2:38

LS of smoke coming out from smokestack of city's power plant, cut to MS of same. LAMS of smokestack, TILT DOWN to MS of power plant.

Shot ID: 27989 24:48

MCS and CS of two men unloading wolf carcasses from back of vehicle and piling them on snow-covered ground. CS of wolves bared teeth. Several MCSs of white-tail deer looking at camera, snow on ground. Four CSs of hunter's hands using bow and arrows. Several shots from different angles of hunter in snowshoes with bow and arrows moving through snow-covered woods carrying dead deer over his shoulders. MSs to PANs of sunset over frozen lake. MCS of sun, bare tree in foreground, ZOOM OUT from sun to include lake, ZOOM IN back on sun. Shots of full moon in dark blue sky. Three MCSs of animal skeleton on snowy ground, biologist is trying to cut piece of it. CS of hands of biologist trying to cut skeleton. CS of ripe wheat heads moving in breeze to MS and PAN of houses and buildings of city in British Columbia. Four MCSs of trees, PAN of bridge, automobiles passing by, road sign "Warden Avenue - Victoria Park - Keep Right" in some shots. LS PANs of farmland to CS of tree in autumn colours, ZOOM OUT from trees. Low altitude AERIAL MS of town in Arctic, snow. Low altitude AERIAL SHOT of industrial site, smokestacks emitting clouds of smoke. CS of polluted water, dead fishes floating by. MCSs of white man cutting blocks of snow and actually building igloo. CSs and MCSs of lumberjack cutting tree with chain saw, tree falling, lumberjack branching tree, removing limbs from fallen tree, horse skidding tree through forest.

Shot ID: 35157 9:13

MS of sewer outlet, no water coming out, muddy ground near outlet. Full frame shot of sluggish current, dirty water. HAS of very dirty edge of stagnant stream, ZOOM OUT to include bank, rocks, junk. ZOOM OUT from leaves to include stagnant pool, effluent pouring sluggishly into it from hidden sewer. Static shot of polluted water. ZOOM OUT from CU of foam on surface of water in some kind of cess pool. MCSs of effluent being spouted out of hidden conduit, swirling. HAS of bank of polluted stream. TILT UP from water splashing on rocks to sewer discharge. Open sewer cutting through field. Two shots of masonry sewer outlet, water gushing out. Shot of swirling effluent. Various shots of effluent bubbling up from underwater outlet, of current in vicinity. TILT DOWN from EB Eddy mill buildings, to large pipe curving down into water, water seething up from under surface discharge, TILT UP to structures, chimney belching smoke in distance. ZOOM OUT from under-surface discharge bubbling to include part of EB Eddy mill in background, water of Ottawa River in foreground, ZOOM IN, ZOOM OUT. MS of large sewer outlet pouring water into river.

Shot ID: 37764 13:25

Various shots of polluted river waters, including industrial outlets spewing pollution into water. Various shots of polluted water, dead fish floating. Several AERIAL SHOTS of industrial area partly surrounded by polluted water. Several PANS of pulp and paper mill, TILTS DOWN to outlets spewing pollution into water. Various shots of pulp and paper mill, smokestacks emitting clouds of smoke. Shots of mill at sundown.

Shot ID: 39297 6:47

Series of shots of vast mud lake, tailings of alumina plant on Mount Diablo; WIDE SHOTs of lake, CSs of liquid laden with bauxite pouring out of pipe and flowing onto lake (1:55). ELS of alumina plant (0:16). MS of man walking on dried, parched area of lake, picking up chunk of dried bauxite (1:34). CS of dead tree enfulgued in mud, ZOOM OUT to WIDE SHOT of mud lake (0:28). CSs of garbage on shore of lake (0:25). WIDE SHOTs and PANs of dried area of mud lake (2:05).

Shot ID: 39415 6:30

Comalco alumina plant and Boyne Island smelter; various shots of coal train pulling into plant (1:00). Various shots of coal moving on conveyors (0:48). HAS of train at unloading ramp (0:20). LAMLS of bauxite stockpile (0:17). AERIAL SHOT of plant, tailings, port installations with docked ship, pallets of ingots on wharf and smelter (4:02).

Shot ID: 39580 10:05

MS of head and shoulders of man checking stone work on building. LS of Parliament Buildings, of man taking sample and placing it in liquid and in test tube. CU of test tube and milky substance. CU of man's face. PAN to test tube and Peace Tower building in background, of technician at work. CS of bottle labelled "Acid Rain" H2-504-3.8P.H. CU of sign "Stop Acid Rain", ZOOM OUT on man at a different angle. CS of stonework carvings. CU of brick damaged. CS of sign to ZOOM OUT on top of Parliament Building. Various shots of columns or pillars of Parliament Building. MS of man at door of building, chipping away stone. ZOOM IN to CU of it. CU of head of statue of Laurier or Macdonald. MS of statue, Parliament in background. LS of Chateau Laurier. MS of one of Chateau Laurier's towers with TILT DOWN showing streaks. Side MS of National War Memorial monument. CU of soldier's head damaged. Front view MS of memorial. MS of bronze female figure at bottom of memorial. CU of face of above statue. CS of female statue's arm. CU of man's head statue (Mackenzie King?) MS of above statue, down to waist. CS of statue's arm behind his back. CU of King's statue with Canadian flag in background.

Shot ID: 41372 0:43

CU of car exhaust belching smoke. Shots of other exhausts. (00/00/1961)

Shot ID: 48887 4:24

AERIAL SHOTs of pulp and paper mill in Thunder Bay, including shots of cloud of smoke produced by mill, and patch of polluted water in bay where paper mill dumps used water.

Shot ID: 54724 2:47

Boating shots of debris in the Ottawa River including old cars, tires and green slime. CU of dead mouse floating in water. TILT UP from green slime floating in river to WS of old mill on the riverbank.

Shot ID: 54730 1:02

LS of spires of Parliament buildings, TILT DOWN to polluted water of the Ottawa River.

Shot ID: 1859 2:33

LS of Old Port area, PAN (L>R) of newly built condominiums (0:34). MLSs of waste ground in downtown area, cloudy day (1:57).

Shot ID: 2280 2:44

Various shots of a group of soldiers stacking piles of kelp soiled by oil spill on beach in New Brunswick, they are using pitchforks and rakes. CSs of soldiers walking towards camera, a military helicopter is visible in background. CS of a man holding up some oily kelp. MS of helicopter taking off (98 ft).

Shot ID: 2290 1:12

Several shots from different angles of various activities on board oil drilling platform after oil spill, including CUs of soiled lines and equipment (149 ft).

Shot ID: 3060 22:51

Reservation: various interior shots of shack, obese Indian woman seated on chair, sewing. PAN of extremely poor interior, baby in hammock. Exterior shot of shack, woman visible through open door. Cut to other house and two shots of Indian child. TILT DOWN tall deciduous tree to reservation shack, two people coming out and walking away, two people seated on ground in foreground. PAN from old stove outside to reservation shack. PAN over various objects strewn about on ground. HAS of porch, food or something or other rotting on boards, flies on rotting mass. LS, ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT, of shack, group of children in doorway. CU of Indian woman and three children. Cut to CU of face of woman. PAN of corner of log shack. ELS of log shack on shore of lake, closer shot of shack, PAN to debris close by. Several shots of reservation shack, group of young girls standing about, looking at camera. Various shots of junk around reservation. Interior shots of shack.