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Conservation of natural resources


Shots not available for online viewing

Shot ID: 2509 3:44

Lengthy sequence comprised of several shots from various angles of scientists collecting samples of foliage from trees and water from streams and lakes in order to test for radioactivity in the environment near the Chalk River nuclear facility. One shot begins with MS from laboratory window of scientist at the end of a pier pulling sample of water from river camera pulls back to CS of scientist inside laboratory working with testing equipment (beakers, flasks, etc.).

Shot ID: 14026 1:57

Interior, Spruce Falls Inc pulp and paper mill; MS of large quantity of paper for recycling, forklift pushes it onto conveyor (2 shots).

Shot ID: 15286 3:30

Sequence on rationing showing grocer serving woman customer at counter, packing food goods in basket, woman handing ration coupons, woman at table budgeting with ration coupons as several children look on. Sequence on home economics classes showing women at cooking class, at sewing class, woman teacher teaching to teenage girls. Sequence on recycling showing woman picking up items to be recycled, of woman putting out items to be recycled into box near garbage can, HACS of shoes falling in box. Shots of women and of army men collecting item to be recycled, of men piling old rubber tires, CU of pieces of metal falling on ground TILT UP to large pile of scrap metal. Sequence on people organizing actions to help showing girl guides putting up posters, people working in community garden, people discussing at various meetings, women taking care of children in nursery. Shots of teenagers running towards camera in country field. Sequence in train station showing man pulling cart along platform, train moving past in background, FOLLOW SHOT of woman walking up to soldier through crowd on platform, kissing soldier. PAN across street, strollers, kiosk. ESTABLISHING PAN over town. End Title.

Shot ID: 17306 3:12

Various CSs and MCSs of different kinds of salvaged materials stocked: empty bottles, old shoes, rags, cardboard, specialized objects kept in glass boxes, two large boxes of eggs, and a braid. MS and CS of pictures on wall illustrating recycling in daily life.

Shot ID: 32209 11:10

Shot of timber truck moving towards and past camera on dirt road. Shot of skeleton structure of building under construction. PAN along erosion on hillside. CS of man preparing pumper and other fire equipment, shoving off in "Vancouver BB" motorboat on lake. CSs of water trickling down hillside, washing off soil from small tree, causing tree to fall down, of water trickling over soil on side of hill. Shots of research officer using increment borer to determine age of tree. Shot of spruce trees in forest, TILT DOWN to young spruce growing among stumps. Shot of young spruce growing around decayed stump. PAN across evergreen trees in forest. Shots of caterpillar tractor pulling logs through brush. Shots of men fastening cable around log, of tractor pulling away log past camera. PAN across tree trunks in forest. Shots of two officials surveying land to be cut using compass, of man holding thermometer to ground as other holds watch, of four men measuring girth of pine tree, of officials of forest conservation program writing down notes in forest. Shots of lumberjacks moving logs using cant-hooks, of men skidding logs on skidway in forest. CU of very young pine bough on ground. CU of cones on pine bough. Shots of shaded stony brooks in forest. TILT UP large evergreen tree in forest. CS of man throwing equipment in back of truck, gets into cab, truck moving away hurriedly. Shot of fire fighting equipment in back of truck, "BC Forest Service" truck moving away from camera. Shot of totem poles, trees in background. PAN across spruce trees to top of totem pole. ESTABLISHING SHOTs of industrial section of Vancouver, mountains in background. Shots of men running logs on waterfront, Georgia Hotel and Vancouver skyline in background.

Shot ID: 39337 8:45

Series of shots of Alcan bauxite mine that has been restored to farming; shots of cows grazing on tall grass, white birds moving about nearby, shots of various signs, shos of stall of onion vendor on roadside, shots of people harvesting onions in field.

Shot ID: 39394 1:18

Shots of farmers picking up bales of hay grown on regenerated lands on closed bauxite open pit mine.

Shot ID: 50229 1:40

Various shots of men of the Land and Forest Department driving up in trucks and pulling up on lakeshore, they unload trout hatchlings and set them free in lake.

Shot ID: 14027 0:55

Interior, Spruce Falls Inc pulp and paper mill; MLS in aisles of paper recycling warehouse, forklift moves bundles of paper.

Shot ID: 20344 8:15

Several good shots from various angles of two huge hydraulic grabs picking up car bodies and placing them on conveyor belt that takes them to crusher. Various shots of crushed metal emerging (296 ft).

Shot ID: 20368 13:26

Several shots from different angles inside tire recycling plant where rubber mats are being made (Animat), two workers remove steaming mats from press and spread them out on floor (172 ft). Various shots of mat manufacturing process (183 ft). Various shots of forklift truck loading mats onto truck (66 ft). MLS of plant exterior (6 ft). CU of shredded rubber, PAN and ZOOM OUT to MLS of plant (2 shots; 52 ft).

Shot ID: 35898 8:05

CS of poster "Put Garbage Gus on a diet", ZOOM OUT to several MCSs and CSs of young ecologist showing to boy and girl books on ecology, pointing to diagram showing process of recycling. Shots of young man showing empty glass bottles, recycled paper, map of "How man pollutes his world". CS with ZOOM OUT, ZOOM IN on "Ecosense" poster.

Shot ID: 39391 4:02

Several shots of healthy trees on regenerated lands on closed bauxite open pit mine, TILT DOWN to MS of planted forest, reverse shot (1:49). LS, PAN of grassland on restored land, CS of grass (0:38). Shots of leaves in trees damaged by insects (0:37). TRAVELLING SHOT driving past bush on restored land (0:54).

Shot ID: 17303 2:20

Waste Collection: MLS to MCS front view of women peasants arriving in a courtyard carrying baskets with different kinds of materials for recycling, they wait in line.

Shot ID: 20372 4:51

Various shots of separate garbage collection with specially designed truck in residential section of Victoriaville (138 ft). CSs of truck's compactor in action (17 ft).

Shot ID: 32213 11:41

Two TILT DOWNs to LS of Vancouver skyline from across harbour. CU of man talking into microphone, PAN to CU of other man near radio transmitter. MLS of the two men operating radio from back of service truck, pine tree in background. MS of two men loading service truck, sign "Prevent Forest Fire" on wall in background, men getting into truck, driving off. LS of Vancouver, PAN to MS of heavy spruce trees in forest. Shots of raging forest fire, fire fighting equipment in foreground in first shot. Shot of campers in heavy bush, tent in background. TILT UP burnt out timberland area, mountains in distant background. Shot of spruce trees along river bank, TILT DOWN to hydro power house on river. Shot of cutover section of forest, TILT UP to standing spruce trees. LS across cutover section of forest, mountains in the distance. Shot of small brook in forest. CS of two lumberjacks cutting tree, one with power saw, the other with axe. MS of lumber truck moving across frame. Shot of logs being loaded onto truck using winch and pulley. Rear CS of winch operator. Shots of smouldering remains of burnt forest, standing trees in background. Shot of cutover section of forest, TILT UP to smouldering forest fire, standing trees in background. FOLLOW SHOT of short log being pulled across creek. MS of large logs pilled up on flat car. LAS of pulleys and wire on tower. Shot of steam tractor used to operate cables and pulleys. Shots of man fastening tongs to logs, of large log being lowered to pile. CU of man's hand measuring age of tree by mean of cut taken from increment borer. CU of painted mark on tree, TITLT DOWN to growth meter being put into position on tree. MS of researcher noting down reading from growth meter. MSs of two white-tailed deer grazing in meadow, of one deer grazing.

Shot ID: 17304 2:59

In a vast stockroom, MLS front view of peasants getting their waste materials weighed and receiving tickets in exchange. MCS front view of woman weighing things on a scale, CS of rags being weighed, woman picking them up after. CS on broken glass being weighed, woman weighing, couple waiting. MLS of people around scale and stockroom.

Shot ID: 20334 4:38

Several shots from different angles of two employees of plastic recycling company sorting empty containers and then loading them into crusher (87 ft). CS of crushed plastic coming out of pipe (50 ft). HACS of forklift truck carrying box of granulated plastic (26 ft).

Shot ID: 20336 2:44

CS of pile of glass bottles for recycling on grounds of Consumer's Glass, front-end loader scoops up a load and heads toward plant (2 shots; 66 ft). HAMLS of plant exterior, PAN and TILT DOWN to MLS, truck goes by in foreground (29 ft).

Shot ID: 20345 3:46

Several shots from different angles of flattened car bodies stacked in yard of recycling plant (60 ft). TRAVELLING SHOT of flattened car bodies stacked in tidy piles (40 ft). MS of tractor-trailer loaded with flattened cars arriving at plant, TRAVELLING SHOT of stacks of scrap metal (30 ft).

Shot ID: 20375 4:50

Several shots from different angles of bales of recyclable material (metal, paper, plastic) stacked in warehouse of recycling company (Récupération Bois-Franc), including CUs and TRAVELLING SHOTS of bales of compressed aluminum cans (174 ft).

Shot ID: 39382 2:27

MLS of horses grazing on tall grasses on regenerated lands restored after bauxite mining (0:36). MS of flock of geese, FOLLOW SHOT as they take to the air, ZOOM OUT to WIDE SHOTs as they fly over horses in field (0:47). LAS of geese landing near tree (0:26). LS following two geese flying over field (0:22). MS of two horses trotting in tall grass, they stop and look towards camera (0:13).

Shot ID: 39396 6:22

Restoration operations to regenerate lands on closed bauxite open pit mine; series of shots of road scrapers picking up earth from a nearby site and dumping it on area of bauxite pit that has been leveled by road graders, road scrapers hook up in pairs for pick-up operation.

Shot ID: 39416 3:22

Comalco alumina plant; low altitude AERIAL SHOTs over dead trees in tailing dams at limit of closed bauxite mining site, shots over mining site that has be leveled and is being restored.

Shot ID: 39674 14:47

Series of shots of bauxite ship loading operation in port of Weipa; shots of ore moving on conveyors, falling into hold, MLSs of docked freighter (6:03). Series of shots of extraction operations in bauxite open pit mine; shots of power shovels (operated by women) loading ore into hopper trucks, shots of trucks moving in and out (5:56). Shots of scrapers laying down earth over area of mine that has been leveled by graders as land is being regenerated and restored to farming (2:01). Shots of grasses and bushes on regenerated lands (0:41).

Shot ID: 40826 0:55

Various shots of cow moose, bull moose, mountain sheep, in British Columbia game preserve.

Shot ID: 20335 4:38

Several shots from different angles of young woman operating machine bagging pellets of recycled plastic, including CUs of owner showing camera plastic pellets in his hand (48 ft). MS and PAN of numerous bundles of plastic for recycling in plant's yard (117 ft).

Shot ID: 20373 3:28

Various shots of separate collection garbage truck dumping its load on site of recycling company, front-end loader carries garbage inside (118 ft).

Shot ID: 20374 5:41

MLS of Récupération Bois-Francs recycling plant in Victoriaville (15 ft). Various shots inside plant; garbage moving on conveyor belt is sorted manually (84 ft). Several shots from different angles of recyclable paper and cardboard on conveyor carrying it into machine to be baled. CSs of bales emerging from machine, forklift truck carries them outside (93 ft).

Shot ID: 20379 2:42

CSs inside Cascades paper plant of recyclable paper being shredded, recycled paper is thrown into tank where it is transformed into pulp (57 ft). CS FOLLOW SHOT of forklift truck carrying paper for recycling to conveyor belt carrying paper to tank (96 ft).

Shot ID: 32214 9:11

Shot of deer grazing in meadow. Shots of man removing section of bark from cut log, man sitting at table, collecting beetles from bark using tweezers. Shot of plants growing from cans on ground, TILT UP to man examining plant in can. CS of man examining pine needle in microscope. CS of reasercher tying collection sleeves to branch of evergreen tree. LS across cutover section of forest, mountains in background. Two shots of base of tree, TILT DOWNs to exposed roots from erosion. MLS of standing heavy evergreen trees in forest. Shots of crane operator in cabin. FOLLOW SHOT of crane lifting log, dropping it onto pile. Shots of man fastening tongs to log, attaching cable to logs. Shots of crane operator in cabin. FOLLOW SHOT of log being swung around on winch, being dropped onto pile on truck. MS of crane loading log onto truck. MS of lumberjacks moving away from cable before log is lifted. Shot of cut down tree being hauled out into clearing by cable. LS across cutover hill. Shot of dried pine stumps bordering gravel road. Shots of men planting small pine trees among stumps. Shots of log being hauled onto tractor dolly by cable, of tractor hauling log.

Shot ID: 39350 1:07

MCS of sign announcing Alcan's restotation programme for bauxite mining sites being restored to farming (1974). MLS of field, CS of four boys in shade of small tree.

Shot ID: 51460 9:32

MS of street, of people collecting newspapers, bottles, for recycling. CS of piles of collected bottles and cans. MCS of young people making selection of the good bottles and rejecting the other ones. CS of a lot of broken glasses in big barrels. MS of people handling newspapers from a car trunk to a truck. MCSs of the interior of the truck with people stacking newspapers. MCS of people bringing more newspapers.